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Your More of a fake than Phil lake fake life .. to say Florida is going to be 2 and 10 And 0 and 8 in the sec is insanity ! If that happens then yes Napier and company will not be here next year but you really feel that this is a 2 and 9 team ? You are just like Phil… a fake gator and most likely a fan of a rival school Doing the troll Dance . Any reasonable gator fan should Look for 6 to 7 wins as this rebuild is going to take time . Your a joke just like Phil.. I never see anyone else Post like you two who claim to be gator fans .. your both fake and nothing but trolls
Truth will be said every time I see You post .. Phil the fake!
Phil is nothing but a troll Fan form another school .. no real fan would ever speak of their team They way he does . Also you want to Throw the what if factor in humper…you are correct Florida could have easily been 3 and 9 but with that logic Uga could have easily lost 2 games (mizz and Ohio state ). Glad you came to Phil side to defend him as trolls stick together. The only difference is your an up front jerk where Phil is posing as a fan of Florida .
Not sure why all the doom and gloom … Florida was a few plays last year form being an 8 and 4 team in the regular season ( vandy , Kentucky ). Tennessee and fsu games were also a play or 2 away from win . Form this schedule 3 teams on it look like for sure losses in UGA , Lsu , and Utah , with 3 for sure / likely wins with the 2 cupcake games and vandy . The other 6 games are totally winnable. The question is how is this team going to differ from the Last in close games . I think the Kentucky game will be the point if the season goes very well or horrible . Florida may be 2 and 2 coming into that Uk game and loss there could really tank the season . Chumps like Phil the fake should try to support the team instead of insulting every facet of it with each post .
Never call them your gators Phil the fake as you are not a true gator fan
Again active duty military member here and I see no issue with wearing black jerseys military Appreciation night …
Best of luck to him and hope he finds success
You and Phil Need to get back on your honeymoon “fake gator “ lake life
And left uga as a walk On and went to Where after his 1st year ? Did a little Work In juco And then won 2 nattys .. I would say he worked out pretty Well Form A former juco player
Did I say it was in honor of troops humper.. no I did not .. I just used it as a reference as to why you Most likely do not like black outs .. take a little Time To read before you accuse me of saying something I did not
As someone who has been to Iraq and afghan multiple times I Am proud of what uf does to honor mine as well as all others service . Maybe you should look into things before you Criticize.. have you ever served in the military Or been a first responder ? I would take a guess on a no answer .
As you’re a waste of a person and a fake gator fan Phil … why don’t you ask humper where the 2 x natty qb for the dawgs came from .. your a joke and a fraud to say your a gator fan
Didn’t uga do one of those black outs back in 08 vs Bama .. hmm how did that one work out ? It’s no wonder you have an issue with a back out humper . Uf is a huge advocate of first responders and military members and has been for years . I am serving active duty member currently and see no issue with the team wearing a black jersey .
Not sure why any uga fan would complain as they have more wins over Florida in Jax … it’s a great tradition and hope It Stays put
Hmmm well you are the biggest bit— on this site td wow …. .. to bad you bring a black eye to a great fan base . I guess every village has an idiot and you deff deserve that title .
Great job by South Carolina ! Knock those Noles Out !
Arkansas had a great Year .. not sure who would be mad about being the sec champ ?
Wow Phil .. you did not have anything negative to say ? That is so unlike you … glad to see at least You will Support a Florida team as long as they are winning .
Way to Go Gators ! Glad to be sharing the title as Arkansas has had a great year as well.
Fair Enough humper .. but Just To bring up a point the best players for Florida seem to be one’s Napier brought in via Recruting or the transfer portal . All the ones that left We’re from The Mullen regime . I know a few sec schools Took a few of them ( lsu, Arkansas) , So we will Wait and see how things play out .
FSU will be a 3 loss team Before they play Florida ( lsu, Clemson , and some other acc team ). Travis will not be on any Heisman List at seasons end.
Phil Is a joke and also he is a gator Fan in name only .. I think we can call Him a GINO !
Please enlighten me humper on what talent Napier has ran off ? I am not saying your wrong but of the top of my head I can not think of one transfer form Florida that has made a significant impact at p5 school .
No you are what is called an imposter Phil.... your boy toy gator lake life is right beside you in this one. You two will not support any Gator sport ( I have seen both of you run your mouths on Golden and Sully also). The negativity you guys have amazes me. You both should try SUPPORTING the teams you claim to be fans of ( we all know you both are not Gator fans by the way). Napier would not have been my 1st choice but he is the coach at this time. Support him and as we all know if he can not turn things around a new coach will be hired. You idiots act like UF is a blue blood , sadly only two HC in football have had any sustained success in the 100 plus year history of the program. I will come looking for both you fake fans after the season to discuss. The two win comment is really funny so can not wait to catch up with fake Phil and loser lake life in the near future
only loser is a sad gator fan impersonater like you Phil. I have many old Gator Fan friends and not one would spew the garbage i hear from you daily. Why don't you try to support the coaches and team for change.. oh that is right... YOUR NOT A GATOR FAN!
Can’t wait for you to admit your not a gator fan but a rival troll Phil
Florida has not lost an sec series at home .. lsu has .. lsu lost 2 of 3 to one of the worst teams in the sec ( miss state ) .. Florida has a better conference record at this time Than lsu.. Yeah I would Agree at this time Florida would be in front of Lsu .. but all this means nothing as the tourney will determine how the season will be remembered ( ask Tennessee about this from Their team Last year ).