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revenge game for SC, I see Billie being Billie and the narrative will continue!
Can someone send this arctile to Billy Napiers Flordia email acocunt please?????
Nash, what part is incorrect? I applaude him for writing what most wont! and happen to agree with alot of his takes!
Sad to say, but I see the wheels falling off this thing by mid season!
Rather have Napier as your coach? That can not be a real statment!
You want to know who will come here? Lane Kiffin will come, just cut the check. Imagine if we stopped hiring tier 3 coaches at a discount, only to pay them to not coach the team a few years later! We could have had Kelly, Riley, ect... just have to pony up. Imagine Mullen was given the resources and budget Napier has, he wouldnt even have had to recruit!!!
Someone please point to 1 statement that is WRONG in this article. You CANT!!!! Like I said after week 3 of last year, this guy cant coach! Vandy is our only chance at a SEC win. I guess the good news is, my Saturdays are free all Fall now!!!1
Nobody thought Mahomes and Allen would become top 5 qbs in the league! Thats what NFL franchsie are chasing with Richardson.
When AVG QBs like Jones are asking for 40+ million a year, this is why you get teams willing to take the flier!
MC, similar was said about Jackson and Allen. Teams are just hoping these 2 can be similar
303, they are both being talked about in the top 10... Not sure what the 4th round comment is about....
The Napier but swingers don’t like when you bring that up…… “Mullen signed kids that never made it to campus” so has Napier, then they will try and sell you on “the overall composit ranking”! 2 more years of this and will be starting over again!
His current NLI evaluation is 495k, sounds like a big shot in the foot!
well if the word that he really wanted to be a Gator and only commited to Miami because of NIL is true then.... also the dad spoke like they were still trying to work things out orginally.
13 mil over 4 years. So 3.25 a year, which is crazy, but not as bad as flat saying 13 mil
Micheal, the report I read said the yinformed Jaden w few days/week before he signed that the deal was off the table. If thats true and he still decided to sign......
"It doesn’t matter if the collective(s) working to support athletes at Florida did everything right. Doesn’t matter how it unfolded, or who made what mistakes or why there was miscommunication." It actually matters a TON! Dont think for one second this wont be used against the Gators going forward!
Nash, not a chance. The school and Napier would have been out in front of this if that was the case. Now we are the clowns of CFB!
shh, the Mullen haters cant handle hearing this. You know they guys that were talking baout his classes were skewed because some kids never made it to campus...... Yet here we are with Billy's highest rated recruit not making it to campus. We got a coach that recruits on Mullens level, yet isnt half the game day coach, runs a scheme thats fit for the BIG not SEC! UF is doomed!
The report I read, the collective informed Jaden 2 weeks before NSD that the deal was going to be void, he still chose to sign..... At this point we really dont know anything and its crazy that nobody is talking!
and the NCAA is sitting back in their chairs laughing their azz off!
Something that just doesn thappen, yet people complain about Brady winning so many titles..... Well he did just as you spoke of!!!!
Did Napier not recruit the kid? He showed earlier on that him/parents could be an issue, same with Cormani..... We are being sold Napier is an "elite recruiter, a high character guy" nothing I've seen to this point!
ehh, you'd think if there was mutual intrest, maybe Mertz doesnt end up here.....
The issue and why UF shouldnt release him is, what do they do for QB now? Its going to be virtually impossible to sign multiple Qb's in a class with the $$$ they are "demanding" so now Jaden flakes and the gators dont have a QB. Dont give me the DJ 24 spew, cause who knows how this plays out. Im not sure how UF and Napier can recover from this!
Cant remember the last time I've been this uninterested in an upcoming Gators football season!