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Morons. The only people dumber than Tennessee football players are Tennessee football fans. We are coming to Knoxville next year to cleanup whatever type of program that little orange football has left.
Fake money?!?! maybe OBJ was the banker in a game of Monopoly and he forgot to pay up the night before.
Hope he enjoyed winning meaningful games while he was at Georgia. Cause his days of playing in meaningful games in college are over. Well he may get to play Vandy a time or two for bowl eligibility. I guess that would be meaningful. Go Gators
Probably the smarest thing this dude has done in a while. If you are not good enough to make it to Gainesville then just get in the state.
Agree totally. Bush league player. Bush league coach. Bush league program. All in hillbilly hell (Knoxville)
If only these guys had a coach that could develop them into something other than a 6-6 or 7-5 team. Oh and beat a team with a winning record. Good luck guys, see ya in the transfer portal or when you take my order at Burger King. GO GATORS!!!
Please tell me why you are on a football site talking about blow jobs. You are the dumbest dude on here. You are the reason why I make fun of Tennessee constantly. Continue on . Just remember that you have to lay down at night know you openly asked to give a dude a blow. Sicko. Good night justagirl22
So you are upset that I congratulated little orange football for their accomplishments this year. I don't understand. You won the Herbie award. You need to celebrate dude.
Congratulations Tennessee. You finally won something this year. You are the tallest kid on the midget bus. Just try not to make the rest of the conference look bad next year. Good job on the Herbie award.
“Your are losing your touch like justafan22 said”. Are you really going to try to come at me when you sound like this. Put your helmet back on and quit eating your booger’s. You are a genius
Dude telling the truth is different from trolling. Tennessee is a secondary program. Ask the 12-15 coaches that have turned them down over the past to hires. Ask GA State. Ask BYU. The list goes on and on. That is not trolling and I can’t believe I have to explain this to a so called Gator fan. Get in line with the rest dude. I will gladly teach you.
“ your making your Florida look smart”? WTF. You are either drunk or illiterate or maybe a UT grad. Whatever. I like Tennessee football. It gives everybody else something to make fun of.
Second rate program gets second rate players. This commitment make sense. Congratulations to the little orange football team. Too bad that this kid will never know what it is like to beat a top 25 team.
No wonder Tennessee has sucked so long. Take away Kamari and Patterson, and you have backups on any good team in America. Good job Tennessee.
My 7th wife is in prison at the time and will be back in 2037. What does anything of this have to do with the fact that Tennessee and its fans are all SNOWFLAKE bytches?
She said it was small, had warts on it and looked like a vagina.
10 wins past 2 years. New Years 6 bowl and 7 in AP. Please tell me how long it will take JP to achieve that?
Not trolling. Telling the truth or stating an opinion is not trolling. Tennessee has a coach that finally beat some teams that he was supposed to and has done nothing else. Every other coach on this list would have exceeded his accomplishments. Sorry snowflake.
He probably is sick of losing every meaningful game that he plays in
What does that have to do with anything? My “paper route” pays me$250,000 a year. JP still sucks though.
They finally got sick of losing. Tennessee actually has some players that think about the future. I am truly surprised. I thought that all of them were sold on the "Next Year" motto.
None of the coaches on this list other than JP would have lost to Georgia Sate and BYU. Due to the fact that Tennessee has defeated a bunch of below average teams over the past 6 weeks, Tennessee will never admit it, but any of these coaches listed would have done better over the past 2 years. But congrats Tennessee, you can swim in mediocrity for the next 5 years. Matter of fact, I hope they give the dude a raise and keep him forever. Florida will just start the season 1-0 every year. never thought that Tennessee fans would be so happy at 7-5. Pathetic!!! Go GATORS!!!
I wonder how much money they had to pay these dudes to compliment the little orange football program. Cause they didn’t win any meaningful games, they got booed in their own stadium and their mascot is some weird dude who wears a fake coon skin hat and walking around with some mutt that you would find at an animal shelter.