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When UGA gets 3* they are elite and best 3* ever. When UF gets one: 3* machine and Sun Belt Billy. Kind of like when Biden has a recession.
Agree...Ventrell Miller and Dallas Turner will both have better overall seasons. the total reach to put Hurts at #1. Given Young has played one season and didn't get the title, I don't see how you can put him above Mac at this point.
That along with starting Jones notwithstanding the fact that he chose his receiver at the line of scrimmage and rarely left that target. I think Dan checked out mentally when he didn't get the NFL job. That's the only thing that makes sense. Plus his ego wouldn't allow him to cave to pressure from media/fans even though the things the media/fans were calling for were likely the right decisions (i.e. get rid of Todd and start AR-15).
Good thing I got more going on in my life than UF football...get a grip. With everything going on in the world right now, college football doesn't really matter that much. The sport will likely not even make it another 20 years given all the CTE and falling numbers of kids that play the game. Better find a new hobby bozo.
UF signed 3 4* defensive players to the football team in the past 10 days. 2 on the DL and 1 CB. I guess you can only count to 3...
Indeed. Two of the best. Love Mean Gene on the Bucs calls on Sunday too.
Agree. And you get the new recruits and benchplayers from last year's team that act like they were the reason why the team won last year. That will be the biggest hurdle. That is a function of losing the leadership from the prior year's squad.
You actually read his posts? How much time do you have man?
Stingley reminds me of hype run on overdrive.
Ya; not feeling real good with our ace on the shelf.
This was a pretty important announcement for Golden's year 1.
Except I've never mentioned Cam in any of my posts...nice try. Try again.
Don't really care honestly. His PT was about to go away so I guess its for the best from his perspective.
Had some injury issues and drops; then Gronk came. Fresh start will be good for OJ.
How's the crow taste Ron? You come on here talking smack all day and now this. LOL.
No the 2006-07 UF run was amazing. The 2019 AU run was a speedbump of glory.
I fear you are correct however. We beat TAMU but get beat by the Tigers. Last 4 out and on to the NIT.