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Even if you bought one, WM would either wreck it or smother it. He usually hires OCs that have been successful elsewhere, but they never seem to get results when they work for him? There’s a reason.
Yes it would but like Neil wrote, Half-azzU has plenty of talent on their side of the field, it’s not like their cupboard is bare. UF better be focused and ready to growl in the Swamp.
I hate that soft zone, prevent defense. It’s lost at least as many games as it has “preserved”.
Sometimes they are. The trick is to know which can. There are coordinators that don’t seem truly able to be good HCs... Muschamp, Shannon, Weiss, etc.
I was wondering the same thing. Odd. Weird. Strange.
Guessing he’s gonna find out what “unemployment hell” is like pretty soon.
Good luck to the young man, it’s clear he wasn’t going to play much so I hope he lands in a place that can use him.
I tend to agree with this, the O-line is where the run game is based. I offer you the current UF offense as a similar situation. We have a proven high quality RB in Lamical Perine but yet have zippo for a run game. Hold the O-line and coach responsible for lack of run game, and tip your hat to the UGa D, too.
Didn’t we smack UC around in a bowl about 8-10 years ago?
They beat UNC and USCe, so I guess you could say they haven’t played anyone of consequence.
I certainly wish the young lady well, but I swear I thought I saw her wearing an AU t-shirt as the cameras covered her injury. Maybe my azz is just getting too old to see right.
His wife doesn’t like him cussing...?
Tough decision for Tua, as well as the suits in the League. However it shakes out, I’m hoping he is able to recover fully.
Would cause serious strife in my household. My father-in-law, wife and daughter are all ND alums. I’m out numbered, so I’d have to resort to out-drinking them, and that’s a tough assignment against the Irish.
I was at that game... the infamous Cheerios Bowl Game. Spurrdawg was outcoached at halftime. And yes there were lots of stories running around about Gator players out too late on Bourbon St.
Like somebody else said, this is highly likely to have been started by Butch’s agent. Until the AD says it, don’t listen to it.
Y’know, that’s a fair question, and I have no idea. I’m a sorry excuse for a fan....either that, or too lazy to Google it....
Wager $$ on the UF-Mizz game at your own peril. That ones a total crap shoot IMO, anything could happen there.
What would look REALLY bad would be for Clemson to win out but look bad in their last few games, get into the CFP, then get totally smoked in their semifinal game. Shame on the Committee if that happens.....
Should’ve switched to cannabis oil, but too late now.
Yup. Gator fans have our fingers crossed that Jake departs this year.
I’d still like to know who is the individual responsible for that farkup. I gotta believe some stoopid GA skrewed that pooch ....
I look forward to Leg commenting next year on ANYTHING cuz he WON’T be biotching about bye week stuff! LOL
Stoops at FSU and Mullen at UF would make for mighty interesting Gator-Noley games!
I thought the Noleys were gonna chase him? Now you’re pimping him to the GCocks too?
USCe fans should factor in Muschamp’s performance at UF, in addition to what he’s done in Columbia. Personally, I don’t see him being successful. Better to cut it off now before things get downright ugly.
He definitely has potential but is he ready for prime time?