Gators gonna get em this year

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I always mute Gary, every single game.. Haven't been able to take him for years!
There is nothing wrong with Mullen wanting to pack the swamp, in fact I applaud him for saying it! We can't keep living in fear! College football isn't college football without the fans.. There are many more schools that also didn't play on Saturday, where is their karma?? Just some more click bait like always!
Wondering if the Liberals didn't set this covid thing up after what Dan said.. Wouldn't suprise me in this day and age.. They are willing to do anything anymore, no matter how dirty!
I would have put FL at 12 or 13, but seeing NC up that high?? Wow..
Watch out Danny boy, liberals will try to cancel you with talk like that! They want to shut down the economy forever to try to get their fake global warming fixed! Too many carbon emissions from all the screaming drunken fans!!!
We'll just end up ranked what we should have been all along.. Probably 12 or 13.. Might actually be such a thing as a good loss.. I'm willing to bet big changes will be made before next week.. Without this being a loss, changes would probably not have been made..
Only upset I can see, is maybe Arkansas over Auburn.. I don't have any faith in Auburn to score points anymore..
As many times as I've rooted for the pups to beat Alabama, they have let me down.. I won't be rooting for Georgia any more..
If ol Miss catches Alabama looking forward to next week instead of this game, Ol Miss might just catch them napping.. Should be a shootout with Alabama coming out on top.. Next week might be harder to predict..
As Americans, we just want freedom.. Freedom from masks, freedom to pack stadiums, freedom to choose what we do and how we do it! Wars were fought for exactly this type of freedom.. Many died.. But we now have that freedom because of it.. You can thank Trump that he has fought the media and evil in this country every day so you can go on living your worthless lives and watch some good ol football..
We pretty much got a covid cure now, so I can see the stadiums being packed by November! Thank you Trump for expediting this cure! We will all be fine very soon!
Hype bubble? I didn't see your team breaking any SEC records last weekend.. If anything, you underperformed against a lowly mizzou.. Used to Alabama would put 50+ points against an opponent like that..
It was just a first game, I expect things to get a lot better this week.. LSU was similar last year, and got a lot better as the year went on.. I'm not worried.. FL 45 - SC 15
State might be the best team in the west this season! Can't wait for more
Did you know that the Gators had like 15 players missing from the game, a lot of them starters on defense? Yeah, maybe do research before writing an article critisizing our defense..
Mizzou is pretty much FL State, so I have major doubts about Alabama this year.. Good news is, we will know a lot more next week.. Or maybe not..
God i hate Espn.. Quit your politics!! Nobody cares.. We want football!
Since football has become a soy boy game.. It's the right call
I'm excited to see if Kyle Trask throws for 300 yards! GO GATORS!
Since the commentators from ESPN are anti Americans, I will be listening on the radio for the game
Lets just play the game, and forget about everything that has been going on in the world for at least 3 hours.. And i mean everything!! I don't want to have to watch the game with the sound off!
I won't be paying for an ESpN subscription this year, but will be watching it online for free with the commentary off! I won't give ESPN a dime! Not until they oppologize to the cops who protect our country!
agreed! But the media hates Fl.. They have a love affair with ol st. Nick