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Thanks for the info. Wasn't sure what his status was since he didn't play in the Sugar Bowl.
Is Divaad Wilson going to be back next year? I thought that he looked like the best player on the field in the UGA - Notre Dame game.
Agreed... I think LSU has staying power with the way they've recruited.
My message to Herbie is "okay Boomer." These are college kids having fun after the biggest accomplishment of their young lives. They deserved to celebrate after the amazing season they had.
Congrats to Coach Aranda. He was great at LSU and deserves the chance to see how he'll do as a head coach.
I know that he is a distinguished alum, but I think LSU might need to ban him from football events. No need to slap the cop on the ass and to potentially jeopardize the careers of players by giving them cash.
Smart move by him to take advantage of being such a big name now. Congrats to LSU fans...that was a magical season.
I'm also interested to see how moving the UGA game later in the season works out for you guys. The Tennessee schedule has typically been easier at the end of the season than at the beginning of the season so that move might balance things out.
I did - but I also watched the UF offense for three years with Nuss calling plays. Huge downgrade from Kellen Moore.
Poor Missouri...the NCAA is going to tack on five years to their probation due to OBJ paying LSU players.
Classy comments from Dabo. It's great to see a coach give all of the credit to the other team instead blaming players on his own team. Congrats to LSU - you guys definitely deserved it.
Cowboys guaranteed to rank last in offense next season.
Didn't realize that we won the east when we went 4-7. Was the East that bad?
Gap is closing as UGA will still have the same blue chip percentage going forward, but UF's is increasing. I'm not saying that UGA is getting any worse. I'm saying that UF is getting better as we distance ourselves from Mac.
One of my friends said it best. If you have two sprinters running a 100 meter and one has a 20 meter head start, who's expected to win? Kirby had a 20 meter head start on Mullen and the gap appears to be shrinking.
Good move for UGA as it made their QB room better. No way he'll be as good as Fromm was, though.
I didn't expect him to be such a huge upgrade over Sal. Congrats to coach Turner
I hope for Mathis's sake, he's cleared to play. That was a really scary situation for a young kid to go through. One of my UGA buddies met him after your spring game last year and said he was the nicest football player he had every met.
Wonder what happened to the KirbySmart poster on here. He's gone from being a good dude to a semi-troll like several of the other UGA fans.
If I were a UGA fan, I wouldn't be reading their articles today either.
Great player and seems to be an even better person. I wish him luck in the NFL and certainly won't miss him looking like a combination of Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, and Joe Montana next year in Jacksonville.
If this happens, it's crazy to think that two OCs from Pete Carroll's staff are going to be competing against each other yearly in the Egg Bowl. I think this would be a pretty good move for Mississippi State.
Not a beat down in the slightest and you guys seem like you might need to go get a room together instead of showing public displays of affection.
Hope he makes the most of his 2nd chance. If I recall correctly, he and Callaway were the ring-leaders of the scheme.
And you know this because he told you personally. Watch what happens this month with his official visits and then we can revisit this thread.
Not going to qualify and it opens the spot for Sedrick Van Pran
A lot of Gator fans agree with you that Dean should be moved to safety. Our safety play was pretty bad this year. Stewart regressed, Davis had his moments, and Stiner/Taylor were liabilities most of the time. I really think that Randy Russell would have been a starter this year if he didn't have the medical issues.