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Interesting preface for the article: Florida's best players are all transfers... Lets take a look at some of the other programs in SEC and their reliance upon transfers - (1) Alabama - RB1, WR1; (2) Arkansas -DB1, DE1; (3) Auburn - QB1, CB1; (4) Kentucky QB1, WR1; (5) LSU CB1, Sft 1, QB1 (maybe); (6) Miss St - CB1 Sft1; (7) Mizz ILB1, QB1 (perhaps); (8) Ole Miss - QB1 (likely), RB1 (9) S. Carolina - QB1, WR1; (10) Tenn. - QB1, OT1; (11) TAMU - QB1 (maybe) (12); Vandy - Not worth it. I could go on... Only Georgia appears to be the anomaly in the SEC. Point is essentially every SEC team is relying heavily on transfers (even Bama). This isn't a red flag, its college football in 2022...
4 of those incomplete passes were to Willie Jackson's Jr. (son/Sr.'s Grandson). Both were honored at halftime (Willie Sr. was amongst first black players for UF Football). Trying to get the Grandson a touchdown. Just an fyi...
The sentence reads - "[t]he hottest teams of the tournament..." not "in the tournament." It is referencing the fact that both are coming off a pair of victories within the tournament. It has nothing to do with regular season. Florida in particular had 18 hits in beating Miss. St. 13-1. I hope that answers your question.
Kadarius Toney - has an argument to be on the list as well. Likely going to be taken in the 1st Round of draft. Had a heck of year.
Not that it is likely to matter, but Florida does have one other path into the CRP - TAM loses; ND beats Clemson; Beat Bama. Each as unlikely as the next. If Trask finds a way to beat Bama he deserves the Heisman b/c it would take a heroic performance to upset them and also an off day of Jones. Again, both unlikely. I do hope that Mullen takes this as a learning experience and that Florid can at least keep it competitive.
If Donovan wanted to come back to UF it'd be a dream. I don't see it happening because I think he wants to stay in the Pros. Might take a year off, but the Sixers seem like a intriguing option giving his Northeastern ties (or perhaps the Knicks but Pitino might talk him out of that).
NFL Draft Ratings aren't really indicative of results in College. Fromm ended up being a 5th round pick. Danny Wuerfell went in the fourth but was one of the most prolific QBs in SEC history (Heisman trophy, multiple SEC titles, National champion). With QBs a lot of times it comes down to decision making and system. Trask has both working for him. No one ever gave him a chance to be where he was today, but has proven the doubters wrong and is great story for college foootball. But hey, Haters gonna hate.
SEC, Big 12, and ACC play in the fall with a college football playoff to crown the National Champ. BIG10 and PAC 12 play in Spring and the winner of each conference plays in the Rose Bowl to crown their own "National Champion." Enter the age of the asterisk for all sports.
Wouldn't the SEC want to consider scheduling based on geography? Isn't the whole point of scheduling conference only for safety reasons? If so, add Auburn to Florida's schedule (Auburn is actually the closest school to Florida). Texas A&M would add Mizzou and so on.
US News rankings of Public Universities that factors academics: UF #7 FSU #18 Georgia #16...
That game versus Texas was 28-7 with less than 12 minutes to go and Ga. scored two meaningless touchdowns (one with 14 seconds left) to make the Score much closer than it was.
Just waiting for some Georgia fan to comment how they never recruited him because wasn't good enough...
The comment wasn't about Kentucky. No one doubts they will be very good this year. It was about Florida not getting much respect and getting picked 5th in the league. Yes, we lost our point guard and a talented sixth man, but we replaced them with taller more athletic options. We also finally have some depth in the front court, which was dire last year.
Congrats to Kentucky. They deserved to win this game. Totally outplayed the Gators and this was long overdue. I'm still encouraged with Mullen though. It will take some time to rid of the stench created by previous regime.