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I know. And once UGA destroys them they can't even claim their UCF fake title. So good.
The richest take considering UGA fans railed Bama fans for bringing up Mechie and Williams injuries in '21. And then are using Travis' injury against FSU now. Hysterical. Plus the injured dudes played. Just not played great.
So FSU's style points in the conference championship are enough to offset the Bama style point issues at Auburn, at USF and at home vs Arky. Just stop with the style point argument. Plus FSU disrupted Jayden Daniels holding them to 17 points before a final garbage time TD. Bama could not contain him so they knocked him out of the game with what should have been a targeting call. Congrats on beating UGA. Was pulling for you all yesterday.
Yet they were 1-2 vs the SEC with wins against Bama and Arkansas. Their sole loss was a miracle kick (the longest in the history of the SEC) by Mizzou over KState.
Maybe FSU coaches should have taught Tate to slide earlier? It was a bang bang play and those defenders were giving up the body before Tate started his slide. Or maybe they should have pulled him from the game instead of trotting him back out there. Regardless, he didn't play yesterday. And the fact that FSU won by 10 anyways with their third string QB helps their argument more. Ohio St has proven you can win a CFP title with a third stringer. You should know that as much as any fan...
Same thing the ACC has had happen in the Big Dance the past 2 seasons when they struggled in out of conference play. I felt UGA had to win out to get the SEC in if Iowa or Louisville didn't spring upsets. SEC did not help themselves in out of conference play or scheduling.
They beat a top 15 team by 10. It's not like they played Purdue.
Alabama has style point problems all over the place. Arky, Auburn, and USF.
SEC fatigue is real and you are right, they CFP committee has a logical take on leaving them out. Which is another reason it will happen.
That much is certain. Daniels was the big winner this weekend with the outcomes.
Seems like Bowers came back too soon. Should have sat him until Saturday which was the first time I felt they would really need him. Put that on the coaching staff more than the player.
As much as I hate it, FSU gets in. They won two games without Travis. And one of those was without the back-up. I think that speaks to the depth of their team plus the excellent defense. Who was the only team to corral Daniels...FSU.
Only hurt feelings here seem to be LSUSMC if an SEC team doesn't make it.
Sorry...missed one fact. UK beating Louisville was the best OOC win this year. Props to Big Blue.
The issue is I see for Bama (and UGA for those delusional enough to think UGA deserves a shot at the CFP) is that the SEC blew out loud in out of conference play. SEC went 7-9 in out of conference games vs Power 5 this year which is downright pathetic historically speaking. Plus UGA dodged anyone good when the canceled OU and ended up playing Ga Tech and 3 cupcakes. Bama got beat at home by 10. LSU got blown out by FSU. UF got beat by FSU and Utah. Auburn got manhandled by New Mexico State. Vandy went 2-2 out of conference. The U crushed TAMU 48-33. North Carolina and Clemson each beat South Carolina. BYU beat Arky in Arkansas. Honestly, the SEC was weak this year. The best out of conference wins were Mizzou beating an average K State team on a SEC record field goal at home, Miss St beating Arizona, and Ole Miss beating Tulane without their starting QB. If you feel this puts the SEC in a good position for these arguments you are wildly wrong. The other SEC wins this year are Auburn sneaking out a victory vs Cal. Ga Tech going down to Ole Miss and UGA. And UT beating UVA. All of those are snoozefest vs the worst teams in the other conferences. SEC deserves to be left out.
It should be: 1 Michigan 2 Washington 3 Texas 4 FSU SEC sucked this year in out of conference play. I think that will be looked at. Plus Texas > Bama > UGA. I think the committee will be forced to see things like this. I hope Michigan blows FSU out of the water.
The best part of ladygagalakelife ran down his mother's leg.
Google the curious case of Kamari Wilson. Took all of 15 seconds to find online. See how that works d1ckface.
And out of shape doesn't mean fat and lazy. It just might mean out of shape. Lots of reasons that might be.
Except sports writers don't write about me. See how that works d1ckface.
I merely said that is what I read humper. Also said I was not sure if that was true or not. Different than saying he was lazy and I know it for a fact. See how that works d1ckface?
Great response from Oats. Total truth. Bad sports is like any other poor product. Fans don't owe anything to teams they follow when they stink it up.