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We certainly need some help at the LB position so both of those players should get playing time next season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
The previous 4-5 regular seasons haven't shown what Mason can do?
Huge Pierce fan here as well. Have you ever seen interviews with him? Seems like he is all class in addition to being an excellent player.
It certainly worked out great for you guys. Smart move by Pittman to get a SEC senior transfer at QB for his first year. Should be a great game this weekend!
"It’ll be interesting to see what kind of response he gets from the Florida faithful." I'd be surprised if he didn't get a warm welcome and a rousing cheer when he is introduced. Franks is a seriously good dude. So glad he is having success at Arkansas.
Joe Brady exposed Kirby's defense last year. Bama took advantage of a very similar gameplan. UF was wide open passing, but the wrinkle of the passes to the RB was the game changer.
44 - 28. Blueprint to beat Kirby's defense was shown to all by Joe Brady last year. Gig is up
I feel like Monken called an amazing game, but you guys made so many mistakes that UGA could capitalize on their great offensive game plan.
Different player than Waddle, though. Waddle is much faster, but Toney might have him beat in strength this year. I've never seen a player improve as much as he has between their junior and senior year.
I actually work for OAN because it is the only news source that reports only the facts. I will give Mason credit for being really good and handing off to Gurley and Chubb
Looking for insight on who UGA's backups are for the injured players. Who would start for Rochester and Davis on the DL and who would replace LeCounte at safety? I haven't seen much of Rochester, but I know Davis and LeCounte are huge losses by the way they have terrorized UF recently.
Good to hear that he's out of the ICU. I think everyone here agrees that the health of these kids is far more important than anything rivalry related.
He's a great player. Hope he's able to recover quickly enough to play next week.
I agree that the UF defense is the key factor. Been nice chatting it up with you today. Enjoy the game this weekend and let's hope that there are no injuries for either team.
If we had your former head coach as our defensive coordinator, we'd be lights out like Arkansas is now.
Not sure how much you have watched UF this year, but you guys have a better than decent shot to win this game. I've been watching football for 39 years and this is hands down the worst defense I have ever seen. Not just at UF, but across the board. We literally cannot stop 3rd down no matter the distance. Against A&M, we would have been better off not fielding a defense so we could get the ball back quicker.
I believe those numbers are just the total tests for just the athletic department, not the entire campus.
Texas is easy to win at as well with the right coach. Big 12 isn't too tough.
I doubt any of their offensive players picked it up because the defense was practicing the 6 yard social distancing rule the entire game.
I think the testing schedule up until now has been Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. These guys probably tested negative early on Thursday morning and then started to get affected by the virus in the 24-48 hours after that last test. I won't be surprised if we see a lot of additional cases considering they were all traveling on the plane together.
If Grantham tested positive, we need to play the game because we have a better shot without him calling the defense.
I wonder if LSU would score the same amount of points with 0 UF defenders on the field vs. having all 11 defenders on the field.
Bye week for Missouri to figure out how to dissect the UF defense. Looks like they'll need 5 minutes of film study and then can take the rest of the week off because any offensive play works wonders against this defense.