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Ah man, messing up a zinger about calling me stupid kinda takes out all the zing. Keeping Fromm over Fields has proved to be pretty stupid though.
The elite power five sh*t show ranked in the top ten?
Right on cue. I'm glad Fields is finally where he can live out his dream, aren't you?
He's up at 11 today! Mom probably needed to vacuum the basement.
The notion that UGA doesn't have a decent shot in this game is a little silly. The best teams in the conference (Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia and LSU) can all beat each other. LSU has looked the best of the bunch but they aren't out of reach of any of those teams.
Where are the Dawg fans with the Mullen recruiting quote that has nothing to do with this?
As Nash stated, UF did this very well against LSU and the result was what you'd want - a close game in the fourth quarter. One mistake though, and you're done. UGA tried to play safe against USC and it backfired. They'll do it again against LSU but they'll have to score consistently.
UGA seems better defensively to me but some of the stats are misleading. UGA runs clock, gets ahead of less talented opponents, and slows down the game. LSU boat races you forcing teams to play a little wild and also getting more possessions will result in more scores. LSU seems to have faced better offenses as well but I don't have stats on that.
Yeah he has been battling a high ankle sprain. I think he got hurt against Auburn missed the USC game and LSU games completely and didn't play half of the UGA game or something like that. Still leads the SEC in sacks despite that.
I guess so. Looks like he's 17 pounds lighter and an inch shorter than the NFL average. Maybe a good combine can help
I wonder why Greenard doesn't project super well in the draft. The guy had a monster year and has better stats in less games than just about any SEC DE
LSU only beat Auburn by 3 and the Alabama and Florida games were fairly close. Nobody else has posed too much of a threat.
Bama has been ridiculously loaded the past ten years. This would likely be a competitive NFL team though I like that the author keeps NFL career out of the equation
Why is Florida lucky to walk away with a win? UF has beaten AU by the widest margin this year. Nix had more starts at that point than our QB. Dunno why everyone thinks only one team would improve as the year went on. A win over Auburn is slightly more impressive than a win over Bama this year. Or at least you must believe, about equal?
Krull has been a great player and I wish he was staying. But Pitts is All American caliber as a pass catcher and nobody is taking his spot. Might be a smart move for Krull as he can definitely start at many other places.
Dang Liam coming in with the dagger for both of us
Don't jump to conclusions CO. Can't claim a state title if we don't play FIU. #theU
Most people disagree with you as seen above. Fans of different teams as well. This is the only ranking I've seen where UF is not higher than AU. AU has a really strong team this year but most agree that UF is better. We can agree to disagree
So your argument is that Auburn is better because you lost by less points to three teams than UF lost to two teams but one of the teams you lost to IS UF lol. Your data set makes little sense.
Good luck Franks! Sad to see you go but your path leads elsewhere. Going to light it up somewhere for sure.
Ints are kind of a big deal. And Tua isn't known for throwing them lol
It should be -11 for AU and +11 for UF. You should include all three games for both teams
Ranked at the time means very little. Teams are ranked much more accurately at the end of the year. You'll notice UF is above AU in all relevant polls
You realize you left out the UF AU game on UFs point differential right? Then the point differential is much more telling. It's +11 for UF
Hmm Auburn ahead of Florida when they lost to the same two teams and UF won head to head. Not only that, Alabama ahead of Auburn??
Man, undefeated at home and a top ten team. Wouldn't have believed it possible to be here this quick. Love this team. Go Gators!
Dude what are his ligaments made of. I'm cringing every time he cuts
I feel like I would have wanted to hang on to him if I was a Mizzou fan