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And now you talk about a former gator coach .. lord you are a jack ass .. just go enjoy that title it might be another 41 years unit it happens again
Enjoy your natty and stop obsessing with your rival .. oh and considering he had only been on the Job a month he is not Doing all that bad in recruiting what was Kirby’s first class ranked ? Translation year is what is is
Hmmm so you are free off wining a natty ? I had no idea you played in the game .. congrats as Georgia is the champs .. what were your stats in that game if you don’t mind me asking since your fresh off winning a natty as you said
Yeah 2008 was a great year dagherk.. not sure why you wanted to post it but Ty good memories
You are right on that make that money while you can esp as a Running back is done at 30 most of the time
Congrats to the champs ( dang it hurts to say that) I have def talked a lot on Kirby not wining the big one and 1980 but when you wrong got to face up and take the punishment .. can’t wait to see the movie they make on. Bennet and Kirby as he was the only one who belivied that guy could lead this team to the top
Glad to see it is a good game .. wonder who will score a td first
Well We can def ask Kirby if they give runner up Trophies as he is def the person who knows the most on finishing 2nd
Hmmm looks like that natty is still going to be another year away !
Good luck young man! Ty for the memories and go do great things In the nfl!
This is one time I pray the HBC is wrong .. please bama show up and take that title away from Kirby !
And I feel confident that your a jack ass tdwow! You still have to peek in on Florida when your team Is playing for a natty Monday? So funny .. you staring to worry sun belt Billy is already the 4 and 5 stars to Florida with only a month on the job ? You will be posting on the Georgia board Monday night how your natty is still only another year away .. two days and then we can all say 42 and counting chump
Hmm so again you Want to bring up a bowl Game your 6 and 6 rival Lost ( with a coaching staff that was out of a job the next day) but not talk about your bridesmaid coach kirkm1976? Well From Your user id I take it as you might have been born in 1976 so you are one of the few Georgia fans on this forum who might have been alive when the dawgs last won a title ! Sadly there will not be a second place trophy for you Monday night as bridesmaid Kirby will gain squander an amazing teams talent and not have a title.. throw all the shade at the gators you want but at the end of the night Monday just like Florida and the the other 12 schools in the sec ( not counting bama) you will end the season with no sec title or natty.. can we just go ahead and start the new 42 years and counting chant ???
Not really talking smack to pull for your rival not to win a a tittle … but If we want to study how to be a runner up Brides maid Kirby is deff a good example to follow.. always can get on the big stage but at the end of the day all there will be someone else shining the brightest
Humper I would give you Jones for Stetson in a heartbeat !
And again your dumb ass Still Is talking … let’s see what your have to say after Monday when it is 42 Years and counting chump.. there are mostly great Georgia fans out there but an idiot like you Makes your entire fan base look Like jack asses
Yes sds did post this article as they do all Articles on every teams page .. tailwhip 99 said all that needed to be said with his comments
And when Your a Georgia fan who is the 1st to comment on a Gator post it shows how big of a Dumb ass you are as well as your obsession with all things your rival does .. And this is when your Playing for a natty to try to end 41 years of sadness .. very pathetic
Well all that I see leans towards a Georgia win but i just can’t bet against Saban as he has never lost to Kirby .. I think it is bama in a close game
What a game not a vols fan at all but had to feel for them on that 4 th down stop .. I thought the dude scored
Are you that obsessed with Florida that you have To bring them up when your most important game of the season is here ? Wow I don’t know if it is funny or sad How obsessed you are …
The pirate gasparrila? Oh the bowl game we Lost .. good come back but to end the conversation .. 41 and soon to be 42 years and counting Chump! So funny no Georgia fan 41 and under have ever seen a natty , but since your last title your fellow sec schools as well as your little brother from the acc sure have Georgia tech , auburn , Alabama , lsu , Tennessee , Florida .. hmmm no Gregoria team to mention in that group? 1980 chump
2 time natty winner and Heisman trophy winner .. Multi millionaire and married to a former miss universe .. I think he did ok for his self 41 years and counting chump
Glad jt made it back and hope he is 100 percent ready .. I can’t see him starting as Kirby has a man crush on Bennett but at least he will be ready if needed Also I think negan is way more obsessed with the gators then routing on his own team!
Dude that was the dumbest comment I have ever heard.. we did not even play auburn this year and we are 6 and 7 football team .. Don’t throw rocks in a glass house and have some common sense
And will you win a natty? No as you have not in 41 years .. you Georgia trolls seem to get off more on making comments about the gators then your own team …
Easiest thing to do is ignore this idiot and just wait till what excuses he comes up with when Michigan ends the pups season
And as always 41 and soon to be 42 years and counting .. Try putting all this effort into commenting on a Georgia Post and not on a rival sec teams info