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Did I miss the title UGA won after 1980?...... again, mindnumbing
UGA football only has two Heisman Trophy winners in this history of its program; Frank Sinkwich in 1942 and Herschel Walker in 1982. 1980 for the Natty, and here you are throwing stones!!!! Mindnumbing
Do you not see the irony in that list? UGA fans are a complete joke!
We all know this is UGA hype season, but dog fans should know how this goes by now!
Odds are, the Gators D improves more than UGA's offense (once JT took over). We might see our first close cocktail party in years!
Class of 98, thanks for the Logic! Its holarious to me how the "outside" blows up that comment, him dressing up for Halloween, and him telling the truth about the cotton bowl!
"he’s now over a year removed from when those alleged extension talks were in the works." no chance the talk stoppage could be related to a pandemic right?! Giving a raise would not be a great look for any school in 2020!
I'd be shocked if Bama isnt ranked #1, and I will also be shocked if UGA beats Clemson. UGA has a very talented roster (sure sounds like a broken record....) But until Kirby can prove it, its all Hype!
ask UGA why having 5 stars doesnt guarentee anything!
Mullen was at MSU for how many years? He had plenty of chance to leave and didnt. You cant blame him foir having NFL aspriations (if true) but hes not leaving Gville for another CFB job!
UGARMY, Mullen has coached against UGA 3 times at UF, cant say either owns anyone at this point!
TDOW, did I miss the line where he talked trash to rival and then kicked said rivals teeth in? Yes said rival would have been UGA!!!
keep dreaming puppies! Mullen isnt going anywhere, the offense will be just fine this year. I know the offseason is reserved for UGA natty talk but come on!!!
Lsusmc that's because UGA is not! Dawg fans are so delusional on all fronts with their school, it's beyond comical at this point!
a UGA fan talking about winning any important, you cant make this stuff up!!!
I think he will do well, number 1 pick, tons of draft picks this year, and tons of cap money! Bet he is winning 8+ games by year 2!
Lets just say for the sake of this year 8 teams... that give you Bama vs Cinn W for bama, Clem vs UF id say UF had a good shot, osu vs OU OU prob wins, ND vs AM am has a good shot. so then Bama vs UF we saw that close game and UF could win..., OU vs osu or am. You cant tell me that those wouldnt be better games than we saw this year?!
the cc vs byu game was the 2nd most entertaining game I watched all year!
UFGATOR92, you just have to let them have it, its all they have! Off season and recuriting is their time to shine!
drop 1 non conference game? I want the best 4,6, or 8 teams in, i dont agree with the "tie ins" most want i.e. the 5 confrence champions and then best group of 5.....
Its Jones, but not because Jones himself. Its everything thats around him!
What you say and what you mean is obvious! UGA fans are obsessed with Mullen, its actually become really weird!
Did any other SEC team go through what florida did this season? A 3 week layoff due to covid, followed by 8 straight SEC games? I chalk it up to 2020 that made Mullen a Little on edge! The costume was on Halloween so not sure why thats a big deal? and the UGA fans infactuation is just hilarious, we all know you want him gone!!!
KBP, didnt UGA get throttled by LSU last year in the SECCG and only drop 1 spot?
92, Douches is more obssed with UF than most of the UGA fans on here!