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Ever the genius, Mullen is trying to have the ogre keep his job. He's playing the long game.
If anyone finds this guy's tail let me know and I'll pin it back on for him
So Hooker is the 7th best QB in the SEC but the 8th best player. Makes sense.
Are you planning on rushing someone else's field so they will get fined? Pretty devious of you.
Sounds like this has less to do with playing time and more to do with off the field issues.
You have no idea what you're talking about. AR is a Gainesville highschool product. He's home. He's also getting tons of playing time even though the other QB can run the offense much better.
Tennessee has been impressive to me this year. I figured they'd be a lot worse than they are. Still plenty of losses coming but I wouldn't let that discourage me if I was a UT fan. Headed in the right direction for sure and this was always going to be a lost year
Your pun is appreciated here footfighter
The defense has improved dramatically from last year to this year. Unfortunately not enough to offset the drop-off on offense. The transfer DTs seem to be the biggest reason for the turnaround imo.
Makes you wonder who these people are in real life. I've never met a Georgia fan in person that I didn't like.
Are you saying that YOU ALMOST BEAT BAMA!?
As long as you're okay with another 40 year drought. Were you alive to see a Natty? I'm guessing no. Too bad.
I'd be okay with that at this point. A 16 point win over the number 1 or number 2 team in the country would be nice
Don't forget - Vaenderbuilt aministration marrige the "s" word that might get flagged so I won't type it champonships I honestly can't tell if it's a troll
Yes I did. Hmm that could be an interesting barometer for the question of who is better between Alabama and Georgia. I tend to think Ole Miss is a better team than Arkansas. They played Bama much better than the score indicated. Arkansas got absolutely destroyed by UGA so I'm not really sure how good they are. The TAMU win has lost its luster and the Texas win was nice but didn't prove much beyond proving the SEC is vastly superior than the Big 12
Exactly. "Kicking their butts" is like what Bama and UF did to UGA last time they played. Utter dominance
Calm down there little fella. Kentucky used to be an easy game for us. It's not anymore. Not really arrogance, just fact. If anything I'd say that's a compliment to what Stoops has done. You're right Mr Steele. They won fair and square. But to say they "kicked our butts"? Yeah I dunno about that.
Not too many terribly interesting games on this week. I guess Auburn UGA might be good but Auburn probably won't move the ball much. LSU Kentucky might be the best game. Playing Vandy will at least be relaxing for once, like playing Kentucky used to be.
Did ya like him last year as he tore your team apart? Careful with the bravado, he may just do it again
Eh I could understand not airing it out in a close game but they should have at least seen where a couple of runs would have gotten them. We were moving the ball pretty well in this game.
Good game cats. We couldn't stop shooting ourselves in the foot.
Ole Miss is getting beat, sure. But Kiffins dumb gambles have made a comeback nigh impossible
Personally, I don't think Baton Rouge is all it's cooked up to be. I've been to a close fought night game and it was rowdy but the Swamp and Bryant Denny seemed significantly louder to me.
True that Ole Miss-Bama is a big game but I feel like I know who both teams are. Not so sure about UGA or UK yet. They've had impressive and not so impressive wins. Should be a fun weekend.
I don't understand the noon start but it makes for a nice slate of games for me to watch all day long. This is the most intriguing game of the day. About to learn a lot about the Dawgs!
With all due respect Bewheezy, Leeland is never wrong. His posts are always reasonable, on topic, and full of useful information.
So we can recover 16 points on Bama but absolutely won't be able to recover 14 on the mighty Kentucky. Got it.
Key word is bama. You guys are Kentucky