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Pass me some of what you are smoking. 2nd? The SC/UT game will be for 5th.
Tell Herbcheat to shut his yapper and stick with his beloved Big Ten. Maybe by the time 2025 rolls around, Herbcheat won't be the primary color commentator on ESPN's CF coverage.
Shhh...oldred is channeling his inner Negan.
That's a nationwide phenomenon oldred, not just limited to the ATL. The government supplements them opening the businesses, and the profits are shipped overseas to do who knows what with, and no media outlet has the guts to report it.
I'll gladly pay Smokey or UGA in a plethora of treats and bones if either will go over and relieve themselves on Jim Ross when OU makes their first road trip into either venue. An extra bonus will be provided to either that takes his stupid cowboy hat off of his head and rips it to shreds.
Says the fan of the team that is only 6-4 against them in their last 10 games. Ironically, UF is also only 6-4 against them in their last 10 games, even with Duncechump and Old Hee Haw.
Don't forget the Starkville reject sitting in an office on Gale Lemerand Drive.
Wait until OU or UTw has their first road game, say for example, at Jordan-Hare, Bryant-Denny, Samford, or BHG. They'll realize quickly they aren't playing in Waco, Ames, Manhattan, or Lawrence.
ESPN has ruined college sports. Starting with Mowins and Vitale. If either are calling a UF game, the mute button is hit immediately, not to mention their complete woke agenda.
Penalties were dead even in that UGA-Bammer national title game. Bottom line is UGA was only up 13-0 at half despite running 15+ more offensive plays then Bammer did in the half, and they let a true freshman QB with little playing time under his belt whip them for the title. Facts are terrible things sometimes, and you don't need to write them in ALL CAPS to accept them.
White is a terrible coach. Two years prior to Billy leaving, we were in the Final Four, and in the Elite Eight three years straight before that. 1 year out of 6 White lucked out, thanks to Chiozza, and got to the Elite Eight, we haven't sniffed the Sweet Sixteen the other five.
It's never the one that replaces the legend, it's the one who replaces the replacement. The direct replacement for Saban won't be the one to watch. Perfect example is Zook and Meyer after Spurrier went to the NFL.
Kanell isn't just two sandwiches short of picnic, he doesn't even have the picnic basket.
UF with a gift getting both Bammer and Arky at home, not that it matters, White will screw it up anyway.
Gee, what matchup against a lower team in the conference at present would be more enticing? OU at South Carolina, or OU at Rutgers? Texas at Mississippi State, or Texas at Illinois? Just examples, but it is pretty clear what the answers would be.
Need to cut the number of these bowls in half. It used to be if you had 8 wins you were on the bubble for one.
Notre Dame will never join a conference. Period. They are gutless.
Notre Dame needs to grow a pair and join a conference or get out of collegiate athletics.
Bammer, UGA, and UF all have future home/home series with Texas scheduled. Bammer and UGA have future home/home series with Oklahoma scheduled. I wonder how much Texas and Oklahoma will have to fork over, or will the deals be 'voided' since they are joining?
Use him sparingly if at all in the first two and prime him for Bammer.
SECC game is under contract to Atlanta through 2027, but they're already talking about moving it to Jerry World. Huge mistake.
I'd rather talk about Old Hee Haw than Wilson, who got rewarded for his actions when Dan made him captain for the SECC game the following week.