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Kirby Richt Kirby Richt Like it or not Georgia was tricked. Kirby Richt = same old Georgia
I think it’ll be Alabama and Florida in Atlanta, with the game being much closer than years past.
I’ll feel good about this until the horde of GA fans show up on thread, informing us all that he’s overrated trash, and someone they didn’t want.
In 2016 Smart lost to McElwain. In 2017, Mac knew he was getting fired, and the team didn’t show up. In the only real game where Smart and McElwain both were trying to win as head coaches, Mac beat Smart. By some of your logic, that means Mac is forever a better coach than Smart
Only coach in History to win New Years’ Six bowls in first two seasons at a school. Smart = identical record to Richt, but losing with better players. If losing to a coach the first year or two means anything, McElwain is better than Smart. He beat him every year he’s played him as a head coach, except the year he knew he was getting fired for lying. I think next year Florida beats Georgia.
Dan Mullen: only coach in history to win a New Years’ Six bowl in each of his first two seasons at a school. You’ll be begging Mullen to leave soon, Mark my words. Kirby = identical record to Mark Richt, only he’s losing with better recruiting classes.
And McElwain is still the only coach in SEC history to get there his first two years...
Chart is off if viewed on iPhone. Shows Florida in Cotton, and no one in Sugar.
IMO Florida should be ranked above UGA. We had a bad day against Georgia, but we played a much more competitive game (by far) against LSU, and in Death Valley.
This wasn't about Auburn at all - it was about FLORIDA! The SEC knows Florida is really the best team in the country, and if Georgia would have lost, then they would have lost again next week, and Florida would have beaten LSU in Atlanta. Then Florida would have one the Natty! At least you should know the real conspiracy behind things. Long live the Illuminati!!!
Actually SEC has 4 teams in top 10
Actually the score was UGA 20 (if you would have made the field goal) UF 17 Refs 4 Every Pop Warner player knows that “catch” wasn’t a catch. You still beat us, but barely
Auburn over GA this weekend. Take it to the bank. With hopes of a championship gone, Georgia turns in a Texas-style effort the following week, completing the crash-and-burn of the decade.
Not sure they’re going there. They’ll lose to Auburn at least.
*Georgia outplayed us. Why no “edit” button on this site?
Nope. Florida outplayed us, and we deserved to lose. Total crap on some of the calls, but we are man enough to admit that we didn’t play well enough to win.
Lol. Georgia deserves that game, but you’re crazy if you think there was video evidence to overturn that catch. It was either a TD on the high point of the catch, but if not there, when he brought it down past his body it looked to have went even further.
He's probably not too good at math, so expect to see him on here after Georgia loses saying they're still going to win the Natty. Too busy trolling to be bothered with the facts...
Saban has more capital to work with. If you don’t have his success you can’t act like him and retain the level of respect he does.
Hate to point out the obvious, but it appears all the fixation on a couple of missed calls in the Florida game seemed to have really cost SC. The calls didn’t directly cost them a bowl game, as Florida played the more complete game, but may well have indirectly cost them.
Gators don't have the depth to combat that. However, I think (maybe hope is the better word) that Georgia will be playing from behind by the 4th quarter, and won't be able to depend on the run. Remember, Florida played in the same weather that Georgia and Kentucky did, and our offense looked decent.
Because humans believe in brands over facts.
Let’s go Cocktail Party!!!!!
And Florida 38 South Carolina 27 It was a good game, but the calls didn’t give Florida the game. Sorry. We know what it’s like to have tough losses, so I feel for you there, and I agree some calls should have went your way. However, Florida still outplayed USC when it counted.