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I guess it's better than having nothing to hold onto... I take that back, I guess you guys are used to holding onto your mascot :)
Already 4 pages on the board at 247 From the mod at Swamp247 about this article: There are two reasons it bothers me so much: First, it's just egregiously unresearched, misleading for someone who doesn't follow Florida and, as I said above, irresponsible. Second, it's a horrible look for my profession. I and many, many others pride ourselves on our ability to serve an audience accurate, informative and valuable content. It's what THOUSANDS of you pay for on this site alone. Articles like the one Hayes just published do absolutely nothing to strengthen the relationship between audience and reporter/columnist. Hell, I don't even believe his source exists. Just a genuinely terrible and uninformed story. You would think Kevin, Josh, Jon, Conner, etc. would be embarrassed to be associated with a guy that writes garbage like this article.
Son, do you even remember a time when UT beat UF two years in a row? I’ve seen you compare UF to UT twice now. Please stop. I’m not sure what UT’s blue chip ratio is but ours is still in the top ten for this year. I hope and believe Napier is going to be successful and if he gets their a little quicker, please have your friends put the mustard and golf balls away…
By far one of the worst sportswriters in the country. Might want to check that 85 man roster… I cannot wait to revisit this article. Matt Hayes is dumber than a box of hammers.
I’ll shorten this up for you…he’s not a yankee.
Yeah, I don’t see a kid like Johnson or McClain letting another recruits decision determine their choice.
Has UGA churned out any RBU worthy backs since Richt’s recruits?
Silly take, balls. Saban earned his by starting at the bottom and working his way up. He didn’t have a “Saban” to learn from. Also, his first head coaching job wasn’t at a recruiting powerhouse program like UGA. In no way is bangs even remotely close to being on the same level as the GOAT. I would even go as far as saying Kirby wouldn’t even be your coach if not for Saban so you might want to tone down any Kirby > Saban talk…ridiculous.
I bet Kirby hated the gators just as much when he was getting his azz handed to him as a player. Didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now. A good coach is a good coach. As long as Kirby can keep a decent offensive coach around, he’ll be hard to deal with.
Agreed, the kid needs to focus on football right now. The rest will take care of itself. Hope his head is in the right place because there are a lot of expectations and deservedly so.
I’m glad everyone is sleeping on Florida. With some decent coaching and a little luck with injuries, UF could surprise a lot of people. We may not be back to true form but our blue chip ratio is still in top ten. However, there isn’t much depth.
FSU has been invited to the SEC twice with Florida's backing. Both times FSU declined.
“you better believe Rashada earned money to sign with Miami. And there’s not a d@mn thing wrong with that — because those are the rules.”-Matt Hayes How in the Sam Hill is someone that writes about college football this utterly clueless?
"Gator Collective has refused to engage in any dialogue with Mr. Caspino on numerous occasions as Gator Collective does not approve of his tactics" Gator collective hasn't communicated with the scumbag.
Another speculation story from the worst writer on SDS. How did guessing about the Bulldog player you accused of rape turn out? You're taking the word of a scum bag like Caspino and putting your name behind it. Best to be thought a fool than to open your mouth(or keyboard) and remove all doubt. There's two sides to every story and then there's the truth. We will find out sooner or later. CBN will be just fine if the administration gets out of the way...
Still claiming a title that isn't yours? UGA = UCF minus the draft dodgers to do it.
Still blows me away that UGA fans celebrates their draft dodgers…
Until UF takes the NIL handcuffs off, we aren’t going anywhere. I’ve followed recruiting a very long time and I’ve never heard recruits speak as highly about UF as they are now. It’s money. UF has taken the high road since 84 and now that it’s legalish for them to have they’re own Hugh Nall, they won’t pull the trigger. I guess we will see. There’s no UGA or Auburn to tell on us this time and they’re still dragging their feet. I would really like to see our AD try to excommunicate one of the bull gators. May find out because they aren’t going to put up w it much longer.
I said this when he got into coaching. It's just a matter of time and he will probably kill in recruiting but after that, I believe it will be a glorious disaster to watch...
Probably ought to leave that one alone, Army. Kind of ironic retired Army would even bring that up...
I’m guess the good people of Georgia should vote for Warnock who celebrated Fidel Castro and welcomed him to his church.
The idea that you would call anyone else “sheeple” is beyond ironic.
If you remember Jimbo’s last year at FSU, his team was hyped to make a run and Saban drove the stake in the first game of the year, 24-7. It was all down hill from there for Fisher. The beating was worse than the score. Several FSU players were out after facing Bama. Fisher never recovered.
“Saban made this personal because he doesn’t like being challenged. Jimbo’s right in this.” Do you hear yourself? Come on man...
Exactly! This is what the atm fans don’t get. Saban wasn’t calling anyone a cheat. I think he’s trying to bring light to the loopholes people are using to buy recruits that was not intended to be a function of NIL. Fisher’s just an idiot.
I do support UF. In fact our family business is one of 20 that have donated for more than75 years. I never liked Mullen or Myers and I kept quiet about it. I’m talking about all of the atm fans on here acting as if Fisher is the second coming. Give it time...
If there has EVER been a ringing endorsement for Saban to stay dominant, it’s Matt Hayes saying he’s finished. Guy couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.
Holstein is a good get. Was really hoping he’d come to Florida.