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Hey dawglb. Based on what? Look you got caught trying to be cute with your SECCG comment. It didn’t work and now you are simply showing your stupidity. Just walk away and try to do better next time.
Or like UGA’s national title in 1980. One and done.
Hey DieseNova. Greg Schiano was "alleged" to have known about the Penn State tragedy but Tennessee fans ruled that he was guilty on an allegation. Maybe that is why the Tennessee program sucks as well.
"You been lost foe years"! What? It took you 3 hours to come up with that and you still could not spell a 3 letter word?! WOW. Speaking of being lost for years, How is the Little Orange Football team doing?
If spring practice is taking place then why can't there be a game. I am totally lost on this. Has there been any reason given other than Covid concerns? Cause if Covid is the reason, than we need new leadership.
Great work by Coach Smart, his staff, and all those at UGA for making this happen. God Bless this young man in whatever he pursues in life.
All these kids leaving proves to me that they are all smarter than they look. Good for them. I guess playing in a pizz hole stadium for pizz hole coaches and a pizz hole college gets a little too old for these dudes. Good luck
I saw Grudin and Manning having dinner in Knoxville. I think they are coming back and bringing Dabo Swinney in as a coordinator. I also heard Art Shell and Donald Trump were interested in the job and has interviews coming up.
They need Fisher. He has been to a football game before and can spell Vols. Last I heard, those are the requirements to coach the little orange football team.
I was called yesterday and asked if I would like to be the new head coach at the College of Knoxville. I notified the person calling me that I had ties the Burger King and due to my contractual obligations, I would not be allowed to hand out money in McDonalds bags. The caller then told me that due to the fact that I was over qualified to be the coach of the little orange football team, I was being removed from their call back list. THE DUMPSTER FIRE CONTINUES TO GET BIGGER AND BIGGER!!!!!!
Forget a commitment to fans. How about a commitment to your team. Y’all keep talking about these hypothetical career ending injuries. If you are that scared of getting hurt than go play golf.
Let me clarify. Never would wish an injury or ill will on them. Just hope something happens and they are enlightened to the fact that football is a time in life that you cherish and not bail out for selfish reasons. Yet I will say that they are nut less p(;;/es
It’s too bad that the NFL money can’t buy Pitts, Grimes, and Toney some heart and commitment. Cause they dam sure don’t have any. Pitts will make the first round but will soon find out that the league is full on arrogant, self absorbed f&$@ sticks. So at least he will not feel that he is the only one. Toney and Grimes will be lucky to make a practice squad. Hope none of them see an NFL field.
Stop acting like this game would keep them from going to the NFL because they might get hurt. If you live life that way, then you would never leave your house. For that matter, why should anybody ever play. Just workout and train for 3 years out of high school and show NFL teams how ready you are. Maybe create a 7 on 7 flag football league, cause nobody wants to get injured. Lock yourself in a basement and do pushups and pullups all day long. That way, this hypothetical injury will never occur. Look, I am a Gator fan and have been my entire life, but these guys quit on the team. Kyle Trask patiently waited 7 years to become a college football player, and worked his butt off to get there. He also will be going to the NFL. However, he found out long ago about the value of playing. You can't act like these guys would be flushing an NFL career by playing in this game. But please continue to stay indoors and wear a seat belt on your Lazyboy cause you may fall out of the chair and have a "career ending injury". #they quit.
I understand that they have all worked their butts off to get to this point. However there is a thing called commitment and standing with your team. You celebrate together and get upset together. If the Gators had made it to the CFP then all these guys would be playing. What better way to prepare for the NFL than to play the game that you are training for. No commitment, they didn’t opt out. They quit.
Pitts. Toney, and Grimes can all take hike. This game could help cement their legacy as Gators yet they decide to turn their backs on Gator Nation. Pizz off boys.
I don’t know where you get this inclusion talk. WE need the East to improve. WE are all looking up to the West! Are you kidding me. How sad.
You keep telling yourself that. I love how you base Tennessee's success strictly on how the Gators season goes. Let Pruitt go an tell high school recruits how a 3 win team has promise going into next season, and watch their response.
Your response to my congratulatory comment is sad and very weak. You defend the College in Knoxville by stating that the Gators are not in the playoffs. Very Clever. True, the Gators are not in the playoffs. We are also not a 3 win program that gets destroyed 8 out of 9 games.
Congrats to Tennessee for getting this bowl bid. I know y’all worked really hard to get those 3 wins and to be able to cap it off with an outstanding bowl bid is great. Pruitt deserves another extension and I feel that in 3 years the College of Knoxville will be competing with Kentucky and Mississippi State.
Yeah, they also had a hard time with a laundry company in Jacksonville trying to get the Georgia blood off of those uniforms. I hate when that happens
I never said that Gawga was transfer portal U. You simply asked who had transferred besides Mathis.
Oh, I don't know, maybe Brenton Cox, and that one quarterback that went to Ohio State. I hear he is doing pretty good for the Buck Eyes.
You sound like Central Florida. Making claim to something that is not yours.
There is no co champion you idiot. That is why the head to head match up matters. But I know a lot of thought went into your comment. Nice try but you are wrong.
You are correct. Maybe I am a 100 pound punk in a truck or I could be an insensitive 42 year old who don’t care what you think. You may never know. I simply hate Tennessee. I am around their fans all the time from a little town called Kingsport Tennessee. I don’t know if that is even a place but that is where they said they are from. Sorry I hurt your feelings with my opinions. Actually no I am not.