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Have to disagree with you on that Phil. The Swamp at night can be a DANGEROUS place!! A full day of tailgating can fuel some pretty crazy crowds!! Go Gators!!
fsu's annual athletic budget is in the $125 mil/ year range. UF's 2022 athletic budget is just shy of $145mil. Over 10 years that's a $200 mil gap. fsu lost the arms race a long time ago.
What universe was this ranking made in? UT .76 winning percentage LSU .74 Ark .81 AL .91 Ky .90 UF .92 AU .96 I get strength of opponent matters, but so does 6, 7 & 4 losses by the top 3 respectively. SMH...
"Cringe all you want, but Brian Kelly has successfully TWERKED his reputation in 2 months on the job." There, fixed it for you SDS. :-P
30% of the US population?! Not even close, more like 10-12%.
What should be done eventually, must be done immediately.
Sparky - Fortunately for you, this game is at LSU so you can wager in corndogs instead of money. Go Gators!!
With all of their parks shuttered for the better part of last year, I would disagree with that. Honestly, i'm surprised that Disney has survided.
14,876 Days since uga last won a national title.
Dog - At 6'-4 240 catching him is one thing. Bringing him down is another.
Box - I don't think anyone is implying that AR is going to lead UF to a title in 2021, but of all the QB's to come through G'ville in the last 15 years he has all of the tools. Size, speed, IQ but most importantly he has the "it" factor. He looks at home on the football field. There is no hesitation, no 1/2 speed. They guy hurdled a defender to get a 1st down with 48 seconds left in the game against FAU. This year will be a learning season for him (freshman) but in the next 2-3 he gives us as good a chance as anyone and he seems like the type that will elevate the supporting cast around him.
Phil is apparently not old enough to remember the Urban era. Urban personally coached ST and made it a privilege to play on special teams as a skill player. Looks like CDM has learned that valuable lesson well, good for him. Go Gators!!
What about those who have had it and recovered? The real thing is better than the jab.
It's going to be the SEC and one other. The ACC or B1G had better act, and FAST. Two 20 team conferences will absorb the majority of the top tier programs, the teams consistently in the top 25. Absent that, everyone else is just an outsider looking in. The Big 12 is dead and the PAC 12 hasn't been relevant in 10 years. Hardly anyone west of the Mississippi has been relevant in the last 10 years. It will be the SEC and whichever of the ACC & B1G acts quickly enough to establish themselves as the second. It's been on the horizon since the last round when aTm and Mizzu came into the SEC and the time is's coming.
So in this article P.S. has UF out of the top 25. The next article has P.S. SEC order of finish and he has UF at #2 in the east behind uga. That doesen't square in any universe I am familiar with. Go Gators!!
The landing is sadly gone. Has been for a few years. It was truly one of the great spectacles of college football!!
I still hold out hope that THIS year was White's last in G'ville!! He should have been fired 2 years ago. Go Gators!!
Never wish an injury on anyone, especially a young man with such promise. Hoping for a full & speedy recovery for the young man.
Pick your poison. If you double KP, there are 4-5-6 other guys just waiting to capitalize. Tony, Grimes, Cope, Shorter, Whittemore, Davis, Pierce, Jones (assuming is a go). KP is a beast, but I have by far been most impressed with the leap that KT has made. That cat has become a REAL problem!! He can take it to the house from just about any place on the field. Now that he's refined his craft as a WR...Look out!! Go Gators!!
Booches - That's Biff Tannen, and I have 3 words for you..."Grays Sports Almanac" Classic!! Problem is, it only goes through 2000! Go Gators!!
Hell must have just frozen over!! I actually agree with something Corch just posted. Now way on God's green earth UGA limits the run to 25-30%. I can see being closer to balanced, but running is in the DNA of who UGA is.
Guess we know where Chump will be landing as a D-Coordinator next year after USC gives him the boot!! :-)
Ahhh, your last line seems to say it all...Development seems to be the one thing the uga staff has the most difficulty with. Georgia, doing less with more since 1980.
Fan, I believe Trask has already graduated.
This, is exactly what makes Florida - Georgia special. It's NOT just another football game... Go Gators!!