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I do t even like Tennessee and I realize that UT is a good ball club. The struggle is real. SEC football. There is no crying in football. Wipe your face and play ball. Butch has nothing to do with a missed tackle.
See here we go. Now the Tennessee fans wanna bash their head coach. Really? Supposedly to the worst gator team in a decade? There is no crying in football. This here is the SEC. We play ball every time. Monday-Sunday. Butch Johnson is a good coach. Before this game he was the holly Grail to you Vols. He loses one game and y'all wanna fire him. He is a quality ball coach. Frickin man up and take the "L". Come back next week and handle business. There is a lot of games to be played. SEC championship will come from the east. Stop doing your ball coach like that and rally the troops. Can't believe what y'all are doing. He's definitely no Muschamp!!!!!