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Told all those puppies Saban wasnt loosing to an assistant twice in 1 year! Also told you Bennett wasnt going to win you a Natty! Kirby Smart pulled another Kirby Smart and you will get a full offseason to once again question his QB handling, and what could have been ONCE again!!!!!
UGA shot at a natty was Sat, and they let it slip away. They had a chance to keep the only team that has equal talent out, but they got woodsheded instead! Bennett can most likely get you past Wishigan, but hes not beating BAMA!
Seems pre mature, not even knowing what scheme will be used...... Reads as a previous staff guy to me!
The way this field is looking, im hoping bama wins so we can get a repeat Natty game and actually have something worth watching!
My guess would be age and money. UF needs to stabilize the program, and sure Kelly got a 10 year deal, but I dont see him finishing that out!
Im guessing its more of a CEO over looking an operation. No way is he going to be doing typical HC things!
he does not want to recruit, its a win/win for him, similar to what he had going in the minor league before rona killed it!
On paper it sure looks like a slam dunk hire, I just dont see Kelly really fitting in down in cajun country.
Gump, go take a look at ND SOS and you might be suprised. I dont get why everyone thinks they have a soft schedule!
Even if Saban and Smart are so close, all Saban has to do is point to the trophy case, and honestly any coach can use that against Smart to this point!
Its called the Saban effect, and its real! Strong was an interm head coach at UF so not sure he blongs on the list....
Isnt that the case for most major cfb programs? Places like Bama, UGA, UF, LSU, AM, OSU, USC, UM, CLEM, ND, OU, TEX, ECT.... expect to compete for championships.......
Looks like another UGA player booked into Athens-Clarke County jail, want to defend him too?
Rumor has it, Napier isnt interested in LSU due to the pending investigations.
kirkm, I know dog logic is bad, but dang that is juts a silly take! The cupboard is far from bare, and USC is not a better job, LSU is equal at best!
BC wont happen. Not with ND, OU, OSU, all sitting with 1 loss!
I dont see Stricklin siging a deal with the devil (Meyer), and im not sure Meyer wants to deal with bama yearly again!
Only 1 person on that list that is a known ace recruiter and thats Cristobal!
To be fair, its not the same ole Kentucky. Mullen should not have lost to them this year though!
LSUMC, purely based on recruiting it is true. That is why most everyone views it as the sleeping giant!
Jack, Mullen has solid classes up until this year. The team has talent to work with., The right coach could easily win 9 games next year!