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If you’re referring to this past year where did you hear about the Florida defense being “powerful”???? Everyone knows defense sucked last year and the Florida team that showed up in that bowl was not the Florida that had played all year.
If they looking for new schools why not bring in two southeastern schools like FSU and Clemson? Though FSU would give the SEC a bad name.
We’ll see how it goes with the new coach to add AU as the fourth head. Just right now if that happened your top 3 would be in the same division and then arguably imo the west would be weaker then.
I have either seen this or heard this so much lately. I don’t get it... at all. Alabama and A&M are nowhere near each other. When you say closing the gap it’s supposed to mean close. I guess they mean closing it from a million miles apart to 999,999.
Soooo OU and Texas have decided they want to actually face a defense on a regular occasion?? I guess at least OU’s streak of losing in the playoffs would end because they wouldn’t be making it. But Alabama can stay in the West. Bama, UGA, and UF on the same side is too much.
Do you even watch softball? UGA is hosting a regional as a number 2 seed.