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Kinda gotta see where they get drafted first but I could definitely see Grimes and Shi being very valuable picks. Grimes would have been WR1 on plenty of teams. I doubt Stokes goes third round but he'd be a great pick by then. Dunno enough about the other guys
Thought it was a silly place for a UGA fan to pick a fight. Haven't paid attention to little girl bball in a while unless you count the occasional NBA game. Are the lady dawgs in contention? Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head btw.
You think UF will sweep UGA in the big three sports this year? Football was a slaughter and UF is already 2-0 against UGA in basketball. On another note, congrats to Mizzou. Great defense. Too many turnovers for us to overcome.
That would be like your manager at McDonalds saying it was your fault fry sales were down
Actually, pretty good. Check the UGA game (When Pitts left I believe it was tied) and the two games after he went 49 of 64 for 739 yards, 9 tds and no ints. Trask made costly mistakes against LSU for sure but still passed for 474 yards.
Refreshing to hear something from a rival fan that isn't baseless insults. I am higher on Emory going into this year than I was on Trask going into last year. I hope my expectations are exceeded again.
I agree with you there. Garbage time, spring games, and a bowl game that most of the team had given up on before it started don't tell us much. Not unlike those that had Daniels pegged before he got to UGA
UF has one of the most talented backfields on paper. Two 4 stars and a 3 star lead the way with experience but the two new 5 stars are looking for playing time. Going to need more push up front though or it doesn't matter who your RB is
While I don't know why he would leave LSU, between UGA and UF it probably has more to do with tight end utilization. UGA might have a better QB situation but if you're a TE you're still just blocking.
I thought kimbrough was one of the better younger dbs. Guess he feels like he can't get past Hill and Elam has the other spot locked?
Miller and Campbell are big time losses. Elam and Cox are the only other two up to snuff right now. Gotta get these young players ready to go
Would be tough to play ten games against the top ten if you are number one ;)
You first started that the passes were "little dump off passes" and most of the yards were YAC. Then you said that they weren't 10 to 15 yards past the LOS. 5 of the 7 wheel routes were 10 yards or greater through the air so wrong about dump off passes. 111 yards through the air and 80 after the catch so wrong about that as well.
To be fair, that's opportunities that defenses know are going to be passes. The same could not be said for Burrow or Mac
Here ya go TDOW. Had lots of time while my vehicle was worked on. 1st quarter 5:00 20 yard pass on a wheel route to Davis who goes down immediately. 2nd quarter 12:15 10 yards through the air to Wright who gets another 35 or so 2nd quarter 9:39 30 yard pass on a wheel route to Davis who goes down immediately 2nd quarter 7:50 wheel route to Gamble 20 yard pass that he walks 5 more yards for a TD. 2nd quarter 5:45 wheel route to Pierce for 6 yards through the air that he takes another 30 or so. End of the third wright catches one at the LOS and takes it ten yards 4th 7:52 25 yard wheel route to Davis who's tackled immediately So yeah, Nash was right. Most of the throws were ten or more yards downfield. Let me know if I missed any. Kept having deja vu and thinking I saw the same successful play over and over
Correct. I was, of course, talking about the regular season. The SECCG has no bearing on who is the divisional champion
Technically no. UGA has the same amount of SEC losses but not the same amount of SEC wins. The division champion is based on winning percentage of SEC games.
I mean we swept the East so hard to argue about being a co champ. UF is not without its SDS trolls either. I'll be savoring the victory all I can because that game is going to be a battle in the coming years!
I hope you're right. If we had any sort of a running game to lean on, I wouldn't be as worried. These things are basically exhibitions these days anyway. I hope we get a healthy dose of Jones but I also hope Trask is able showcase his talents without his main guys.
The Dawg fans that like to tout SEC East co-champs are so cringe
I'm glad that Mullen tends to spread the ball around and give younger guys lots of playing time. I don't know that many teams could lose their top 4 receivers and still have 122 receptions, 1,494 yards, and 11 tds of experience coming into this game.
The wheel route is not a "dump off" or checkdown pass. It's just a pass. UGA failed to defend it and Trask put the ball on the money. I'll leave finding the YAC stat to you since I dunno where to find it.
P I was only commenting on the fact that, as far as TDs go, they are not on different levels. Burrow is more mobile. Also, I don't think anyone can call trasks season anything but elite
Trask ran for 3 in 11 games so far and Burrow ran for 5 in 15 games. Again, not another level. Trask isn't going to get the same amount of chances to do damage in the post season but he did pretty well in the SECCG. I don't expect him to do all that well against Oklahoma. I don't think any QB would with their top 4 receivers out.
I'd take Burrow over Trask but as far as TDs go, I wouldn't describe Burrow as on "another level". If Trask just got to 52 they would have the same TDs/game.
Trask can really elevate his draft stock with this game. If he has one of his normal stat busting games with all of his starting receivers gone, he's going to turn heads. If he has a ho-hum game, nobody will fault him. Injury is a concern before the draft but if it's worth the risk to him, fine by me.