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It's going to be the SEC and one other. The ACC or B1G had better act, and FAST. Two 20 team conferences will absorb the majority of the top tier programs, the teams consistently in the top 25. Absent that, everyone else is just an outsider looking in. The Big 12 is dead and the PAC 12 hasn't been relevant in 10 years. Hardly anyone west of the Mississippi has been relevant in the last 10 years. It will be the SEC and whichever of the ACC & B1G acts quickly enough to establish themselves as the second. It's been on the horizon since the last round when aTm and Mizzu came into the SEC and the time is's coming.
So in this article P.S. has UF out of the top 25. The next article has P.S. SEC order of finish and he has UF at #2 in the east behind uga. That doesen't square in any universe I am familiar with. Go Gators!!
The landing is sadly gone. Has been for a few years. It was truly one of the great spectacles of college football!!
I still hold out hope that THIS year was White's last in G'ville!! He should have been fired 2 years ago. Go Gators!!
Never wish an injury on anyone, especially a young man with such promise. Hoping for a full & speedy recovery for the young man.
Pick your poison. If you double KP, there are 4-5-6 other guys just waiting to capitalize. Tony, Grimes, Cope, Shorter, Whittemore, Davis, Pierce, Jones (assuming is a go). KP is a beast, but I have by far been most impressed with the leap that KT has made. That cat has become a REAL problem!! He can take it to the house from just about any place on the field. Now that he's refined his craft as a WR...Look out!! Go Gators!!
Booches - That's Biff Tannen, and I have 3 words for you..."Grays Sports Almanac" Classic!! Problem is, it only goes through 2000! Go Gators!!
Hell must have just frozen over!! I actually agree with something Corch just posted. Now way on God's green earth UGA limits the run to 25-30%. I can see being closer to balanced, but running is in the DNA of who UGA is.
Guess we know where Chump will be landing as a D-Coordinator next year after USC gives him the boot!! :-)
Ahhh, your last line seems to say it all...Development seems to be the one thing the uga staff has the most difficulty with. Georgia, doing less with more since 1980.
Fan, I believe Trask has already graduated.
This, is exactly what makes Florida - Georgia special. It's NOT just another football game... Go Gators!!
There were a bunch of recruits at the game Sat. Many of them 4 & 5 stars. You couldn't have asked for a better game or atmosphere for these blue chips to be a part of. Emmitt Smith spoke to the team and gave a fiery talk to amp everyone up. Things will change, they will come.
I was there. I sit in the north end zone. It was good. We were all stunned when the ref waived it off...
Please tell me this comment is a troll piece. Sarcasm does not translate well in the written word sometimes...
Why on God's green Earth would you want Chump to "be in good shape?"
The first pic should have been a TD. If Grimes doesn't tip that ball, FF hits Cleveland streaking in stride with nothing but 70 wide open yard between him and the end zone. Watch it again...
The pass over the middle that got picked wasn't an overthrow. If anything it was an underthrow. If Swain doesn't tip that ball FF would have hit Tyrie Cleveland in stride for what would have been a TD. Watch it again, TC is WIDE OPEN and no one between him and the end zone and very few people can run him down...
Thank you for this!! lots of LOL's on this one :-)
Its hard to take this article seriously. It reads at about a 3rd grade level and was obviously not edited. UF's inexperience on the O-line showed last night. We struggled badly in the run game getting no push and not opening any running lanes. That made the offense one dimensional and put the game on FF shoulders. Was he flawless? No. Was it pretty? No. But at the end of the night FF delivered and UF got the win. I'll take an opening night win over a P-5 team any day!! Throwing in the towel on UF at this point is pretty much premature. UF is 1-0 and I'll take it!!
Says that the SEC is full of defensive minds and makes a list...that EXCLUDES Nick Saban, probably the greatest defensive mind of them all!!
UF's defensive backs have more Pick 6's than UM's QB has CAREER PASS ATTEMPTS!! This will not end well for the u... Go Gators!!
Do you really believe that, or are you just looking through your red and black glasses...? This one is going to be ugly, and it wont be UF on the short end. Some of UF's DBs have more pick 6s than UM's QB has attempts!!