Gators gonna get em this year

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Please Gerogia, make it an early Xmas and beat Bama 40-0! It is all i want!
Welp, I'm pretty happy we didn't go LSU route and hire this guy.. He never could win the big games at ND.. Time will tell for both our coaches I guess..
I'm never listening to a game again if RGiii is calling it.. Worst game I've ever heard.. Don't need your stupid wokeness while trying to watch a game. How embarrassing it must be to be ESPN today!
It was hard listening to these woke commentators.. I watched with the volume off for most the game..
Herby.. Does anyone even care or watch this guy anymore? He's a terrible commentator.. He's almost as bad as Danielson..
I'd give him a shot as an offensive coordinator or qb coach for a year, let people see if he did anything good.. That is to say if he even wanted to..
Has anything that great ever came from the Satan tree? Just asking
Or another take on it.. The other team got tired in the second half, and didn't have enough fresh players to stop Florida.. The gators won't do that in the next two games.. But it felt great winning against a high school team that nearly beat us! Sarc
How was this an "upset"? Both teams are terrible, only Florida is worse..
It feels like 2011 all over again.. I'm just waiting till Dan pulls out our 3rd stringer and tries him.. Heck, put the practice squad on the field, maybe they will have a chance to win..
I don't expect the players to have any reason to want to show up this weekend.. I expect a tight game and perhaps another loss.. If that happens, I can Imagine Dan will be fired by Sunday
When it comes to GA or Bama, I hate to admit, but I hope Georgia woops Bama like they've never been Wooped before.. Bring that natty back to the east SEC!
Here you go LSU,.. Urban Myer! He will be available next year.
I think I speak for everyone when I say nobody wants to see Alabama in the playoffs.. Let's keep football fun this year and have some newcomers please..
Why would it matter if you're fired after 3 years, you're making millions of dollars, and set for life! Hell they could fire me after the first! Just give me my millions!
Anyone else notice that the scoreboard above has fl winning LSU?
I just don't see Florida going on the road and coming away with a win, much less blowing out the tigers.. Hope I'm wrong
Remember when the gators played GA Southern and GA southern had half their players out and still won the game? 2013.. I remember like it was yesterday.
Hate to be the one to state the obvious, but I feel Mullen is slowly turning into McElwain
You FL fans who think Dan won't run up the score, 42 is him running up the score! He can't run it up anymore because he can't call plays! What he needs is an offensive coordinator who can. My 2 cents, take it or leave it.
I used to be a mullen fan, but I'm done. The guy can't recruit, he loses games he should easily win, and he constantly overlooks players on the bench who are great. Alabama would hang half a hundred on Kentucky, just like we used to do years ago.. Kentucky is no better than they were 10 years ago.. I'm going to be happy to see mullen go when the time comes
Since Mullen took over, the gators always play great against good teams, usually come within a touchdown from winning, but can never win them. And they play very poorly against mediocre teams. Why can't Dan put 40 points up against teams like Vandy when he can put that up against teams like Alabama??
Maybe changing uniforms will save us from losing to vandy
I agree with the hump on this one.. Dan has gotten worse every year since he started at Florida, with last year I believe being the worst.. If it keeps going the way is has been, we will lose at least 5 this year and 6 next year.. Only Richardson will be able to save Dan next year from getting canned
Lol, who has Florida dominated?! I haven't seen Florida dominate a team since last year when they dominated Georgia.. Florida don't dominate teams usually.. Haven't since Tim Tebow..
Unfortunately Mullen is slowly turning into our last coach.. A couple more losses this year will light a fire underneath his pants like you've never seen before..
As football fans, we grow tired of Alabama winning the national championship each year. We get it, they are good. They are every year simply because they get the best talent. Why don't we give them the national title before the year even starts, just so we can watch someone else play in the championship game. Hell, I don't care if we watch vandy in the national title game, as long as it isn't the boring usual..
Never been a fan of Mullet, and never will be.. Congrats Ky