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Rules for the portal need revision. It's nothing but free agency now.
If y'all would learn reading comprehension, I was stating coming off the natty that UGA has the chance to get ahead of the curve and pay the man, and that Bammer will make an attempt to woo him away when Saban retires. I never once said Kirby would accept the offer. Smart has already tried his hand, although briefly, as an NFL assistant. Anyone with sense knows he'll never go back to the league.
I remember when Kiper said both Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn (about the only two Evil Noles ever worth anything) were too small to play in the NFL.
Sanford-Smart Stadium at Dooley Field if Kirby manages to win one more natty.
Broken? Nah, y'all are getting spoiled, like we did in the 90s with Spurrier.
Another ANALyst I wish would vanish, along with Mowins, Marty Smith, and McGee.
Obvious to me that Riley at SC got to Burton somehow, I can't see the Cali kid going anywhere else.
You know good and well when Saban retires one of the first things Bammer will do is load up a Brinks truck with $10-$12 million a year and head for Athens to try and poach Kirby. This is a golden opportunity for UGA to get ahead of the curve coming off of that natty.
The School Out West or Baton Rouge would make sense as well.
Heck, they should cut bait and make Patterson HC and forgo the inevitable with Sark.
Don't fret Joe, we'll be off the bubble shortly and on to the NIT bubble by the end of the season thanks to White.
Have fun with the bevy of injuries from poor conditioning you'll get with Savage.
Not a fan of his 'music' or morality per se, but Snoop has done a bunch of charity work that has gone unnoticed by most of the media, by design. Props to him for that.
Let Gonzaga and their limp-wristed, mustache-twirling, unsportsmanlike hero play an SEC schedule night in and night out. They wouldn't finish in the top 1/3rd of the league.
UGA has true road games at Mizzou, at USC, at UK, and at MSU. I'd say they will get upset in one of those, but beat UF and beat UT in Athens. You know Lanning will throw the kitchen sink at his former employer in that opener, and the Ducks have recruited well so the talent gap won't be as prevalent, but UGA should win by double digits, should. 11-1, repeat as East champs. Play Bammer in Atlanta again, see if Bammer pulls a 2009 and preps exclusively for a UGA rematch like they did against UF. If the Tide do, UGA loses and finishes with two losses and out of the playoff.
exactly, that campus is landlocked, they'll have to tear down buildings or a golf course to do it
Bowers is a special gifted talent. Stingley was an overrated punk.
too coherent for a meth head, he's actually using paragraphs.....
Thanks for your service, but it doesn't change the FACT that UGA players, whether they later served or not, hid for a year to play football. Keep celebrating 1942.
Would trade him for 100 Chris Fowlers yelling all the time for dramatic effect.
The whole complexion of the SEC will change when OU and Texas join and the whole complexion of college football itself will change with playoff expansion. We've already seen how the transfer portal and NIL are changing things on almost a daily basis. What Saban did at Bama could be the last extended dynasty we see. Not saying UGA couldn't won another title or two in the next decade, but I don't see them reeling of the numbers like Bama did.
Tough as nails. Not shedding a tear he is leaving. Go make your $$$.
Your school celebrates that 1942 just like the one you just won and the one in 1980. Far from cherry picking when people were getting killed fighting in Europe and the Pacific while UGA hid behind deferments.
Translation...the QB competition is wide open, and not predetermined by seniority like before.