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I’m really curious as to what you are going to say if Florida beats UGAY. You literally don’t say anything on this site unless it is related to Gator football or the UF v. UGAY game. I mean, if you are wrong and the Gators beat UGAY, you will look like the absolute dumbest human being to ever walk the Earth. You run your mouth more than a drunk 18 year old kid trying to impress his lame ass friends. I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched any football, but upsets happen all the time. I’m sure you remember the South Carolina game last year.
I definitely agree here. If Georgia’s defense is the same or better with an improved offense, it’d be hard to imagine they lose more than one regular season game. The first half is rough, but Bama is the only real worry there and Florida is the only game that may be any bit of a challenge in the second half. Even if they lost the SECCG, a two loss Georgia team, Alabama, and a one loss Florida team will all have better strength of schedules and be much more appetizing than a one or two loss Big XII team. Especially after the Big XII went 0-3 against the Sun Belt Conference opening weekend. However, if Oklahoma or Texas is undefeated, (especially the darling Texas who I think people would rather see in the playoff rather than another Oklahoma flop) I could see a two loss Georgia team with a loss to Alabama in the SECCG making it in over a one loss Florida team. I think that one loss would have to come from Georgia though. Conversely, I could also see Florida making it to the playoff over a two loss Georgia team, even if Florida’s one loss was to Georgia. That would imply that Georgia loses to Alabama week four and also drops one in Atlanta at the SECCG. In that scenario I believe the committee asks “if they lost to Bama twice already, will they fair any better in a possible third matchup?” All hypothetical scenarios of course, but hey it’s fun to talk about.
When did I say Florida’s offense would be better?? Answer, I didn’t. I said we’ll be fine with the WRs we have returning because Corch said the ones that left made Trask, the O-line has much more experience which almost always translates to better play which will give Trask more time, and Dan along with Brian Johnson, who know a thing or two about QBs has said Trask has improved, among other things, with his timing of making decisions. That doesn’t mean the offense will be better, I’m just refuting the point Corch is trying to make that Florida is completely hopeless and will never beat Georgia. He likes facts, and I presented facts. I’m not an unrealistic fan, so I have multiple concerns about the offense and defense and whether or not they’ll be better than last year. If we do win it will be close and will be because our defense fixed the issues from last year, not just from the UF v UGA game.
How are you so certain UGA’s defense is better than last year when they haven’t even played yet? Is it because all of the analyst/writers, like Connor who you dislike so much for no reason, are saying that? Returning players? Kirby is god? We have plenty of good receivers even after losing four to the NFL, because we have one of the best WR coaches in the country and have brought in good talent in recent years. Grimes, Copeland, Toney, Pitts (who was Traks’s crutch in your words), Shorter, not including the past two years of recruits that are making noise in camp. We have plenty of people who can catch the ball and Trask has good timing and good accuracy. I’m sure the only thing you’ve watched of Trask was the UGA game and only read what the PFF says about him, because his rate of success and pass efficiency was great last year with a shoddy offensive line. Our OL has multiple seniors and plenty of starts, which almost always equals improvement in pass protection and run blocking. More time to throw = better play from Trask who has improved his timing on decision making. He put up nearly 3,000 yards and didn’t start until the fourth game of the year. Your Georgia bias shows through in every single comment you make. Georgia is going to be a really good team this year, but even though you think they are perfect in every single way and are untouchable, Georgia is beatable. If UF beats Georgia, I’m going to have to call someone to check on you, I don’t think you’ll make it.
“Gayturd.” If you’re going to come up with a super original nickname, at least spell it correctly. He is actually making fun of one of your fellow fans who comments on anything and everything Gator related, Corch Irvin Meyers. Gator fans and UGA fans always talk about each other so I’ve never understood the “living rent free” argument coming from either side. It’s one of college footballs most heated rivalries for a reason. If the past twelve years is any indication of how things will play out, UF could go on a three-win streak against the puppers.
If any person ever has the audacity to say the slightest positive thing about Florida, this bulldog breathing basement dweller crawls out from downstairs to use momma’s dial-up modem and absolutely loses his mind. If you put a Georgia QB in Trask’s position he would be barking about how inaccurate the PFF is. It’s hilarious that he said Florida’s “great receiving corps” bailed Trask out, but if I go back to the article from last year talking about Florida’s reviver room I bet he’s in the comments doing is all to disprove that. Trask won’t be a real Heisman candidate, but he doesn’t need to be to win games. UF returns Kyle Pitts and Trevon Grimes who were both huge parts of the passing game last year. Toney returns, Jacob Copeland will likely have a breakout year, plus we have a plethora of good underclassman receivers and Justin Shorter is cleared to play. We’ll be fine the in the passing game and the run game should improve with Pierce as starter and Lingard and Davis as change of pace backs.