Been a Gator fan my entire life. I’ve been following this site for a while and just decided I can’t just read the comment anymore without getting involved in some of the articles and responses!

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Never saw anything about a tryout being held. It was definitely a PR Stunt... or that would definitely have been the headline! Sorry, girls just don’t belong on a football field.
Well the history of her kicking off was hilarious! 25yr lame duck kick Haha! If it were a guy kicking that he would’ve lost his scholarship and been hounded on by the special teams coach! No she’s praised for making history... Total Joke!
Dirty South, I would say traditionally goal keepers at the competitive level are usually one of the players on a soccer team, who can typically kick the furthest on a team. When they are usually the player who takes all the goal kicks and can kick a cool 60-70 yards. But at the same time it doesn’t mean they can kick a football that far either.
I agree with you RollTideRicky. The truth hurts and point blank a female doesn’t belong on the football team. She can’t even be in the locker room or at least shouldn’t be. I know I wouldn’t want my daughter in the locker room with all that goes on in there. This also has something bad to say about the male soccer team, that not one of those guys couldn’t kick better than her? I personally know that’s not the truth. Keep sports separate and keep the girls on the girls teams. Why not just add a few males to some of the female sports then. Oh that’s right that would be unfair... just look at all the males identifying as female who are subpar male athletes annihilating the best female competitors in track and field events it’s hilarious!
@JDumb It’s sad isn’t it when you’re best teams were from the 50’s... lol Any given day a team can lose but... I can’t even take you serious since your team has never won a conference championship in the SEC yet. Come back in a few years and maybe we can talk. But y’all are never going to get past Bama or LSU so good luck. Even if UF loses to Bama they will never let y’all in, since y’all got a shellacking by Bama. Better luck next year.
I agree with Gromit. I actually said the same thing about 2 weeks ago. Someone mentioned the Aggies losing to Bama was a better quality loss... yeah ok. Another key point I believe is: Yes, UF lost to the Aggies but the Aggies don’t even have a chance to win their division let alone the Conference so that’s another reason to have UF ahead of the Aggies as well. Fun fact: The Aggies haven’t even won a conference championship since the 90’s haha...
Freedom of Choice is why American is the best country in the world! To many people have never been outside the friendly confines of the good ole USA to even know any better. So many people in the US have no clue how much Freedom we really have!
Too funny... I’ll definitely use that for my next Dad Joke with the kids...
All these College Coaches should be on performance based contracts. Year in and year out we see it over and over again coaches getting paid way too much for lackluster performance on and off the field. Not to mention the huge buyouts to just pay them to quit coaching. Makes me sick to think Chump getting fired and making more to quit and sit at home than I’ll ever make in my entire adult working life.
Not denying they lost to the Aggies at all but losing to Bama by 26 isn’t a better loss by any means.
Couldn’t agree with you more!
Yes we all know UF lost to the Aggies head to head. It’s been mentioned many times over, but the loss was because of a last drive fumble and last second field goal. It’s not like they got dominated. So how in the world after last nights win for the Gators wouldn’t that not have been enough for had the Gators to jump them in the rankings? Remember, the Aggies lost by 26 points to Bama not a very quality loss of you ask me. Not to mention, Clemson literally had to come back from 3 scores down to win against an unranked Boston College team then they lose the following week to ND but they are still #4 in the country. We can all say it doesn’t matter what the rankings are and all that matters is getting to the SEC Championship Game then the College Football Playoffs. But it’s huge for recruiting and in the eyes of all the recruits out there watching and waiting to determine where they want to go. These recruits see how teams are judged and see how some have better opportunities to continue in the hunt even when they lose over other teams.
Just hoping that one day I could wake up and have a severance package at work like this. Then stop performing at work and they let me go an I get paid my salary for a few years while I try to find another job lol... All jokes aside I get the reasons for the buyouts being used by the coaches for their security and the rest of coaches on the team and their families livelihoods. However, all these contracts should include one more clause and that should be a coach should maintain a certain winning percentage. If said coach falls below a certain winning percentage then a payout will be forfeited. Determining a certain winning percentage would be an eye opener as well BC then you would see what a College AD would be willing to accept from there coach. It’s too simple I guess that’s why they haven’t done it yet.
How in the world do these systems get through the vetting process... #8 Auburn is ahead of #11 Florida... That makes no sense at all.... I’m surprised that Notre Dame isn’t #4... lol
Same ole Kirk... What else would you expect???
Embarrassed about what? Don’t be so short sighted just because this is a SEC College Football website. When Soccer by far is the most worldwide respected, played, and profitable sport! Knowledge of all types of sports and learning strategies from all different types of coaches should be important to all coaches who are interested in bettering themselves and those who they lead.
Look at teams like Alabama that had QBs like Greg McElroy who threw for less than 40 total TD’s in his college career, he’s not a great QB he’s just a good average QB that didn’t make mistakes and they won. We just need a guy that can be consistent and make decent plays when needed without making mistakes. It takes an entire team to win but Franks IMO is just as good or better than Greg McElroy. So why can’t we win with Franks...?
Can’t wait for the UF-LSU game! So glad these two teams go head to head every year. Hopefully we’re both undefeated when we meet and it’s an epic battle!
Great play! Hope he continues this kind of play for the Bucs! Great way for him to start the season.
I hope all the best for Franks of course. He’s just not consistent enough and that’s why Gator Nation is up in arms with him. But I really hope Emory Jones gets an opportunity to get on the field next weekend against UT Martin and get some good quality snaps. If he gets the chance to have a few series of downs and does well that will really shake up the QB situation! However, if he gets an opportunity and doesn’t preform at a high level against UT Martin than we’ve Got to stick with ole Franks....
The only reason why this is even a story is because it was the only game televised, highly anticipated, everyone was watching, and criticizing each and every play. Any other week in college football this wouldn’t even be a story... But hey they gotta have something to write about.