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I agree that the o line situation is not as dire as it's being made out to be. We are a little thin there though.
This gator is worried about the game. I'll bet we win but I'm not overconfident. On paper, this Miami team is just as talented as ours. Those linebackers and D line will be a problem. I think it will be a close, defensive game. Here's to hoping I'm wrong and we blow them out of the water!
I don't think it will hurt UGA that much. The recruiting has been superb so it's not like these guys are slouches. Maybe first couple games getting into rhythm
I dunno why you think Florida's schedule last year was easy. It certainly wasn't the toughest but the East was one of the toughest divisions in CFB last year. The other top ten win is Michigan who UF blew away. I would only call the mizz loss a blowout. UGA was losing in the third. Kentucky wasn't a blowout either. I'm okay with your prediction but there seems to be some misconceptions about last year's team.
Yeah why shouldn't UF be in there. Played 3 teams in the top 7, beat two of them, hung with the other until the fourth quarter.
He was just talking about the east division
Dang. Well I guess he'll be back next year battling for the starter position.
He said we might have 3 losses which will be the same loss total as last year and we ended up tied at 7th. I don't see how his prediction is all that different from the preseason ranking.
Yeah I was referring to Shuler but just trying to point out that he has a lot of playing time in CFB. Can't wait for this game! So stoked that we get to play a week early!
Strange, I saw Pierce listed second on a different site. Gatorfan9696 is right though, Malik was the only player doing anything against UGA two years ago. The LOS on defense is actually very experienced with two transfer players. Our DTs are mainly used as space eaters though which is why you've only heard of zuniga and Polite before he left.
A true freshman at left tackle? Interesting. Both D lines might feast. Low scoring game?
Coming from a Jake Bentley guy? Really can't tell if this is a joke.
The worst part is he won't show his face here again if UGA loses. You'll be one of the very few still here taking the punishment from everyone else. And it's not just UF fans that have had enough.
This is true. The idiots of teams not doing well are much more quiet. Easy to be loud when you're on top. And despite not having a Natty yet, UGA is certainly at the top.
That's the best way to look at it. Why complain about a preseason poll?
I agree with a lot you said about the Mad Hatter. Seems like you're calling it pretty early for Coach O, Kirby, and Mullen though. Kirby has already given Saban hell, Mullen just got to an institution that can compete with Alabama and has yet to play then there, Coach O also just got started.
Yeah it sucks because the last couple years there seemed to be a bunch of good match-ups. The Clemson games will only be interesting if Tamu and Scar are close late. The LSU Texas match-up may be the best.
Having FSU power-ranked below Georgia Southern, Troy, Memphis, and Utah State gives me the warm fuzzies inside. This list gets really weak after the top five though.
Seemed more like patronizing to me. Enjoy yours as well.
Seriously it's kind of ridiculous. Every single UF article. Everyone just trying to pick fights with the UF fans all the time. It's mostly UGA but other teams too.
Seems like you're just lookin for a good ol fashion internet fight for no reason. Probably a real tough guy in person. When did I seem callous about injuries? Aren't fans more concerned about depth to positions that are thin? Do I have to throw a disclaimer out every time I talk about an injury that I don't want any of the other position players, players from other teams, coaches, humans or animals of the earth to get injured. And yeah, our secondary is thin too. Another position I'm worried about, though not as much so. We could suffer losses much better on the D-line, receivers, backfield. Oh, disclaimer - I don't want those guys hurt either. Happy?
No duh. I meant specifically to our o line which is dangerously thin. We aren't as afraid of injuries in other areas.
This is what we were afraid of. Hopefully it's minor stuff that heals quickly.
Seems pretty reasonable to me. Author seemed to have the record about right but the teams wrong.
I really was talking more about the culture around the team and the roster in general. The money has always been there and I think the fan base will be patient with Pruitt. Whatever coach was hired was not going to win the SEC East for a few years and had to get everyone to be patient and buy in to the program.
Tennessee wasn't getting turned down because it was a bad job. It was getting turned down because it needed a complete overhaul and not many coaches are willing to endure the uphill climb in this conference. Pruitt seems like a good fit.