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It's already in use on Saturday for the Georgia State-Georgia Southern game. Besides, at this point it's all about logistics and not giving up a home game.
The SEC is the one who shot down them playing it on Sunday or Monday, not the school.
Everyone said basically the same thing last, but with Florida finishing even lower. Here's hoping for a repeat.
Florida's helmet looks way too much like Tennessee's. All these are awful.
Seriously. SDS never fails to disappoint
He's going to end up at UGA calling it. Not really worried, I think the Gators can with Franks or Grier.
So salty. Making that same comment on every single article.
Unfortunately, I think you're right. Classless.
I know two things: One, Muschamp was not working at Florida. Two: He was trending downwards, not upwards. With all the talent in the state of Florida, and the amount he was able to pull, how his teams performed was inexcusable. McElwain was able to succeed because he took what was left behind and made the little he had on offense work. Muschamp is not a bad coach, but it's questionable if he has it in him to be a good head coach (in the SEC at least). He needs to keep his hand completely out of the offense if he wants his team to succeed.
I really don't see Florida getting AND keeping both of these players. Would love to have both of them, but I could Franks flipping back to LSU if Eason were to commit.
Forgive me for not believing this "source" from twitter after Gator Nation was fooled for the longest time by another "insider."
It was really fun knocking Ole Miss out of the SEC title game.
I'm going to keep saying this every time you make this same comment, you're really butthurt aren't you?
You have the saltiest person on the face of the earth.
Man you really are butthurt over that loss aren't you? I see you commenting all over the site about Florida and now you're commenting about Florida on a completely unrelated Mizzou article. Get over it man.
I want to see an orange and blue combination for Florida again.
Can't stand her. She gets so confused, its unbearable.
I guess he's just an early enrollee. I read it as he was eligible for playing time this season and was very confused.
Midyear enrollee? Don't know if I remember another one of these? Can somebody explain to me how this works? I simply don't understand how someone can enroll so late, especially with classes almost over.
Wouldn't be surprised to see Florida drop down to 9 or 10 after struggling with FAU at home.
What makes them thugs? The fact that they're black, or that they're protesting peacefully? Not saying I agree with this, as some of these demand are unreasonable, but I wouldn't call them thugs.
Getting used to the officials making terrible calls against us.
You forgot the two previous reviews in the first half. The TD by Powell that didn't have a good enough look to overturn it, and the CeCe Jefferson fumble that he was clearly down before he fumbled. Refs have three chances to make easy calls and missed it every time, even with review.
All three of those reviews were total BS. Can't believe they got all of them wrong.
This was just one of the blown calls by the officiating crew today. But this one was clearly in the shoulder and just a big hit. Replay should have turned this over, easily, but like the two other reviews in the game they blew easy calls.
You've never been to the Swamp if you think that all that Gator girls wear is jean shorts and flip flops. They were sundresses and flats just as much as anybody else. I really don't see the relevance of comparing the two fanbases women on what's supposed to be a sports site.
I highly doubt that Taylor has the same type of stats he had last year. Looking for a more modest stat line, probably around 70-90 yards rushing for Taylor. This game will be won through the air, and whichever QB can prove they can throw the ball will win the game.