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Not seeing the gators making it but hope I am wrong !
Wow fake life .. you are by far the biggiest troll in the world . So Rashada says this happened and you believe it . I really find it hard to believe the coach would approve a nil payment and if he did no way he leaves proof of this . Go back to the camp ground in Tallahassee on your dial up internet and wait for the facts to come out. Also it is very amusing he decided to bring this action up over a year since the alleged incident and now plays for a rival in the sec. I will wait for the facts to come out and pass judgment then.
Very true dawg time , I will just say this .. uf most certainly can lose to anyone or win as that has been shown all year . The dawgs had it all In front to end the gators season in Athens but the gators found a way.
You said it !! That was the series that send uf down this path. That game 1 loss against Kentucky also stung as we should have took 2/3 form the cats
I keep hearing Florida is in the ncaa tourney but would love to at least get one win in the sec tourney to feel better about it !
Congrats to the vols.. a great season for sure !
Fake life , Aren’t you late for that nole rally in tally tonight? So are we going with a 2 win prediction again this year you fake troll ???
Even if Florida takes the game tomorrow they will prob have to win 2 in the sec tourney. Hope cags has some magic tommorw .
Well it was a low risk / high reward situation for Florida. I still have that thought on the trolling he did to Florida on signing day but second chances are issued to many others. Pulling for him to put the effort in and learn from His mistakes.
Welcome back fake life .. how it she summer in Tallahassee going under your bridge ?
Wow .. just like the vols walked into the swamp with the guy who didn’t not lose in Florida right 247? For a team that has lost 18 of 20 against Florida that arrogance is amusing!
Different day and same results .. pitching is horrible . Wish it could be different for cags last year .
Feel like it will take a win against south fl and sweep against Kentucky to have a shot to go to UGA and make a regional .
Ahh .. got you sir! Just know that it really doesn’t matter to any gator fan on this but if you can win some bills best of luck!
Humper my friend , You are very obsessed with this #1 over all drafted player. Again no one at uf cares as I will be happy to see all uf has done across those 3 sports. Not sure why you are so adamant about this as being drafted #1 is a great accomplishment for sure, but again it wasn’t seems the only one obssswd with this is you. Heck of a year from condon … sad he won’t be in college next year as he is fun to watch as cags!
Sorry man I don’t agree with that one .. i see what you are saying but if that the case why is uga been so horrible at basketball and baseball ( minus this year for baseball) and Florida has had sustained success in both those sports ?
Hump, Appreciate you pulling for uf but it won’t matter if condon goes before cags or any other player. Comming off that national runner up season we just have not had the pitching to have an elite run this year. Still some time to go but to make a regional will be an accomplishment this year .
And that 0 and 5 record Mike has against Todd is pretty sweet!
So you are saying the nit trophy is the goal not making the dance ?
and again remind me how far Mike white got in the ncaa tourney ? On that is right.. he dod not get in it! Glad you think making the nit and advancing is better than going to the dance . Mike white is def setting the goals well for you guys and happy to see you are embracing the not invited tourney !
Won’t argue that one hump.. after the ucf game if Florida is worse that 5 and 2 Napier is done .. hope he can get those wins early as those last 5 games are brutal
Remind me his record againt the current uf coach who had to get the stinch of mediocre out when Mike took it to Athens. Again thanks for paying uf that million bucks to bring those njt games back to Athens ! Funny part if not for some many other teams opting out Mike would jr have made the nit!
Oh humper my friend .. I know you know nothing about Georgia making the dance so I can see why you are taking that dig. That nit final will be the goal in Athens for Mike!
Hmm well You have to have national title to be Elite .. so uf does have that.. by the way .. when is the last time Georgia Made the dance ? Great coach for you guys as he is the perfect fit !