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Fingers crossed that Feliepe Franks is on this list at the end of the year.
I'm also excited to see Malik Davis come back for us this year if he can stay healthy. I think he got hurt against you guys in the disaster of the 2017 game, but he was looking really solid for a true freshman up until his injury. You probably have the same feelings about Zeus White with UGA.
I can't say I disagree with him. As much as I dislike UGA, I like watching Swift play because he's electric. He reminds me of Saquan Barkley and I think he'll end up being picked in the first 10-15 picks of the NFL draft.
Kirby - you come across as one of the most level-headed posters on this site. I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are on Coley as OC for UGA. He certainly will have more talent to work with than when he was at Miami.
Surprised that James Coley isn't on the list. I guess it would need to be expanded to a top 100 list to find him on it.
I think we'll see D'Andre Swift move up a few spots in the final list. He's a great player.
13 seconds and a generational college QB who had serious character issues at FSU.
Great list - can't say that there are too many that I disagree with.
"Pretty sure none of us want to know what goes on behind the scene at our beloved University with regard to our Athletes." Especially UGA since Kirby took over.
What will have a bigger impact on this upcoming season - UF losing a player who they recruited over and found two better players (Wingo and Powell) or UGA losing their only returning receiver with decent experience? I say the latter.
For once, we are in agreement here. I see him having some success there, but not being too dominant. Have also heard whispers about him having some leadership issues as well.
I think the writer was saying that Muschamp won't lose his job in 2019, but could after 2020 if he continues to be mediocre.
He's extremely athletic. Big loss for UF IMO
Wouldn't be surprised to see him end up in Knoxville since that is where his brother played.
Great list. Totally agree about the Bama WRs, Swift, and Schwartz. Kadarius Toney would be another good one to add as well.
It will be interesting to see how much he develops under Mullen and Brian Johnson. Apparently he has has all of the right tools, but just needs to refine his throwing motion.
Phil Fulmer told me that the Chargers were crazy to take Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning.
Another list without any of the 5 star UGA guys.
That's how we felt in 2012 until history repeated itself in 2013 and 2014
It might have been me if it was a few weeks ago. Our 2013 season was derailed by injuries. Muschamp is very stubborn and loyal so he might not get rid of him if the trend continues.
I think their defense's improvement will be based on the number of injuries that they have this year. A consistent theme with Dillman as the S&C Coordinator at UF and South Carolina is an inordinate number of season ending injuries. Muschamp and T-Rob can certainly recruit an develop defensive players. Keeping them on the field will be key for that team this year.
I didn't know much about White when Foley hired him so I wasn't sure how he would do at UF. He has completely exceeded my expectations and has gotten stronger at recruiting so the future looks bright.
I think he's going to be the first RB selected in the NFL draft next year. He reminds me of Saquan Barkley with his speed, size, and ability to make people miss.
Agreed - boxster and KirbySmart are great posters.
Great gesture to take care of his mom like that.