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Hope he has a quick recovery. He was constantly improving throughout the season and will be a force upon his return.
Hate to see this for Pickens. He really looked amazing in the last few games of the year for UGA and was surely going to have a great year this year. Hopefully he can recover in time to prove that he is good enough to be selected in the first couple of rounds of the NFL draft. I'll never be happy when I hear about a rival's player having a serious injury. These kids' health is the most important thing for me.
For Tennessee's sake, I really hope they don't hire Jeff Fisher.
Wondering that too. Maybe he's bad at interviewing. Apparently that is the issue with Eric Bienemy of the Chiefs. Top prospect to be a head coach, but poops the bed in every interview.
Billy Napier would look good in your shade of orange. Just not sure if the Vols can hire a coach from a small LA school after the Derek Dooley disaster.
I think that UGA has gotten better about it under Kirby as well. Richt would do stupid things like have his players try to intimidate the other team as they were walking out of the tunnel. I rarely see UGA players talk trash to opponents these days. Wish I could say the same about UF.
I think Todd Grantham would be an excellent replacement for Flood.
Doesn't make sense with Bobo as OC, though. He's never run an offense like that.
They'll be pac 12 champs in about 3 or 4 years. Solid hire
And blitzing DBs who start the play 20 yards away from the QB. I think I'd rather have Hoke than Grantham to be honest.
My biggest issue with the 2nd half of the season was all of the mistakes due to guys not knowing where to line up. I've never seen another defense in high school, college, or pro football still not know how to line up 11 games into a season.
I hate him even more now after reading that. No, we're not 6 points away. We're about 14-17 additional points allowed than should be every week. Worst defense I have ever seen at UF this past year.
Right move for both parties. We've had too many non-qualifiers the past three classes so Mullen didn't send NLIs to the academic risks. Montgomery is good, but Bowman will be better.
I disagree about the 2016 UF team under Mac. They were pretty bad and didn't look like a team worthy of winning a division title.
Call me crazy, but I could see Herman being a good fit for Auburn or Tennessee.
I thought he was great yesterday. He'll be announcing big games in the not so distant future.
We certainly need some help at the LB position so both of those players should get playing time next season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
The previous 4-5 regular seasons haven't shown what Mason can do?
Huge Pierce fan here as well. Have you ever seen interviews with him? Seems like he is all class in addition to being an excellent player.
It certainly worked out great for you guys. Smart move by Pittman to get a SEC senior transfer at QB for his first year. Should be a great game this weekend!
"It’ll be interesting to see what kind of response he gets from the Florida faithful." I'd be surprised if he didn't get a warm welcome and a rousing cheer when he is introduced. Franks is a seriously good dude. So glad he is having success at Arkansas.
Joe Brady exposed Kirby's defense last year. Bama took advantage of a very similar gameplan. UF was wide open passing, but the wrinkle of the passes to the RB was the game changer.
44 - 28. Blueprint to beat Kirby's defense was shown to all by Joe Brady last year. Gig is up
I feel like Monken called an amazing game, but you guys made so many mistakes that UGA could capitalize on their great offensive game plan.