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Yes, they might lose instead of playing a military academy or MAC school.
I'm content and giving Billy time, but he's got to land the McClain kid from Lakeland and really get the recruiting kicked in. Building depth takes time.
Best to temper your expectations a bit. We have little depth behind the ones. Injuries happen, part of the game.
Light years better by default by not having the loser Fat Slob Todd in charge.
More likely excited about the USC Pom Girls and the UCLA Dance Teams. Then again, I am too, so I won't knock old Urbs for it.
Finally paying assistants. Fat Slob Todd sure wasn't worth a tenth of what he got. Bammer fans beware, he may be in Nick's rehab program, but he is toxic and a cancer.
that's being nice...SEC will stay in the footprint and be just fine, the ACC will eventually be gone.
Yep, those cross country weeknight trips for basketball will be worth it. Big 10 is late to the party and is scrambling.
2005 - we lose, resulting in the now famous plane on the tarmac speech, SOS first year in Columbia, as I am leaving minding my own business, three frat boys follow me yelling "Gators suck" for about a block. My reply was, you know the Gator GOAT is your coach now, don't you? Silence. 2021 - embarrassing loss last year, now two drunk inbreds, likely from Walhalla or Hardeeville, yell at me as I'm leaving "Gators aren't worth a s---", my reply, "the GOAT Gator's name is on YOUR practice facility". Silence. South Carolina fans are far from the nicest in the world, ungrateful for what SOS did for them, and they have zero football tradition to crow about.
Group 1, you'll never get UNC and Duke to leave the ACC, they'll stay until it is in ashes.
No, no, and HELL no. Go get regional teams in the footprint like the Evil Nole, scUM, Clemson, even UVA or VT first.
I'll feel alot better about Billy if we land this kid along with the McClain kid from Lakeland. We whiff on both of these then there are bigger issues behind the scenes.
Bucket list stops for me: 1. West Point 2. Oxford (grove) 3. A&M (to see that bonfire) 4. USC (LA Coliseum and history there, not just football) 5. Arizona State (I've heard the "scenery" there is incredible) I could careless about the Pedo Golden Domers at ND, script Ohio being dotted, or scUM north running out touching their banner. Meh.
Well, we'll find out if Billy has made any more progress building the IMG relationship than Dumb Dan destroyed.
Doubt it is him/her/it for two reasons, (1) the brevity of the posts and (2) nothing in ALL CAPS
Sundays will be alot better without Buck and Aikman slurring over each other, I hardly ever watched MNF anyway, let them rot there. Sunday night will be alot better without lucky one call makes my career Michaels as well. Maybe Herbcheat's throat will give out and we won't hear him that much on Saturdays either. One can hope anyway.
The bottom line is Notre Dame needs to nut up and join a conference, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, whatever. The days of them getting special treatment and preference need to end. Let them be exposed in conference play and enjoy trips to Shreveport and Jacksonville come bowl season instead of getting an autobid to New Years Day or beyond.
What tranny will LIBSPN give the Jimmy V or Arthur Ashe award to this year for heroism?
I say they're the real deal. Pittman has really done a great job there.
OK, who would you want to be the third permanent opponent for UGA behind UF and Auburn? SC or UT? UF would be UGA, UT, and LSU I would assume.
Arkansas has the best slate, Bama, LSU, and Ole Miss all at home and A&M in Dallas.
True. But they spent their time crying into their Jim Ross dolls.