Gators gonna get em this year

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What will Lsu be like after Burrow leaves? That is the question.. Remember what happened when Cam Newton left Auburn?
You forgot to include "wicked" witch.. Calling it how it is
Yeah, all that talent has did Georgia so much good, can't stop winning championships.. Lmao
Wellthey will get used to losing, you can't stay top dog forever..
Lsu offense was offensive in the 3rd quarter.. This game should have been a blowout.. Alabama is so overrated.. Lsu got nervous..
"Could be" I will wait for next season.. Every year I think.. This could be the year, and it hasn't been.. Not for a long 10 years
Very true.. Next year with Trask coming back and a better offensive line.. We might be good
Both teams are a bit overrated.. But so glad LSU won.. They will no doubt give Alabama an easier path to the playoffs since they get to skip the Sec championship game..
3 letters why LSU wins.. T U A.. I am predicting he has a Clemson like game against LSU.. I will enjoy watching LSU beat the brakes off of Alabama.. Oh it's going to be heaven
According to Gary, if you're not a 5* you cant play football.. I'm switching to Mick..
Haven't seen a game this badly called in my life.. And can someone remove Georgia and alabama lover danielson? This guy is the worst ever..
Wow, refs are killing us.. clock hits zero 3 times
If florida wins, and Lsu wins next week, my year will be complete, I don't care if we win another game this year.. Ok, we could win Fsu in our sleep this year, but you get my point.. About time Alabama gets put down for good.. So glad that someone else is finally out recruiting them! And now it's starting to show.. The next few years will be hard for them..
I'll never understand having an elephant for a mascot.. That should be dropped as it don't make a lick of sense.. At least Fl has Alligators..
Not everyone can be a Kyle Trask, and shouldn't be.. Their whole life can change based on the choice of their coach.. right or wrong..
Every team has their down years, and losing to the no. 6 team in the nation shouldn't be that big of deal for any coach, even more so if the game is close.. And if the gators lose a tight one to Georgia and play good, they should still be in the top 10 or close to it.. won't be a big deal, and if we only lose 2 games this year, that is great! Especially coming from what we did only a couple years ago!
Lol, the only way we win is if we score more points than the other team.. Haha, I've heard that before
Wow, and here I was thinking that the Florida - Georgia fans were ugly to each other..
Only time I ever tune Into an Alabama game is when they are losing, guessing most other non Alabama fans would agree as well..
Meanwhile Lsu will need no motivation because of their losing record against Satan, I expect it to be a great game
LSU deserves that #1 spot, I've been saying it for weeks.. You don't deserve to be #1 if you don't have a resume to show for it.. Congrats Lsu.. Now go beat Bama, because the entire country is rooting for you in this one..
... it was Arkansas, one of the worst teams in college football..