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Does TheDoucheofwar have a massive inferiority complex or is he just really stupid?
I was really hoping we could get him back at UF. Guess we’re stuck w 3&G.
Recruiting is their one and only crowning accomplishment for the last 40 years. Let em have it...
Grantham’s third down defense was more detrimental to our loss than anything Mullen did.
Lol! The only milk and honey for them is an occasional win against UF.
Because we beat the dog $@#* out of them for so long they still can’t act right!
The media doesn’t have to push his father’s shadow. Deion will do it for them.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I have to disagree w you fellas. This is the University of Florida and the leader of the team needs to set an example, not act like a fool when he gets mad. There was a reason the media and fans came down on him and if you couldn't see that, you weren’t being honest w yourself or you weren’t holding him to the same standards as the great UF QBs that came before him. I’ll admit he did try extremely hard to better himself and I hope he does well at Arkansas. He’s definitely had his share of ups and downs to deal with. Both, self inflicted and circumstantial. Tough kid.
Gators lay eggs!!?? That’s the very definition of UGA, son. Still talking like you’ve accomplished something... Might want to look in your own backyard for offseason drama. Fingergate, recruiting violations, 5 star transfers(some before they even get there), etc... You’re off to a better start than us! Yes, you won the past three years. We won the three before that, two of the three before that and two of the three before that. The only thing you’re far superior at is running your mouth
Anyone else notice every time they panned the cameras to Brady and Ensminger during games this year that Brady was steady talking and Ensminger wouldn’t say a word? Wonder who was really calling plays?
Gatortrav, how about you keep your political BS to yourself. This is a football site.
You still don’t get it Box, my comments aren’t directed at the type of season someone has. This site has a lot of UGA fans that go from article to article,slamming other teams fans like UGA is some kind of world beater or something. When in reality, the dawgs haven’t accomplished what Bama, UF, Auburn and LSU have in the last 20 to 30 years. Wouldn’t know it from the comments though. Obviously, I’m very pleased with our season and happy about the direction of our program. However, you won’t see me berating other fans because we string together two good seasons.
Careful what you wish for. With Grantham gone it isn’t too far of a stretch that we Strong back.
Yeahh, yeah, yeah...blah, blah, blah. Go pump,your chest on a Georgia article. I can assure you I don’t make negative comments on UGA articles and I won’t when we start wearing you out again either. Like I said, you just don’t matter as much to us as we apparently do to you. Ribbing each other is fun but you guys just have quite a few that are just obnoxious. Haven’t quite figured out how to act yet...
“ Its great to be a Georgia Bulldog!” Is it really? When was the last time it was “Great”? Let me guess, Jacksonville last year? You’re right, there is a big difference between the fans, we celebrate national titles. Most gator fans got bored with beating UGA and could care less about trolling your articles because you simply don’t matter that much to us. Like I said before, try to act like your team has been relevant before and have some class. Carry on champ...
Exactly what I was thinking. I would rather have a Charlie Strong defense over 3rd and Grantham any day.
Ha! Really hoping we don’t become cave dwellers!
Good gracious! Look at all of the UGA posters talking trash! Have at it boys. I know most of you have waited your entire life to do so and for the older fans, it’s been a long time, huh? If not for Mac and Chump, y’all would still be whimpering in the corner, licking know. Gator fans, think of being trapped in a cave for 30 plus years and finally being let out into the light. That’s UGA fans and their not sure how to act. Some have been there once but most, not at all. Give them some leeway and let em bark and growl. They're just getting their digs in while they can, scared to death that cave with a UF door is coming back.
Jimbo hasn’t recruited? 4th class last year and currently 6th this year. As a Gator I don’t care for him or his tactics but I wouldn’t sleep on Jimbo. He’s just getting started.
UF was 17th in the country this year in yards per play. In the SEC, only Bama and LSU were higher. The games we lost this year weren’t because of our offense. We were outcoached on defense...
One team scored more points than we did against Auburn this year and it wasn’t LSU. It was Alabama. Two teams scored more than we did against UGA. It was USC(luck) and LSU. Two teams scored more than we did against LSU. It was Alabama and Miss. I think Trask did just fine and your argument is pretty silly. People keep focusing on Jones/Trask for the future. Offense didn’t lose us any games this year (been a long time since a gator fan could say that!) Now, I’m not sure if we could’ve beat LSU this year had everyone been healthy on defense but the defensive showing against UGA was embarrassing. Grantham was outcoached by James Coley this year. Let that sink in for a minute...Coley!!?? My point is, the offense was good enough this year to make a run but we had a couple of games this year defensively that really made me scratch my head. There are no personnel excuses for all of the third down conversions this year against UGA. None.
C'mon man, UGA wasn't beating LSU with Brett Favre at the helm. Also, it's not realistic to claim UF is one dimensional due to Trask. Knox going a little better job at recruiting along with some o-line help and a better running back scheme is what is needed. Did you notice how well we ran the ball with the QB under center the few times we did it this year? I don't care how well the QB can run the ball. Again, if one of them can prove to move the ball more consistently than Trask then, more power to them. As far as receivers, you're saying if Toney, Grimes, Copeland, Pitts, etc. aren't a good receiving corp? If Toney and Grimes stick around...
Amen MC, amen... Can’t believe an LSU fan and a Bama fan show more loyalty and appreciation than a handful of gator fans.
Yep, it awesome watching Trask move the ball down the field this year, get pulled out and have Jones bring it to a screeching halt. I’d rather let each QB have their own series than see one get pulled out when they’re just finding their rhythm. We will find out soon enough but it will be hard for Jones or Richardson to move the ball as consistently as Trask did this year. Think of the numbers Trask would have if he didn’t start his year with the meat of our schedule? Franks got the patsy games to start the year. Hopefully, our running game is improved by an actual running back and o-line play. Having said that, if one of the younger men can deservedly beat out Trask, I’ll be stoked. Until then, all hail King Trask!
It’s not a reach at all for FSU to return to glory days. All they need is a good coach w good program skills. The talent is and always will be there. Check the recruiting rankings. I was hoping Willie would be there for a while.
I think you’re forgetting the first half of our game against you. No team in the SEC gets penalized as a much as UF. Look it up. The difference betwen UF and USCjr fans is we own a defeat. We don’t blame the refs for a loss. Dont try to drag me down to your level please. UF is better than that...
We’re losing because we are not playing well enough to win but the reviewed reception that led to the UGA TD is beyond horrible. There’s no excuse for that. Very disappointed in SEC officiating this year.
Maybe the worst decision the NCAA has ever made and that is saying a lot.