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Also the cousin of former Gator Great, Ahmad Black.
The rest of the SEC should not have let this happen. Emory will lead UF to another national title, and maybe more. Good luck, everyone else.
Destin, you're an idiot. Jimbo coached at FSUcks for eight years, and only had single digit wins twice - this year (2017) and I believe his second season (which was still nine wins, not terrible). Jameis was only the starting QB for two seasons. Your math isn't adding up.
Never said he was. But he's a good coach and a good recruiter. Try reading what I said again, dummy.
Honestly, it all depends on what the end game is or end goal is. How long until Florida are SEC East title contenders again? 2018. Mullen's first year. The only really good SEC East team is Georgia. And we don't know what they'll be like in 2018. Sure, they spanked the Gators this year. But Florida spanked them the previous 4 years - things can change fast in that rivalry. How long until Florida are SEC title contenders again? 2 years. 2019. By then, Corral/Fields/Jones/Whoever is recruited at QB will be a sophomore and ready to bring Florida back to elite status. Or if by some heaven-sent miracle, Franks is morphed into a good QB under Mullen - he would be a junior. Regardless, two Dan Mullen recruiting cycles should be enough time to have the Gators surging. How long until Florida are CFB Playoff/National Title contenders again? 3-4 years. 2020 at the earliest. Maybe things are turned around really quick a la UGA in Smart's second year, but it's doubtful it'll be that fast. Still, a clear ascent will be taking place and I expect Florida to be LOADED on both sides of the ball, with a clear cut QB in place that is Heisman-caliber by 2021, or 2020 at the earliest. After that, we should expect consistent success from Florida every year, as Mullen's system and recruiting will firmly be established, and the Gators will be ready to roll. I also expect Tennessee to stay down for quite awhile longer, LSU to continue to be mediocre as long as Coach O is in charge, and FSU to struggle under new coaching changes for a few years as well. This means the Florida-Georgia game could have National Championship/CFBP implications every year. As it should be.
"Overplay his hand" hahahaha Sumlin is getting paid better in his buyout than most active coaches are. He doesn't have to jump at some crappy non-Power 5 job, he can wait it out. Even if that means waiting until this time next year. Sitting a year out may actually be better for him anyways. Hey, look what happened to Urban. He was miraculously healed of all health problems during his year off. Go figure!
Hate FSU. Hate Jimbo. But I respect A&M for going all out to get their guy. Not many National Championship coaches available out there who are still relatively young (in coaching terms). Shoot your shot.
This is a GREAT move for Florida. It was a very rough season and the past few weeks have been rough, but the hiring of Mullen and now switching football and basketball to Jordan are GRAND SLAM moves. THE GATORS ARE BACK
You sound dumb. Jordan is basically Nike's "luxury brand." They roll it out only for the big, prestigious schools. Jordan is Lexus compared to Nike's Toyota. It definitely helps with recruiting, as having your name associated with the greatest athlete of all-time is attractive in and of itself, but also Jordan's uniforms, gear, etc. are all top of the line.
They are still under the Nike umbrella, but also their own company (if that makes sense). ESPN is its own company, but also under the ABC umbrella/parent company. Same thing.
Oh, you didn't see a lot of #15 Florida jerseys being worn everywhere from 2006-2014 (and still some today)? Must be blind.
No, it's not. Considering the top talent in the sport helps rake in billions of dollars every year and sees none of that money.
Don't get me wrong Bama, it's still my favorite sport in the world and that will never change
Nobody is going to UT. Fulmer will probably hire himself back as HC.
I hope Sumlin sits out a year and does analysis on ESPN, then gets a good job next winter. He's a good coach, it's just A&M has delusions of grandeur about who they really are.
Dude. I can't stand the guy, but he won double digit games every season for 6 of the previous 7 years, including a CFB Playoff berth and a National Championship. He is a good coach.
"Genuine" hahahahahaha Like using players' likeness, talent and everything else for significant profit without giving them a dime in return? Yeah, really genuine. The players aren't dictating this FSU issue anyways, they're (we don't know how many, could be like 1-2, or could be like 14-15) saying they'll transfer if Jimbo comes back. Can you blame them? A coach waffling every 11 months if he's going to stay or leave - when your professional future partially depends on said coach - isn't exactly an ideal situation. Jimbo is either going to A&M or staying at FSU, there's no way FSU fires him (and for what reason?), so the players aren't dictating a thing. Also, the only school where fans have dictated a coaching hire is at Tennessee. Please don't lump all of College Football with them. They just fired their AD, are on their 12th coaching option (not a typo) and are the biggest laughingstock in sports right now. That's one clown school out of 120+.
Tennessee football will not be relevant for at least 10 more years. And they've already been irrelevant for the past 10+ years. Good luck.
In college you do. Or at least someone who is as good with his legs as he is with his arm.
Enough with this stupid rock. It has the same IQ as the Tennessee fanbase.
Georgia did that to Mullen's Mississippi State team, not Mullen's Florida team. The upgrade in talent will be VERY clear.
You didn't know you can't smoke in a public stadium/arena? How stupid are you?!?! That's a lie. Also, if you have "neuropathy," why TF would be smoke cigarettes? This is hilarious.
LSU is terrible. Did people forget they lost to Troy?! The one point win over Florida looks even worse now, considering the Gators are terrible this year and LSU won because of a fluky missed XP. I am not sure how impressive the Auburn win was either (we'll find out in the coming weeks). Bama will roll.
Well, we've tried to recreate Saban's Alabama at UF with the past two hires (Champ and Mac), and look where that got us. Taking from the Urban Meyer coaching tree (Mullen), Chip Kelly coaching tree (Frost) or Harbaugh coaching tree (Taggart) might be a good idea. When the Gators have been at their best - under Spurrier or Meyer - it's because of SPEED. Sure, there's power and strength too, but SPEED has been the one asset that separated us from our competitors.