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So let me get this straight. This dude threatened to " shoot up the school" and Pruitt says that he can grow by following the plan that the university has in place for him. What kind of plan!!!??? WOW. I guess y'all are still VFL!!! LOL.
I don't understand why he ruined a perfectly good shirt by putting UT on it. Tennessee fans are throwing their stuff away everyday and he could have found a Tennessee shirt anywhere. No reason to ruin a good shirt like he did. I just don't get it.
I have an idea. Get rid of the rock. Or put cameras up so that you can see what is going on. Easy fix. That way you can deal with the people that are doing this stupid stuff.
Jeremy Pruitt is a certified moron. Dude gets beat by Ga State and BYU and blames it on youth and inexperience. You can't use the youth and inexperience excuse here. He sucks but I hope Tennessee keeps this dude around forever.
Hey Volbuc8, everybody on here is giving the kid props and encouragement and you in turn throw the entire state of Florida under the bus. No wonder y'all are so easy to hate on.
Just quit the season. This is simple. Call the 11 teams that are remaining on the schedule and tell them that you are waving the white flag. If they watched Saturday’s game, they will understand. I seriously wish they would just forfeit the season and maybe next year alao. It is tough to defend a division that lets this clown in the conversation
Probably the fact that everyone told them that they were going to get destroyed when they went to Neyland. Every Tennessee fan that I know assumed that they would go to Florida 3-0 and would only have a remote challenge with BYU. Teams hear this crap also. That is why they brag and I don’t blame them.
For the love of all thing good, please take Tennessee and their sorry flag football team out of the SEC. Between them losing to a team that sucks even by Sun Belt standards and Vandy having to use a silent count at home, I think the powers that be should kick both programs out. Seriously, it is embarrassing to be a fan of a team that has to play Tennessee.
This is 100% Pruitt’s fault. Hey sucks and Tennessee is better served looking at it in that light. Quit the “it takes time, he inherited a mess” bull crap. Y’all just got beat up by a school that is going to finish last in the Sun Belt
Tennessee is dead. And was given the Death penalty by a losing Sun Belt team. Tennessee is an embarrassment to the SEC. the conference would be considered more legit if Tennessee was gone. Please leave the conference FillUp Fuller. LOL !!!! Straight up losers
I have watched this kid for 3+ years and he acts the same now as he did his freshman year. You simply don’t see upperclassman q.b.’s act this way. It is so frustrating because he has all of the physical gifts to be a great quarterback, but from a mental and emotional standpoint, no way. There is no way that the Gators are getting anywhere near their goal with this kid as the leader.
Why are you looking at a glass ball? Do you mean crystal ball? All I heard is that you looked at your balls and you were disappointed because they got dominated in Jacksonville. Where in Jacksonville did they get dominated? I will make sure to stay away from that place.
1 Bold Prediction: 1)Tennessee little orange football team will suck again this year. 2)They will be made fun of everywhere but in East Tennessee. 3) The fans will continue to talk about the "rivalries" with Bama and Florida. 4)5-7 on the year, Butch jones will be blamed, again. 5)Finally, next year will come around and it will start all over.
Wow. All this crying and the season has not started yet. :(
I totally missed the part where he picked the Gators to finish 4th-5th best in SECE. Did he tell you this when you did an exclusive interview with him? You seem to know everything that he is thinking. I truly don't know how he has worked all of these years without having you as the mind reader that you are. Maybe he should put you on the panel during Game Day, and you can educate all of us with your vast knowledge of college football. I don't think Kirby Smart understands what a treasure that you are to the Georgia fan base, but I' am sure that you tell him how valuable that you are in private. LOL!!!!!. But hey, I' am just a lizard licker. I could never live up to the standard of the nutt licking mutt (UHHHGAAAA)!
Sister who? We need some Charlie Daniels and Willie Nelson. Throw in a little Toby Keith and we gonna stomp some Hurricane azz
Thanks for the encouragement regarding my future assistant managers job at Burger King Arkansas_vol. I am currently the night shift fries supervisor and am working hard to climb the company ladder. However, my employment status does not change the fact that Tennessee blows. Good try though.
Hey bro, no body is jumping on board with you for a reason. Sad Tennessee fans!!
Basically the coach is saying that the d-line sucks and he is really trying to get away from saying it.
There ya ho fuzzyturd. Sounds like the man of your dreams. Requirments are a woman who is a Vol fan with low standards. Y’all would be perfect for one another
Poor guy is trying to get better. Its like being the smartest kid in the dumb class. Tennessee sucks! GO GATORS
Good move for the kid. He obviously sees what the rest of the world outside of Tennessee sees. If you want to ever win more than 5 games a year, go somewhere else. Easy!!!!! Tennessee Vols = Sun Belt Conference Champions 2019.
I wonder if Tennessee’s offense will look as cool on game day as they do in their little video. Probably not seeing that they will be facing real talent. Oh well, it is nice that the team was able to give Tennessee fans something to be happy about this year. LOL. Go GATORS
Hey fuzzyvol01, I love how you constantly come up with clever comebacks. I simply stated that Tennessee has finally found something that they are better than everyone else at. Congrats! You can put that up there with your Champions of Life rings. I will give you credit for one thing. It has to be very difficult to defend a loser program every year, but you seem to be up for the task.