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I would have preferred going into this season without a target on our back, but hopefully, these guys can thrive under the pressure that is on them to be successful this season. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my biggest worry about Florida is the center of the defense. We have great players everywhere but nose guard and middle linebacker, which are pretty important positions. Hopefully we don't get gashed up the middle all season.
The spot I'm most concerned about on Florida's team is the center of the defense. We should have a stellar offense, and we have great dudes at End, and in the secondary. It's the nose guards and middle linebackers who might cost us the game against Georgia. Teams that can run the ball up the middle are going to be our biggest challenge.
Leeland, just spewing Bull. He didn't start in High School, we get it. Quit making up numbers.
Florida may be a step behind Georgia, but I agree they are definitely third. I've got Florida and Georgia going into Jacksonville undefeated.
So, are we done with original content on this site? I've read the same descriptions so many times its mind-numbing.
This is it, they can't have him travelling the way he has in years past. I would have thought this would be a noon game though. FSU stinks worse than a skunk on broadway.
I agree, 7-3 is the ceiling and is much more likely than 5-5. I also think the floor is a lot lower than .500 for all but maybe three teams because of the difficulty of these schedules.
Gosh, what a shame. Ya just hate to see it. If only those kids had gotten into literally any other school. I'm not sure what they were expecting from this season, but I'm surprised anyone was shocked by FSU losing. Maybe they were upset because the Noles ran out of free shoes? It must be hard to find oversized shoes in bright red these days.
There goes all respect I had for John Elway. What would possess him to actively go after Tebow in a book meant to be an autobiography about Elway?
These predictions are ludicrous. O'Gara, stay off the psychedelics. Ole Miss might pull off an upset this year, but they aren't beating both Texas A&M and LSU. They are more likely to beat Florida in the opener than beat both Texas A&M and LSU.
"Also, if time expires but replay shows that time should be added back to the clock, there must be 3 seconds remaining to restore time on the clock. Sure, you can call it the Kick-6 rule." This is dumb, unnecessary, and an overreach. I understand why they are doing it, but what does this change really solve?
He's selling a fourty-year-old narrative that Georgia can win the Natty. Georgia is like a vintage sports car that will blow past everyone until it overheats and comes to a screeching halt just before the finish line.
I find it an advantage for LSU that Florida has to play at Texas A&M the week before the game against the Bayou Bengals. The SEC doing everything it can to give Alabama, Georgia, and LSU as many advantages as it can.
I don't think Missouri belongs in the SEC, but I also think you are underrating their games. They will put up more of a fight than Arkansas will, and that one against LSU will be closer than it would have been had they played last season. It certainly won't be 42 - 7.
This does jack to stop the virus, they are just throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks. How does Florida playing Texas A&M instead of FSU help prevent the spread of COVID? This is nothing but a delaying tactic in an effort to salvage the season. Make no mistake that all decisions made on the season have had and will continue to have everything to do with the money and nothing to do with the health of student-athletes or the health of the general public. What factors will decide whether or not their plan was successful? Will it be how many games get played? How much money they are able to distribute to each institution? Or will it be the number of cases that the conference projects will be prevented by putting this plan into action versus what would have happened if they had played the season as originally scheduled? We all know it won't be the latter.
So you have Georgia in Atlanta with a loss to Florida. Who do you have Florida losing to, Tennessee and LSU? Plus Hunte, if you think Jamie Newman wins the Heisman when he just transferred to Georgia and didn't get a full offseason to prepare than I want to know why you think he's better than Burrow.
Corch, you just brought a tear to my eyes. A comment like this is what we call, growth.
Is Michael Bratton some high school kid they brought in just to make outrageous and unsubstantiated claims? If Alabama doesn't beat Tennessee this year it'll be because the game got cancelled, no other way out of it for the Big Orange.
3-4 Months is outrageous, what qualifies you to think you know what your talking about on this subject? 6 weeks to 2 months is reasonable, one month is pushing it. Anything more and you are just wasting time and setting players up to get injured before the games even get started. Anything less than a month would also raise concerns of injury, lack of conditioning, etc.
Alabama: Derrick Henry Arkansas: Darren McFadden Auburn: Bo Jackson Florida: Percy Harvin, I went to games as a kid excited just to see him and Tebow share the field. Georgia: Herschel Walker Kentucky: Tim Couch LSU: Leonard Fournette Mississippi St: Brian Hazlewood Missouri: Drew Locke Ole Miss: Van Jefferson, see what I did there? South Carolina: Jadeveon Clowney Tennessee: Peyton Manning (Should have won the Heisman, but could never beat Florida) Texas A&M: Gene Stallings Vanderbilt: Jordan Rodgers
The articles on this site have gotten really negative lately, when might we see something a little more cheerful? Worst sports memories, teams who didn’t belong in the top 10, worst moments for each team in the last decade, etc. This stuff is depressing.
All that money and Georgia still can't buy a National Championship, what a shame.
One of the best article y’all have posted in a long time. Certainly the best of the last couple months.
Nothing about the possibility of the Florida Gators getting to 14 wins? We might as well have a 1 game season next year, if we win in Jacksonville we’ll be in Atlanta and very possibly in the playoffs.
How incompetent must the Georgia fanbase be to continue running their mouths when they haven’t been able to finish in 40 years. Congrats you’ve won 3 in a row, we won the three before that, and have won three Natty’s since the last time you were relevant. So you’re finally trading punches with the big boys again and you think that makes you something special. Come talk to us when you finally get a ring younger than the digital age. All that matters are the Natty’s, and Cialis can’t help your finishing problem.
Exactly, tallest midget. Louisville getting to the Orange bowl doesn’t mean that Kentucky won’t still be a far superior team next season.