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Tennessee can't even buy tickets to a bowl game and Darrell Taylor acts like the vols are too good to just make a bowl game. Wow. I have always heard the drinking the bong water will make you say stupid things but I had no idea that this dude was that dumb. Good luck on your "championship run" Darrell. You are sooooo close to being in ATL. LOL
Hey Corch, I have a serious question. Why are you constantly talking about how Dan Mullen looks and dances? You have never said anything on SDS that makes anybody think that you are anything but obsessed with him and Gator Football. This is truly embarrassing. I know that you are looking for attention, but the fact that you would express your love for Dan Mullen in this way is sad. Try doing something else, cause I truly feel bad for you.
You still will get crushed by the Gators this year
The Gators will destroy Tennessee this year, but good try
Hey Butt Puppet, all this about Georgia killing this “weak” Florida defense would be great if Fromm had someone to pass the ball to. You are an idiot and I swear that your mom should have ate you.
No that dish is already taken by a taco stand in Athens call. “ Yo Mama’s”
You are such a POS. Your dumb azz does not know Dan Mullen or anyone at Florida for that matter. Who has Mullen let stay that admittedly hit a female. Dude you only exist online line cause in the real world you would get punted like a football.
You do know that these puupy fans are going to have some great come backs. I bet the term "Side Show Dan" is used at least 3 times. They will absolutely say Dan "Mullet" at least twice. They are the smartest and wittiest people on the planet. LOL!!!!!! Actually they are pathetic. GO G-A-T-O-R-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That really is a sad come back oskie, but I am glad to know that you are interested in what is in my pants.
your mom should have ate you. You are an idiot, a tool, and a closet Gator fan.
Dude you are the funniest and smartest guy that has ever posted on SDS. I truly do not understand how you have not been nominated for some type on an award. My only question for you is this, “how long does it take you to get the taste of Dan Mullen’s ballz out of your mouth?” Cause you obviously are in love with him. Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic is saying that you were smart and funny. You are actually an idiot and an absolute tool. But have fun little man.
Who was it dude? Your sad attempt at humor is embarrassing. Problem with Georgia fans is that they have a chubby for Gator Nation. Y'all constantly posting ignorant s#$@. Get off them Gator nutz boy.
Fat Fill Up Fulmer is an absolute moron. He will coach Tennessee in 2 years. Book It. All he is doing here is setting the bar high and when Pruitt flops, little vol nation will be mad and "the great Fat Phil" will step up and coach his beloved vols.
Funny how ladonvol 67 says that I obsess over what is on this page yet he responds to everything that I say. That’s cool. Just remember that when my Gators smack the t off of the Vols helmet this year, you may want to not read what I post cause it may hurt your feelings.
I am glad to see that you know that "all college teams do stuff like this". I guess your Google searches showed that Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and other programs watch movies and play putt-putt golf. I am pretty sure that a team that sucks as bad as Tennessee could find better ways to spend their time. GO GATORS
Mean while at every other SEC campus, teams are actually getting ready for the upcoming football season.
Wow Mullen really in y’alls head bro. He is the only thing that y’all talk about. Lol. The dawg nation is coming unglued.
That would surprise me if you were not a Tennessee fan.
I don’t understand your point. This happened after he was on the team. Mullen did not bring him on board after the fact. If he had already be accused than I would agree with you but it didn’t happen that way.
Dude you are the only one on this entire site that is talking about men giving lap dances and “ silly gay dances” as you put it. Whatever get ya going but it’s obvious that you have a thing for dudes. Nobody is interested. There are other web sites for that. Maybe you are at the wrong site.
Apparently you enjoyed the lap dance that he gave you cause you still seem to have a chubby for him. I had no idea that Dan Mullen occupied so many minds these days.
Hey I got an idea. Lets get our teeth kicked out by Bama, and while this is going on, I will turn into the biggest azz clown in America. Don't worry, the University of Tennessee will love it and I will have a page in the program history book. Wow! Way to keep it classy Tennessee. I know you can't keep people from doing stupid things but pretending that it is fine is total Tennessee.
His decision is a MISTAKE!!!!! Has a chance to develop into a great, NBA quality guard, but he will go in the league and be out of it in 2 years.
The success of this year will completely depend on offensive line development and how well they can protect FF. If FF is given even a modest amount of time in the pocket, the weapons that we have at skill positions will destroy defenses.