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Google “Previous SEC Expansion: How It Happened In 1990” Kramer actually met with Miami. He was down to Miami and South Carolina as the final team for expansion. If Miami had accepted, USC wouldn’t be on the SEC.
Agreed. However, in the present climate common sense is in the rear view. Might offend someone or discriminate.
"Why can’t 2 teams from the State of Florida be in the SEC" You'd have to ask FSU and UM that question. Both have been invited in the past.
Theres' a difference between trying to rock the boat with your mouth and physically rocking it. Maybe UCF will grow a pair one day and actually agree to some 2 for 1 with legitimate opponents. Remember what happened to the last time they had a series planned with UF? UCF paid $100K to back out of playing UF in 2007 after getting their rear end handed to them in 2006. You UCF fans have no shame. Now, go back to your bounce house and play with the other youngsters!
Taking into account UGA’s history in your lifetime, I imagine your dreams are better...
Nothing better than logging on seeing a UGA fan try to rationalize why national championships aren’t really that important. Warms my heart.
Dawg fans shouldn’t even be allowed to talk trash about the HBC! Owned you at UF and had a pretty good record against you at South Carolina. Maybe he wasn’t an ace recruiter at USC but there’s a difference between doing more with less and less with more. Y’all know all about that though...
C’mon man. Cincinnati has one win over a ranked team in Tulsa. Are you really spouting off about a last second win w a field goal over Cincinnati?
There it is...the toothless wonders to the north spouting off about football played 100 years ago. Lmao! How’s the record in your lifetime? I would venture to guess that may be the reason for your relentless trolling on Gator articles. Like an east division championship, the overall record is something you’ll cling to until your fingers are a bloody mess. I know it’s been 40 years but try to act like you’ve been here before.
You two take turns being the QB and WR? That would be about the only way UGA would score on Bama.
Good thing UF doesn't acknowledge division championships. Last coach did because he was desperate. You can claim it if you feel the need. I'll take the 44-28 ass whipping that was administered any day!
Well well, lf it isn't the SDS dream troll team! Butt time and TheDoucheOf War...
Yes! Look back over the last two years at the results of games played against elite teams.
Jerome, you could not be more wrong. We took a whipping in ‘95 and spurrier immediately went out and hired Bob Stoops to be our defensive coordinator. We won the title the next year. Mullen should take note...
I thought Najee was the best back in the conference last year. Not even close this year. Best in the country in my opinion.
"I want them to get back to where they were so I can hate them again." Gator fans felt the same way about UGA for 20years. Now I want them to suck again. lol
Sure wish we had that td drive back by Bama when we stopped them on third down but couldn’t get one of the worn out d lineman off the field in time due to a failed attempt at substituting that’s been happening all year... I see what you’re doing here trying to soften up gator nation on 3rd and G! You’re not fooling me. ;)
NC, for 2 million per year, I would hope we could witness at least one game this year where the defense showed up start to finish. Did we?
Initially, I had a long response but ultimately, decided it wasn’t worth it. I will ask this though: how can a rational person with any football understanding not see the glaring problems and holes in UF’s coaching of the defense? The COACHING problems have literally been on display all season long.
Ha! How ironic! A UGA fan thinking a minuscule difference in a high school ranking equates to the win loss column in college. Good thing for those recruiting national championships...
The author hit the nail on the head about UF and Mullen. Hopefully, he learns from this but what a waste of a talented team this year.
I don’t think we get in with two losses or even deserve to but I wouldn’t call our schedule weak. We will have played two of the current top 5 teams and UGA is still a top ten team. When compared to the rest of the top ten it doesn’t look too bad.
Officiating this year has been unbelievable. There needs to be accountability.
Bama attempts this season: Pass - 245 Rush - 293 Florida attempts this season Pass - 291 Rush - 259
Another example of a good defensive coordinator and a mediocre head coach. Would love to have his 2015/2016 defense at UF right about now.