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Corch, you just brought a tear to my eyes. A comment like this is what we call, growth.
Is Michael Bratton some high school kid they brought in just to make outrageous and unsubstantiated claims? If Alabama doesn't beat Tennessee this year it'll be because the game got cancelled, no other way out of it for the Big Orange.
3-4 Months is outrageous, what qualifies you to think you know what your talking about on this subject? 6 weeks to 2 months is reasonable, one month is pushing it. Anything more and you are just wasting time and setting players up to get injured before the games even get started. Anything less than a month would also raise concerns of injury, lack of conditioning, etc.
Alabama: Derrick Henry Arkansas: Darren McFadden Auburn: Bo Jackson Florida: Percy Harvin, I went to games as a kid excited just to see him and Tebow share the field. Georgia: Herschel Walker Kentucky: Tim Couch LSU: Leonard Fournette Mississippi St: Brian Hazlewood Missouri: Drew Locke Ole Miss: Van Jefferson, see what I did there? South Carolina: Jadeveon Clowney Tennessee: Peyton Manning (Should have won the Heisman, but could never beat Florida) Texas A&M: Gene Stallings Vanderbilt: Jordan Rodgers
The articles on this site have gotten really negative lately, when might we see something a little more cheerful? Worst sports memories, teams who didn’t belong in the top 10, worst moments for each team in the last decade, etc. This stuff is depressing.
All that money and Georgia still can't buy a National Championship, what a shame.
One of the best article y’all have posted in a long time. Certainly the best of the last couple months.
Nothing about the possibility of the Florida Gators getting to 14 wins? We might as well have a 1 game season next year, if we win in Jacksonville we’ll be in Atlanta and very possibly in the playoffs.
How incompetent must the Georgia fanbase be to continue running their mouths when they haven’t been able to finish in 40 years. Congrats you’ve won 3 in a row, we won the three before that, and have won three Natty’s since the last time you were relevant. So you’re finally trading punches with the big boys again and you think that makes you something special. Come talk to us when you finally get a ring younger than the digital age. All that matters are the Natty’s, and Cialis can’t help your finishing problem.
Exactly, tallest midget. Louisville getting to the Orange bowl doesn’t mean that Kentucky won’t still be a far superior team next season.
Florida’s defense was missing nearly all of it’s pass rushing production in that game with our starting DE’s both out. How was it LDU’s defense that was down? LSU’s having a historic season and may still have won the game, but it would have looked a lot different with Burrow on the run all game.
I am pulling for LSU because it will strengthen Florida’s schedule in the public’s eyes to play the defending champ. But I don’t expect the officiating to be fair.
I would genuinely like to see that, and I think he would be a good fit even if a lot of the dawg fans on this sight think a quarterback of Franks caliber is beneath them.
This comment really got to me, I love it. In all honesty, I would only put Sam Pittman (because so little is known about him) and Gus Malzahn (because he looks like a dad from the suburbs) as more normal than Coach O.
Lorenzo Lingard coming in, plus it looks like that might not be all!
What great running backs are you still seeing in this class that haven’t signed already, and are showing interest in Florida?
The amount of sarcasm dripping off this comment should come with a splash zone warning.
I do think he should be considered one of the best AD's in the history of college athletics, but he was definitely old school when it came to facility upgrades.
I guarantee that Foley is grumbling about the over the top amenities behind closed doors, but I think this is exactly what Florida needed. This facility has been a long time coming and should be built to last for many years to come. It will be interesting to see what happens to the existing space within the stadium that is currently being used as the football facilities. I would like to see the current trophy room next to gate 18 expanded and opened to the public as a museum.
He's a great kid who was thrown into a tough situation and made the most of what he had. Gator fans should remember him fondly.
Agreed, we have obviously had bigger games than there will be this weekend but the slate as a whole might be the best we have seen all year. Should be a great day for college football!
That's exactly what came to mind when I read that as well, nothing comes close to the Derrick Thomas sack record.
Anyone else notice that the 352 on the side of their helmets is the Gainesville area code?
FSU's athletic department is a dumpster fire, no way Stoops leaves Kentucky for FSU. Moorehead should get fired. Matt Luke has done a great job keeping that program together and should be around for at least another year. How much better does Vandy think they can possibly do in an SEC East that is on the rise? Muschamp should get another year, he wasn't put in a great position to succeed this year with that schedule, and the injuries they have had.
Ole Miss doesn't seem to have a mascot. They have an identity crisis. Are they the Landsharks, the Black Bears, the Rebels? That was what I was referring to, not trying to tell them what they should or shouldn't be. No Article needed from me.
Strange to see a conversation around changing mascots and not hear Ole Miss brought up. Are they just that irrelevant?
I actually agree with you, it makes me feel nervous that so many people are picking Florida when Georgia certainly has the more talented roster. I liked the chance of Florida winning a whole lot more when I thought Georgia would come in undefeated and possibly overlooking Florida.