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a UGA fan talking about winning any important, you cant make this stuff up!!!
I think he will do well, number 1 pick, tons of draft picks this year, and tons of cap money! Bet he is winning 8+ games by year 2!
Lets just say for the sake of this year 8 teams... that give you Bama vs Cinn W for bama, Clem vs UF id say UF had a good shot, osu vs OU OU prob wins, ND vs AM am has a good shot. so then Bama vs UF we saw that close game and UF could win..., OU vs osu or am. You cant tell me that those wouldnt be better games than we saw this year?!
the cc vs byu game was the 2nd most entertaining game I watched all year!
UFGATOR92, you just have to let them have it, its all they have! Off season and recuriting is their time to shine!
drop 1 non conference game? I want the best 4,6, or 8 teams in, i dont agree with the "tie ins" most want i.e. the 5 confrence champions and then best group of 5.....
Its Jones, but not because Jones himself. Its everything thats around him!
What you say and what you mean is obvious! UGA fans are obsessed with Mullen, its actually become really weird!
Did any other SEC team go through what florida did this season? A 3 week layoff due to covid, followed by 8 straight SEC games? I chalk it up to 2020 that made Mullen a Little on edge! The costume was on Halloween so not sure why thats a big deal? and the UGA fans infactuation is just hilarious, we all know you want him gone!!!
KBP, didnt UGA get throttled by LSU last year in the SECCG and only drop 1 spot?
92, Douches is more obssed with UF than most of the UGA fans on here!
Disagree. Im expecting the Gators to have quite a few faces misisng from the Bowl game, Saturday showed what this team should have been and I dont think the bowl game changes that! Im betting many non play off teams will see alot of NFL bound players taking a pass!
agreed! He did it with 17 seconds the week before (missed kcik)
3 losses and everyone still placed UF in front of UGA!!!!
nash, that drive before halftime was VERY POOR CLOCK MANAGEMENT! its not about trying to score and not bleed the clock. No reason to snap the ball with 19 seconds on the play clock!!! You dont do that when its first and goal from the 1 with 1:20 left in the half and bama has 2 time outs!!!!!
I'm never for opt outs in a big bowl but this year is different! I don't blame any of them and everyone already wants to put an * on the season anyway......
I'm not sure you are aware, but coaches don't decide the games....just when everyone thinks you couldn't spew any more garbage you say something like this!!
Bt, just let him have his make believe trophy, that's all uga fans have!!
I see this game going like LSU/UF last year, can UF not make the 2 big mistakes that let the game get away? Will find out soon enough!
Humper, you started with some logic and then.... you only gave Florida +7 when comparing it to the team put out against bama! Its more like +14 or +17!
CBM i believe you are 100% correct, and teh fact that they ranked UGA to high to start so that benefittted Florida aswell!
Gooches94,who would you put in front of UF, the comitte got it wrong by ranking UGA as high as they did and now other teams are benefitting from that!
Is this because thats what you are used to watchimg bama do to your team?
Marsh, Pretty sure we know who the top 3 teams are, Covid or not..... I believe OSU is the 4th and I also believe they should be pentalized for playing the schedule they did.....But if this is about the 4 best teams then its Bama, Clem, ND, OSU!
doubt it, the comitte kept UF behind AM, so i'd expect them to the same to UGA and rightfully so!
also the LSU kicker when he made that kick and gator chomped around the field....
heelhog, if you are referring to the Mullen/Grantham exchange the week before, dont act like Saban, Smart, Meyer, or any sucessful coach for that matter hasnt blown up on an assitant!
I would guess Mullen is handling it internally different and just didnt want to pile on the kid even more! But for Pollack to say this doesnt happen at UGA? "No. 3 Georgia came into the game as a 24.5-point favorite at home against unranked South Carolina. South Carolina had lost 3 games, including one to North Carolina, who had previously gone 2–9 in 2018. Shockingly, South Carolina upset Georgia 20–17 in double overtime"