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Agreed - Leak started his first game as a true Freshman vs San Jose State in 2003 and Tebow played in his first game vs Southern Miss in 2006. Tebow did have to wait to become the fulltime starter, but neither Leak or Tebow had to wait to play.
DarthA/Darviathar - that's exactly my point, Trask DOES need to throw 4-yard TD passes and Jones DOES have better stats other than TDs and Yards because of UF's one-dimensional offense. Trask will need to throw against LSU and Bama, leading to more yards and TDs. Harris will run over Arkansas and prob put up 3 TDs vs UF in the SEC. Saban's smart and the gameplay vs UF is run and keep the ball away from the offense (see UK first half). UF has Swiss cheese defense that winless Vandy put 400 up against. If all holds true, Trask will end up with more passing yards and TDs than Jones. Individual awards usually go to the person with the higher stats. Yes, it can go to the best player on the best team (see Eric Crouch), but can also go to a player with better statistics on a team with losses (Lamar Jackson 9-4 Louisville). Same would be true if they swapped teams, Trask would throw less at Bama and Jones would throw more at UF. Both are great QBs putting up great numbers, my point was simply that individual awards typically go to individuals based on season stats. As it stands now, Trask will probably end up in the mid-40s on TDs with close to 4,000 yards. Jones will end up in the mid or low 30s with TDs (due to Bama's ability to run) and somewhere near 4,000 yards too. Typically the Heisman goes to the player with higher on-paper numbers. Jones has the better QBR (96.3 vs Trask 92.7) and better completion percentage (75.6% vs Trask 71.4%) those things just don't seem to matter as much as TDs when it comes to Heisman voting, plus Jones has to compete with his own teammates for votes. You never know with the Heisman, just saying raw number favor Trask in my opinion.
Agreed - having talent around you often means it's HARDER to win the Heisman, an individual award, since individual stats are either split with receivers or lost out to a RB, as shown with Trask having 11 more TD passes than Jones. UF doesn't have a run game, so Trask is getting more chances to gain passing TDs. Personally, I see Trask winning the Heisman based on better numbers than Jones (sharing TDs and Votes)and better numbers than Fields and Lawrence based on fewer games played. Alabama will win a shootout in Atlanta, so UF will get some awards, but Bama will get the Championship (and some awards too).
Never listen to someone who spells dog with an A and a W. Anyone can search google to see Richards is ranked above Beck. They just can't find it because they keep typing in the search bar.
Yes - those 3 coaches were 5-4 against UGA, so your point is unclear. UF signed them to bad contracts, but still beat UGA more than they lost. Those were mediocre coaches, unrelated to a recruiting budget. I don't agree recruiting should be capped - let the teams spend what they want and see how it plays out on the field. UF has had #1 recruits amount to nothing and walk-ons set records. Great teams are a combo of good recruiting and coaching. NOTE TO DAWG FANS: Making fun of McElwain isn't an insult, UF didn't like him either AND he was 3-1 against UGA (1-1 against Smart).
"Because Franks struggled so much and looked so lost for 2 years under Jim McElwain," ummmmm... he played 1 year under McElwain and has played 2 years total. He did redshirt and not play his first year under McElwain, so maybe Chris means he was lost on campus trying to find his dorm. If Franks can learn to run next year (he drastically improved from game 1 to Michigan last year) he could certainly be the MVP for the Gators.
Third and Grantham is real, but he's also never had the speed of athlete he's got now at UF, which is why all the blitzing worked so well this season. Not throwing shade at UGA bc I don't know your roster from 2010-13, but UF's got great speed on D right now. When it works, he's amazing (see Joseph vs LSU and Stiner vs MSU), when it doesn't he gets outcoached (see Joseph in coverage vs UGA, LBs vs Missouri, USC)I'm glad he stayed but won't be upset or surprised to see him go. He's had 8 jobs in 20 years, with the longest being 4 years. He's only been with Mullen for 2, so I'm not sweating if he decides to leave soon. When he leaves, I'm sure there will be another to take his place. I would be much more worried if others on the coaching staff left.
Franks has a huge arm and makes some unbelievable throws (see LSU, Michigan, etc.) but he also fails to make correct reads and makes stupid throws (see LSU, Michigan, etc.). He certainly has the capability of throwing for over 3,000 yards if he learns to play smarter and go through his progressions. The biggest hurdle is that this is a run-first offense.