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Love his vision and he's definitely a man with a plan. Just hope that he's not going to be calling too conservative of an offense.
I really like what I am seeing from this UF team. They remind me of the 2014 team because all 5 guys on the court are playing hard for all 40 minutes.
Yep - kudos to him as he looks much improved compared to last season. He definitely put in the time and effort to make himself a better player.
And the east was very down for the years that he was the coach. Winning the division meant that we were the prettiest piece of poop to choose from.
I'm thinking that their bye week in two weeks will also be the time they say bye to him with an 0-6 record.
Unfortunately, he doesn't put in the same effort for preparation for the games that we "should" win. It's ridiculous that he didn't learn his lesson after mailing in the LSU game last year.
Hoping for a good clean game with no injuries for both teams. I must say that the Kentucky fans have been great to chat with this week on these articles. Classy group you all are.
Exactly. They probably win that game or go to OT if he gets the 3 points there.
Absolutely should be a good one as you guys have been really tough under Stoops. Hoping for a clean game with no injuries to players on either team. Enjoy watching, but hopefully not too much :)
Our slot corner/Star position has been played by Trevez Johnson this year so far. He had a really bad first quarter against Bama, but played better in the 2nd half. He's young so he definitely has room and time to improve. However, the thing about this article is that UK is 8th in the nation in 3rd down conversions. Grantham is famous for giving up third downs so I expect UK to have a lot of long drives while chewing up the clock.
I agree with Mullen. The Vols looked like a much better team than they ever looked under Jones and Pruitt
I don't see him lasting more than one year there.
I agree with you. He was already doing the slouched over/extremely stressed out pose in week 1. I don't think he'll be able to handle a season of losing in the NFL. Good luck this weekend (not that you guys need it). Hopefully will be a clean game without any injuries to players on both teams.
I'm not interested in dating Megan Fox so I am taking my name out of her contact list.
Muschamp curse with injuries unfortunately for UGA. I thought the common link was Jeff Dillman, but the injuries still happened at South Carolina after he was fired. Now it seems the curse has followed him to UGA. Hope Daniels has a quick recovery and doesn't miss too much action.
I really wish that Mullen would recognize what most of the fans do. If so, we would have a much better defensive coordinator than Grantham.
It'll be interesting to see if UGA uses the same strategy that Ohio State used last year against Clemson. They would huddle and then snap the ball almost immediately after they were set so Clemson didn't have time to steal signals and adjust.
I know that 2012 game sucked for you guys, but it ranks in the top 5 for most entertaining college football game I have ever watched. I didn't want it to end.
Of course I am! However, it's great to hear that he's having an awesome camp.
I think he'll unseat Brady as the starter by mid-season.
Hope he has a quick recovery. He was constantly improving throughout the season and will be a force upon his return.
Hate to see this for Pickens. He really looked amazing in the last few games of the year for UGA and was surely going to have a great year this year. Hopefully he can recover in time to prove that he is good enough to be selected in the first couple of rounds of the NFL draft. I'll never be happy when I hear about a rival's player having a serious injury. These kids' health is the most important thing for me.
For Tennessee's sake, I really hope they don't hire Jeff Fisher.
Wondering that too. Maybe he's bad at interviewing. Apparently that is the issue with Eric Bienemy of the Chiefs. Top prospect to be a head coach, but poops the bed in every interview.
Billy Napier would look good in your shade of orange. Just not sure if the Vols can hire a coach from a small LA school after the Derek Dooley disaster.
I think that UGA has gotten better about it under Kirby as well. Richt would do stupid things like have his players try to intimidate the other team as they were walking out of the tunnel. I rarely see UGA players talk trash to opponents these days. Wish I could say the same about UF.
I think Todd Grantham would be an excellent replacement for Flood.