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I haven’t looked at stats, but I’d say Franks last 3 or 4 games of the season were on par with (or better than) Fromm’s last 3 or 4.
To be fair also you have to look at the talent inherited. I’d say Mullen at Mississippi State did better with what he was given. However, every year is different. Every schedule is different. I think both teams have good coaches, and both will win their share over the next several years.
I love this site. Can't scroll back up to proof-read a post typed on an iPhone, and can't open a comment back up to edit it. *Mullen had a far better first-year at Florida with a less talented team than Smart did in his first year...
So funny to watch the insecure Georgia fans article after article. I love Florida. I have no problem respecting Georgia, while at the same time acknowledging that, while there’s a decent chance Florida wins this year, there’s still a bigger chance Georgia does. Objectivity says that Mullen had a fat better first year at Florida with a less talented team than Smart did in his first year at Georgia. There’s no question to that. Kirby lost to McElwain for goodness sake. Confidence has no problem congratulating success. Inferiority drives itself crazy, thinking that building up itself requires tearing others down.
For a team that is supposedly near the top, Bulldog fans are sure insecure.
If we hadn’t of had to play converted offensive linemen for DBs last year due to injury things would’ve been different I think.
Methinks it takes us over the top of Georgia this year. The recruits will follow!
To all the Georgia fans that love to troll Florida articles - there are 14,000 reasons this was a great move today!
Mullen’s first year was WAY better than Kirby’s, with less talent. Kirby couldn’t beat McElwain! LOLOL
Facts: Kirby lost to McElwain in every meaningful game they played (not the one where he knew he was going to be fired). Mullen is a definite improvement over McElwain.
BananaBread, you have valid points. I too worry about the Gator’s O-line, but every other part of the offense should improve. Franks is getting quicker on reads, the running backs are every bit as good, and the other skill positions better. The defense should be markedly better if they stay healthy - maybe a tad less talented/proven at rush-end, but every other position should be improved. Kirby has made a few high-profile coaching miscues, but is solid 98% of the time. If our O-line comes together could be a 50-50 proposition in Jax. If Florida beats Georgia, the narrative completely changes with recruiting and the outlook is great going forward.
Couch, who had the better first year? Seems Smart got beat by McElwain, and by a lot of others. I’ll take Mullen’s first year any day...
McElwain also dominated the east for two years... That includes being 1-0 vs Smart (not counting the year he knew he was about to be fired). By your standards McElwain is an elite coach.
Boxter, I respect you. I for one love friendly trash talking. I love when Georgia fans feel good about where they are, because the team has earned it. If we beat you next year, I’m ok with UF fans crowing about our 30-year record, or even our 1-year record. I’m also fine with UGA fans crowing about their 3-in-a-row if you win. I’m not ok with people getting their diapers in a wad over good-natured trolling or smack-talk.
You know it’s been a rough life when you cling to “2 IN A ROW!!!!”. Try this on for size. Kirby was 0-1 against McElwain (not counting the game where he knew he was going to be fired the next week). I guess Kirby is not as good as McElwain. Sure works if you use your logic.
@UGARMYRet as I said, champions at life much. National champions, not so much. 39 years is a long time.
I think a lot of Gator fans are moving in to your head because obviously you aren’t charging for that space.
Florida won the East with McElwain 2 times too. Championships. Plural. And fools gold both of them. They were only because of the horrible state of the East those years.
I like it when Georgia fans remind me that Florida has lost a couple in a row. I love a good troll, even when I’m on the receiving end. Some Georgia fans are classy - others get all defensive and can’t admit an epic troll when they read it. This Mullen troll was EPIC!! Defensiveness is almost always a sign of insecurity.
Producing championships. Plural. It must be like Tennessee’s “champions at life” championships. Definitely no national championships.
As fans it’s hard to be objective. However, the majority of those outside the program seem to mostly agree that Mullen is a better game-day coach, and Smart a better recruiter. The majority may be wrong, but they may be right... It only takes a bounce of an oblong ball to tilt the odds one way or another.