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Not cherry picked. I looked at the first three 5 star players that Kirby recruited. I'll continue to do this every year after the NFL draft if you'd like me to show how underdeveloped his guys will be.
Name three 5 star players who have shown improvement during their time at UGA. I can name one - D'Andre Swift.
A 4 star with Mullen's development is better off than a 5 star being developed by Kirby. If UGA doesn't win it all this year, the 5 star guys will start to see him for the fraud that he is.
Mecole should have been a first round pick, but nobody knew how good he was because he was so underutilized. If Nauta was so unathletic, why was he a five star to begin with? Grossly underdeveloped player who never improved in 3 years at UGA.
Kirby's first three 5 star recruits: Jacob Eason - transferred Mecole Hardman - under utilized and became a 2nd round pick Isaac Nauta - undrafted. I might have been too generous saying that Kirby turns them into 4 star talent.
Yeah - Kirby has done so much with all of his 5 stars. Kirby's development turns 5 star recruits into 4 star players at best.
Wow - the UGA trolls weren't the first ones to comment on this article. Must be past their bedtime.
As long as Jeff Dillman is your S&C Coordinator, you will continue to have several injuries. Not trying to be a jerk, but look at his past results at UF and South Carolina. I am not sure why Muschamp ties himself to Dillman.