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If you look at some of the data regarding stadiums, there's little evidence that they generate any economic growth at all. In fact, it's more likely that they hurt the local economy in the long run.
I gotta say, I hear a lot of people saying the gators would win in a neutral site. I don't think that it mattered for that game. Our offense, which is the side of the ball most affected by the crowd, absolutely came to play. QBs were both completely cool and calm in the pocket. If you told me before the game we'd score 28, I'd have thought for sure we would have won.
It was pretty ugly for our defense. I said at halftime that neither defense could stop either O. It was going to be who made the first mistake. Most of us would love a rematch in Atlanta and just the fact that gator fans feel that way is encouraging. We feel like we can finally go toe to toe with the big boys again after a decade of not really wanting to play in the SECCG at all.
I keep thinking that Trask should be up in the top three or so of this list but then I see the top four guys and they are just great QBs. UF will have its hands full when Bryant is on the field.
UF definitely did not deserve to win but it was a close game. There are games where I think it's perfectly fine to blame the refs for giving a team too much of an advantage. This was not one of them.
Unfortunately virtually all professional stadiums receive government subsidies which just really means they are spending your tax dollars on it.
November 9th doesn't definitively decide a QB ranking. Fromm's team just lost to Hilinsky/Joyner's team. Fromm is a much better QB than those two.
Not to piggy-back on anything anybody else is claiming but to insinuate that the UF drives were flukey, unearned, or in need of help to stay alive is a bit disingenuous. Trask simply picked apart the LSU defense, just not as well as Burrow picked apart UFs. Both teams had lucky and unlucky breaks. If you made me guess I'd say LSU had more calls go their way but I'll refrain from claiming that because I've got orange and blue glasses on. LSU did score at will which was an unpleasant surprise for me.
Agreed. Sure wish you guys would play somebody already. Tua has had a great career, but this is a power ranking, not a career award. He has not done anything this year that Burrow hasn't done against a better defense.
I don't remember not giving them credit. They played great and won the game. I'm worried about my gators this weekend. However, I think most people would still agree that UGA is the better team.
All fair points guys but I really think that if this is a true power ranking and not a career ranking, you gotta go with Burrow at this point. Bama has not really played anyone that has had any success yet. USC UGA game is seen as the biggest upset of the year. We will obviously get a better bead on teams as the year goes on.
You and me? Or you and Mullen? Cause I didn't pick the guy and I have no idea what kind of leader he is but his team loves him.
After last week, Burrow should be number one. Alabama hasn't faced a defense as good as Florida's.
500 yards is quite a lot for less than two games against good defenses, one of which is top 15 and is strongest at the LOS, our offense's weakness. I'm not saying he lights people up, but he does well. I like Trask a lot but he has also made some really bad throws and nobody comes down on him at all.
I know I'm alone in this but I don't see why people think Franks is a bad qb. His stats for 2019 are actually quite good and against decent defenses. It's a small sample size but he completed 76 percent of his passes for 700 yards at 9.8 yards an attempt. His QB rating was 173. Trask has done really well but like others have said, I think his leadership qualities have him the edge over Trask.
You must have just started watching sports. There's this thing about colored glasses where you only see what you wanna see...
Like CO said, I was replying to Dano making it sound like UF had all the lucky breaks when they definitely didn't. Not making excuses for the game. I'm sure LSU has banged up players. Ours are two of the best players in the SEC and they didn't play (much). Would your coach "make it work" without Delpit and Burrow? I'm not making excuses, I'm just letting you guys know the ball didn't bounce our way every time. I wasn't talking about Stingley interfering on that play, I believe it was the next drive and it was a different db. Stingley didn't look good this game. Heck, no DB on either team looked good this game. Trask definitely was not exposed, he threw for 300 yards and 3 TDS. Much more like he exposed "DBU".
UF was also without 2 of it's top 5 overall players, there were missed LSU holding calls and a blatant pass interference in the end zone. Trust me, it goes both ways. LSU won decisively but it was a close game.
Those South Carolina defensive guys have got me worried about this week. They were on point.
Little strange to see Stingley on here. I didn't think he did much besides that int which was the turning point in the game but also a gimme. Granted, I have no idea how other freshman did this week.
Didn't mean to hurt your feelings little guy. Just think we match up better against you guys than we do against UGA. I don't think any SEC games are ever a breeze.
I'm hoping we just let them rest for the UGA game. We can handle scar better than we can UGA. The backup guys didn't do that bad against LSU but LSU is on a different level through the air than scar.
Proud of my Gators! They fought hard! Hopefully we see LSU again in Atlanta. Looks like USC is going to bring it next week.
I love being there underdog though. Would not have liked them all picking Florida. Shutting them all down two weeks in a row would sure be nice.
Just can't make this guy a believer
Completely revamped the offense overnight. It's been impressive