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I see the ND game is in mid-November, so I suppose it’s only fair the UF game is in September. Gotta use the weather advantage every chance you get.
I tend to agree with you, TopSail. Mullen game plans well, gets good production for the talent level, but seems to cause his own problems with his mouth and attitude sometimes, and not in a Spurrier-type way. If Strickland can get through to him and get that under control long term, his future at UF will be solid.
We might be...I wonder if anyone ever worked up a list showing how much in total Power5 schools have paid to coaches they kicked to the curb in, say, the last 10 years? I bet that number is massive.
He’s already got a head start at “hating on UF”, so this is a natural fit and solid progression for the guy.
Phil Fulmer says naw, son, folks don’t do stuff like that....
Even as a Gator alum, I just don’t see it happening. DH may be spending his off-camera time quarantined with those funky unfiltered cigarettes....
I’d say UTn still leads due to their dumpster being on fire for MUCH longer, but that’s just my opinion.
LOL! You hit the nail on the head, all the Aubie fans I know are officially OFF the Gus Bus. That W might cost them another season of cussing at their TV....
Not sure how UF can rate a 9 with that D. Horrendous. AU also over-rated.
No QB pressure today, even an average guy like Mond can hit receivers when he’s got time and open passing lanes.
Truth. This week UGa gets to see what they really have against The Evil Empire. But the Gator D sure shouldn’t scare anyone.
Seems like most team’s D’s are worse this year but ours especially so. Incredible how many 3rd downs we let aTm convert ... short, long, didn’t matter, heck they converted a short 4th down run to a TD. EMBARRASSING
My Gator sensibilities don’t let me see any SOS activity post-UF as “ours”.... mainly cuz he was tainted by his time in the No Fun League ... so I posit that the SCjr results he accrued are null and void in Gaduhworld.
Love him or hate him, but he has had a huge impact on CFB, cannot argue that. Happy Birthday to the HBC, a guy who never met a microphone he didn’t like.
Until Aggies stop focusing on bashing the Horns and get focused on playing well in their division and conference, they will not win any championships. Let that old rivalry go, fellas!
Saw this online...“Every team should be on the phone trying to steal Texans players. Might be able to get JJ Watt for some toilet paper”
I live in HOU. Y’all are definitely right. There’s gonna be some blowback on this.
In all fairness, it’s this jackwad state senator doing this, not the school. Ewww, did I just defend Half-azz U?!?! My Gator alum card is gonna take a hit for that.
I was wondering the same... I’m always suspicious when rankings make no sense.
Totally agree. We are bombarded with idiocy. “The Size of Fromm’s Hands” ?? Geez, could ya find a dumber subject to write about? smh
Media hacks at the Combine have wayyyy too much time on their hands. Fromm (and Burrows, who also was reported as having “small hands”) never suffered any issues on the field from it. These reporters need to think before they run with “a story”.
Good grief, can you imagine going from a program at the top of the sport to one that has struggled as much as Arkansas has? Good luck to the young man, and I hope he’s successful in raising up Arky’s results this season.
Yep. I’m sure Dawg players are making similar statements in their weight rooms. Its not worth getting worked up over this.
Truth. But with several big name coaches on the sidelines, if the league can scrape by financially in the early going, ya gotta believe the level of QB play will improve dramatically.