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Wouldn't the SEC want to consider scheduling based on geography? Isn't the whole point of scheduling conference only for safety reasons? If so, add Auburn to Florida's schedule (Auburn is actually the closest school to Florida). Texas A&M would add Mizzou and so on.
US News rankings of Public Universities that factors academics: UF #7 FSU #18 Georgia #16...
That game versus Texas was 28-7 with less than 12 minutes to go and Ga. scored two meaningless touchdowns (one with 14 seconds left) to make the Score much closer than it was.
Just waiting for some Georgia fan to comment how they never recruited him because wasn't good enough...
The comment wasn't about Kentucky. No one doubts they will be very good this year. It was about Florida not getting much respect and getting picked 5th in the league. Yes, we lost our point guard and a talented sixth man, but we replaced them with taller more athletic options. We also finally have some depth in the front court, which was dire last year.
Congrats to Kentucky. They deserved to win this game. Totally outplayed the Gators and this was long overdue. I'm still encouraged with Mullen though. It will take some time to rid of the stench created by previous regime.