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UF fans dont take hypothetical titles, that would be UGA!
It really doesnt matter, we all know what happens if UF handles their business. Personally dont care if they are 4 or 6 right now! and we dont have to listen to AM cry if UF was ahead of them!
depends when the defnese shows up! Vols might get 14-17 if UF D doesnt show up until the 2nd half!
If UF and Clem win, you would have to fudge the rankings to get a Bama vs ND and UF vs clemson. Clemson would move to one but then you would have to keep bama ahead of Florida in the rankings..... Or they just do Clem vs Bama part 55?!
NFL holds the solution, view the kid as a quitter, which should effect his draft stock. Now we all know that wont be the case!
this is where wins start to play a role, he has the stats no doubt!
How crazy if UF beats bama and clem beats ND. Nobody will want to see clem/Nd 3 in the same year, or bama/UF back to back, or Bama/Clem part 55!
sure you cant put up huge numbers and be on a bad team and still win, but lets say Trask throws 300 and 3tds against bama, but they lose the game by a small margin. Mac has 1 or 2 td's in the same game. Your saying Mac should win because Uf has 2 losses?
None of that matters as the heisman is an individual awward, and stats say Trask is having the better season!You want to penalyze the guy because he has to do more with less?
After watching the iron bowl and how well Bama tackles, UF better get their Sh*t together fast!
Unless Saban is retiring this year, its not happening. Sark will have offers this off season!
I agree, the top 2 get bye's and really makes those spots mean something!I think if you go 8, then you will need to remove 1 game from everyone's schedule.
Honestly Saban and Swiney have really tainted the avg fan's mindset. Its extremely hard to win a Natty, alot of things have to fall in place! Ton of really good coaches out there they may never win a title! Kirby can recruit so I do think he will fall into a title at somepoint assuming he is given the time!
The recuriting aspect alone should be the biggest red flag! Do you think Nick Saban, Dabo, Meyer would not have a title with those classes?
to be the best you have to beat the best! I'd rather beat bama then back our way in!
you will never be able to compare 1 season to another! Trask's numbers are better than Burrow and Jone's to this point, and lets just take that for what it is and enjoy the ride. I for one cant wait to see Bama/UF!!!
^agree, no way they take AM over Bama!
Sit Pitts out, Gamble can fill in and be close to 75% of what Pitts is. No need to rush him back and take a chance at something very serious!
Boo if that makes the Gators soft, what does it say about Mizzou? After all it was the "soft" gators that took Mizzou to the woodshed!
Empire, Wishigan has finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in their divison under Hairball! Hairball has also faltered many times the qb position. IMO year 4 is where you can start that comparision as its 100% Mullen's guys!
Nash, disagree. It is about third down and getting off the field, no question it cost UF the game last year! The only way UGA has a chance in this game is to limit UF possesions!
Mullen is not Hairball. Hairball is the 4th highest paid coach, Mullen just cracks the top 10! Not only does Hairball lose to his rivals, he also has a 1-4 bowl record at Wishigan! Hairball is in year 6, Mullen is year 3!
what a shock that a bunch of UGA idiots and Mizzou fans want to ignore what really happpened! UGA is scared sh*tless right noe and rightfully so.
Mullen upset with the ref and demanding an answer is bad behavior? Get real, Mullen is a players coach and he just sparked this team, good luck to UGA, cause they are going to need it!!!!
no chance! Clem and ND would meet again for the ACC champ game
my take on the "if they lose to ND" Clemson would most likely get another shot at ND in the ACC champ game, so that loss would be redeemable!
Tigurr- pretty sure the way mizou always plays the gators nobody is looking past them!