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I’d like to ask the SDS powers-that-be to consider reviewing the patterns and nature of certain posters on this site. I know you SDS writers read the comments. After review, ask yourselves if the best interests of the site should be to allow such activities to be unhindered.
While I expect the coaches to be defending against a letdown after an emotional win, it could happen. But I have a hard time believing a Gator team, under any circumstances, would not be able to be ready against the Vols.
Mullen says he will play both Trask AND Jones this week. Shades of Brindise and Johnson, for all the older Gators out there.
I’m glad to see Trask was quick to get up and give Daniels an earful....stood up for himself....but didn’t lose his cool and take a 15-yarder, which the refs would have dropped on him like they usually do to the ones responding to the azzhats that start stuff
Umm, I don’t think irreverence means what you think it means....did you possibly intend to say “irrelevance”? smh
So SCar should also be suffering for being “involved” with SOS? Duke too, then? You gonna take that logic all the way to the Washington Redskins as well? smh
LOL @ square, small money. I gotta be honest, I never bet on the Gators, it’s the guaranteed kiss of death.
So how’s he gonna actually expand and accommodate 500 more seats? No details given....
Great to see Dawg fans stepping up like this. Definitely classy. Respect from a Gator.
The O-line play is the biggest concern I have for UF. So far the running game has not been impressive at all, and without it - it’s all on FF’s shoulders. Not a great situation.
This story shows the great heart of Vol fans. Terrific stuff. Vol fans should get into this same spirit every gameday morning.
100% agree with the strategy - just not sure I’m willing to agree about Fulmer’s slime status. But he definitely bleeds Orange and that’s what is needed in this situation as the AD.
Absolutely right. He's not quite as much of a "fox in the henhouse" as Saint Bobby was when Half-Ass-U joined the ACC, but its close.
Congrats to the Vols, but Lord I wonder what'd happen if they beat Bama? It'd be some kind of mass football orgasm....
I live in Houston, and I'm hearing from some people close to Herman's staff that his dream job is definitely Texas. Not sure he wants to jump the border into Louisiana, he'd prob be content to stay put, get UH into the B12, and keep close tabs on the Horns program.