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I wasn't thinking it, but I want to fit in so I will say that all three of you beat me to it.
Pittman seems to have a good feel for everything. I think he's going to exceed expectations, even with the virus shutdown.
Eric Berry is my favorite Tennessee player of all time. He was awesome to watch and seems like he is genuinely a good dude.
Not sure if I would have included Will Wade on the list. It would be interesting to see how his teams would do if he wasn't caught on tape buying players.
I knew there was a reason why I liked 78 way better than Leghumper . . .
It's insane. Also crazy seeing all of the people packed like sardines over the weekend waiting to go through customs at DFW and O'Hare. I really wish that situation had been managed better.
Praying for their quick recoveries. This situation is so crazy.
Stop listening to Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.
Spot on - couldn't have said it any better myself.
Same thing with Isaiah Crowell in 2011 after the UF game. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Well deserved honor for a great player. When he was playing for UGA, I hated him and had mad respect for him at the same time. Surprised that it took him this long to make the hall of fame.
Sure thing. Even though Brewster is a bit of a mercenary, I think it's a great hire. He'll recruit well and teach his methods to other staff members.
Yep - I also think that losing Dusty May a couple of years ago to FAU hurt more than we expected.
Nice call about Shavar Manuel, but you have the wrong coach. That was Brad Lawing who had Manuel pull the stunt, not Tim Brewster.
I think that Mike White should be kept, but I would suggest to him that he change up some of his assistants. Billy Donovan's teams got better after he hired a defensive specialist (Larry Shyatt) and the defense continued to play great after Shyatt left for Wyoming. I think White needs to hire an assistant who can come in and re-shape the offense.
I agree with you guys. The past five years could have gone either way except the 2016 game where we jumped out to a huge lead early. It's become a fun and competitive rivalry.
Check out the video. He's clearly on the practice field with several players doing drills. Unless the drills are from his time at Bama and the video was doctored to make it look like it was UGA.
Looks like he published a video of him breaking the rules. That wasn't a very good idea.
I didn't realize that on field coaches were allowed to be around the players during offseason workouts as I thought that the S&C staff handles that. Maybe Cochran is playing more than one role at UGA which would be good for them since S&C is his forte.
I hope not as well, but a lot of my Bama friends feel like Cochran's training was the main culprit of their recent string of injuries. New guy looks like he incorporates more sports science in his training.
He was awesome when healthy. I have read that he has a 2nd - 3rd round grade. I'd be ecstatic if the Falcons got him on day 2. He's from Marietta so I am sure he'd be excited as well.
As a Falcons fan, I wouldn't mind seeing Fromm get drafted to back up and eventually replace Matt Ryan.
Might end up being an upgrade from Cochran when it's all said and done. This guy's resume and experience is impressive.
He might be on his parents' insurance until he gets drafted.
Wow - I never saw this coming! Great pickup.
Just like Jamie Newman who's 247 score is much lower than Boone's. I guess Newman is slated for the practice squad this season.
This must have happened between the Senior Bowl and the combine because if he had a fractured foot at the Senior Bowl, the medical staff there would have caught it.
No kidding! Where can I get paid the same amount of money he makes to state the obvious?