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You realize scheduling is done way in advance right? FSU will unfortunately be back very soon. Imagine if ga tech actually had 3 Natty's since your last one. You wouldn't be looking to schedule much else.
UF has not been stellar this decade but I think the one play heartbreaks trophy definitely belongs to UGA
FSUs pass to beat Auburn might be more painful to me than the Jordan Reed fumble
And yet, it's still a yard more than Burrow per carry. It's no secret Tim was used in short yardage situations and he was rarely stopped anyway. That D line is really nasty and I'm not sure Burrow would fare well against it. The receivers better get open real quick
Gosh I already love having this guy in the conference
I think a lot of people would disagree that Tebow is not mobile or fast compared to Joe Burrow. He actually threw quite well in college. His career passing stats are actually comparable to Joe Burrow in college. Without cluttering this reply with too many stats, JB carrer passer rating (at LSU lets say) is 173.2 and Tim's is 170.8. The amount of disrespect Tebow gets on this site because the NFL didn't work out is incredible. You'd think the guy would be a back up on everybody's teams these days.
But your reasoning was the o line won't hold back the defense. Burrow had a nice clean pocket this year and didn't have to scramble very often. Not saying the guy is a statue but Tebow is much more mobile. I saw what happened to Burrow last year against my Gators when there was pressure. It wasn't pretty.
I'm not really understanding your reasoning. You think the oline is going to collapse so you don't think that one of the most mobile QBs in conference history is a good option? Tebow was more mobile than Burrow no?
I'm gonna cast my defensive vote for Reggie Nelson. The Eraser was really something else
Didn't expect anyone to pick Percy, who is also my favorite. Probably the greatest player from UF and would have been dominant in the NFL except for the migraines and injuries.
I'm okay with Bradford over Tebow that year. Their stats are fairly similar though, Bradford just had way more attempts. Similar td/int ratio, similar yards per completion and completion percentage. Bradford edges Tebow in most categories but I think that's erased by the tougher defenses UF faced that year. The big 12 was all high flying offenses and the SEC was definitely defense oriented at that time. Bradford has had a longer NFL career though, which I guess you could call more successful.
First off, I never disagreed with the Heisman voting. I just think McCaffrey is a better rb. Second, I'm not really big on comparing guys at different positions. I definitely think Tebow deserved the Heisman over McFadden but I guess you could say at his position, McFadden was a more valuable NFL player
Heisman tends to go to the guy on the better team. At the time, it was hard to tell who was better. Both guys are great but after watching them in the NFL, I'd take McCaffrey.
This is an awful situation. I suppose they are doing what they feel is necessary. Cancelled the CWS as well? Of course when my Gators are off to their hottest start.
That's a fair point. Down 6 in the fourth must mean 3 safeties
Actually, UGA was never 3 scores up in that game at any point. And if you think Kirby went into a prevent defense up 6 points in the beginning of the fourth, you think he's a lot dumber than I do.
It may seem like UF fans paint a rosy picture when it comes to the returning WRs but I think those that have watched Copeland, Grimes, Pitts, and Toney play realize that we should be just fine. Maybe a slight drop off, maybe a slight improvement. The real advantage last year was depth at WR. Couple injuries this year and we will have some unknowns playing a lot of downs. Hoping to continue to see the Oline improve as they gain experience and go through the Savage process. Dunno how we replace the Edge guys but I said that last year as well. Recruiting class ranking doesn't mean all that much to me. Dan has done a great job of filling needs and finding team players that he can develop.
This sucks. Really thought we could beat UK at full strength. I'm guessing UK has quality depth though.
I know right?! We got a 2 star QB as our starter!
Daggum I was hoping to find some Florida guys making fun of UGA for signing a three star
Elam was always super sketchy. I think the arrest was for armed robbery While playing in the NFL. Could have been a great player if he was focused on playing ball
I agree with you Wadeless. Weren't they all saying the offense was going to be better in the new system last year? Didn't they just lose a first round rb and his competent backup? Didn't they just lose their best receiver and oline? Didn't they just lose the best QB to ever stay at UGA? It's fine if you think the offense might be better but I keep hearing "cause it can't get worse", and that's some shaky ground to stand on.
I agree it's just an early start and not yet impressive. It's obvious that we won't be keeping that pace. Just locking up some guys before we go after bigger fish. UF fans usually mean the kids that grew up in FL. Other fans that like to make our recruiting seem worse than it is like to include IMG.
I hear ya. Kyle Trask hasn't started a full season, lost 4 wideouts and his favorite rb to throw to and he's right there with him. I wouldn't put my money on either one.
I think it has more to do with the fact that UGA will be a contender next year and everyone knows it. The Heisman doesn't go to the best player, it goes to the QB or occasionally the RB of one of the teams with very few losses.
I hate this for Van. Luckily he has good tape and proved to be one of the best if not the best receiver at the Senior Bowl. Was hoping he could get some good workouts in though. His athleticism is the only thing in question.
The fracture he has can often go undiagnosed. We also don't know when it happened. Could have been yesterday for all we know.