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Funny that you're commenting on an article that is talking about the series/rivalry since the early 90's. What's UGA's record in Jacksonville in the same time frame?
Hopefully McElwain can break down the differences between Trask and Clabelle when he speaks next time
I told my friend who is a Bears fan before the season that he is going to love Eddy. He texted me yesterday to say I was right.
I might be the only person who doesn't find these SEC Shorts to be too funny.
Remember when Tennessee used to be good? It was way before Brandon Spikes played for UF
McElwain also said it's pretty cool that Trask is getting his chance to start.
Griese had a chance to come clean and apologize. Instead, he made up an excuse that he really meant to say something else. Hope he never calls a UF game again.
Haven't watched much UGA this year. How's Divaad Wilson playing? He looked pretty good in the Sugar Bowl last year.
Not a backpedal at all. If you look at the SEC East backup QBs and overall offensive talent, Missouri and then Vandy would be the most hurt by losing their backup. Trask looked good last night, but I am sure that the Gators will have their fair share of struggles with him. Sorry that you got offended, but you shouldn't assume that every comment on this site is referring to UGA.
Where did I say anything about Fromm and wishing for him to get hurt? You UGA fans are too sensitive as I was referring to Missouri with Taylor Powell as their backup. I think even Missouri fans would agree that they'd be in trouble if Bryant went down.
All three backups have played as good as, if not better than the original starters. There's another team in the East who won't be as lucky if their QB goes down.
Can you please link the Saturday update? I see one from Ole Miss, but not the SEC.
Several people have said the same thing. I was all set to switch to them and I called DirecTV to cancel last month. They convinced me to stay by matching the price of YouTube TV so I held off. However, not showing games this weekend would be the final straw.
He has mental issues unfortunately. Hopefully his family is looking into getting him some help.
If I am unable to watch games this weekend, I am dropping DirecTV. I've been a subscriber for 21 years/
I agree about the orange jerseys. When we started wearing them again more often about 8 years ago, several Gator fans were upset because they were saying that we looked like Clemson. I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing now because maybe some recruits would confuse us for Clemson and commit to UF instead :)
I thought the same thing about Wilson last year as the UF/UK game was his first SEC game. UF has more experience with the defensive scheme, but I am not ready to discount Sawyer Smith just because he has never played in a SEC game before.
Backup QBs in their first game as a starter have had success against UF in the past. I'll never forget losing to the Rooster at FSU in 1998. I think this game will be very close and if I were to bet on it, I would definitely take the cats and the points. Hopefully will be a clean game without any injuries for either team.
She was wondering why some 14 year old teenager who lives with his parents gave her $50 the other day. Thanks for the explanation.
You still owe me $500 for my Florida plus 7 bet against Miami. Don't take any more bets until you pay out your outstanding ones.
Sorry that you can't read and only look to troll. If you could read, you would see that Neil clearly said this: "Florida isn’t Alabama right now. The Gators aren’t Georgia. They can’t just roll the ball out and win by 20 most Saturdays." Let me guess your reply. "36-17 chump"
Really sad to hear this about Neiron. I met him one night in Gainesville after a game and he was a really great guy to chat with. Condolences to his family.
Your prediction was Canes by 7 and they lost by 4. I am not talking about any other predictions made by anybody else. You claimed that you were spot on by saying you picked the wrong team to win. Please explain how being wrong is being spot-on about your prediction.
"You know I’m spot-on, got you scared. The lizards barely survived a game with the 0-2 canes. I called the canes by 7 while all you delusional lizard lickers were predicting a beat-dowm of the canes." Since when is being wrong considered being spot-on?
Feel terrible for the kid. Hope he's well enough to play next week.
It's almost unfair to have him and Khalil Mack on the same team. Both are amazing players.
Jennings is a great player. I feel like he's been at Tennessee since Johnny Majors was the coach, though.