Gators gonna get em this year

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What kind of names do these teams have?? Vipers?? Ugh
Toney always failed to impress.. The rest including pitts should be great for us
So I guess Alabama wasn't a "real" team when they played them last year? Whooped Tua so bad they put in his backup..
Good to see them enjoying the whitehouse! A real team don't cry about politics..
Great game LSU, and what a year.. I think this was the best high powered passing attack from an SEC team since the Gators in 2008..
Lol, no, he isn't.. He got lucky with all the talent he was getting.. Look at him now.. No talent, no win..
Why would you think Fl state will be trending up? It will be at least 3 more years before they will even start to compete again in big games
I agree with comments below.. Alabama is on the way out.. Saban can't call big games, and soon he will loose the recruits because of this.. Next year will be the worst of his career, and I bet he retire..
If Saban finishes outside the top 10 in consecutive seasons, there is a good chance he will quit after next season.. I can see the Tide losing at least 2 games next year, maybe more.. I'm betting next year he calls it quits.. He is losing his coaching touch, other teams are better and he won't be able to handle that much longer..
Not really.. I'm more interested in the LSU or GA qb battle next spring.. But then again, you the media, you are in love with Alabama..
I'd have to say this is the weirdest Tua love article I've read yet.. Keep them coming
He deserves nothing from me or any other college football fan.. media.. Smh.. So in love with Alabama
Not sure he has what it takes to make it next level, but maybe he'll suprise people. Good luck
Yeah, no more Oklahoma in the playoffs.. Every year it's the same sad story..
I agree.. This guy is unstoppable! I will be pulling for the SEC to win one.. If only he were coming back next year, LSU might would have a great team again.. But I think it will be at least 2 more years till they are back in the playoffs..
Clearly not a catch even in slow motion.. What are you guys looking at?
I don't think anyone wanted an Ohio state LSU 2007 rematch.. I always did enjoy watching them lose the big ganes..
Wonder how long it took to type that 1 up..
Thank God we didn't have to sit through an Alabama Oklahoma game.. I will enjoy LSU Oklahoma much much better.. And I will be rooting for the SEC in this one, which u wouldn't do if Alabama shama was playing.. Not that it would make a difference..
Good for them but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing these..
Sure they win Florida a few times, what do you expect with all those 5* players.. But only to win by a touch down this year against us? Yeah, that problem goes way beyond assistant coaches and getting it figured out, the problem lies with your HC.. Time to replace him and salvage your next season..
The only reason for LSU success this year is Joe Burrow.. Next year I expect a 8 or 9 win season again, nothing more.. They will once again be starting from scratch unless they get an amazing transfer.. Believe it or not, Florida could have the best qb in the SEC next year.. We will have to wait and see