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Agree, McElwain destroyed Florida’s culture and reputation. Mullen has to rebuild both and will take some time. Has done well so far but a ways to go yet. Takes winning and personal interaction.
How many other professions , other than sports, pay coaches and players so much to be a failure. Absolutely insane. Almost want you to get fired and have time and money to relax. As is $2MM, $10MM, OR even $20MM is not enough to live on. More than 97% of the working population makes in their lifetime. Absolutely ridiculous.
So you are attempting to associate firing of all SEC coach’s because they cannot beat Sabin... big stretch for several teams over this 14 year stretch. Sabin is good, I agree, but this is nothing more than a sensationalized, made up, fake news article. No stats to support, many teams had bad years when not playing Sabin. Possibly you could say maybe LSU, or Ole Miss, and maybe Auburn (who beat Sabin more than any other SEC team). But to include Florida (only 8 games mostly SEC championship against Sabin) but primarily unspectacular seasons even when not playing Sabin, Ky (5 games) low winning record period, Mizzou (4 games) low winning record, USC (3 games) low winning record and Vandy (3 games)... well it’s Vandy.