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I just find it hard to believe that it's kick catch interference when the return man catches the ball. Looked more like the ref reacted too quickly and then didn't want to pick the flag up.
Because they have played Rhode Island, Wake Forest and Central Michigan in those three games leading up to it. Come on- don't act like Cuse is a top 25 team. They aren't. Yes, I compared them to a FCS team from the SWAC, because they are both games that should be won by a long shot. Why else would LSU schedule Syracuse? They didn't schedule Clemson, FSU or Ga Tech. They scheduled Syracuse. Just because it was a close game, doesn't mean Syracuse is good.
This is why people outside of UGA have always respected him as a man. Class move.
The daughters are going to shun OPD on twitter for this.
I think the reason is is because they do what they are supposed to do against crappy teams. Chubb didn't run up 220 yards against Southern (like Chubb did against Syracuse) because Georgia rarely plays down to their opponents- outside of UF (sorry guys).
I find it hard to believe Georgia would be the same team without Chubb.
And Powell was the one who threw the block. MVP for us yesterday, imo. Played a hell of a fourth quarter.
You took my comment the wrong way. We're in the first year under a new scheme. It isn't supposed to be our year, and its not our year. My point was- Tennessee has been "rebuilding" for three years now and this year they were supposed to make noise. I'm not making a big deal out of beating an unranked team. I am making a big deal out of beating a rival when we weren't supposed to.
The "incomplete pass" in UT vs Florida didn't even get reviewed. That entire first half was SEC officiating at its best. And by best I mean terrible. 2 plays didn't get reviewed, and a third took two timeouts to get looked at. Something has to be done about this crap.
But this wasn't supposed to be our year. We knew we weren't great. You thought you were.
Because we like National Titles, not SEC East titles.
Oh he told you so? Thanks for clearing that up, man.
No clue. Just saying there are multiple accounts that are Jalen Tabor. We don't know his real account
There are conflicting reports that this is his Twitter account. His mom has stated before it's not his. But she has tweeted at this account before according to the media. I wouldn't read too much into this without knowing it's his real account. SDS... TMZ... What's the difference now?
I wouldn't say it's as close as you're putting either. Kentucky didn't score a TD all night. You won't beat Florida kicking field goals inside the 5.
The hit on Grier was called because it happened after the tackle had been made. Taylor was already sitting up after being taken to the ground.
Maryland's running back got thrown out yesterday for targeting after an interception. First time I've ever seen it, but it was a good call.
Yeah, pretty clear SDS didnt watch the game and only read the stat line. Harris looked off most of the first quarter despite a perfect line. Under threw the touchdown but Powell was all alone and could sit. Grier is the pure passer we've been waiting to see in Gainesville. He had a much better game.
Bama has rushed the field at Legion Field before though.
I'd put him on the list over Poole. But, it is SDS so what do you expect?
Let me just shoot out a text to every kicker in college ball and I'll get it started.
While the kick is impressive, the hardest part of making long field goals is getting it elevated enough to not get blocked. You don't see 73 yard field goals in a game because of trajectory required. As for the few Bama fans saying other kickers can't do it, I'd be willing to be at least half of college kickers could.
And Josh Dobbs is? Robinson is a much better player thus far on the field.
Were you drunk typing that response? I can barely understand you. I'd make an illiterate Bama joke, but I grew up in Bama and even the majority can type coherently. You've gone back on your argument twice now. First you say that no one called holding, yet now you admit one person did. (more than that have, but I digress.) I know a lot of people who have been fans their entire life, we just don't obnoxiously point that out to everyone in America.
Whoa man! You got me! Great comeback! Personally, I wasn't around before the 90's (born in 90 fwiw), so I won't go into deep discussion there. I will say that since then, UF fans have been loud and proud. We didn't seem to fall off during the Zook era and sure didn't during Muschamp, so go ahead and take that argument elsewhere. Just because UF fans werent born with the college football silver spoon in their mouth doesn't mean they aren't loyal. Take that trash argument right out the door. As for the actual argument, several people have mentioned holding on this comment section already. I know you're an Alabama fan, but I still think you can read.
Alabama fans screaming for holding is the epitome of irony.
... Because neither case has been to trial yet.
Why does he go around congress so much then?