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Matt Campbell is going to win a title wherever he ends up next. He's taken Iowa State as far as they can go.
Alabama is really good this year, but they are not in the category of best ever or even best Alabama team ever. LSU last year and Nebraska in '95 are the best. Florida fans more than just about anyone are in the best position to compare those three teams because they played each of them.
I'll be tuning in just to hear them broadcast this game. This is a great combination.
When I said I thought LSU might make them earn it, I still thought Florida would have earned it. That was one of the most pitiful performances I've ever seen, and I've never seen such baseless arrogance from a coaching staff. What was so much worse than the loss was the way Mullen handled the post-game and Monday press conferences. It is one thing to lose, it's quite another not to take responsibility for what were clearly some major mistakes by Mullen and his staff.
That got tipped, it glanced off one of the D-linemen's hands
*This is the tenth meeting between the two in the SEC title game*
I would be rolling on the floor laughing if Vandy beat the Vols. King should return for another year, he could definitely improve his draft stock significantly with another season. Too much competition at the QB position in this draft class. The Hawkeyes are a good team that just got a slow start in a strange year. USC has no shot, get out of here with that nonsense. No one, not even the PAC 12, has respect for the PAC 12.
I like your line of thinking on this one. I wonder if there are any scenarios that put Florida, Alabama, and Texas A&M in the playoffs. I think Florida has to win in Atlanta or they will not get in.
Court Jester Negan, You and that broken caps-lock key of yours sound a bit sour about the way your season has progressed. One would think you'd have moved on by now, considering this is clearly a down year for the mutts. A couple of double-digit beatdowns in your two biggest games and you've lost all sense of reality. It's a shame really because all I had heard prior to the season was that this was Georgia's year. Well, maybe next year (X40).
Why end the article on such a sour note? Olson, you could have given us the same information on being an underdog without being so smug about it.
If Ohio State is not undefeated they won't get in. They've played too few games to make up for even a good loss. Especially when you look at how good the resumes are for the rest of the field.
Court Jester Negan, I appreciate your interest in a rematch and believe such a game would result in an even larger margin of victory than it did in Jacksonville. I find it ridiculous that you blame the refs for some of the absolute gaffs Kirby has made as it relates to in-game decision making. Lastly, I suggest you get your caps-lock key fixed. That is the biggest difference between your rants and other long posts.
The difference between a Saban coached team and most anyone else is the intense focus that Alabama sustains from week to week. Florida has lacked that focus for quite a few games now, and my hope is that LSU punches them in the mouth this weekend to wake up this Florida team. Florida will still win, but if LSU makes them earn it after the way they got whipped last weekend it might actually wake this team up to what they are facing in Atlanta. I'm just tired of Florida sleep-walking through every game since Arkansas because it makes me worry about what will happen against Alabama. With LSU being a rivalry game, maybe they will come out firing on all cylinders.
Mason recruited them, he led them, he developed them, his absence is the reason they left. Regardless of wins and losses or that there is only one game left because many of those guys were sticking around for him. Nobody is leaving just because Fuller was brought on as a kicker.
Regardless of wins and losses the players liked him and some were sticking around FOR him. Doesn’t matter how many games are left, nor the record, He recruited them, he led them, his absence is the reason. Nobody’s leaving just because they let a girl on as a kicker.
38 - 20 seems like a much more realistic prediction than most of what I have been seeing. Florida hasn't been blowing anyone out of the water of late, even though they are more than capable.
Orlando would be a great spot for the bubble.
Neither Liberty nor Coastal Carolina has to play in the SEC. They have the resources to climb faster than either of those squads, but they have much farther to go being in the SEC. So it will take longer.
You are so full of it, players are leaving because Coach Mason got fired. Nothing to do with Fuller.
California isn't messing around with their Covid regulations. They better have a back-up venue ready in case things go sideways with the Rose Bowl.
The Vols program is a long-term project that will take time. It's not a ready-made success story. Give the guy the time and resources to improve the program or you might as well put a choke collar on every coach you hire at the introductory press conference. Make it an electric collar while you're at it, it's not like you are going to fry off any of Pruitt's hair.
He had a brutal job in bringing excitement and entertainment to Vanderbilt athletics. That would probably lead many a good person to destructive behavior.
Florida has been keeping it close of late, it kind of feels like they are teasing their prey. Sooner or later their prey might bite back.
Half a hundred sounds incredibly optimistic. Where Bama usually takes their foot off the gas by midway through the third quarter, you might see them lay it on thick after last year. Orgeron will be eating his words from last year, what were they again? RTWFU
If Notre Dame beats Clemson for a second time then Clemson should be out. Miami should feel screwed, but that's how the ACC has felt for years getting a powder puff team when they were expecting a powerhouse in South Florida. I am genuinely concerned that the cold weather gives Tennessee a fighting chance. We've come on slow and have been going through the motions in the first half for a few weeks now, and that has been in warm weather. I think the best bet for the Alabama vs LSU game is whether Bama's victory comes by over or under 70 points. Whether we want to admit it or not we will all be tuning in just to see the blood-letting.
Can you please explain this point further?
I've been wrong with every pessimistic prediction I have made. Hopefully, that continues and the championship game is closer than I think it will be. We have enough talent to win the game, but lately, we have looked like we are lacking the fire and intensity needed to beat a great team like Alabama.
Court Jester Negan, at it again with the irrelevant ranting and broken caps lock key.
A small step for inclusion, but maybe a little girl in Nashville sees her play on Saturday and dedicates herself to becoming a great Special Teams player.