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C'mon man, that's bad juju you are putting out there. Think positive! Go SEC!
Just make sure someone drives him to the game. And practice. And anywhere else.
Unless your name is Billy Gillispie, Eddie Sutton, or Tubby Smith.
Might be an interesting twist of history. Kentucky's best football coach (Bryant) went to Alabama, and Alabama's best basketball coach could end up at Kentucky.
I'll give them a pass. The site is called "Saturdays Down South", not SEC down south. Last I checked, NC is in the south, and even Duke, comprised mostly of Yankees, is in the south.
I'll show my ignorance of the rules, I've done worse. How could they not call a flagrant on Wague? Isn't something like that reviewable? And can the SEC follow-up with a suitable punishment for this bozo?
Let me fix this for you. It was the ending of the year, not the game of the year. Big difference.
Hanlogton was not pushed around in the Wake Forest game. He didn't play due to injury. I was there. I checked the box score just to make sure I wasn't having a presidential moment.