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Are you a Bama, Auburn, or UGA fan? Hard to tell from your avatar and post.
UGA offered him as well. Check the 247 offer list
Check out his offer list on 247. Looks like he has one from UGA. Can't post links on this site, but it can easily be found by searching Google.
A few of my close friends are Gamecock fans. I told them yesterday that I hope USC doesn't make the same mistake that UF made by keeping him an extra year. It looks like they'll be making that mistake.
Muschamp is a good dude and an amazing defensive mind. However, how many times does he need to change his offensive staff at two schools before the higher ups realize that he might be the problem instead of the offensive staff?
This is exactly it. He realized that he doesn't need to be the smartest guy in the room and trusts his staff to do what makes LSU the best they can be. Very impressive season for LSU so far this year.
I think UGA wins this one pretty easily. Auburn is one dimensional on offense and will get shut down by the UGA defense's strength against the run game.
Great article Neal. It's pretty amazing to think how far we've come since the 4-7 final year of McElwain's tenure. Most importantly, it's actually fun to watch the games again. Our offense was so terrible during the Muschamp and Mac years that the games were rarely entertaining.
I feel for you bud and think that things will get better with the next coach. Now that Morris is gone, you guys can rebuild under a normal coach
I don't think UGA will have any problems with Auburn next week. Auburn's offense is one dimensional this year and Kirby will figure out how to shut it down.
Would South Carolina hire him after the comments he made 10 years ago while coaching UT? I can't remember the exact quote, but he told alshon Jeffrey that he'd end up pumping gas if he went to South Carolina instead of Tennessee. He'd definitely make things interesting in the east, though.
I want to say he was an assistant S&C coordinator at LSU before UF and again at Bama after UF.
Bill is 100 percent correct. UF had an inordinate amount of injuries when Dillman was the S&C coordinator.
I've met some great Arkansas fans throughout the years. They deserve a better coach than Morris
I thought that Ethan White had a great game in his first start.
Please show me the link where Fields is on record as to saying he wanted to go to UGA to learn how to be a pro-style QB. I've never heard that before, but I am a dummy so I might have missed it.
Big difference between being promised that an offense would change compared to a guy starting who wasn't ready (and maybe never will be) to start for a SEC team.
I hate to say it, but this is addition by subtraction. Gouriage should have been starting all along.
I think CO Jones was referring to South Carolina since they play Vandy tonight and you guys have already played them. Enjoy the big game today, but hopefully not too much.
That's a great video. I was skeptical of the hire for LSU because of how bad he failed at Ole Miss. However, Orgeron is smart enough to know that he's not the smartest guy in the room and he trusts his coordinators to do their jobs. That's the sign of a great leader.
UGA's uniforms aren't that bad. What don't you like about them? :)
Yep - Corch and Queen Negan tucked their tails after the South Carolina game. Hopefully we'll give TDOW a reason to tuck his tail and hide after this weekend. Most of the UGA posters on this site have been great.
Also, UGA hasn't seen anything close to UF's offense with Trask at QB. It's going to be a good one on Saturday!
The biggest issue that I see with Coley is that he got promoted based on his ability to recruit instead of his ability to call plays. Miami fans despised him when he was there under Al Golden because his schemes were so vanilla. He's running the exact same offense, but with more talent at UGA.