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It's people like you that is everything wrong with the world. Rather than appreciate something amazing, Debbie Downers like you can only take satisfaction in name calling or bashing things unnecessarily. Relax and enjoy your 10-0 football rather than commenting on a "0-10" football team's article. Pathetic.
Copying and pasting the exact same comment on multiple UF articles is not going to make it right. It was a clean late hit, slow motion or not. I am sure oyu would hope for suspensions to save the ass-whooping Dawgs are about to receive but at least grow a spoine before saying "only 3 players were suspended". UF and Mullen had every right to be fired up after the ref turned a blind eye to the hit that Trask received. The refs this season are showing the most rust (from the offseason) imo.
@Keith Farney - You are a joke! What you are implying through your article here is laughable. Rather than growing some balls and calling out the refs, you obviosuly get satisfaction from attacking the Gators (unfairly). Have at it but once again, you are a joke.
USC will surely be okay with poor officiating calls this week I guess...
C'mon Michael.... The key for Auburn’s defense will be to get to "Joe Burrow quickly to avoid getting exposed on the backend". We see what you did there...
Nov 2nd is the game that matters! Everything else after that should be a cakewalk.
How about that last touchdown! 'Pitt Special' as the head coach called it. This is definitely the most entertaining football game that I have seen today (so far). Finally UCF will know what it feels like to play in a Power 5 Road game....something that we guys do , week after week!
You clearly have no understanding of the concept of probability or statistics in general.
FL is definitely better, both on offense and defense, walking into this game. This is going to be a blowout win for Florida over UK .
Great job at being funny, if "being funny" is what this writer was going for. Kentucky beat Florida by 15 pts? You've got to be kidding! Gators would have looked a little more polished had they not missed the Colorado game due to Irma. Rather than calling Florida a terrible team and expressing your surprise at it being ranked, maybe you need to do some more reading on your Alma Matter's play calls. That is a good place to start the healing process
Well, the game against UT should be a lot of fun! But I am tired of UT not being an evening game. The 3:30 start is not as fun.
Hahaaa. Probably busy avoiding answering calls from their bumchums (UT fans).
Now, can we please please (and for extra emphasis, one more PLEASE) purge this site of all the UT fans, atleast for this year? Have not seen such a nail-biting finish for Florida in a while and am just glad we came out on the top! And what Coach mac said at the end - sums up this year's UF-LSU controversy perfectly.
Hi, Any chance you can post the link to that Week 11 page. Can't locate it.
Where is the Week 11 pick 'em contest link?
How is a 1-loss Nebraska better than a 1-loss Florida is beyond me?
Hahaaa...UT fans will be the most fun to troll, come Dec 3. Can't wait!
Amen. Part of me now just wants UT to go down every game. Not because I hate UT team but because I hate the UT fans on SDS.
That will be YYYUUUUGGE relief. ANywya, the UT fans will eventually start dropping out of the SDS boards pretty soon...."THE" year is gone anyway.
We don't think...we know...especially after today's results. LOL
And that is the ONLY highlight you guys will have to satisfy yourselves with the entire year. Maybe you bumper stickers will read: "We lost to this and we lost to that but we did beat Florida (after 11 years!)...Go Vols...Next year is THE year"
Bwaahahaaa. Can't wait for the UT fans to finally get off their high horse and face the reality- UT was, is and will always be a mediocre team They were always overrated. And yes, they have another L en route (either via UK or Vandy). Ironic but Will Muschamp is every Gators' hero today!
CBS is planning in advance for the SEC Championship game. You guys just don't pick up on these subtle yet hidden clues. :P