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Funny but the most sensible reply to UGA trolling comes from a UGA fan. You guys should listen.
Some guys are really good in practice and some are gamers. We shall see...
Tell your AD not to turn his nose up at the notion of a 2 for 1 with UF would be a good start. My guess is the rubber would hit the road then and UCF couldn't cry about everyone disrespecting them anymore. Poor UCF...
I think the offense looked pretty good w trask at the helm already.
It’s pretty easy to soar like an eagle when you’re flying with buzzards...
Because you don’t deserve it! Plain and simple. What’s so hard to understand?! Join a real conference or schedule better teams!
Oh yeah, you got me. We play Miami, FSU, UGA, LSU, Auburn plus others this year but we’re afraid of UCF. You’re a typical delusional UCF fan.
So, teams should only have to play someone when they think they're good? Poor UCF, nothing ever really seems fair for them.
UCF fans have a bit of amnesia. They seem to forget that UF already tried to have series with them. In 2006 UF beat them 42-0 and instead of playing the second game a year later, they opted to pay UF rather than face them again. I wonder how things would've turned out had UCF not been chicken sh!t?
“Fact: End of the season rankings don’t mean squat unless there is a 1 by your name.” Finally, a UGA fan that realizes they haven’t meant squat since 1980!!!!
Not good. Toney looked like he was hurt as well
Let me get this straight, you’re saying the SEC isn’t tough to play in because the only team in the conference to win a title lately is Bama? Show me another conference with a harder road to the playoffs.
You're missing the point man. It’s the grind. To put it into perspective, the announcers even said A&M would be Clemson’s hardest game this year until possibly their conference championship. They’ll cruise through the rest of the season As far as the SEC not being tough, have a look at the bowl records
Clemson earned the win but Mond missed several wide open receivers. Two off the top of my head were most likely touchdowns
“Clemson nearly clinched 2nd-half shutouts against A&M and Alabama. That further shows why the Tigers not being able to physically survive an SEC schedule is a silly notion.” Ok, now add in LSU, Auburn and UGA or another eastern team in one season and let’s see how they do. I don’t think anyone is saying Clemson isnt good. It’s just a little harder for SEC teams to get to the playoff in tact. Connor just doesn’t get it I guess. Maybe he should return to B1G country...
Ha! How about a Missouri fan? Are they allowed to comment on our upstanding QB?
Pains me to agree with him but he’s 100% right. Hopefully, Mullen can turn him into a man.
Tell you what Nash, I’ll kiss your a$$ in front of your local post office and give you 30 minutes to draw a crowd IF you can find any post I’ve ever made where I relate Franks to Tua, Fromm or Lawrence.
And I can assure you my frustration goes well beyond the last 4 minutes of the first game...
I’ll take a breath if you’ll open your eyes. Going to the sidelines and talking smack between series to Miami fans is of poor character. Never said anything about Mullen playing someone else. Apparently, we don’t have a better alternative. Although, I’d be willing to bet we see someone else against Kentucky if he isn’t getting it done. Lastly, I know Tua, Fromm and Lawrence don’t grow on trees. My point exactly! Of course people will go easier on them. Why would you make comparisons w them and Franks? Either on the field or off?
Im a gator through and through but you guys just aren't getting it. People don't like Franks because of his character! For heaven's sake, stop taking up for him. Lawrence and Tua have won national championships. Fromm has his team competing at the highest level. All three of them are good people as well. Why do you guys continually bring up those three for comparison? What has FF done? Aren't you embarrassed as a gator by his actions and attitude? The worst thing is, he continually brings it upon himself by doing and saying ignorant things. He's just not gator material on or off the field.
Hope the defense had oklahoma drills the entire practice on Monday
No, he should’ve thrown it to the other two receivers that were wide open, DIRECTLY in front of him. We all know he’s incapable of looking around though.
Dude...I love the gators as much as anyone man but we don’t need to be calling anyone out right now
I don’t know of an elite coach that would be smiling after a game like that. I guess thats the difference between good and great...