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It’s not a reach at all for FSU to return to glory days. All they need is a good coach w good program skills. The talent is and always will be there. Check the recruiting rankings. I was hoping Willie would be there for a while.
I think you’re forgetting the first half of our game against you. No team in the SEC gets penalized as a much as UF. Look it up. The difference betwen UF and USCjr fans is we own a defeat. We don’t blame the refs for a loss. Dont try to drag me down to your level please. UF is better than that...
We’re losing because we are not playing well enough to win but the reviewed reception that led to the UGA TD is beyond horrible. There’s no excuse for that. Very disappointed in SEC officiating this year.
Maybe the worst decision the NCAA has ever made and that is saying a lot.
Good thing there’s no fines for fans p!ssing and moaning. You’d be broke!
“And no Bama’s schedule isn’t much better than Clemson’s. So stop lying to yourselves.” Lol! Come on man...
“Because the only reason why anyone bashes Clemson, their talent level or their prospects in the playoffs is because they’ve beaten the Alabama team that no one in the SEC can beat 2 out of the last 3 years” I don’t think the reason people bash Clemson is due to beating Bama. It’s the hand in hand, skipping down the yellow brick road, fairy dance of a schedule that leads Clemson to the playoffs every year. Is it Clemons fault? Not at all and they usually take care of business when the time comes. However, If you’re being objective, I think you can see where it would be a little irritating to teams/fans w difficult schedules. They may have an elite defense again but there’s no way of knowing for sure and your hardest games this year will be against the 4th best team from the SEC East and West. I guess we will have to wait until the playoff to see if they really are legit again. Hopefully, they will meet up with a healthy SEC opponent. Not sure why everyone likes to state 2 out of 3 years. Just go back the last 4 years and it’s even, 2 wins and 2 losses against Bama. That’s still better than any other team in the nation.
How do you know if Clemson’s defense is far superior?
Jimbo brought in 7 top ten classes and the last two were #11 and #16 in the nation. While WT has had a rough go and is dealing w a culture issue, the cupboard was hardly bare. I hope they give him an extension immediately...
I had the same conversation with my wife today. The only sport that I’m still passionate about is college ball and it’s sad to see what today’s society is trying to do to it.
If it rains like they say it’s going to, that could slow our passing game. Definitely make it a tough game.
In the reply to Nash, who downgraded UF football and has no common sense? Would common sense include the ability to recognize a consistent offense? "While the backup quarterback being the most popular guy on the team is axiomatic, anyone who has played football and is objective and honest knows that the all-around best player at a given position usually starts." This just isn't always the truth. From the NCAA to the NFL there are literally hundreds of cases where a backup came in the game never to relinquish the position again and the "starter" transfers or is traded. After watching Franks for the last couple of years, I'm dumbfounded as to anyone wanting him to take the position back from Trask. Any one who is objective, honest and has football IQ can see it plain as day. On top of it all, Trask is a good kid. It's refreshing in this day and age to see someone stick to their word, work for what they want and show humility. All the while, never knowing if they will get their chance. I'll take Trask any day of the week and twice on Sunday! There's a good reason people don't come down on Trask and it has nothing to do with his fan history. Really wish UF fans would get behind the guy that's making our season what it is.
We definitely have different opinions of what makes great “leadership qualities”
Or...Franks is a awesome player at practice. Also, Mullen’s ego won’t let him turn his back on the untapped physical qualities that Franks has. He just can’t seem to put it all together when it matters. The fact is we are a MUCH better team w Trask at the helm. Go back to last year when Mullen finally took Franks out against Missouri. Trask came in and immediately moved the ball down the field. This year we could not move the ball against Kentucky. Trask comes in and immediately moves us down field. The only thing I can come up with is Franks looks like a superstar in practice when he’s not worried and Mullen can’t let go of what he sees in practice.
Yep. Weird little fella looks like the “my precious” creature on lord of the rings. Not sure how he landed where he is and it seems he’s often wrong on his predictions.
You know, I was half way into a long response about the officiating and deleted it because it doesn’t matter. If you couldn’t see it, you either weren’t watching or happy it happened. UF won. Good enough for me.
Don’t forget the officiating. It was awful. Cost us big time.
Amen. I’m glad someone other than a UF fan sees this. The officiating is beyond ridiculous.
Proud of our defense. That TD pass is really the only big play Auburn has had the first half. I think they’ve had 5 or 6 three and outs. Not bad
I’m not sure about the best QB in their history but hanging “game manager” on him isn’t fair either. I believe it has more to do with play calling. When they cut him loose last week he made some beautiful passes.
I feel we are a better team under Trask. For whatever treason, he just moves the offense better than Franks. However, I don’t believe we are an SEC contender. We will have a better understanding after Auburn.
Does Mullen have something against Trask?! I can’t understand why he doesn’t leave the kid in the game!!! Very irritating
Funny but the most sensible reply to UGA trolling comes from a UGA fan. You guys should listen.
Some guys are really good in practice and some are gamers. We shall see...
Tell your AD not to turn his nose up at the notion of a 2 for 1 with UF would be a good start. My guess is the rubber would hit the road then and UCF couldn't cry about everyone disrespecting them anymore. Poor UCF...
I think the offense looked pretty good w trask at the helm already.