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I can't wait for the comment section to blow up and just everyone say that this list is wrong.
If Trask regresses, they can just put in Emory Jones.
I can see where you're going with that, but that's why its a ranking of quarterback rooms, not just quarterbacks. You have to have good 2nd options.
My Rankings: 1. Florida 2. UGA 3. Alabama 4. USC Jr. 5. Ole Miss
Dang, I forgot Kevin Sumlin, but got the other 6
And, Georgia had the number 1 scoring defense in the country, so you might need to check your facts Justin
MasterGator I made the same comment when I realized you wrote this one
I cant wait to see how there are absolutely zero georgia troll comments on the article when it shows that "Floriduh" wins the WLOCP
Ummmmmm, Kyle Pitts isn't on either team??????
Where is the part about Duke maybe coming to the SEC
Not sure if he's serious about what?
I feel like UF should be higher than Penn State but whetever.
Why do you choose to waste everyone elses time with your stupid comments. Alabama is clearly still a great team and probably will continue to be for a long time.
While I think that Texas A&M will demolish Vandy, I am confident that they will score
JTF, Your fanbase is the biggest set of trolls ever.
I agree, he didn't realize. And Harkafella, I agree with you too. It was so much worse when Verne was there. He hated Florida and Bama so much, it was annoying to watch.
One thing I have learned, A team rarely beats another team twice in a season. If LSU - Bama play again, Bama wins.
Yes, that would be true except we aren't counting the 2019 season because he said it before the 2019 season started, so actually it was 39 years.
Thank God, if we had those 3 for LSU, let's just say it would have been a lot closer.
Maybe they were indicating the Bama would be up 48 nothing, and so Ark would have to get 6 touchdowns with 2 point conversions to tie them. But they would only get one. Or something like that. But it could be 2 field goals and a safety.