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Also, if you think that Bama has a better O-line, better RBs, AND better receivers, then you certainly must think that Trask is far better than Jones.
The receiving corps as a whole dude. Man, some of you bammers are real sensitive. If you had a receiver draft of the two teams I'd say Devonta is the #1 pick. After that are you telling me all of Bama's guys are going before Pitts, Toney, Grimes and Shorter? You haven't watched UF this year have you?
Bamas rushing game also helps Mac out a lot. UF doesn't have a heisman caliber back and doesn't have an NFL Oline. Teams don't have to play up close to the line against UF. Without Waddle I think receiver talent is a wash. Dunno who's better but it's really close stat wise and Mac seems to have more help. Nit picking anyways. Both guys are killing it
For Chris to hold the record for decades is really something. The game has changed so much so for him to hold it that long is really a testament to Spurrier bring far ahead of his time.
I didn't even realize he was closing in on the record. Impressive
Some people are mad that Gary D is covering their game. Others are mad that those people are complaining. Some are mad that SDS made yet another article about it. A few are mad that people get mad about other people getting mad at SDS about it. There ya go, no reason for anyone else to comment. You're welcome
Hey FFG, did you enjoy Trask breaking yet another Joe Borrow record today? Trask and his receivers looked flat today, still threw for almost 400 yards and 3 tds with no ints lol
There are so many people that still can't get over how Spurrier owned their football teams haha.
We'll leave you with the last word. Aren't we all just glad there's football being had? Take care Humper, I'll get a fresh bottle ready just in case.
Alright I'll admit the bottle is half gone. Don't worry about kicking through my goal posts, you don't have Blankenship anymore and you won't make it close enough with that offense. Here's my point - Kirby is failing his five stars. They are expecting to be first round draft picks. They are the top 32 guys coming out of high school and if chalk holds (it never does) they will be the top 32 leaving high school. I don't have the numbers of the percentage of 5 stars nationally that become 1st rounders but supposedly in recent years it is 20 to 50 percent? 5 stars at UGA end up going somewhere else or not becoming first round guys. I think the only one Kirby has had is Isaiah Wilson? Give him credit for Sony if you want. Half of the 5 stars in the 2018 class aren't even playing for UGA anymore. I'm just trying to help you see that the less with more narrative is gaining traction with every passing year.
Uhhh Kirby Smart became the head coach in 2015. It's 2020. You're eligible after three years there bub. I don't see any of your guys going first round this year but I'll bet you a bottle of Macallan 1 in 4 of the five stars he recruits don't become first rounders. Oh btw guys that transfer don't count ;)
We got absolutely shredded by those two. So frustrating during the game. Fun to watch now.
Wydermeyer is very good. Pitts has better offensive stats. Pitts has 4 less receptions for about 100 more yards and twice as many tds and one and a half less games. Stats aren't everything but Pitts is much better in the passing game given the eye test of any sane person. Wydermeyer might be better at blocking but Pitts has gotten really good at that as well this year.
The Townsends have been the most important players on our teams at times.
Actually, UGA only had one 5 star recruit drafted in the first round in 2018 - Sony Michel. Roquan and Wynn were 4 star recruits. They were also all Richt recruits. A better analysis would be further along in Kirby's tenure no? I am not going to dive that deep into the numbers but maybe you have some answers for me. I think Kirby has recruited 20 five star recruits. Roughly a quarter of 5 star recruits tend to get drafted in the first round. How many of Kirby's 18 five star guys have been drafted in the first round? More to the point, which of the 16 five star guys that are on the team right now do you see being drafted in the first round? I honestly don't see a single first rounder on your team, much less 4 of them. My overall point is, if you didn't tell me what team I was looking at but showed me the recruiting classes of UGA, I'd ask how many natty's that team had won. You'd say zero. Then I'd ask how many Heisman's they had with all that talent. Again, none. Then I'd ask how many of those 20 five star guys at least turned into first round draft picks. Not sure what the answer is but it doesn't seem good.
No, I'm not "off" on my facts. Do you know why 32 players will be given a five star rating? It mirrors the first round of the NFL draft. Now, obviously we don't expect every five star to fill that first round of the draft but that is the projection based on their talent at the highschool level. So tell me, how many five star recruits have gone through UGA and followed the projection?
Perfectly reasonable speculation. You may be right. I haven't watched any A&M since our game but the Gators defense has dramatically improved. Not that Mizz, UGA, or Ark have notable offenses, but we didn't stop you guys once in that game. I think we could get a couple stops if we played again. Our offense has showed that it's going to roll no matter who it plays. Anyways, A&M needs more respect from some of the Gator posters on here. Got beat fair and square and we aren't playing again.
Unfortunately the Heisman isn't exactly about the best player. Jones would definitely win if UF loses to Bama even if Trask balled out and vice versa
I agree with BamaTime and BigEasy. To discredit the TAMU win because of the fumble makes no sense to me. They also had a turnover. They won fair and square although the officiating was bad in that game for both sides if I remember right. My personal opinion is that UF is the better team and would likely win in a rematch. That's not what these polls are about though. TAMU has earned the right to be ranked ahead of UF for the reasons BamaTime states. If UF beats Bama, that should change.
Got to it before I could, GOW. Hard to know why Kirby wouldn't take a massive raise and try to build a program. Maybe he knows he needs a top program and top recruits so he can have mediocre results? Just kidding though. UGA was really one play away from a natty. Less with more does seem to ring true though. How many of those 5 stars have become first round NFL draft picks? That's supposedly what a 5 star is supposed to become...
That one extra win was pretty nice too. Man, I'd hate to imagine what a Kirby defense would look like at Miss State. Imagine what Trask would do to a Kirby defense full of 3 stars. By the way, he looked pretty good without Pitts eh?
Thanks for the insight. I didn't hear any boos at all in the posted clip but I figured there'd be some. Also knew the general boos for the opposing team would be misconstrued per usual.
And I pray you're not a fortune teller. I said "not all that different" meaning there are differences. Both defenders were coming in to hit the opposing player as hard as they could. Cines was a little worse because of how they connected. Both plays caused injuries.
This is a terrible take. It wouldn't have even been a penalty a couple years ago. It was really stupid and dangerous to launch head first into a guy that's coming at you full speed but I think Cine learned his lesson. Not all that different from Torrence legally blasting Stetson Bennet and injuring his arm.
Only one of the three attempted field goals in the second half was after a turnover. We also had a turnover on downs after marching from our 26 to your 28. A questionable call on 4th and 4 but Mullen was trying to finish the game. Why didn't your vaunted defense catch those wounded ducks if Trask threw it to them? Btw he was 17 of 25 (68%) for about 250 yards and two tds, targeting 7 different receivers after Pitts left. You can try to discredit Trask by saying the offense depends on Pitts but you sure don't have a lot of evidence.
So you guys didn't realize he was not on the field until the second half? That's pretty embarrassing lol. Must explain why our backup TE caught a wide open TD right after he left. The UGA defense was covering Pitts on the sideline! I think the 6 (not 3) points in the second half is probably more of a result of Mullen sitting on a big lead than it is not having Pitts. Seems more plausible that UF rested on a 3 score lead going into the half than it does Kirby sat on a 10 point lead in 2019
You do know the score was tied at 21 late in the second when Pitts went down right? Scored more points without him if my math serves me right.