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Wow Mullen really in y’alls head bro. He is the only thing that y’all talk about. Lol. The dawg nation is coming unglued.
That would surprise me if you were not a Tennessee fan.
I don’t understand your point. This happened after he was on the team. Mullen did not bring him on board after the fact. If he had already be accused than I would agree with you but it didn’t happen that way.
Dude you are the only one on this entire site that is talking about men giving lap dances and “ silly gay dances” as you put it. Whatever get ya going but it’s obvious that you have a thing for dudes. Nobody is interested. There are other web sites for that. Maybe you are at the wrong site.
Apparently you enjoyed the lap dance that he gave you cause you still seem to have a chubby for him. I had no idea that Dan Mullen occupied so many minds these days.
Hey I got an idea. Lets get our teeth kicked out by Bama, and while this is going on, I will turn into the biggest azz clown in America. Don't worry, the University of Tennessee will love it and I will have a page in the program history book. Wow! Way to keep it classy Tennessee. I know you can't keep people from doing stupid things but pretending that it is fine is total Tennessee.
His decision is a MISTAKE!!!!! Has a chance to develop into a great, NBA quality guard, but he will go in the league and be out of it in 2 years.
The success of this year will completely depend on offensive line development and how well they can protect FF. If FF is given even a modest amount of time in the pocket, the weapons that we have at skill positions will destroy defenses.
There is not 3 quarter of a million people in Fayetteville
Since all this sounds like the hiring circus at Tennessee a couple of years ago, UCLA Basketball can now talk about how all their failures is Steve Alford's fault and how "next year" they will be back to their glory days.
The game has only slowed down for him because he is out on the field with some of the worst football players in the SEC. when he comes to Gainesville this year, the game will speed up in a hurry. GO GATORS!!!!!
Everything coach said was correct. Neyland is not very loud and the SWAMP is by far a better stadium. Truth hurts. Suck it Tennessee. Bow down to the GOAT
It is hilarious that the GOAT can continue to make fun of the school in Knoxville and these ignorant fans let it get to them every time. Fact is that he went to Florida won a Heisman and has owned the school in Knoxville from that time. Hey Tennessee ,” who is ur daddy? The GOAT is ur daddy. You can say that it doesn’t bother you that he says things like he does. Your mouth says one thing but your post say something else. Go GATORS.!!!
Wow TNBUSTER. I thought that Bfusa could fight his own battles. I guess I was wrong. Way to step in and be his hero. Congrats fellas, y'all will make a cute couple. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bfusa. I was correct. You are a Tennessee fan. Let me get this right. You see my "Ignorant post everywhere". Are you obsessed with what I post. Sounds like you got a thing for dudes. Sorry bro, I ain't like that.
I don't understand why you " don't appreciate" something, if it has nothing to do with you. I am not sure why you ask what position I played. I have never claimed to play. I don't give a Rats A@! what you don't appreciate. Deal with it Lady. Sorry to hurt your feelings. Are you sure that you are not a Tennessee fan? You sound a little too soft to me.
You act like you were on the field with all of your " true stories". Here is a true story for ya, Tennessee football is a joke. True story!!!!!!! GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By "kid" I was talking about, Gary Bryant of Centennial High School in Corona, Ca. I am pretty sure that Corona is in California, but remember I am the "dumbest person on here." You, my friend, are the smartest person alive. LOL!
Oh. I am so glad to hear from Bfusa. I have never been "taken to the shed" by this people. I can't wait for yall's punk A@#, weak A%$, team to come to the SWAMP this year. I swear Tennessee needs to go to another conference, cause they are an embarrassment to the rest of the SEC.
So nice to hear that the little orange football team likes it's new coaches. I think that losing alot of games will be better when you have Fill Up Fulmer, Jumbo Jim Chaney and Triple Cheeseburger TEE Martin, to give them a hug after getting their teeth kick out for the next 3 or 4 years.
Being from California, the kid probably don't realize that Tennessee football is what everyone in the southeastern part of the country makes fun of. Good luck having a winning season kid.
I am sure that since Jim Sterk is "shocked and dismayed", NCAA will change it's mind.
Hey fuzzy hole . What is so moronic about pointing out how pathetic Tennessee football is? 2 of your best moments of the year were beatings from SEC East teams. Call me what you will but only a moron would think that Tennessee is not a joke.
All this proves is that there are no televisions in the City of Dallas, 'cause if anybody in Dallas had seen him coach before than they would pay him to stay away from the stadium.
So 3 of the 5 best moments of little orange football this year was getting beat by Vandy, a coach from ETSU showing up, and having your '98 squad witness my GATORS absolutely blow Neyland stadium up. WOW! Congrats Vol fans, things are looking great. I hope Pruitt stays around forever. LOL.