I am a journalism student at UF and I am a longtime Gator fan.

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There’s a big difference between someone having a mental health problem and someone just doing something boneheaded
Smart lost to UF his first season so “since day 1” is false
That Wake Forest QB you got is an absolute bum. He got benched against freaking Syracuse who was 4-7 when they played, not to mention he threw below 50% completion against every “good” defense in the acc.
What are you talking about? Florida is losing CJ Henderson and the two edge rushers Zuniga and Greenard, that’s it. Kaiir Elam will probably slip into the starting role at CB and he saw good playing time last year. The edge rushers will be tougher to replace but there’s talent behind them. So I wouldn’t say Florida is “losing a ton on defense” cause you’re just making that up
Yep cause that’s totally never happened before
Nick Saban has a full hand of National Championship rings. Kirby Smart has 1 SEC championship. Saban can afford a year like this because he’s already proved himself. Kirby has had 1 playoff season, and the last players from that team are about to be seniors. You can’t use bama not winning as a way out for Georgia falling short of expectations every year
You still don’t get it. I’m talking about in the future, not what happened this year. Georgia is as talented as they could be and they’re static. Has the roster to easily win a national title but don’t do anything more than win a 2-team division. Clemson won two titles without a single top 5 class. Kirby is a really good recruiter but an average coach. Like I said, if Georgia doesn’t get back to the playoff within the next 2-3 years then that’ll be 4 years of top 5 talent completely wastes and recruits will take note. Meanwhile in Gainesville, Florida has gotten better each season under Mullen and is right on Georgia’s heels. Even with a roster that’s not as deep. Incoming another 24-17 comment
You might’ve missed the point, when I said 8-4 status I meant a couple years in the future, not next year. If Kirby can’t take you back to the CFP within the next 2 or 3 years it’ll be one of the biggest wastes of talent ever and recruits will take note And sorry to hear that about your aunt
Georgia is already about as talented as they could possibly be, and Kirby hasn’t done anything more than win a division with one other competitive team in it. Keep saying your future is bright but you’ll be back to 8-4 status once the recruits realize Kirby can’t do anything with them. I’ve seen a good bit of outsiders say Florida is rising and closing in on Georgia, some saying next year is the year Florida tops Georgia. FYI you say Florida isn’t close when the game was a 7-point final in what was Florida’s worst played game of the season FYI 2: I’m aware cancer is a touchy topic, but it illustrates how little Id ever want to be a Georgia fan. I live in Georgia and most of them are very poorly mannered from a fan standpoint
Let’s see if you keep that same energy in the long run, though I forget Georgia fans sometimes can’t see that far
Nah, I’d rather have stage 4 cancer than be a Georgia fan. Always great to be a Florida Gator, win or lose. Not at all concerned with Georgia as the typical Georgia sports fashion will set in, be good for a 4-5 year period, win no titles, and then fall off. Oh btw, Kirby Smart still has a worse record than Mark Richt through his first equivalent number of games, and Kirby has much better players. Moral of the story: Georgia football right now is nothing special. Have fun clinging to Kirby’s one SEC title
I forgot the WLOCP is the Super Bowl for Georgia fans. Georgia gets on a tiny win streak and the fans troll and troll and troll. If Florida wins I won’t bat an eye, it’s just our expectation to beat Georgia, albeit the expectations were not met for 3 years. Have fun with your little brother syndrome, that’s why you’re going all over the comment sections on every Florida article
It’s hilarious to see all the Georgia trolls who didn’t even read the article Literally in the article: “ No, he hasn’t beaten Georgia yet. No, he hasn’t played for an SEC Championship yet. No, he hasn’t had a top 5 finish yet.” Georgia fans: “bUt mULLen hAsNt bEaTeN gEoRgIa aRe yOu dRuNk?” Arrogance
Great article, lot of memories, both good and bad. Can’t wait to see where Mullen will take us next decade.
Schools do this all the time. He’s not officially your player until he signs the letter of intent, deal with it
Do you mean Orange Bowl? The Fiesta Bowl is a semifinal game this year
The equipment staff decides uniforms, not the head coaches. Also our uniforms were much more varied under Jim McElwain and have been more consistent under Mullen anyway, just look back at the infamous swamp green uniforms from 2017.
I like how there’s no Georgia trolls here. Must be tough being a 1 sport school
Games are more than just a final score. Florida hung with LSU for 3 quarters and had a touchdown lead after the first drive in the second half. Texas ran all over Georgia and had a 3 touchdown lead at one point but Georgia closed the gap to make it look closer than the game actually was.
We all know the words to the fight song, we sing it and the alma mater with the football team after every game. Otherwise this list is pretty relatable as a Florida fan lol
They tried a surprise onside last year to Perine and he handled it easily with 4 Tennessee players around him
Don't get me wrong I'm happy they chose Florida as one of the schools, but of all the games this year, they decided to showcase us for the Towson game? Cmon
Try to find a video from the sky cam, you can see him grab Trask’s ankle and Trask immediately turns back to him and says something.
Hahaha oh Georgia trolls. Winning 2 years in a row and act like Florida’s never beaten them in 20 years. Not even close. Florida is 9-1 against Tennessee in the last decade and has beaten the Vols 16 in the last 20 meetings. Florida and Georgia have split the last decade 5 games each and Florida has won 13 of the last 20 against Georgia. So uh, nice try
It's going to be really interesting to see where Trask takes the Gators from here on out. A good, CLEAN, game against Tennessee by Florida would be a good sign.