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So do we, however with a different slant. If we can beat UGA, then UGA can beat UK. The East is decided at UK with the Gators going. However, likely waiting for the East winner will be Alabama. That's why they call the SEC a grind. Winning games only gives you the opportunity to win the next, generally against a tough or even tougher team.
Says a troll who trolls a UF site before the game!
You can't explain that to a UT fan without crayons and a bunch of stickers.
Historically, no team has done less with more than UGA. It was certainly true of every UGA coach after Dooley retired. Whether CKS will be the same or different with the talent he has is yet to be determined.
And how did Mike Dubose work out for Alabama then. Maybe you should create a statue for him as well. Dubose only had a winning record in the SEC during the 1999 season. After which Alabama was cited for cheating with the loss of 21 scholarships and bowl-ban for two seasons. So Dubose won by cheating, but he wasn't any better at cheating than he was at coaching. Spurrier is far and away a better coach that Saban (and Dubose), however what Saban does best is mechanize the entire CFB endeavor and as such you can't argue his results.
All of a sudden, Georgia feels like their one-year dynasty is more than it is...just one year.