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I can’t believe Bama doesn’t have someone on the team that can kick the ball through the end zone.
It can always get worse guys. You could have Grantham for a DC.
Second time you’ve brought up the play of Trask. 23 of 32 for 312 yards, 4 td’s and a 72% completion. Statistically, a better game than last week. Trask is not the problem and I don’t understand why you keep bringing it up?
I wish it was Vandy level! Heck, they held the aggies to 12 points!
That’s first halfazz decent comment I’ve seen you make! Good for you. Do your thing and ill do mine.
The snowflake’s heads are going to explode over this one...
Nature, your decision making process is clearly flawed.
Yes, our receivers need a QB that can throw it to them and the QB needs receivers that can catch. Great observation
That’s my fear and the reason for my Charlie Strong statement in the other article. Dawg fans warned of a Grantham defense that got worse every season and they weren’t wrong.
Worst Gator D I’ve ever seen. Biggest mistake of Mullen’s tenure was not bringing Strong back when he had the chance.
We better score every time we get the ball because this is the worst Gator defense I’ve ever seen.
Nature, Your hypocrisy knows no bounds: "Trump should have honored our country’s founders and wishes" "large support for sensible gun control, Row vs. Wade, quality healthcare for all, and equal rights for all." I guess as long as it fits your narrative it's ok, huh?
Well fellas, I’m not the smartest guy in the world but I do have a bachelor’s degree and my family is one of about 20 UF boosters that have contributed for 65 years or more. I’ve lived and worked on six continents throughout my life so I have a pretty good handle on different societies and I’m not going to argue w you anymore. How about you guys do your thing and not try and force everyone else to your will. Keep pushing and things aren’t going to end pretty...
Remember when people had enough sense to keep themselves safe and didn't need the govt. to tell them how? Would you go into the water after someone was just eaten because a govt official said it was ok. That's the difference! Liberals need the govt. to tell them how to function. SMH... Thought Florida had been lost to idiots on the left until the last election but I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, we have an honest vote count and stay the course we're on. That's why the flu has become such a big deal. The Dems have nothing else to sell the country.
A liberal/socialist lecturing people on being controlled. Oh the irony...
Wasn’t calling you out. Just irritated and making a general comment.
What’s the excuse for SC moving the ball at will when they weren’t gassed?
South Carolina is the only thing stopping the South Carolina offense.
Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. Worst thing we did was let Charlie Strong get away when we had the chance. We will never be great under Grantham. Good but not great.
Not everyone was excited to see franks start 2019. He missed wide open receivers in the 2018 bowl game 3 times for td’s. Every time I see Franks I think of Bull Durham “ He’s got a million dollar arm but a 5 cent head” This offseason I’ve heard and read where some fans think Emory should be playing more. Hopefully, the can now relax and watch the best QB we’ve had in a very long time. Kid deserves every bit of credit and time on the field that he can get.
SEC east champs?! We tore that down when shark humper left town. UF doesn’t concern themselves with divisional championships. I guess that’s all you have when you’re a UGA fan though.
Again, you’re an idiot. Volusia county voted 55% for trump and 41% for Clinton.
This moron does not represent the men of Deland. As a sixth generation resident of the area, I would be willing to bet that he’s one of the transplants that brought his politics with him.
You guys need to stop arguing with colorado. You see, tigah is the type that doesn’t believe in someone using their platform to generate revenue to help others. Tigah would rather have the government come in and “redistribute” your hard earned money. Oh, unless it’s kapernick kneeling and disrespecting the country that has provided them with everything. I’m so sick and tired of scummy a$$ Democrats. What kind of liberal dipsh!t comes on a Florida Gator article and talks smack about Tebow? Can’t wait for this frigging election to be over with...
Agreed. Fisher isn’t anywhere near a hot seat and shouldn’t be. 4Th ranked recruiting class last year and currently sitting 6th for 2020. SEC teams better not sleep on the aggies. I didn’t care too much for him when he was at FSU(for obvious reasons)but there’s no denying his coaching ability. He will do well given some time to do so.
I would like to state the delandman does not speak for the majority of folks in Deland.