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The only reason anybody "hates" UCF is because y'all claimed to be national champs when you didn't deserve it and then acted like you were too good to play teams like UF in a 2 for 1 format. UCF blew it's load and now it's sinking back down where it belongs.
What Boggs said. Also, this version of cojones is a parody account
I just dunno that it's worth the risk. He can already get good money now and if he does well in the NFL next year those same jobs will be available but I get your point
Oops let me correct myself. Trask himself only played 3.5 top 25 defenses but still played 3 of the 5 you mentioned
Yeah but that statistic is partially on the QB. There's lots of factors and everybody can have a different conclusion from the eye test. But Trask had far better stats
More yards, more tds, less interceptions, played what I would say is a similar or slightly easier difficulty of defense and did it in 2.5 less games. People just think Jimbo is going to create another jameis
UF played 5 teams in the top 25 total defense. Played 3 of the 5 you mentioned. UF also had a pretty terrible oline with no run game. Better receivers helped though
I don't see why he would stay. Gotta strike while the iron is hot. If the offense takes a step back next year without Burrow the phone might stop ringing.
We were nasty in particular aspects but our glaring weakness at safety probably kept us off the list.
Florida being for Clemson is all the yanks that move down here and hate the SEC, and the Miami and FSU fans. It's a Geaux Tigahs from UF
Hey man just chill out. I was having a little fun with your off-season troubles. Imagine that. If you were here before the season last year you'd have seen how many UGA fans thought they were going to maul everyone they played. You'd have also seen how they swarmed every single UF article about a transfer or decommit or if Mullen farted
You aren't going to bed able to find me a coach with a better line up of coached QBs. Alex Smith, Chris Leak, Tim Tebow, Dak Prescott, Nick Fitz was great when Mullen was there, Franks greatly improved and Kyle Trask has done really well under Mullen. Seems like you're just making excuses to fit your agenda
Ironically, UGA did not run it down our throats this year like everyone, including me, figured they would.
You can take away that entire game if you want. We still have ELEVEN more sacks than them. And I could be wrong but I don't think their star guys were injured at all this year. Not taking anything away from their line but as far as getting to the QB when at full strength, there's no comparison
Ummm.. Yes? UF ranked 4th in the country in sacks with 49 and that's without our two best for lots of game time. Auburn is tied at 64th with 28. Auburn has a nasty line but more run stoppers than QB killers. I'm not saying UF would have won the game with a healthy Greenard and Zuniga but I know Fromm would not have been so comfortable on those third downs.
Unfortunately for Kentucky, there are 4 quarters in a football game. Not 3
It's funny to me that dawg fans don't consider the last decade for UF to be one that was excruciating for us. Must be because we have actually beat them 4 times and we did it with some terrible teams.
I feel the same way. He always played us so well. I was so excited about our pass rush early in the season but the injuries hit at the wrong time. Their o line kept him real clean that game.
I agree with that assessment. UT UK and USC are still all behind UF and UGA but not enough to count them out. I think the East is going to be more interesting next year.
I don't see where you think I'm being sensitive. Our D line led the SEC in sacks I believe. I don't think any of them ever injured a QB. You're acting like the UK D line is so bad to the bone that they injure people and nobody thinks like that. Except maybe Kash but then again he apologized
Is UGA "heads or tails" above South Carolina? Nobody in the East is THAT much better than anyone else. Except Vandy. Vandy is well established at the bottom. UK has gotten to be a team that can get up and bite anyone. They exchanged the lead with UF and weren't they tied up with UGA in the 4th? Your Franks comment is pretty classless. He got rolled up on. It could happen to anyone and I'm sure the D lineman wishes it wouldn't have happened.
You really need to learn your school's accomplishments. UGA has a three year off-season conference and national title with two Summer Bowl wins and it's like you don't even know. The media works hard creating that buzz and it's really not very fan-like to ignore the well deserved title of off-season champs. At least KS above gets it. He knows what's at stake.
The UGA Offseason Championship streak is in serious jeopardy. There's lots of time to recover, but ya'll are off to a pretty bad start.
Jesus Christ Blitzer. No father should ever have to lay his little girl to rest. I'm just an internet stranger but I'll be praying for you bud. I hope that means something to you. Hang in there.
I liked Zook but I'm glad he's gone. I'd hate to have a head coach that is just a good defensive coordinator and a recruiter but just can't seem to get it done despite winning some good games... Wait a minute...
Finally something funny and not "gayturds" "mullet" and "24-17". Truly refreshing sir!
Give it a rest leghumper. Sherrill coached 4 more years and had 5 more wins in an easier era. Mckeen coached so long ago he never even coached a kid that wasn't white. Dan is the best Miss State has ever had. It's too early to rank him at UF but he's already top 3