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I do believe FL is a top 25 or top 15 team. Just didn't think the media would.
AR would need a better team behind him to win it.
Surprised to see Florida that high. Don't necessarily disagree with it though. Just didn't think the media would put us ahead of 3 SEC teams we lost to last year.
I'll fix that by saying historically bad defense, which it was. Not a historically bad team overall last year. You can assume that if you want and I have no quarrel with it but I don't think "best case scenario" is losing again to a less talented Mizzou who won an evenly matched game in their stadium last year. UF also practically gave the Kentucky game away with penalties and LSU was a shootout. Not saying we should have won any of those three last year or taking away from the other teams. But those games were very very close and they were all away. So best case scenario I would think we can win.
I don't see a team I listed that we can't reasonably beat. I'd argue none of those teams would win 8 games out of ten against us.
I think injuries are what's going to make or break UFs success. O line, as with most positions has good or even great first team players. After that, not so much.
I don't see why 8-4 is best case for UF. In fact, I think that's probably the most likely record at the end of the regular season. Best case should at least be 10-2. Shouldn't take much suspension of belief to think that UF beats UK, USF, Tenn, Eastern Washington, Mizz, LSU, Vandy and FSU as we beat, or nearly beat all of these teams last year in a historically and comically bad season. Then beating Utah and Scar who whooped us last year wouldn't also be that surprising in a best case scenario. Texas AM and UGA are the only ones that we seemingly can't compete with talent wise right now. I'm a realist though, and realize that worst case scenario can be very very bad for UF
The fact that you think an AR 15 is powerful tells me all I need to know about your expertise on guns. It's not more affordable than other similar rifles. Marketing? Perhaps. Not sure why you're being a prick to me.
Well you'll have to explain why they don't use the myriad of other guns that do the same exact thing and have since the early 1900s.
I can't blame him but it's too bad. The name fits so well for a QB. Why just about every mass shooter decides to use that brand and model, I'll never know.
Sad to see this talent leave. It's the only position that we have serious talent and depth. He will light it up at UCF.
I feel the same way though I don't know that Florida is truly in the mix
What terrible takes. Could have blinded someone by shooting them with that gun. Calling the police was a mercy. Lucky they didn't handle it themselves.
Pretty sure Belmont had nearly the same amount of wins against the SEC as Georgia did.
You guys are getting a good guy in Mike White. Everyone from the administration to players to fans loved the guy. He just didn't get it done. He was our Muschamp for basketball.
I'm probably just seeing too many similarities to the hiring of Mike White which actually seemed pretty good at the time. I hope I'm wrong. Pretty sure I can dislike the hire and still know plenty about college basketball.
It's because AR 15 is not a 2023 NFL prospect. You'll have to deal with him for at least 2 more years before he's eligible. I also wouldn't say Rashad Torrence is UFs best NFL prospect for 2023. Kind of a bizarre pick IMO.
Well I could just as easily say we played a terrible second half a blew a nice lead. A game is 40 minutes, you don't get to pick which half you like. I can play a great round of golf if I'm allowed to dismiss 9 holes. I'm not trying to take away the win. A win is a win. Can't say the refs gave you the game but the calls were very one sided. Didn't see a call that UF got away with to be honest with you. I didn't see every second of the game though.
Could be that the better team won. I haven't watched the Vols at all this year. Just saying what I saw this game. Vols were not impressive and needed help from the refs to get it done at home against a vastly undermanned UF team that isn't even a great team when healthy. But I like our chances if we meet again.
It probably would have gotten worse since you're players started realizing the refs weren't going to call them on anything anymore. If you don't think having our two big men, one of whom is first team all SEC is worth 6 points then idk what to tell you
Tennessee got away with a lot this game. We had our two big men out, one of which is our best player and we barely lost in their house. I bet we win if we're healthy on a neutral court. Enjoy the win UT fans. Oh and the chomp happens every time we win or lose. That doesn't bother anyone.
Grandpa still learning how to use the reply. Go to bed!
Best college team ever? Dunno about that one. I do believe ol Burrow was 1 and 1 against the Gators though. I'll take it
Loved beating you guys in your house after Alleva's stupid stunts
Thank God these young men will be safe from a virus that is killing so many young athletes