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Always good to have depth at RB. Here’s to hoping he can have an immediate impact as a kick returner.
If we can’t stop the run it won’t matter too much. IF we can, then I like the trickle down effect this causes with every UT WR having to go up against a better UF DB without Tillman available. And I hope I’m done begging Napier to run the ball more! Here’s to a good game and no more injuries! Go Gators!!
Mullen is going to ruin his career by sticking to his “loyalties”. He has been a success to the point that he’s made Florida relevant again since our 4-8 season under McElwain. Any fan would gladly take playing in 3 straight New Years 6 bowls after a decade of mediocrity. BUT, I fear this is the top of the mountain for Florida under Mullen if he doesn’t lose this ridiculous need to be loyal. Grantham needs to go, and has needed to go for a while now. Mullen is not an ideal head coach that can run/oversee all phases of a team. He needs a star DC that he can trust to run that side of the ball, leaving him to focus on offense. He also needs to get over the fact that Jones is not our starter. It sucks that he has spent his career waiting his turn, but he is not good enough and Mullen may lose his job hitching his wagon to Jones. Stop worrying about everyone’s feelings, and worry about wins and losses like you’re paid to do. Thank you for your patience with my novel. Go Gators!
An OK recruiter… thank you for the generous compliment to our head head lol
Exactly. Lack of discipline and mental toughness reflects leadership, coach.
Just one time I’d like to see him take responsibility for a loss. Just tell it like it is, we were outplayed and out-coached. I’m sorry but 382 yard of offense IS sputtering when combined with so many penalties and only leading to 13 freaking points.
Crowd was a huge factor. With that said, 8 false start penalties is ridiculous. Shows a complete lack of preparation/adjustment at halftime. Great win UK, y’all definitely deserved it more.
I wondered the same thing. Stupid decision.
Seems kind of late in the season to send a message to the team. Unless he did something egregious
Great win for the Gators! People that write off the win as Auburn being overrated haven’t been paying attention. Their defense is the real deal, but so is the hot, humid, loud Swamp. Very happy with the grit Trask showed today! Hope he can recover enough to put up a fight in Baton Rouge next weekend! Should be a great game