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I like a four year rotation, a year on each campus and two in Jax. You can tell a recruit they’ll play UF/UGA on each campus if they stay four years.
A dunce monument. So sick of him hogging the media attention when he hasn’t done jack s—- as a head coach.
Going to be a four hour score fest. UT 59-28.
I’d bet he hasn’t been laid in a decade. Just a hunch.
No injuries and a LOT of snaps for Brown in the second half
“Florida AD Scott Stricklin is rational and patient. He understands what it takes to build something long-term.” No he doesn’t. He’s an absolute loser from Starkville that has long been needed to be shown the door. Totally incompetent.
Weather looking like it might be an issue now. I understand the lightning delays and all, but they s u c k. I don’t know who a delay would favor.
Sanders is human debris. Hopefully more opponents will stand up to his mouth and blame gsme schtick.
Baylor upsets them in two weeks.
and we had Zook, Duncechump, Old Hee Haw, and Dumb A Dan as coaches.
Love it. People need to stand up to Coach Slime and his v i c t i m c a r d playing.
Translation = all of the single tickets we had are gone.
Gator run game the key. We run well, we can control the clock and limit Tennessee's opportunities on offense, and will be in a close one throughout. If UT shuts our run game down like Utah did, it will be a blowout. UT big or UF close. I hate to say, but I fear the former and not the latter. UT 34-17.
The UF run game will be the key. If we run well, we can play ball control and work the clock and limit UT's opportunities on offense, which will keep us in it throughout and give us a chance to win late. If we can't run (ala Utah), it will be an ugly blowout.
A Theismann redux for his punk kid seems appropriate.
In the UF/UT rivalry since the 90s, avast majority of the time it is the team that runs the ball better that wins, despite all the great QBs on both sides that have played in the game. That’s where UF has to succeed. Ground and pound ball control. Win ugly. Try to outscore UT and we’ll lose by 30.
Coach Slime fellatio nonstop now. Ruining college football.
Stays closer to home so family is near. Can’t knock a kid for that.
After Oregon and USC beat the piece of human debris by 21+ that should quell the Coach Slime BS.
Sark will get tanked and they’ll soil themselves against Houston or Baylor.
Blame the useless tool Sankey for the game not being played at all between OU and UGA yesterday, not UGA. A one time neutral site game in Memphis, New Orleans, or Dallas could have easily been done.