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As Law_Dawg said, it is insanity. I don’t fully comprehend the workings of the “Gator Collective” that is supposed to handle the NIL deals with prospective recruits for UF. But apparently, there was a total disconnect between the athletic department and whoever offered this deal. I trust that it has been fixed. I do believe that shortly after this fiasco a change was made in the leadership of the collective. In the meantime we will be the butt of many jokes.
I wouldn’t take it as a personal rebuke of UK PillsburyThrowboy. A lot of these young athletes that are hitting the portal now have me scratching my head.
Pitt a “Powerhouse Program”?? Anyway, best of luck to Reynolds. He showed some flashes at times, but with our QB’s inconsistency who knows.
Who is they, Micheal493? Do you have any documentation that this “they” offered this kid 13 mil? Unfortunate situation for sure, but Florida did the right thing letting this young man find a home elsewhere.
I agree with LongtimeGator77 that a small number of fans that make a lot of noise do not represent the Gator fan base. Most Gators were very disappointed in the rapid decline of our teams’ performance under Dan Mullen. But the lack of discipline and commitment during Mullens last season and a half spoke volumes about the toxicity that festered during his tenure. It infected the entire team and Napier had to gut the roster to get rid of the poison. He inherited a very tough situation and most Gators know this. I may be wrong, but I think he is the right coach to bring us back to relevance. And I also believe he is still evolving as a coach but he has an enormous upside. Better days are ahead but, at the risk of overdoing a redundant theme: it’s going to take patience.
I THINK our QB play will be much improved this year but, like most things the “proof is in the pudding”. It won’t matter whose behind center if the OL doesn’t get a quick rebuild. Getting a commitment from Damieon George today and the O lineman from Baylor was huge for us in that respect. We need quality depth. I’m confident that we are building and heading in a good direction amid the absolute insanity of NIL and the transfer portal.
Thank you Emmitt for providing some words of sanity about the future of Gator football. Some Gator fans really need to chill out and give our young coach time to build our program back. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight. The more support and less hysteria our fan base provides will make this journey more likely to be successful.
Not much substance to this article. Writer must have pulled it off the top of his head and spent 4 or 5 minutes composing the masterpiece. I see more teams than the three mentioned that could possibly challenge Georgia next year, but the Dawgs are loaded. After the Spring practices we may have a better idea.
Somewhere Jed Clampett is turning over in his grave. Those fruit loops in LA are “thicker than crows in a corn patch”, as Jed would say.
I guess it’s safe to say civility is not part of Ainge’s repertoire. Don’t understand the venom towards Bennett. He had battled the odds and withstood a lot of criticism: some from a FEW of his own fan base. I have nothing but respect for the young man.
Great game. Mississippi State made all true SEC faithful proud today! Congratulations Cowbells on a great season. Somewhere there is an old pirate smiling.
Pretty good article. mrtruth, comparing the situation Napier walked into with TCU, LSU or any other program with a new head coach is adding apples and oranges. Napier is gutting the program to the foundation because of the toxicity that Dan Mullen allowed to fester. A lot of players left the program and not all of them were problems but, all of them were unable to fully commit to Napier’s disciplined approach. He may not be the answer for our Gators to return to being relevant but what he is doing had to be done. A few band aids and a couple of aspirin might have made us a little better this year but it wouldn’t fix the problem: That will take some time.
Hate to see him go, but I’m sure he has weighed his options and come to a decision that he feels will serve him better. Best of luck, young man.
Might not have sounded like it, but my previous post was actually in agreement with Braves1471.
Re:Braves 1471 The upward trend for the Vols under Heupel actually started soon after losing to the Gators in his first year. If I remember correctly the Vols got better in the second half of the season. I’m not giving up on Billy Napier after one season. He told Gator fans from the get-go that the rebuild would be a process and we would have to be patient. He inherited a culture that was pretty toxic. Dan Mullen was also not an effective recruiter and his players were as undisciplined as I can ever recall a team being at UF, (remember the great Shoe Toss). No guarantees and indeed the proof is in the pudding but, it’s way too early to count Napier out.
I think the Gamecocks are getting a good one. As a freshman there was a lot of positive chatter about him. Some of the quotes I remember reading were from the defensive backs who said he was a monster to defend. Then he sustained a injury. Not sure why he didn’t see the field this year. Wish the young man the best and hope he has a great season: except when we visit Colombia, of course.
This says a lot about how much Coach Leach was respected and loved. I’m a huge college football fan and his passing saddens me profoundly. It also speaks volumes about how much Lane Kiffen has matured as a coach and a man.
That’s supposed to be PRAYERS to Coach Leach and his family
The last DL transfer From Louisville we had at UF was a guy named Jonathan Grenard. Hope Caleb Banks plays as well as he did. If he does we will be ecstatic in Gainesville.
Georgia faithful have a lot of reasons to be proud these days and Stetson Bennett is one. He is the type of student/athlete that college football should be all about.
Wow! Texas A&M will have two of the most disreputable characters in college football on campus. I have always liked the Aggies, but they need to take a step back and look at what’s going on with their football program. Winning is important, but not by sacrificing your moral standards. A&M is better than that. Of course, I may be taking this article too seriously. It doesn’t seem to be rooted in substantial information.
Docgator, You just tripped my nostalgia button. As a youngster I waited to hear the newspaper hit our driveway on football Sundays to read Tom McEwen and Jim Selman’s articles and commentary on Saturday’s Gator football games. And of course the pictures. And Otis Boggs and Bob Leach brought many a game to our house on Zephyr Street (Inverness) and my Granfathers house on Gospel Island. Oh for the good old days.
This topic could be debated all day and never result in a conclusion that will satisfy everyone. When the playoff expands to 12 teams there will still be an argument about the 11th and 12th teams in. In my book, Alabama is better than TCU. Nuff’ said.
I’ve been going to Florida/Georgia football games off and on, (mostly on) since 1958. A high percentage of Dawg fans I have met and inter-acted with at those games are good fans who are knowledgeable and, of course, love their Dogs. Thank God you are in a minority Georgiadawg 101. Your posts show a total lack of class. You, and at least one other who posts on SDS, would do the UGA fan base a service if you would keep your ugly remarks to yourself.
I love SEC football. Some of my earliest memories are sitting by an old radio listening to Otis Boggs bring Gator football to Inverness Florida where I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s. Loved my Gators, still do. But I also had a special affection for LSU (could listen to their night game broadcasts) and Ole Miss. I realize it’s a different world we live in today but I still like Ole Miss. Hope Lane stays there and builds on what he started. No better place on earth to hunker down.
I’m sure the conference will go to some lengths to be equitable with potential tie breaker situations. That being said, 16 teams seems cumbersome to me in all lumped together. I can see where there could be some very difficult scenarios. I also think teams that have an in state out of conference rivalry game every year will be at a slight disadvantage. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky ( I may have missed somebody), have such games and it gives those teams one less game to schedule OOC.
Right you are LSUMC. And TCU losing to Baylor would be good for our conference too! Never been a huge fan of Baylor, but for now: Go Bears!