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Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if they are injecting Lysol or drinking bleach if they do get it.
I wish that were the case, but there are so many idiots down here who think this whole thing is a hoax and refuse to follow the recommendations. I wonder what would make them think that besides having rocks for brains.
No spin necessary. You were asking where the guy with the maniacal obsession with Newman was without realizing that you have the same maniacal obsession with CoJones. Just pointing out facts.
He's reminded me of Robert Woods ever since he started playing for UF. I don't expect him to be a superstar in the NFL, but he will be in the league for a long time barring injury.
Camp Randall will be fun. The Wisconsin fans I met at that Michigan game were all great. They agreed with me that the Big House was too quiet for that many people.
Have you been to any games in SEC stadiums for comparison? The only Big 10 stadium I have been to was in Ann Arbor. They were playing Wisconsin so it was a pretty big game and I couldn't believe that 110K people could be so quiet. I've heard that the Horseshoe and Penn State are much louder than the Big House.
I'm definitely right about Tara's Theme. There are several articles online discussing it.
I think it's called Tara's Theme, but don't know anything else about it.
Penn State has the loudest stadium in the Big 10. However, it would probably rank about 8th or 9th in the SEC behind these schools in no specific order: LSU Auburn Bama A&M UGA UF Tennessee
This is really awesome. I wonder if it will be Jeremy Pruitt coaching against Ryan Day.
Agreed 100%. We'll probably know by mid October because we'll be able to see how he does against Bama and Auburn.
Greg McElroy also thought Jim McElwain was an awesome head coach for Florida. I think Newman is going to be really really good for UGA this year, but I'd pump the brakes on a potential top 5 pick. Lawrence, Fields, Sewell, and Chase are practically guaranteed to be picked in the top 5 so that only leaves space for one more player.
Finebaum wants him fired from OK State so he can become the next offensive coordinator at Bama.
I agree with the poster above. If he had worn a Fox News shirt, no harm/no foul. However, he chose to wear a shirt that has been in denial of the reasons for the recent protests.
I think he went off his meds back in December time frame. He used to be one of the very best posters on this site and then became unbearable almost overnight.
I agree with this. When talking to fans of teams from other conferences and they suggest Kentucky is a pushover, I always explain that they've consistently gotten better under Stoops. He's been a great fit for you guys.
I think it is a good call for White as he looked like he had a little extra oomph in the Sugar Bowl
Best of luck to him as he is a great kid. I can't see him getting much playing time at Duke, though.
I'm somewhat surprised to not see Jamie Newman in the list of top 5 QBs by the Fox analysts.
Let us all forget that you stick your finger in your butt and lick it
Hopefully the same thing happens to you one day so your mother has to suffer the same way Reche's mother is today. However, you seem like a true a$$hole so your mom would probably be happy if it happened to you.
The thing that sticks out to me is that some former teammates have come out and specifically said they do not support him anymore. I have yet to see any former players come out and say they do support him (I could have missed it, though). That seems to indicate that maybe this wasn't the first incident, but the first one we've heard about. This is just speculation, though, as I do not know Jake.
I'd hope so too, but you never know. There are a bunch of crazy people who post on here.
That actually might be a good thing. If discussions get as heated as they do regarding football, I can only imagine how bad they would get when dealing with race.