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“One of the things we want to do, when we play the Kentucky game, we want to wear black jerseys,” Pruitt said on Thursday. “When the game is over with, auction the jerseys and raise money for Black Lives Matter. That’s just one thing that our kids have talked about but it’s something that’s going to continue to be stressed in our staff and with Tee’s leadership and the guys in our program.” This is a quote from Pruitt (your head football coach). I think that maybe you should "educate yourself a little." I also read what Tee Martin said about the situation, however he is not the HEAD COACH.
Since he is so fast maybe he will be the one that sprints to the post office with the check that UT is giving to Black Lives Matter this upcoming year. He will be able to side step all of the hungry kids in Knoxville and run past all of the homeless veterans. Good job UT. Way to once again be the burden that all of the SEC has to deal with.
Dude. The fact that you would say that Georgia is on Bama’s level is embarrassing. WTF are you smokin. You are dumber than the Tennessee fans on this site. You know what is coming this year and the fear in your post is comical. Yo! Try not to piss your pants
He will have great numbers against ETSU and Northern Utah Community College. However once he gets his bell rung by the Gators, Bulldogs, and Tide, he will see that he has made a horrible mistake and will transfer. I think the Community College of Knoxville had a Wolfe wise up last year and leave. GO GATORS!!!
Smart dude. He may actually go to a decent bowl game while at NC State. He will one day look back and see that had he went to Tennessee, he would either be out of football because for injuries due to low talent levels or be out of a job due to low academic standards. Smart move on his part.
What fence needs to be mended if Fulmer did nothing wrong? So either Fulmer did something so extreme that Majors could never forgive him, or Majors was just being petty. Which is it going to be? You cannot defend both and act like nothing happened. So is Fulmer a back stabbing a@# clown or was Johnny Majors being a petty cry baby. You make to decision Volbeef88.
Never said anything disrespectful about Johnny Majors Nothing but respect for the man. No matter how you look at it, Fulmer is a back stabbing useless turd and you all know this to be true. Say what you will, but you know I am telling the truth. If you want to pretend that Fat Fill is a good dude, you have the freedom to do so, but don't get offended when you hear the truth.
I guess Fat Phil will go to the funeral and talk about how much respect he had for Johnny. Fill Up Fulmer is the biggest dirt bag on the planet and people in Knoxville are too dumb to see it. Way to go UT. You can finally put to rest the best coach that you ever had and didn't deserve. Phil can now smile knowing that he will never have to see the one dude that he truly stabbed in the back. Congrats FAT BOY.
Go little orange. Y’all some sh&$. Pathetic players , pathetic program, pathetic coaches and university. Sad the SEC has to put up with this junk.
His first question was definitely to his agent. “ How many more years is my contract for. He has to really be getting sick of inferior facilities, inferior fan base, and inferior talent. But he may not see all of these as inferior cause he is an inferior coach.
My Gators showing the world who has the best program in the SEC. Dem Florida GATORS.!!!!!!
Stop crying little orange football fans. Woodson was by far the correct pick for the award. But y'all are correct in that my Gators hurt Manning's chances. But the Gators always smash the dreams of those that are inferior to them. GO GATORS!!!
You are correct Justababy22. Women do have more to do than just cook some dinner. They have laundry and other house cleaning chores. By the way I don't know what "So me us all a favor and for the next few months," means. Pruitt should do all of the medical staff a favor and leave town. Or better yet, donate his salary to the local hospitals.
Tennesseegirl I know that you must be confused. So let be help you out Pruitt sux. Now go cook some dinner.
I am sure that every medical professional in the country was begging for a word of encouragement from Mr. Clean. On behalf of medical staff everywhere, "Thanks". I just hope that the medical professionals dealing with this virus are more successful with their task than Pruitt is at coaching football.
Take teams out of the SEC that have no chance to be a contender ( Vandy and Tennessee ) and replace them with potential teams such as Va Tech and Appy State. Tennessee and Vandy are just embarrassing. Sad that the other 12 teams have to pull them along.
Too bad for Tennessee. This is the only game of the year that they will be favored. Oh well loser program. Loser coach and loser team. Really had nothing to play for. Maybe this will give them time to go to a bar in town and shot themselves in the leg like that moron did a few days ago in Knoxville. LOSER
As long as they have this all figured out by football season, all is fine. Outside of a few areas, basketball is just something to fill in the winter. No one really cares.
Well at least the surgical team will be better capable of identifying who they are performing surgery on after the Gator game. And Georgia game. And Bama game. And Kentucky game. And Oklahoma game. Wow. Rocky TIMES in Tennessee. Lol. Losers
I am pretty sure that Tennessee knew that Florida , Georgia, and Bama were on the schedule even when Butch was there. They are idiots to think that they have a prayer this year and the only ones dumber than those making the schedule are those that think Tennessee is better. They beat a bunch of sub 500 teams and got embarrassed in the 3 games that mattered most. That is where Tennessee football is. So while Florida fans adjust their jorts maybe you should get off of Pruitt ‘s nuts. And remember that Fat Phil said y’all was going to bite peoples azz this year. Lol. LOSERS!!! Go Gators
Well, Crmsontide 69, it is good to know that you know this officer that got assaulted. Next time someone tries to break into your home, don't call the cops because "cops commit crimes". Call your neighbor and hope he ain't as big of an idiot as you are.
FillUp Fulmer want to bite everybody’s azz. Imagine that. He must be hungry. What a loser. See ya next year Fat Bit and you can tell us how that Gator azz taste.
Now, if Tennessee can get a quarterback and a coaching staff from the transfer portal, they will almost win 7 games next year. Pruitt is trying to get some momentum from the fact that little orange football beat 5 or 6 teams that all were horrible last year. But against superior teams, they simply showed that the are way behind. The fact that these dudes are coming to "the dump" of the SEC just shows that they don't have a family that supports them and looks out for their best interest. It is really sad to see young people throw their entire life away like this. But oh well. They will see what could have been next year when the Gators roll into town and make them cry.
Morons. The only people dumber than Tennessee football players are Tennessee football fans. We are coming to Knoxville next year to cleanup whatever type of program that little orange football has left.
Fake money?!?! maybe OBJ was the banker in a game of Monopoly and he forgot to pay up the night before.