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Georgia just won the natty yet there moronic fans are the first people to comment on a Gator articles. You would think these idiots would have something better to do then this. Yet There still Whitney losers and get butthurt if anything remotely positive happens with Florida football.
Let’s go! Good addition. kids and athlete
Good luck gamble . Now it’s Keon Zipper SZN
Like this hire I just checked his best recruits on 247. He’s got a great recruiting track record. when he was at penn state. Brought in top notch talent. Hopefully he can do the same here
Mullen May have challenged one of the reporters to a light saber battle in his Darth Vader Costume.
Georgia won’t be the “Team of the decade” They’ll still have sustained success, But I don’t think we’ll ever see a stretch of dominance in this sport again like Saban has done for the past 12ish years.Kirbys gonna recruit he’s got a great staff. But with all the new NIL deals the gaps gonna close a bit I believe. He’s also gotten by piss poor recruiting in the state of Florida for his whole tenure.I think with Napier and Cristobal in the state that will change.There’s no one really threatening in the east right now with Georgia at the moment.But things could change in the future. and you would think eventually jimbo would do something with all that talent he has down there in College Station,but weirder things have happened.