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It's really hard to tell if you post this outlandish stuff to try to get reactions from other fan bases, or if you are just really that ignorant. Probably a lot of both!! No other team has done so little with so much as uga. Kirby is Mark Richt version 2.0 CDM is doing more with 3 & 4 stars than Smart has done with all of his 5 stars. To hear you talk, you would think that uga was back to back national champions when in fact you really haven't won anything. Ohh wait, that SEC championship in '17 by the skin of your teeth. My bad. Florida was in the football wilderness for 8 years, we acknowledge that. Those days are over. You call CDM "Sideshow Dan", but you do it with a nervous laugh. You know he gets far more out of his players than smart does, and you know that the recruiting gap really is closing. You hang your hat on one bad apple from the '19 class and one homesick kid. Oh, that and some decommitts from kids that are finishing up their sophomore year in HS. A very short handed UF team was within 6 with 8 1/2 minutes to go. I look forward to this years WLOCP. We may not win it, but it is FAR from a sure thing for uga… I know it's been a VERY long time since dog fans have had anything to be happy about. Enjoy it, you're on borrowed time...
A few thoughts... 1. The Jalon Jones & Brian Edwards situations were bad. No 2 ways about it. Both were handled correctly in dismissing them both. Mullen & staff need to sit the team down and hammer accountability and how to act into these guys. 2. The Chris Steele situation is a bit murkier to me. No one seems to be able to say who Chris made the request to or in what context. Did he go to a football staffer (who has no hand or authority in housing issues) and just say he wanted to be reassigned because he "doesn't like his roommate"? And by this I mean did he try not to throw a team mate under the bus by saying he was assaulting people? I doubt that any coach would accept that and kiss a new freshman's hind end. If that's how it was presented, then the "wait until summer" response was quite appropriate. Housing is a scarce commodity at UF and it's likely there wasn't just an open room to put one of them in. IF...and it's a big if, Steele came to Mullen and said JJ is assaulting women and doing bad things, why was that not addressed immediately and JJ pulled aside and put on notice? In that case Steel's concerns should absolutely have been taken seriously and addressed. We will probably never know the whole story. As far as the long term consequences...probably way overblown. Our society has the attention span of a fly. People can't remember what they had for lunch yesterday. By the time the season rolls around and signing day gets here this will be ancient history. And Mullen and staff will be able to say look, there were bad actors on the team and we dismissed them. Could it have been handled better? Probably. Is it the end of the world? Far from it...
“This contract was all about a mutual commitment to each other — Clemson and myself. And so, I didn’t have any issues with it at all..." No wonder Dabo didn't have any issues with it, that is chump change for Alabama!! That's basically a green light to go if he got the offer and wanted to go. Not sure that will ever happen, but this won't be the reason if he doesn't!
That looks awesome!! I hope SDS does a follow-up on this project once it's all done. That locker room is going to be sweet once it's all put together. As a construction dude, this warms my heart!! This is what all that SEC $$ is all about and why the rest of the country is going to be hard pressed to keep up!!
Franks has one of the biggest arms in college football. If Johnson & Mullen can work on his reads/progressions/decision making he will improve on a solid 2018. He gets knocked for his accuracy, but he really has come a long way with that (and that has been his focus through spring & this summer). Mullen likes dual threat guys, but has said he can work with a "willing" runner and FF has proven to be that. The dude is huge, is a load to bring down and is deceptively quick. Also agree with the Tua - Fromm comments. Should be a fun year, even watching Hurts from afar over in OK. Go Gators!!
Keep believing that the 2019 FF will be the same as the 2017 FF. The kid got thrown to the wolves as a freshman and was coached by two bumbling idiots in Mac & Nuss. FF is now in year two of Mullens system and has been coached up by 2 of the best QB coaches in the college game (Mullen & Brian Johnson). FF will open some eyes this year. He has all the physical tools, is starting master this offense & has a TON of skill players around to support him. On second thought...I hope every DC in the SEC thinks like you do this year. It will work out great for all of us!! Go Gators!!
His path at UGA is probably a little easier, but not by much. Fromm will be gone after next year and after Fromm, UGA's QB room isn't the strongest. But that Mathis kid looks like a beast & will be hard to beat and he is an incoming freshman. I guess that beats sitting behind FF and the Jones at UF. I guarantee that he is making the wrong choice for his development, It doesn't get better than Mullen & Johnson. Best of luck to him though...
I will take Mullen over Riley, Kelly, Leach, Patterson & Shaw any day of the week. From a coaching standpoint I would take Mullen over Smart as well, though early on Smart has been the better recruiter.
