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O line is by far and away my biggest concern (again) on offense. Most poorly recruited position and just ok development so far. Still better overall than the last two coaches though.
Concentration does seem to be the problem for them. They make the difficult catches and drop the tough ones.
Pitts was more than just good production. He was a chess piece in that he was going to dictate your personnel and draw attention from certain players that normal TEs would not. KT was a fantastic receiver but defending him was simple from a strategic standpoint. You just put your stickiest guy on him and hope for the best. If you put your stickiest guy on Pitts, he gets pancaked in a running play and is likely too small to defend the pass, you put a big guy on him and he is likely too slow. I agree that KT was really fun to watch with the ball in his hands though. I also agree that McPherson was really good, but not clutch. He hardly kicked anything that mattered.
Did you just say EJ has a slow release? I'm certain you haven't watched him play. Other aspects of his arm might be suspect but his release is absolutely NFL caliber.
Did you mean to reply to someone else? None of what you said is relevant to me. I'm pointing out one particular poster's absolute ridiculous hypocrisy.
Unclenutz when Gilbert had announced his transfer to UF - "Gators get what they deserve, a lazy player with a me first attitude. That was his rep in HS and also at LSU. No way I want that guy in Athens. Plus we don’t need a TE" My my how perspective can change...
Yikes! Maybe Tennessee can cool off before we play them? Slick grey uniforms btw
UF has a real shot to win this tourney. Great SEC representation in softball and baseball this year.
Nah wasn't just that. UF usually has a great defense but there was poor tackling, not getting set up properly, missed assignments. Bama was a shell of defenses past. Not just against teams running RPO
I agree. It's a 2 year old record and it was approached by two QBs just last year, in a shortened year, with an arguably tougher schedule. Although, it seemed to be a year in which defenses were pretty trash.
It's pretty wild that a kid can have a starting spot at a mid-tier SEC team and will transfer to UF just for the chance to play for our school. Chalk it up to being DBU I guess
He'll be the best TE in the SEC next year
I'd like UF to get another crack at Arkansas but boy are they good. If an SEC team doesn't win the natty, I'll be very disappointed.
Kinda strange to talk about Bowman working his way into a crowded RB room with Wright and Davis but not mentioning Pierce who is probably RB1 going into the season
I was going off of YPC and a PFF rushing grade for QBs. No idea how that's calculated but Justin Fields was second. Obviously a small sample size for Emory but he had 217 yards as a back up where people knew he was going to run. Matt Corral had the most in the SEC at 506.
I thought JT was more about accuracy than arm strength but I haven't really watched him much. Emory was the best running QB in the nation last year and that's with teams knowing he was coming in for running plays.
Sad news. I remember this guy tearing it up at Hawaii while I was in school. Apparently has been in and out of rehab.
I thought Taven would have a better NFL career. He was a terror on the D line of some pretty bad UF teams
Agreed. It would have to be looked at as a general trend as there would be many factors to consider. Good talking to you sir. Go Gators!
It don't mean much at all. Might be better to look at a players highschool evaluation with his draft evaluation. Don't know that Dawgs wanna do that though.
Well let's say Florida had 4 additional guys that were on the cusp but didn't get in. Then their ratio would decrease but wouldn't having 4 more guys on the cusp of being drafted be better than not having them?
I agree that metric would be a decent indicator. The problem is, these numbers aren't the eligible vs drafted. It's hopefuls vs drafted. Vandy doesn't send 50 percent of their eligible players to the draft
Great series win by my Gators! Finally might be putting it all together.
I think we are agreeing? I wish we were pulling in number one classes. I'm jealous of UGA on signing day. Not jealous of the result of TWLOCP. If Mullen has to get it done through the TP that's fine with me.
UF could definitely use an athletic DL. I hear you guys saying Vols though.
The composite talent of LSU in 2019 was #5. The composite talent of UF in 2020 was #7. Not a big difference. No calculation on composite talent for 2021 yet but losing our 2 star QB is going to hurt.