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got to win 1 in LA to have a shot...and with game 3 actually being an afternoon game out there instead of the raucous night crowd, I am HOPEful.
yeah, to careful what we wish for, Mowins might get more SEC games as a result.... I miss Verne...reminded me of that uncle everyone has that is fun to have a beer with, whether he is coherent or not.
Brick by brick. Champions of life. Mustard bottle hurlers. The beat goes on....
Hope he recovers, but he needed to retire over a decade ago.
Breathalyzers at the gates would be more effective.
It wasn't Saban's detail, it was an A&M rent a cop.
So in other words, it is perfectly acceptable behavior to destroy your field, throw projectiles like golf balls, possibly severely hurting your own student-athletes, band members, etc. because of a referee's decision. Typical Vol logic.
Plungers anymore? If there is a campus where rape is an expert craft, it's Knoxville.
You can google the info on the women’s hoops fiasco, basically the players were being beat up on, had reported it several times, and the Starkville Dork extended his contract anyway, then reacted this summer finally and terminated him after the fact. Stricklin is a complete loser.
Good people? The same ones treating their home field like a garbage dump, and putting their own band and cheerleaders in danger?
and Mullen or his replacement will flash 16 out of 17
Big name coaches won't take that job being in the same divison as Saban and with the NCAA cloud looming.
His security deal was protecting him, and to do so, had to push him around a bit. At least he didn't have a golf ball thrown at him.
This kid is from Florida, yet I know good and well Dan has never even met him.
Look at our mens hoops program, from Billy D making it a Cadillac program with final fours to Martha White wondering if the corn meal is self-rising or not. Look at how Stricklin extended the womens hoops coach contract knowing full well what was going on with the players, etc. He should be terminated for cause for this alone. And then there is Dumb Dan.
That great display will be used against UT in recruiting.
Not even 1 vote in the Top 25 poll. More Mike White and Stricklin magic.
Let's see how this ages after Bammer and UGA whip them by 30+.
Any Vol fan please explain to me why anyone would bring a golf ball into a football stadium. A mustard bottle I get, you want to sneak booze in, did it myself in the Swamp back in the day with Ziploc bags, but a golf ball?
Michigan-Michigan State Pedo State-Ohio State Texas Tech-Oklahoma Texas-Baylor UNC-Notre Dame
From day one, I've never though Dan was special. Our clod AD didn't conduct a proper national search, Chip Kelly said no, so then he ran to Dan. Stricklin is a bigger problem than Dan, and could easily be terminated for cause after his complete bungling of the women's hoops program.
Can't trust Stricklin to make the right choice to replace Dumb Dan. Until the Starkville reject is gone, nothing changes.
Simple, he starts against UGA or he's in the portal. I knew Dan would screw this up and he has.
No name coach in their right mind will want to be in the same division as Saban for the next five years. LSU should call Aranda or Napier right up the road.
He'll be an advisor to Saban or Kirby next season, maybe even the new SoCal HC.