He will be a great steal for someone if he falls into the 2nd or 3rd round.
That's an easy one for me. I'll take LSU & Auburn any day. And despite the authors take, I believe UF goes 2-0 vs the west this year.
So did oswho beat Wiscansin in cheese consumption? Didn't see that coming!!
I absolutely LOVED how aggressive or D was this past year and the huge increase in play behind the line of scrimmage. More TFL, WAY more sacks. Under Shannon we applied absolutely NO pressure and paid for it repeatedly. The SEC is a line of scrimmage league and if you let an offense get past that first level you are in trouble. Best way to prevent that is to prevent a play from ever taking off.
Tenn landing two 5 star OL didn't hurt them any. While UF lost 4 "starters" on the OL, I really want to see how many game reps our OL returns. We have like 13 or 14 OL on the roster now and a lot of them got reps thorough the year last year. I know the first snap guys are gone, I just don't have a feel for how much we really lost...
Franks made huge improvement in year 1 under Mullen. CDM typically expects to see a big jump into year 2 from his QB's. You can throw away the garbage stats from FF's Freshman year under a staff that in hind sight was pretty incompetent. And it's not just CDM coaching him up either. Our actual QB Coach, Brian Johnson, is no slouch either. FF may not get into the Heisman race, but any waiting (and hoping) so see him fall on his face are going to be sorely disappointed!! Go Gators!!
CTG hasn't had UF talent at the other places he's been. That string will end sooner rather than later.
North until you smell it, west till you step in it...
Sure they may get the sanctions reduced, and even get the bowl ban removed. But there is NO WAY that happens before Bryant needs to commit somewhere. He has to learn a new system and gel with a new team and that takes time. He has already started that process at Mizzu and would be WAY behind the curve if he were to try to make a move later this spring or over the summer.
This has absolutely nothing to do with UF football. If you would have asked this question about UF in the last 9 years I would have given the same answer. But honestly speaking, is anything I just said incorrect or implausible?...
Well, from this external perspective Mizzu just got screwed!! This is WAY out of proportion from what they got cited for IMHO.
Just thinking out loud... There is a pretty decent chance that he wouldn't even play in a potential bowl anyway if he were to follow the "getting ready for the NFL Combine" trend. Let's be honest, even with him Mizzu wasn't headed to the play-off. If he feels like the coaching staff and existing pieces give him the best opportunity to showcase his talents, nothing really changes for him. If his intentions were really to be in the play-off or high level bowl, he wouldn't be at Missouri in the first place...
Wow, NCAA threw the book on this one!! Post season ban, scholly restrictions (though only 1 or 2 and only for a year), recruiting restrictions, and that fine...I hate to see what that dollar figure actually comes out to. That could be upwards of $500k...not chump change
Yea, he will need 5 - 6 more undefeated, championship seasons to get there!
Saban (and other top coaches) make it seem like it would be easy. What Saban has done at Bama is an amazing accomplishment, and Bama certainly is one of those places that is set-up to succeed. But just look at the guys that came before Nick: DuBose, Franchinoe, Shula...all those guys had the "Bama" name to work with and didn't pan out. All I can say is stepping into Nick Saban's shadow is going to be worse than stepping into the Bear's. Expectations in this world of instant gratification will be sky high. Anything less that immediately competing for championship is going to be viewed as a failure.
I don't see Dabo making the move to Bama directly behind Saban. Nobody really wants to follow that act. Maybe 3-4 years down the road after the next coach can't produce like Saban (and the next guy won't) it will be time for Dabo to come home. Swinney is a young guy, he has time. He can afford to enjoy the success he has built at Clemson and come to Bama on his own terms when the time is right. After Saban is not the right time.
I like our cross division match up with LSU. They are typically one of the best teams in the country which makes the game good for strength of schedule. It is also a good measuring stick for both teams to see how you fare against a quality opponent. I like the idea of playing all of the conference teams, but I also hate to see a lot of other great (some VERY long standing) rivalry games go away. Can't we just have it both ways!! lol
Bounce Back?!! They lost one game (the championship game) all year. To the National Champion...What's to bounce back from??
Mike Slive's legacy is starting to be manifest. The arms race is on in college football an NO ONE can compete with the SEC's year over year revenue. Every team in the SEC is expanding and improving on facilities and the gap between the SEC and the rest of the country will only widen. Nice looking facility, I would love to see it again in a couple months after they have a chance to turn their graphics department loose. Also can't wait to see what our new football facility is going to look like. One thing is for sure, at 130k square feet & $65+Mil it will be sick!! Go Gators!!
There are 5 UF games on the "list" and 1 in the "just missed". I guess you're using Mizzou math...