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How do you figure Bama has a better chance ? UF, Bama played 4 like opponents: LSU, Aub, Tenn., S Car. UF was 3-1, Bama 2-2. UF’s best other foe: 11-1 Ga. Bama’s: 7-5 Tex A&M. UF’s best win: 9-3 Auburn. Bama’s: A&M. UF beat 2 non conf. bowl teams: UM, FSU. Bama beat 1: Southern Miss.
Doesn't like like that undefeated game will be happening.
Are u stupid. He has a very strong arm and completed 18 passes in row last week so I think he can hit plenty of the passes he needs to. Go back to watch mizzo.
Touche I was just messing around with my first post. Any team with kids that age are going to have arrest for stupid stuff. Uga will have an amazing year for sure.
Good thing he flipped his commitment from LSU cause yall have had great QBs
GA fans egged and toilet papered their own QBs house.
So much hate on Florida but in the 15 years who from the sec has more titles? Why can't everyone just play nice.