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No, you got the story wrong. Mom bought some Tennessee sheets for my bed and I pissed on them.
Missouri will totally destroy Knoxville College this week. BOOK IT!!!! GO GATORS!!!!
Honest question. Is this injury in any way related to the injury he had a couple weeks ago? I know one was his ankle and the other his hip but I didn’t know if the were linked at all.I truly have not kept up with it all
Wow. I seriously have a hard time arguing with you. You are an idiot on every level. If you can’t understand what I was saying than I have to assume that you are either slow or just a full blown glue eater
Is was trying to show that the kid will work at Applebee's with the pristine degree that he will receive at UT. Br you seriously have security issues. I bet that when you were growing up and someone called you "pooh pooh head", you cried and called them " fart face". Tennessee fans are, by far, the biggest cry baby sissies in the country. I cannot understand why y'all let my opinion on the intelligence of this kid have an impact on what you say. I make fun of Tennessee fans cause Tennessee sucks and y'all get offended when anyone says so. Suck it up "d-bag" !!!! GO GATORS!!!!!!!
I will allow him to be my waiter at Applebee’s when he graduates from Tennessee
Hey fuzzyhole. Nothing that you just said changes the fact that the kid is a moron. Coming to East Tennessee means there is going to be snow. The fact that you try to defend that makes you as sad as his “ almost bowl eligible football team. Go Gators
"Nobody ever told me it snows in Tennessee. How can it snow in a place where it gets so hot?" Really! What a moron. Hey bro, in the summer, it gets hot in most areas, however it still snows in the winter. I bet this genius is on the Dean's List at Tennessee.
I am very flattered that you are starting to follow me around and comment on everything that I say. However, you are coming off as someone who is desperately trying to be funny. Sorry " bird boy". Just being honest with you.
I hate midgets, homeless people, and Vols! GO GATORS!!!!
Poor kid. His parents must not love him very much. It is unfortunate that a young man has such potential to have a good life but makes bad decisions at such a young age. Good luck not getting booed off of the field by the little orange football fans.
I would like to ask you the same thing. I can’t post anything without you responding. Bro, go get a date. I know what you are going to say. I am a kid, grow up d- bag, blah blah blah. Get some new material. Cause you coming into a gun fight with a pair of twizzers. You and every other Tennessee fan are the most insecure and thin skinned sissies in America. You can live in a cotton candy world if you want to but in the real world, people know y’all and pathetic.
i heard it is full of Viagara. Guess they are willing to do anything to get their team “ up” for the game. Good job of “trolling “ Kentucky. Too bad Tennessee is at that level and has no way of bettering itself. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Tennessee. You are the "best" of the worst teams in the SEC. It's like being the tallest elf on the North Pole. Or the richest guy at a homeless shelter.
Nobody said that you are only relevant with national championship’s. You ask where Florida has been the last 10 years. Multiple trips to ATLANTA and New Year 6 bowl games. That is called being relevant. You are embarrassing yourself now.
I know the same Vols fans. Still think that college football needs them. Vol fans on here are the same way. You have to tell them how great their program is or they get butt hurt and call you a troll. You see there is a reason they have been irrelevant for 20 years
I’m in your head fuzzy hole. You tell everybody else not to respond to my post, yet you always do yourself. By the way, tell the truth is not trolling.
No worries. You and mom go have fun. I talked to your wife. She is coming to get me at school. Thanks though.
Wow. I hit a nerve by stating the obvious. You all will feel better by admitting that Tennessee is no longer relevant in any way when it comes to football. Or continue to boast about being on the right track. Either way is fine. Just stop trying to convince everybody else that Tennessee is something that they are never going to be again. A good football program!! GO GATORS
Tennessee has beaten UAB, UTC, a South Carolina team that will not win 6 games this year, and Mississippi State who are in the same situation as South Carolina. Point is Tennessee still sucks and as long as fans think that 2019 is a step in the right direction, then good to hear. Getting you teeth kicked out by quality teams all year usually calls for a pissed off fan base, but I guess Tennessee is "special".
Wow. The short bus has shown up. Welcome Queen Negan. Your ballz must have dropped when I called you out. Oh well. All we need now is for that loser Corch to show up and I can listen to you 2 desperate ladies talk about how Jawga is going to dump their mud on Saturday. Sad but funny.
Let me see if I understand you. You are not a Tennessee fan yet you look up things on the internet to defend the “ great Tennessee football program”. And you have the nerve to call me a d- bag. Wow! Nice try loser. Maybe use the internet to get a blind date.
Wow you sure do know a lot about Little Orange football to not be a fan. Oh well, the Gators will continue to use Tennessee as an extra warm up game and you can continue with your "d-bag" insults. Truly is sad and pathetic that this is all you have to say. P.S. Continue on with your adult discussions. I am sure that I can learn a lot from you. LOL!!! GO GATORS
Since 1969 they have played 37 times and Tennessee has won 9. How far back do you want to go?
You are one of the 3 dumbest people that have ever posted on SDS. Along with Corch and the King $%#@$. (I can't remember his name). I will give you this. Unlike the other 2, you still have the guts to post garbage even after the USC game.
Never said that he wasn't a good kid. Just said that he would be a better coach than what they have now. As for Tennessee improving and me being scared, you and I will never live long enough to see Tennessee be better than Florida on a consistent basis. By the way, saying that Tennessee will start beating the Gators again, implies that there was a period of dominance by Tennessee. Please tell me the time frame that you are talking about. Winning a game once every 12 years is called luck.
There is a better chance that Payton Manning wins the Super Bowl next year as a linebacker than there is that Tennessee beats the Gators. You know that I am telling the truth.