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doesn't matter because yall still suck hahahaha 38-10
JUCOs don't count? we have the #1 RB and he's gonna dominate next season
can't wait to shut both bama & ole miss up when we win the SEC champ next year
SDS is slacking on valid info. jarrad davis already said he was coming back for his senior season and there's NO way that mccalister is declaring early especially with his size
38-10. your offense got exposed
can't wait to see ole miss go 0-12 next year. just showing you how ridiculous your comments are
did ole piss play today? nope! well too bad they can't win their division or beat a AAC team LOL go back to being irrelevant again
Please reinstate this guy for the 2016 season ASAP. It's okay to punish him by not letting him play at all until this season is over. A year suspension is too extreme!
Win out with STYLE! dominate the next 2 games and destroy florida state and jump to atleast 6 or 7 in the rankings before the SEC champ game. Beating alabama is gonna take a lot of luck and individual playmaking ability. GO GATORS!
At the end of the day, this guy knew how to recruit and if you look at our defense, they're just killing it thanks to him and all the coaching he brought to the program on the defensive side of the ball. He just made a mistake thinking that our offense should be a run first approach and just not hiring the right guy to coach the offense and just not letting the offensive coordinators coach. He had that one good year in 2012 but an atrocious passing offense wouldn't have won a championship that year. Overall, this guy can recruit and coach up a defense. Just give him time at auburn and he'll have his defense playing lights out just like how ours is right now. GO GATORS!
Agreed! One of the worst officiated games I have ever seen. Don't forget about that stupid holding penalty which was away from the play, as if the refs were trying to keep vandy alive in that last drive. Atrocious, and they ruined the momentum we had in the beginning of the game with overturning that TD call. The game could have had a different outcome but gave vandy confidence and momentum for most of the game
we'll beat yall in the champ game and next year at the swamp
they'll take the #10 spot probably
If you look at his first couple of recruiting classes, we had great offensive recruits but they never developed properly due to the coaches. One example: Latroy Pittman Jr, highly recruited and now a senior who barely gets any playing time due to lack of any development during the muschamp era. feel bad for the kid but muschamp ruined offensive players. dalvin cook and ermon lane switched to fsu when they noticed how bad the offensive coaches were
What about the O-line? To run against georgia like that isn't a joke, who cares what arkansas did to a cupcake team
Rather play michigan than some crap mid-major and ND
He's a great coach and it showed how important he was when left UF after '08, but I would think Mcelwain deserves this award. To coach up a 7-5 team from a year ago with questions at every position in offense and improving a lot in these past 4 years, he's done more than what was expected of this season. Go Gators!
HAHAHAHAHA yall about to get wrecked on saturday