Been a Gator fan my entire life. I’ve been following this site for a while and just decided I can’t just read the comment anymore without getting involved in some of the articles and responses!

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Look at teams like Alabama that had QBs like Greg McElroy who threw for less than 40 total TD’s in his college career, he’s not a great QB he’s just a good average QB that didn’t make mistakes and they won. We just need a guy that can be consistent and make decent plays when needed without making mistakes. It takes an entire team to win but Franks IMO is just as good or better than Greg McElroy. So why can’t we win with Franks...?
Can’t wait for the UF-LSU game! So glad these two teams go head to head every year. Hopefully we’re both undefeated when we meet and it’s an epic battle!
Great play! Hope he continues this kind of play for the Bucs! Great way for him to start the season.
I hope all the best for Franks of course. He’s just not consistent enough and that’s why Gator Nation is up in arms with him. But I really hope Emory Jones gets an opportunity to get on the field next weekend against UT Martin and get some good quality snaps. If he gets the chance to have a few series of downs and does well that will really shake up the QB situation! However, if he gets an opportunity and doesn’t preform at a high level against UT Martin than we’ve Got to stick with ole Franks....
The only reason why this is even a story is because it was the only game televised, highly anticipated, everyone was watching, and criticizing each and every play. Any other week in college football this wouldn’t even be a story... But hey they gotta have something to write about.