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Hey dumb azz . You are losing to Arkansas. ARKANSAS. Shut up!!!!!
Only problem is Georgia is actually going to lose this game.
Doubt it boy. Just lay down and take your azz kickin by THE Razorback’s . Lol
Love it. Keep him around forever please. It’s not even fun to laugh at Tennessee anymore.
Butch Jones our recruited Florida with Jim McElwain every year. So to say that Pruitt walked into a worse situation that Mullen is just dumb. Pruitt cannot develop talent. When you get a 4 star kid and he leaves the program as a 2 or 3 star talent. That is your fault. Pruitt and Mullen came to Tennessee and Florida 2 years ago. Florida went from 4-8 to a New Years 6 bowl winner in one year. Tennessee is competing with Vandy and Mizzou to stay out of the basement in the conference. Can’t wait till my Gators come up there to hillbilly hell and crush your embred hearts again.
I love the fact that Tennessee is simply going to allow the Gators an easy victory every year. This dude is great for Tennessee. It is amazing how many times one fan base can get burnt and continue to defend coaches that are sup par at beat. Every thing that people are saying , was said about the last 3 coaches they had. Pruitt is a DC. That is all. Nothing more and nothing less. He is simply getting his feet wet as a coach and looking to spring board to another job. Only problem is that he sucks as a coach and the entire world is getting to watch it. Just ask Georgia Sate and BYU.
Wow. What track record was Jason Witten referring to? Dude got bounced at home by a 2-10 Division 2 school and a mormon school. Dumbest people on the planet? Tennessee supporters.
It will surprise me if they finish better than 5 in the division.
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The game will be over with8 minutes to go in the first quarter. Miami will be up 21-0 .
I am totally psyched about the team this year but these cleats are some of the ugliest shoes that I have ever seen. GO G-A-T-O-R-S!!!
Beat Vandy, Arkansas, Mizzou, SC , combined that with the crappy team the Community College of Knoxville beat last year and you have a program that is the true definition of mediocre.
This is the early stages of these kids cutting ties with a failure of a program. Often they get caught up in the moment of committing and after a while they actually begin to realize what a horrible mistake they have made. Good for him. He may actually have a future in the game. By seasons end the little orange team will be in the middle of the pack for recruiting in the conference.
Trask has never said anything to support the BLM movement. He has said the same generic crap that every other white person in Sports feels the need to say.” I support me team mates, we have to do better, blah blah blah. Get the facts before you come at me with your weak sh)t
Remind me who on the Florida’s team has threatened to kill police or to kill people at school. Everybody talks about Hernandez but he stared killing people when he went to the NFL. Everything that happened at Florida were simply signs of a violent person but was never found guilty. Look if you want to defend Pruitt by deflecting then that’s your choice, I mean liberals have a different point of view than true Americans that think people should be held responsible for their actions. Have a good day burning American flags.
Hernandez started killing when he went to New England. All else is speculation. I simply think that in a time when the brave men and women who protect in this country are literally being hunted down, putting Bank back on your team show you exactly what type of person Pruitt is. If you want to defend that then go for it. I personally respect cops and the military. If you don’t then I guess you have the right to do so.
He also threatened to shoot up the school. Along with wanna be cop killer Banks, Tennessee is showing to be a great school.
Good for him. I like seeing people get out of piss poor condition.
Hey Butch. Excuse me for thinking that threatening to kill cops is bad. I am sorry that the idea of someone being held responsible for their actions offends you. As far as the doll comment, please come up with something original. You are sad and pathetic.
Good job Pruitt. Let a dude that talks about killing cops back on the team. I know, I know. Y’all gonna say that he was young and made a mistake but in the real world some mistakes have consequences. I guess BLM means more to Pruitt than the lives of those brave men and women who protect him everyday. Jeremy Pruitt is a punk azz b&$@“. Any anyone that would support him is also. Piss on Tennessee.
When that one running back can’t block , then yes a quarterback can get hurt.
Tell the Tennessee quarterback that "waiting on his blocking skill to develop is worth the wait", while he is being helped of the field after he gets smashed like an grape.
Georgia's o-line from last year is gone. QB from last year is gone. Most productive wide receiver and running back is gone. New offensive scheme. Favored starting quarterback is still questionable health wise. Their defense will be great. Florida has the most productive returning quarterback in the SEC. Copeland, Grimes, Wells, Toney, Henderson, and the transfer from Penn State, and the ABSOLUTE BEST tight end in the country KYLE PITTS. Also remember that the GATORS defense ain't too shabby. In a year with no spring practice, the fact that Florida is more stable all across the board shows why they will be favored. You know it is true but you always say the same old "tired" things. And by the way, all things being equal, Dan Mullen is a better coach. This year all things are EQUAL!!!!!!!