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Agreed. He's a really awesome player. Played great every time I watched LSU last year
And of course they don't have any comments on the Reese or Mars articles. Those in glass houses should not throw stones.
I'm calling BS on this one as it is obviously being used for his appeal. If the UF medical staff was so bad, then James Robinson and Randy Russell would still be playing instead of being declared ineligible for heart problems.
Syracuse is better off without Bleich playing.
It's almost as if they convinced themselves that the waiver would be approved before they even applied. I think they just need to plan for Cade to sit out this year and own up that they made a bad decision for him to transfer.
My prediction is that he takes a year off and then becomes the coach at Syracuse
Hope he has a quick recovery. He was a good player at FSU despite Taggart
Beck was only good his junior year because of the players around him. When they graduated, he couldn't elevate the rest of the team.
Yep - and if Beck was any good, he'd elevate the players around him. It's obvious that he was only good his junior year due to his surrounding cast.
Richardson had less to play with. Your facts are opinions. For facts about how they were ranked coming out of high school, please re-read my post.
247 Sport: Richardson 13th best QB, Beck 19th Rivals: Separates Dual Threat and Pro QBs. Richardson 32st best player in Florida. Beck 49th best player in Florida ESPN: Richardson 183rd best player in the nation. Beck 234th
Nice - cool that they decided to play at a neutral site halfway between the two schools.
Why is UGA going to play Kentucky in Knoxville?
Ooops - I meant 10 year celebrations on those. I'm an idiot today.
Nothing wrong with celebrating the title. If I recall correctly, UF had 20 year celebrations for the 96, 06, and 08 titles.
I wouldn't be too concerned. He has only been at UGA since January and wasn't really around the team too much due to Covid. Doesn't seem like the type of player to become the pied piper.
Is Mathis fully recovered from his brain condition? I hope so for the kid. My neighbor brought his son to the G Day game a couple of years ago and met Mathis afterwards. He said that he's never seen an athlete be able to relate to kids like Mathis related to his son. He ranted and raved about him at the bus stop for a week straight. Rooting for Mathis as he sounds like a great dude.
Didn't see this one coming at all. However, if it leads to Brenton Cox being able to sack Carson Beck once or twice in Jacksonville, Gator fans will be really happy. UGA will be fine once Daniels is cleared. He's a good fit for the offense.
Very impressive room, but the head coach has continuously seen QBs get worse each year that they have played under him. Unless you guys replace Muschamp, I wouldn't expect much QB success.
We're returning 3 of our top 4 safeties and Trey Dean (junior) moved to safety from Star after not being a good fit there.
I think Rick Wells is a RS Senior now. He was in the same class as Tyrie Cleveland and redshirted his FR year.
I think it is because he really isn't anything special. Very fast runner, but that is about it at this point in his career.
A couple of observations: 1. Kentucky is going to have a very good OL. They were good last year and I didn't realize how many guys came back. 2. I think Pickens should be ranked higher. He was awesome towards the end of last year.
Franks had a really strong finish to the 2018 season and looked like the light had finally been turned on for him. He looked really bad against Miami and then had a good game against the patsy. He was looking very bad against Kentucky and I am positive we would have lost that game had Trask not come in.
It's going to be a strange season to begin win, but looks like you guys will get a lot of your younger players a lot of experience this year. Might not be a bad thing. UF was very very young in 2007 and ended up winning it all in 2008.
A lot of Gator fans will agree with you. For every awesome play that Toney has, he has about 3-4 other plays where he runs for 20 yards east and west to lose 3 yards on the play. However, when he is on like he was against FSU last year, he really is hard to keep your eyes off.
Agreed about CEH. He always comes across as pure class in interviews.