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I can’t image any conference wanting FSU as a member after the childish behavior they exhibited being left out of the playoffs and disloyalty they have shown the ACC.
Good basketball ball game. Lot of positives for the Gators but, really need to close out better at home. Had Kentucky beat earlier in season and lost that one and very nearly blew this one. Kudos to Mike White and Georgia. Never quit and nearly overcame a big deficit on the road.
I like the hire but, I also think Armstrong has a good football mind and brings a lot of energy to the Gator defense. As detailed as CBN is I hope he has got these two coaches together and they have an understanding about their responsibilities and duties and are going to be able to work together. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Good game, but this Alabama team was not Sabans best in recent years. I thought Kirkstreit and Fowler were pretty even handed in their comments but, Herbies Big Ten background would make it hard for him to be completely unbiased.
Good game, but Kentucky let this one get away. Not taking anything away from Clemson: they hung in there and finally gained momentum in the 4th qtr but it was pretty much gift wrapped with the uncharacteristically sloppy play by Kentucky.
Good luck to this young man. Made a bad mistake at UF but it was that- a mistake by an 19 year old who didn’t realize the seriousness of his offense at the time. Comes from a good family and most Gators wish him the best going forward.
Not picking a fight with you bayou tiger but the committee got it right. FSU certainly was a good team this year but not as good as any of the teams that made the playoff: with or without their starting QB. Don’t forget they barely beat a Florida team that was without their QB too and started a freshman with zero career starts as opposed to FSU’s starter , a redshirt junior with some experience. Strength of schedule DOES matter.
Well said. Our elected officials should attend to border security, inflation, spending defecit, etc, etc, etc. FSU got”hosed” because they have (per Sports Illustrated) the 79th rated schedule in FBS . And BTW, the ; teams in the playoffs are also Power Five conference champions. Let’s see how if FSU beats Georgia, who also has a case for being in the playoffs, then I’ll listen to the debate.
Georgia is on an incredible run. Even without Bowers they have a wealth of very talented players. Hats off to the two time National Champions. I’ve been going to this game since 1958, (we won that one 7-6). I’ve experienced exhilaration and grief from this game and seen some big upsets. This Saturday our guys are going to shock the college football world. Gators 20 Dawgs 17.
I wish you would keep ugly, disrespectful comments like that to yourself. You sure as heck don’t represent Gator Nation.
Many fans don’t think UF has much of a chance against FSU, Gators last game. Our next opponents are Georgia, neutral site, Arkansas at home after Hogs have a bye week, LSU and Missouri on the road. After that gauntlet, I think we beat a pretty good FSU team who has a relatively easy schedule. Beating the Boston Colleges, Syracuses and NC States of the college football world doesn’t exactly pad your resume in my book.
SupraDawg said what I also believe: with one slight variation. I think playing in the same conference, especially one with so much football tradition as the SEC. Is as valuable as actually playing there. Vince Dooley, Pat Dye and Ray Graves are prime examples. They each were great coaches in the SEC but played at rival SEC schools. (Georgia Tech was in the SEC when Graves played there).
This is a bit off topic but, a 4 game suspension wouldn’t mean much with that schedule. They will go 4-0 with the water boy coaching.
Lane Kiffin has evolved over the last couple of decades. He was brash and immature when he took the job at Tennessee and after leaving them in a lurch his career path went downhill. I feel like he paid his dues coming back as a coordinator and then a HC at FAU. He has learned learned how to poke fun and make valid points with humor but without pissing off the entire football community at once. I never thought I’d say it but, I think he’s a good coach and Ole Miss is lucky to have him. Just my opinion.
??Prayers to the family. Best of luck young man. Family first.
I can’t argue with that AFan. We are going to see if Kirby can keep the inmates from running the asylum. Critical time for UGA right now.
Pruitt was not ready for head coaching job: especially at a high profile school like UT. Georgia fans have a lot to be proud of right now and I can’t blame them. But after experiencing the ecstasy then heartache of Urban Meyer’s tenure at Florida, I can tell all my Georgia friends that red flags are popping up around the team. That said: I have felt like Kirby is of higher ethical standards than Meyer, but winning can have an overwhelming impact on the best of men. 5* football players does not always equate into 5* human beings.
A bit off topic gatorlakelife, but since you brought it up, I think the race for starting QB may be closer than a lot of folks think and he may have not chose to bring a QB because of that. Eguakun, Pearsall and Marshall stuck with us through a trying season and all three are excellent players to represent us. What a cynical view you have. We’re you born with it?
Haven’t had recruiting like this at Florida in quite a while. I also like that Napier is emphasizing speed.
Both teams have bullpen option’s tomorrow. I’ll be surprised if game three is anything other than a Joe Roaster. But…. It is baseball. You never know. Amazing amount of talent on both teams.
I’m not happy we lost Simmons, but I don’t consider it a backbreaker at this stage. Seems odd to me UF had their best 3 day period of recruiting in many moons and the only football article on SDS homepage about Gator football is this article.
Not a big fan for black uniforms or any color other than our traditional orange and blue. Glad we are doing something to recognize/honor our vets and armed forces but, how does wearing black uniforms serve that purpose?
Well said, Phildnstream. It only helps “bubble” teams who need a good showing or to win it all to make the NCAA tournament. That, to me, is the saving grace of having the conference tournament at all.
LSU played badly and still nearly won last year. I don’t think it will be close this time. Kelly will have the Bayou Boys ready this time around.
Very accurate analogy, as I see it, AFan. Napier inherited a toxic culture AND a roster that was full of holes. Unfortunately for most us Gator fans we have to listen to the constant carping of a few Gator fans that think the return to relevance should have been instantaneous.
Nice pickup at a position of need. Now if BN can just pickup an offensive lineman or two…..
Agree with Rico. Sad. Bad mouthed his former team then gets kicked off team at UF. He is running out of opportunities. Hope he gets his act together.
Happy for Stetson. I hope he keeps on proving the Naysayers wrong and given the chance I think he will.
Using nasty words to describe our coach makes you sound an awful lot like the real idiot in the room.
Terrible call. Punishment doesn’t fit the crime. If that was a crime. Looked pretty innocuous to me. That said, I think Georgia is better than their record. They definitely have some hitters in their lineup and they don’t give up. They might make problems for some teams before the season is over.