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With NIL, the portal, and everything else going on.... lets just get the 2 super confrence thing over and start the NFL minor league!
Engine, I think you are misunderstanding how having the "market" works. Basically the BIG network becomes part of the local cable package. You dont have a choice whats in that package, you just pay for it.... Kind of how you want your new Ford to have leather seats, but that includes a 5k stero upgrade option....
It doesnt make sense geograhpically, they need 2 more west coast teams, then do the pods and all is well!
Let ND go to the BIG, then SEC goes after OK ST, Bay, Miami, FSU, and Clemson
correct, NOBODY on this site is excited to engage with you!
Besides Bama doesnt have the NIL resources the likes of AM, TEX, USC have.....
The one way a "playoff" works would be the 4 pod system, then you have a 4 team "playoff/tournment" to determin the conf champ. But im not sure thats what this is stating....
I dont like it, and really the 4 format only hurts the rest of the conferences not the SEC....
I'd guess he calls it a career before that "bought" AM class has its impact in 2-3 years!
With Riley gone, I think Texas has a better shot than OU
The odds of Gilbert going top 5 are the same as him finishing the season at UGA. Niether are very good!
When this does happen, its going to be tough for Bama to get an established coach. You is going to want to follow up what Saban did? It will more than likely have to be a promotion from within the program or some up and comer!
Kirby has caught Saban in recruiting, but until you go out and beat him 50% of the time, you are NOT "competing on a regular basis"! By your own definition Smart is still behind Dabo and Urban!
Hutchinson will be a solid NFL player, but I dont see him being a superstar! Walker has the traits to be a superstar, as does Thibodeaux, and Johnson. Neal or Ekwonu would be the safe pick at 1!
commitment means nothing till pen hits paper!
dumper, the list proves the point. Just like the number #1 rated HS kid rarely turns out to be the best player.....Personally it says more to have a lower ranked player or draft overachieve!
So repeat of last year, with UGA and BAMA in SECG, both make playoffs, then repeat of NCG but BAMA on top this time?
Everything is in place for it to happen, but..... IMO its all in the schedule, and 22 lines up nice for them again! It will be interesting to see what happens when UT and OU join.
Cant decide if I want to see a rout or heartbreak, either way its UGA on the bad end!
sure the draft helps a league that its pretty even already top to bottom on talent.... Doesnt change the fact that a team that may have 2 losses couldnt win a few playoff games.... Lets just use this years rankings per say. OK ST could easily beat cinn, ole miss vs ND, OSU vs Bay..... Every power 5 team has 2 games they can drop off their schedule to accomadate a larger play off. This year was a DUD and every other year usually has 1 game thats a dud as well. It gets all the NY6 games involved every year which helps out the opt out problem!
can you imagine the hype and craziness if Kirby actually does finally complete the job? Scray thought!
Savage did great things transforming the players from Mac's tenure!
At 12 teams you will usually have a team thats HOT at the right time and could provide a couple upsets. 4 teams is not the answer as we saw this week! In the NFL 6 wild card teams won the superbowl over a 30 year span!