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It's based on their performance at the camp which is scored. It's not a ranking of who they think is best.
Mullen was the underdog in the Auburn game just last year. Dunno about his all time underdog record but it's safe to say you are no longer a credible source on the subject. Maybe we'll find something you know about one day.
I actually like it when the picks aren't all the same and journalist go out on a limb. I don't mind the Pitts snub even if I don't agree with it. The Slaton pick is pretty strange though. He's not even getting all that much hype within the UF fan base.
No jersey would look cooler on the wall than that Tebow one.
I find it strange that SDS missed that there was a UF selection on the second team. I find it even stranger that the selection was Tedarrell Slaton.
Can we do preseason position rankings for the league or something? I'm getting bored.
So touchy. Tebow didn't look like one either. Just saying Newman looks more like an OLB
I'm assuming most people on here follow barstool and every time they post this guy I skip right over it
This guy sure doesn't look like a QB. His running ability is mentioned in the article but I was under the impression he really isn't that fast. Maybe just tough to bring down?
This guy is normally not funny at all but he really nailed this
We agree. But he apologized for doing it the way he did and said the way to do it would have been in person like a man. Gotta give him credit for that.
I'm impressed by Hubbard's response. Kudos to the way OSU handled the situation.
I dunno that watching OAN means you wanna kill people either. You realize I was saying both are probably fine to do without someone putting you on blast. I only know what I've read in this thread and gathered it supports Trump, and entertains conspiracy theories. Doesn't sound like intelligent stuff but it also doesn't seem like you could judge someone's character just because they watch it.
I guess I'll put some money on the next UGA bowl game
Fully support the player's freedom of speech but couldn't this have been handled behind closed doors? Really hate the public trials that keep happening. I dunno much about OAN but are things said on that show half as bad as the lyrics of the music OSU players listen to? If a player is caught listening to music riddled with the glorification of gang violence, drug use, sexism, violence against police etc, will Gundy refuse to coach until they stop?
Did... did Leghumper just call "GatorbaiterU" an elite program? Oh nvmd I see that UGA offered him. Just making sure I read that right.
If Mullen cured cancer, Leghumper would say he put scientists out of work. Kirby could burn down an orphanage and Leghumper would say he was keeping people warm.
No I'd probably expect him to pick the Heisman winning, two time national champ that is better in pretty much every stat.
Lmao! Type-O fits TDOW well though. Can dish it out to anyone but can't take it.
I have no idea what kinda dance that is but he did it pretty well!
I always thought the "Dancing Dan" moniker was a little ridiculous but I guess I'm on board with it now lol
I have only watched him play UF and he seemed pretty good. He did seem to get a fair amount of media attention so I guess that's why I thought he was good.
Apology accepted from this fan. Takes a real man to admit he was wrong in what he did and that he had lied about it. Will be rooting for him in the future. Some team has got to be picking him up right?
Interesting that, other than the ever present Bama, these are all East teams. Dunno that much about everyone's o line but 5 seems high for a UF squad that couldn't run block last year