Gators gonna get em this year

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State might be the best team in the west this season! Can't wait for more
Did you know that the Gators had like 15 players missing from the game, a lot of them starters on defense? Yeah, maybe do research before writing an article critisizing our defense..
Mizzou is pretty much FL State, so I have major doubts about Alabama this year.. Good news is, we will know a lot more next week.. Or maybe not..
God i hate Espn.. Quit your politics!! Nobody cares.. We want football!
Since football has become a soy boy game.. It's the right call
I'm excited to see if Kyle Trask throws for 300 yards! GO GATORS!
Since the commentators from ESPN are anti Americans, I will be listening on the radio for the game
Lets just play the game, and forget about everything that has been going on in the world for at least 3 hours.. And i mean everything!! I don't want to have to watch the game with the sound off!
I won't be paying for an ESpN subscription this year, but will be watching it online for free with the commentary off! I won't give ESPN a dime! Not until they oppologize to the cops who protect our country!
agreed! But the media hates Fl.. They have a love affair with ol st. Nick
Herd immunity won't matter if the opposite team can't play because of covid
I'd be embarrassed to root for a guy who dressed like that.. Kind of reminds me of the mask character idiot Jim Carrey played in the 90s
Lots of 5* to Georgia.. Win Heisman at other schools after transfer.. lol
Keep politics out of sports!! Who the hell is making these rules?? BLM And Antifa are terrorists! I won't be watching!
My open letter to Felipe.. Maybe football isn't for you..
Leftists love killing little innocent babies! It's there thing.. Black babies don't matter
Cops protect your sorry butt every day.. shame on you! I bet you don't even care when a black cop gets murdered you country hater
Never really cared for gameday.. One more reason to not watch.. Quit mixing sports and politics!!
BAMA QBs aren't really that good, they always have lots of talent around them doing most the work.. When the pressure is on, and they are required to step up and save the day, they fail miserably.. Just look at the most recent playoff games.. Alabama always had running backs that were awesome, so they didn't need a great qb. Until the running back dry streak is over, they won't win big games
one one hand I hope he does well in the NFL.. On the other i hope he don't even get drafted.. Kids don't want to put in work anymore.. They want a free ride to the top. Soldiers don't stop fighting and "opt" out of the war because there are bullets flying over their heads! They man up and do their job!
Soldiers don't opt out of the war just because there is bullets flying by.. They man up and do there job!
I love football,but I don't support BLM or antifa riots! If anyone protests at our games by taking a knee, i will be turning off the TV right then and there.. I love our country too much to see these thugs ruin it.. MAGA!
Bama is suppose to be great every year. I have my doubts this year though will be any different than the last 2.. I think they will be good, but not great.. Lsu is way overrated too, without burrow they will be like they were before burrow.. Not great. I'm excited for the season
No Kyle Trask?? Many articles were naming him best qb in the SEC for 2020.. Overlooked like always..
Let's not go fight and protect our country because someone could die!! Let's not drive cars because someone could die!!
Imagine how many jobs are going to be lost if the season isn't played.. Another liberal move to get people out of work before November gets here
How about some good ol Folk Rock Bands next year?? In my opinion that is the only good music left..