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Lmao a dynasty ? I think one natty every 41 years does not constitute a dynasty
Man you are one huge dush! So when the kid committed to Florida he was no good by hit words and now that he De-commits he is great ? Geez you are one huge dip s—t !
Dude your can’t be a gator fan .. what fan base are your really for ? You bring nothing good to anything posted on Florida .. why don’t you just go be negan’s lap dog on the Georgia board and do us all a favor
Was wondering when the nutless troll would show up and here he is ! Always nice to see you on a gator board Td wow
So you say coach Napier is the worst recruiter in the sec .. how did you come to that conclusion ?
Negan, I am a little Surprised as this is not how I would have saw you posting on this article . Thank you on the kind words
Best of luck and hope the 3rd stop will be his final one!
To be honest That might be what it is but her Kirby went 7 and 5 in His first season and then look how that wound up for uga
Claim all you want but again it’s uf 3 and uga 2 on the natty title count .. why is it the ncaa recognized many split champs ( and 1990, 1991, 1997 ) but doesn’t not recognize uga as champs with Ohio State in 1942? That is because uga DID NOT win the title that year just as ucf Claims a title in 2017 ! It’s to funny so the count is 3 to 2 form The school You claim Is so far under Georgia you C H U M P
Claim all You want you gutless little punk it’s 3 to 2 uf ! Can’t claim titles that were not won C H U M P The ncaa acknowledged Ohio state the champ in 1942 ( no spilt ) Try again punk !
It’s not my count you nutless jerk .. go check the ncaa website and Ohio state is the official champ in 1942 .. no mention of a split title like in 1990’or 1997… it’s ok claim what doesn’t belong you you as it doesn’t matter ! Also you never answered the question .. even if uga had 3 nattys like uf ( and they do not according to the ncaa) that would mean what ? You say how Florida is so mediocre and not a blue chip program and uga is ? To to funny that numbers can’t back up your Argument C H U M P
It’s not 3 to 3 check the ncaa website as 1942 title is Ohio state
So if Florida who has more nattys than back door was never elite what does that Make Georgia ? Seems that you love to insult Florida but yet Florida has won more than uga ? C H U M P
Great pick up by the tide .. Always nice to keep A local kid home …
No shame In the Sooners as well .. congrats on a great season
Congrats to ole miss! Way to do it .. start the season at #1 and end it at #1 SEC .. SEC!
Nice way To put it .. Most uga Fans are nothing but great it’s just the three here ( td Wow, negan, and Irvin ) that makes all have such distain for them
Also I would not keep Messing with tech as like uf they have more natty trophies in Atlanta than there are jn 41 year plan Athens
4 Star kid so Glad to have him many stars did you get coming out of high school There 2008 or did they have stars for being a towel boy?
Great pick up and welcome to gator nation !
Also chump you call uf the truck stop of i 75 if that is the case why 1 is uf higher ranked academic university than uga 2 has a higher ranked athletic dept than uga 3 has more Nattys in football than uga So if uf is a truck stop with all that I guess Athens would be the rest room at the rest stop of the interstate ?
Trolls will be trolls buddy you see the Nutless wonder td wow just can’t help to comment on all things going on in Florida
Don’t let the trolls bother you .. they have no life as all they do is obsess and insult not only Florida but any fan base . Going 41 years between titles will do that ( especially when the Georgia athletic dept has no other sport to contend in )
Keep Reaching there chump! When you can’t win an argument try you best to change the subject and insult you opponent like a certain political party ..I dare to say you are prob the reason good old Georgia is now a blue state !
Please go the the ncaa website and look At who is the champ of 1942.. sorry trolls you can’t claim Titles now won you C H U M P S
You and your boy friend Negan look at the ncaa as the 1942 title Is Ohio state not back door u! I guess like ucf did in 2017 you can just claim a title right chumps! Uf 3 Back door u 2 C H U M P S
So for being mediocre as you say uf is why does uf have more Nattys Than uga.. nothing was said about sec titles chump ( also uf actually wins the sec in Natty years .. to bad uga can’t say that)
Haha so a little phobia form You there Td wow ? Just like a narrow minded Idiot to turn a Comment on hoe Georgia can not win a title straight up and has to go to the back door route to win it into something else right? Well Idiots like you and Irvin will always exist I guess . Maybe in 2062 the next title back door you wins will actually have an sec title with it .. wait Kirby has a 1 and 3 record in sec Title games so we do not need to bring that up right ? You negan and Irvin need to all Think how To respond as it seems you 3 Trolls Hold each other’s hands with every comment