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Totally agree. We are bombarded with idiocy. “The Size of Fromm’s Hands” ?? Geez, could ya find a dumber subject to write about? smh
Media hacks at the Combine have wayyyy too much time on their hands. Fromm (and Burrows, who also was reported as having “small hands”) never suffered any issues on the field from it. These reporters need to think before they run with “a story”.
Good grief, can you imagine going from a program at the top of the sport to one that has struggled as much as Arkansas has? Good luck to the young man, and I hope he’s successful in raising up Arky’s results this season.
Yep. I’m sure Dawg players are making similar statements in their weight rooms. Its not worth getting worked up over this.
Truth. But with several big name coaches on the sidelines, if the league can scrape by financially in the early going, ya gotta believe the level of QB play will improve dramatically.
Agreed...but looked like the kid drew the line across the back of the batter’s box, not the inside line as if to try to “establish the inside corner in the ump’s face”. I’m guessing the batter may have been mouthing off earlier and said something “extra special” that put the ump into overdrive.
Leghumper... to steal one of your lines... maybe our wives shared a foxhole in the past.
I suppose I should warn the College Station grocery stores about Jimbo’d historical tolerance of crab leg swiping by his players. Nah, I think I’ll let’em figure it out for themselves.
Leghumper is ok, at least in my book but I have low standards for friends according to my wife.
On the Avantae Williams thread, Dawg fans said UF was done, finished, kaput, shouldn’t even show up next season cuz he went Cane. Now UF’s DL haul is impressive? Dam, y’all are a manic depressive bunch, ain’t ya...
Classy statement from CDM, talking FF up and wishing him well.
Heck, since all the Dawg fans on SDS say UF missing on a single recruit is THE END OF EVERYTHING.... might as well just give up on the entire next 4 seasons, eh? Don’t think so.
This home loss, viewed by itself, might be chalked up to a terrific effort by Moo St. But looking at the entire season.... Coach, you need to get your guys on board and on a winning streak, or the pitchforks will be on the way for you.
I foresee some defenders with broken ankles in his wake next season... if he can stay healthy. Glad he’s coming back!
No he doesn’t. If I had a face like his, I wouldn’t look in the mirror either.
Nice piece, Neil. Good balance of good/bad reality. Much to the chagrin of a few select Dawg trolls around here, Mullen has UF on the road to success. The next few years of WLOCP games should be good ones.
I know what you mean, I have a daughter that’s an ND grad and another currently at Texas. Thankful neither even considered FreeShoesU.
I must have heard the vocal minority at full volume... there was plenty of Bobogottago.
Heck, I’d pull the offer just because he signs himself on Tweets as “Javo the Great”.
LOL. I think you nailed it VolBean. It will be interesting if nothing else.
At SCar, I’m wondering how the playcalling is gonna go. Bobo got run off from UGa for poor playcalling. Now after a failure as a HC, somehow he’s gonna be the offensive guru to save Muschamp’s bacon? I’m not buying, sorry.
I certainly didn’t hear “the NFL is my dream” or anything similar. He just said he’s gonna cross that bridge if/when he is faced with it. Now all y’all shut up about him leaving, will ya?!?!!
I agree, dude looks 100x more like a shyte stirrer than a wise man.