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Haha! No one but me gets the last say on this article! But in all seriousness, you're right. Bo Nix Sux!
I think that any other coach in the SEC does a better job at polishing and producing talent.
BBBBBOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! I can't wait for Kirby Smart to turn another five star into what Saban or Mullen or really any other coach in the SEC could get from a three star.
1. Devonta Smith 2. Kyle Pitts 3. Kyle Trask 4. Mac Jones 5. Najee Harris 6. Elijah Moore 7. Kadarius Toney 8. Isaiah Spiller 9. Jamin Davis 10. Nick Bolton
Sorry, didn't read the sentence about Uf and aTm but I stand by what I said about Bama and UGA
I don't care what happened last Saturday, Tennessee is not on the same level as Florida nor is Georgia on the same level as Bama. Sorry to burst your bubble.
If you go to the ESPN game summary of the matchup, it says LSU has a 14 percent chance. I'm confused.
Um, excuse me? Might want to check out that FLorida LSU game again. I think the line is 23?
I would honestly bet on it. If you include sack yardage, MSU has 190 rushing yards.
Agreed. Trask and Jones could easily switch, as could Pitts and Smith. But I think this is about right for right now.
Agreed, Bama will kill LSU. Not sure about UF-UT though
Yes, top of the article it mentions that.
And if you do have a really good lineman worthy of being on the list, then the backup or third-string would most likely be not even close to their skill level.
Honestly, I just feel that they don't get enough credit from most people. They are just such a HUGE part of the offense. I know that they get credit where it matters (draft scouts) but with the many thousands of people that will read this article, I feel that it would be worth picking even just one and putting him at 9 or 10, just so that all of those people realize that they are just as important as all of those other skill position players.
Pretty good list, I definitely think that the top two could easily be switched. It's really just down to what the individual thinks (Between Jones and Trask). Not thrilled that there are no Offensive Lineman on the list, but it's fine.
I mean, he's not wrong. There is no chance in h*ll that a two-loss team makes the playoffs, ESPECIALLY in a 10 game season.
Florida just has to win out (against Tennessee, Vandy, Kentucky, LSU, and Arkansas) and beat Bama. Winning out is kind of given, so all they have to do is beat Bama. (I say "all they have to do" like it will be easy, but it'll be easier then what A&M needs to have happen)
If you have ever watched a college football season in your life, you would know logic doesn't work like that
Mostly agree, hope this is a great game, Not sure UGA can score 31 with Stetson Bennett, but hey, anything can happen, right? (It's not that far-fetched, I just don't see it happening) Good Luck UGA fans and Go Gators!
Eh, I always look at this and I always want to go to the commenst and complain, but honestly, I don't even care anymore. Good Luck Uga Fans! (But Go Gators)
Lol, I saw this on Facebook, did anyone else see Tim Tebow's reaction? I loved it.
You too man!!! (Although I suspect that if one of us is having a great weekend, the other one won't be lol)
Okay, look, I love SDS, they give good articles (usually). But seriously with the earwax ads? Like, no one wants to see that when they want to know about sports.