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The 2 issues for most here are, and they are complete opposites..... the "new" SEC feasts on itself and negatively affects its playoff position, or we have 3 or 4 SEC teams in the the 12 team field!
"The Austin American-Statesman reported Friday that a Big 12 source believed talks between the SEC and the two schools had been ongoing for more than six months, though SEC member Texas A&M had been left out of the discussions. An SEC source told ESPN's Heather Dinich that it's inaccurate that A&M was left out of the conversation."
EK, nobody has had a vote yet, all this crying is silly up this point!
LSUMC, the reports say AM is who leaked this info to begin with, maybe thats why they were kept in the dark (if thats the case)? Who cares anyway, its subject to a vote, and thats when a voice is to he heard!
AM is low man on the pole here, they havent been in the SEC long enough to have a promient voice!
Talk about going for scraps..... Those schools are all flash in the pans/coaches just waiting for the better gig! The big 12 would be nothing!
the 4 winners of their "Pod" would then play in a 4 team "playoff" for the conference championship game.
I this this model, although I would change the teams up. Throw a bone to the big 4 and have them in their own pods (Bama, LSU, UGA, UF) and make sure you stick it to OU and UT!
Honestly it might be better for them to lose a close one to Clemson. It will curb the hype some, they wont drop far, and the schedule is pretty breezy outside of UF after!
Phil, he was at the kids school and tried to setup a meeting, and that has you upset? sure he broke the rule, is the rule silly? sure is, was he handing out bags of cash to recuirts? nope! come on, any true gator fan is happy with the progress, the guy took over a 4 win team with a depleted roster! He has been nothing but a mircle worker, and I dont care what anyone says about that bowl game, cause his comments were 100% correct!!
It would be nice if everyone could get to a 3-5 year schedule. Its hard to say anything about an oppent 10 years away.....
"Add three good QB’s for the future and scoring points won’t be a problem." A UGA fan should no better than to count these chicks before they hatch.......
"Smart will continue to develop that talent on an elite level. Mullen will continue to recruit on a lower level. Mullen will continue to have less talent to develop." quite bassakwards here.... Kirby will recuruit at an elite level and then under develop, Mullen will start to recuruit better and continue to develop better than Smart!
"Much has changed since Kirby came to Athens" LMAO, on paper nothing has changed, statistics mirror themseleves, but you keep selling yourself that! UGA will have 2 losses this year!!!
If Bama was clearly the best theam (they were) and the only other team to give them a game was... you guessed it, and its not like it was fluke performance for either team! Gators shot themseleves in the foot and ruined their own chances, but try and convince me you wouldnt have rather watched UF vs Bama 2 than the OSU game?!
TDOW, funny that you cliam UGA was in it in the 4th, yet I believe you are one to dimiss miss that notion about the 2019 game?!
Wishigan's "proud heritage" is nothing outside of that fan base! They havent been relevant anytime of these recruits existance! I really thought Hairball would make them a consitent threat, but as a Wishigan hater that lives in Michigan, I love soaking it up!!!!
Quite embarassing that such a "manly" team was absolutely smothered by all that estrogen in 2020!
MC I agree, I doubt any 1-4 team would trade a bye for a home game if thats the option.....
PT, but under the current proposal the SEC would still get their Champ into the dance, so kind of a moot point?
Nutz, even with the current format you could see a regular season rematch in the SECCG
i4, so you essentially want to go back to AP vote to determin the champ, not the teams playing on the field?
Seems like an honest mistake, I mean they do share the same name after all.......
DJ isn't a "green" QB, he has starting experience and threw for almost a 1000 yards and 5/0 TD/int last year when Tlaw was out! This game should be a barn burned, but I think the spread is spot on at this point!