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Pretty sure Dan Mullen put out the dumpster fire two years ago
Grimes, Pitts, and Shorter seem like they will be tough to cover just from a size standpoint. Shorter has plenty of talent, let's see if he can start putting it all together.
More like Spurrier just telling it like it is. I thought the same thing when I saw those two teams didn't play each other.
Agreed. Really good year for raising your draft stock if you are a fringe draft player. Less total players in this draft and plenty that aren't going to play that you could surpass with a good year.
Doesn't feel real quite yet. Only a few weeks to go!
Couldn't tell you which one is better personally but I think the burden of proof is on those in the Davis corner. Carter has better stats in every category...
UF never really gets much RB hype and will likely have a committee approach but Pierce will be on this list before long. Averaged 5.9 yards on 123 carries behind an o line that is likely to improve substantially.
He did very well against Stingley. A guy like Jefferson is the perfect antidote to a supreme athlete like Stingley that doesn't have much experience or refined technique yet. I also think Jefferson is going to be better in the NFL than he was in college because the timing of the throws will be better.
Haven't ever seen any other gator run better routes. Don't think any defender shut him down last year despite the fact that he is not a freak athlete. Keep it up Van! I'm hoping to grab you in the later rounds of my draft!
Nobody denies that opening businesses has largely contributed to the increase in cases. What you fail to realize is that we had no choice. Businesses were shut down for 6 or more weeks and limited thereafter. We cannot sustain a shutdown any longer. This is exactly what I was making fun of you about earlier. Would you have us all stop working until Christmas? All that graph shows is that the south was hit after the north. When you scroll down and see that the cases are decreasing in almost all the southern states, it's easy to see that most of them are coming down off of their peak. The WHO declared a global emergency in January and Trump declared a national emergency March 13th. Everyone was aware of the virus and how it was transmitted long before the cases in northern metropolitan areas skyrocketed. You act as if the southern states had a better chance but we have not found any viable, proven treatments nor has any state or country been effective in containing and stopping the spread. It's worth noting that I'm a medical professional, my head is not in the sand. I've probably forgotten more than you'll ever know about virology and epidemiology.
Correct, it did hit the northern states first. So you would expect the southern states to hit their peak later, and then decline. Which is already happening. It's alarming that you think people in the South are getting "karma" dying from a virus. There are no steps to be taken to eliminate spread, though you can slow it down or postpone it. To insinuate the South has done a worse job than anywhere else is bigoted at best. There is no evidence to support your argument.
Well I was obviously being facetious which is why I brought up the vaccine. Who brought up masks? You were mad about businesses opening when you don't understand that businesses have no choice but to open or go under. Obviously when the "quarantine" ended, cases were going to rise. Things have never been "out of control" in the South. By that I mean the hospitals have not been overrun. Fun Fact: The 5 states with the highest death rate per capita from C19 are all in the North East. People should wear masks in crowded areas and take reasonable precautions. You won't find many people disagreeing with that. The notion that we shouldn't open businesses is absurd.
Nah I was just kidding. I'm a small business owner myself. Just poking a little fun at our friend in Missouri here. The sarcasm doesn't come through text that well I guess.
I agree with Booches. Shut down everything except large corporations until it's 100 percent safe and small business owners be d**ned!
They cover recruiting pretty well and will have smaller stories fall through the cracks. My point is they won't pass up any chance to post a "UF missed recruit" article. It's a fair assessment of Mullen. Hasn't been able to recruit top 100 guys in his own backyard despite two very successful years. This, combined with Kirby's unprecedented recruiting success at rival UGA, makes for salty Gators. Mullen has evened out the roster very nicely and has used the transfer portal masterfully. His ability to overcome talent disparities on the field is well documented. Time will tell if it is enough.
We can agree to disagree on that. I think we both realize that negative UF recruiting stories are a much bigger attraction for clicks and comments though.
They probably thought we landed him and didn't want to look at it. Shh nobody tell them!
Plenty of Gators might not admit it but we definitely wish we could recruit as well as Bama, UGA, LSU etc. He has taken steps this year to shore up in-state recruiting but relationships with these kids cannot be instantly made and it will take a year or two to take effect. It's worth noting that 5 of the top 20 you mentioned are not Florida natives but attend IMG. UF fans are frustrated with recruiting at the level we are after back to back ten win seasons but Mullen isn't going anywhere if he keeps winning ten games and he can develop the talent to play with the big boys.
There's a reason SDS did not report at all on James Williams picking Miami over UGA. They know this comment thread will get many more clicks and comments.
Yes and yes. The schedule was not fair for Auburn at all. Had they beaten LSU, they would have lost a West division title without losing to a single team in the West. The scheduling hasn't been fair in the past. With this turmoil, I see no reason to make it worse.
I think the reason that wouldn't be fair is because UF is playing the best teams in the West and trying to win an East title. Auburn has those games every year but so does every team in the West (except the UGA one). If only your division wins and losses counted towards winning the division, then I'd agree with you.
I don't blame you for not really buying any Jones hype but I'm convinced he'd pass the eye test if you watched his film. Even some of his incompletions have been really nice passes. A lot of gator fans think that the only reason Trask took over instead of Jones is that Trask had a much better handle on the offense. Not so much that he is more accurate.
Not being able to kick FSU when they are down would be a huge bummer.
Leghumper I think you're looking at the roster on 247. It doesn't make a distinction between redshirt freshman and freshman. Some of our current redshirt freshman actually started games at the end of last year and performed well. There are no true freshman on our expected two deep. I think only Braun and Leonard are the two true freshman that could see playing time.
To be fair, if the only articles you look at are UF ones, it would be a reasonable conclusion.
The reason he sat out 2019 was a foot injury. This is a huge blow to the depth. I was excited to see him in action this year. Best of luck to ya big fella