Gators gonna get em this year

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No I agree with you, they should have been playing better before he went down.. no excuse not to be giving it all you have all the time!
Yeah gators.. Shouldn't you be playing like this all the time, not just when your Qb gets hurt? That says a lot about you as a player not giving it all you have every Saturday!
Are you kidding me?? Gators-Kentucky is by far the best matchup of the day!!
Tua was never that good to begin with, he's not looking good this year to start... I enjoy watching Oklahoma, always have..
I never understood why they don't just punish the people involved!! Kick them off the football team, put them in jail, but don't punish the schools!! This is getting dumber and dumber..
Most Georgia players have probably never been to Ben hill Griffin stadium. When is the last time Georgia played us at home?
Why do people think LSU is going to have a good year? They weren't that special last year, or the previous 5..
Wow, whomever made this video really likes Michigan..
No big deal, we are trending up, no one can stop us
This would be the year to do it, hit them while they are down..
Actually i know one team that is better at receiver this year, and it's not bama..
I feel a big sophomore slump coming.. I think we'll see more of what we saw in the championship game out of him this year..
Should be a cap on how much $$ you can spend on recruiting.. Just like with advertising, whoever throws more money at the problem are the ones who usually wins..
Your team lost, get over it.. Saban is on his way out, soon you'll be losing half the games you play..