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Wow, If he didn't keep Brewster, I can’t see him keeping any of the rest.
Cojones, you do realize that you've become exactly what you despise, don't you?
Hearing or reading the name Addazio still makes me shudder.
Please send the awful Alabama offensive line full of 5 stars to UF. We will gladly take them.
I've read a lot of comments that it wasn't Bennett's fault for the loss and it wasn't entirely. He did enough to win the game but he also did enough to lose it. 3 interceptions in the SEC championship game aint gonna get it and in my opinion that was the difference in the game. UGA moved the ball very well and then, bennett would throw an interception. At this point, I wouldn't even call him a game manager.
Just curious, you don’t think the 3 in receptions were his fault? Do you think the game would’ve turned out different without those interceptions? He’s lucky it was only 3! You’re basing JT’s performance off of the first game of the year and the only one he’s played. Seems you’re being biased for some reason. Practice is practice. Some kids hit a different level of play when it’s game time. Would’ve been nice to see if JT could do it at some point this year but it looks like another QB conundrum by CKS.
Remember when the fired head coach of UF only lost to Bama by 2 w a less talented team than Kirby had?
Yeah it sucks having a coach that can’t start the right QB. ;) Sure is quiet on the Gator articles lately...
Haven’t seen an obnoxious comment on a Gator article all day. Lol
Well, Smart said the loss “reinvigorated” them. How were they not ready before the SEC championship game?
I guess the X’s and O’s Part does matter when the other teams has the same Jimmy’s and Joes. Lol
Yeah...why be a man and follow through with your responsibilities? He gave his word to the young men he recruited and the least he could have done was finish but that’s not in his character. Glad he’s gone
The more I learn about Napier, the more optimistic I am. It would be nice to have stability and coach that’s around for a long time.
For sure, this hire will define Stricklan’s tenure.
For the past week I thought Riley didn't want to coach in the SEC. Turns out, he didn't want to coat at LSU. Stories coming in now that Riley and Kelley both reached out to UF after Mullen was let go. Stricklan was all in on Napier from the get go.
I expect Kelley and LSU to have success earlier than UF-Napier. LSU has a pretty good roster now and Kelley is seasoned.
Um guys, you do know that Kelley reached out to Florida during this process, right? UF only took a meeting with one guy.
Ever met anyone that likes football and doesn’t know who Jimmy Johnson is?
Do a little reading on both and you won’t have to ask. Happy for LSU and hope they’re successful but I’m pleased with our coach. May not workout but I have a feeling it will.
Wouldn’t surprise me to see Herman end up there this time around.
He will end up a disaster anywhere he goes
Disagree, he had the easiest path to the playoffs of any school in the last 5 years and his recruiting classes were always good.
“Kiffin replaced pictures of Tennessee legends in the UT football complex with Southern Cal alums. “ This is the guy I think of when someone brings up Kiffin. I wouldn’t have him at my school under any circumstance. I don’t care how good he is at calling plays.
Show signs of a program that's being run well. It's not about making it to a championship game every year. Everyone on that list was an embarrassment in one way or another. It looks as if Florida has found a man that is obsessed with the head coaching job in it's entirety. Forgive the long post but read this: "I don't just enjoy one part of what I do, right?" he says. "I love every little part of this college football deal. I love the offseason program. I love strength and conditioning. I love nutrition. I love sports science. I love evaluating players. I love recruiting and putting (a roster) together and out-hustling and working to put your own team together. I love the challenge of having attrition on your staff and having to replace people and hire good people. And do it again. Do it better. I love putting together installation schedules and practice schedules. I love the scheme, and I love the strategy. I really enjoy the motivation part of what we do. So I guess what I'm saying is, I can't imagine doing much else." This man is worth the gamble because he's exactly what we've been searching for. He's not some loud mouth, yankee goof ball wearing a darth vader costume after an already embarrassing game or a head coach claiming he's had death threats or a drooling neanderthal screaming at the players due to his own inabilities as a coach. He's a man's man and If he's close to the statement he gave, he'll have the patience of Gator Nation.
He was Dabo's OC/QB coach in 2009-2010 until Dabo decided he wanted to pull a Muschamp with the play calling in 2010. Clemson broke a school record for points scored in 2009 under Napier's direction. I guess Dabo didn't like that for some reason. Who knows. Saban quickly picked him up after he and Dabo had a falling out.
I hear ya. Hopefully, he's the exception to the norm. Scott Frost had two seasons as a head coach and only one of those was successful. I agree, people saw a 13-0 season record at UCF and thought he was the next big thing. Tom Herman had never been a head coach before TX. Top programs need a program leader much more than a play caller. I think that's why Kirby has been successful. He runs a very good program top to bottom. What I like about Napier is he didn't jump at the first big job that was offered. Turning down Auburn couldn't have been an easy decision. It's almost as if he wanted to prove his head coaching abilities it to himself first and I admire that. He may not pan out but I can honestly say I like him better than any hire we've had since Spurrier. I never cared for Urban from the get go and it wasn't his fault. I was furious with the administration for the way they handled Spurrier wanting to return and there was nothing Urban could do to change that. Still am...
You know that little white spec on top of chickensh!t?