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Lot of back and forth there, sorry. By him I mean Jones. When he was pressured this year he made some bad decisions.
He is a career 64% passer. He had a down year this year because every defense we played was preparing to stop the pass against us. Maybe I'm just hopeful, but I think having a QB that fits more of what Mullen looks for will benefit him greatly. My worry is the scary throws he makes, some of the picks/bad throws were just hard to watch. Trask took much better care of the football this year for the most part compared to last year. I'm hoping they coach those dangerous, unnecessary throws out of him.
To be fair he started that section with "OK, so I actually don’t have a problem with half of these rankings." With that, you are correct. The season is over and they need content. Garbage in, garbage out. If they arent pushing articles, they arent getting clicks.
1) WR ran the wrong route leaving the ball just hanging in the air-not on Trask 2) Catchable ball deflected off a WRs hands-not on Trask 3) Hit as he threw-unlucky and pretty hard to blame Trask He played when he didn't even have to with a group he had basically zero chemistry with (clearly). This was not on him.
Most kids at my school don't cheat and I certainly never cheated on Calc I, II, or III. I went to a STEM school though. Still don't think it's that hard where everyone needs to cheat.
Love that BT is willing to look at just the (one) LSU game for Trask but not the (multiple) games that Mac threw zero TDs or zero passes of over 20 yards. But while we're here: Trask was pressured in the fumble because of his offensive line, more unlucky timing than a mistake. And one interception that bounced off his receiver, then off the defenders helmet and into another defenders hands. How is that his fault?? Realistically he had one turnover that was his fault that game. You Bama nuts are ridiculous. "We have the best team, best at every position, best everything" but at the same time "Jones is the best because he's efficient, forget the fact his receivers are open by 10 yards and he has all day to throw." Ben, Nash, there's no sensible conversation to be had with people like this. If these guys were voting Bama QB/RB/WR would win the Heisman every year. Trask didn't out his team in position to lose anyway. Despite Wilson literally trying to throw the game, Trask put the team in FG range with only 23 seconds to work with. He balled every week even though teams schemed against that. You guys need to take your blinders off for a season, just to try it.
You only saying that because you know Bama still gets in that way? lol Most seem to agree the playoff should be 8 teams (except for Harbaugh-it should be the exact number of teams needed to get his team in-this year I think that's currently 70??). Exactly why it will never happen.
I think the argument still stands, regardless of how you feel about ND being worthy most years. It may not be apples to apples but the fact remains that they got demolished and werent deserving to begin with. I'm very sorry you had to grow up with that. Truly. Either way, agreed-good convo. Take care, CT.
He wasnt cleared by the TEAM doctors. Take that as you will, but unless the team deems you unable to play, you could have played. You arent sure anyone could have played because you arent the player or the doctors. Plus Smart didnt have Daniels as the #1 even when he wasnt hurt so...
For the same reason they left out UCF. It would be a no-win situation for the committee. If they let them in and Cincy wins, it makes the committee look bad for not respecting them before and opens the door for the future group of 5 teams needing respect (if multiple small-market schools go undefeated or are considered with one loss there are too many hands in the basket and the big name, big money schools have less room to get in). If they lose, then the committee wasted a spot that could have gone to a more deserving team. Its what happened when ND made the playoff. Bama crushed them just like every team who played ND in BCS games did. ND never deserved it as an independent (This year is obviously different since they played a conference schedule). The committee gains nothing from including group of 5 schools, which is why it will never happen under the current format.
Exactly. This is just their way of getting people riled up and involved. Everyone wants to see Bama thrash UF so they can say "I told you so" next week. For the same reason they keep bumping ISU. They want the Big12 championship to mean something so people will watch. It's all for the drama. The "buffer" argument will no longer take precedent because if UF wins (very unlikely as we all knw) they have the conference championship, and as we have seen in years past the committee takes these championship games seemingly as the most important piece of evidence. The SEC champ has never been left out, but a two loss team has never made it. This year has been full of firsts, considering the all-SEC schedule this year and the fact Florida will have played 8 straight weeks (no other top 10 team has even come close), I wouldnt be surprised with a UF top 4 finish under the extremely unlikely circumstance they win on Saturday.
That makes zero sense, Tfan. How does Uga have a better resume? They have no big wins, while UF has the head to head. Plus if they beat Bama that would be 2 signature wins PLUs the head to head. The hate you have is just ridiculous. ISU has a 17 point loss to a SUN BELT team at home. UFs losses are by a combined 6 points. While a 2 loss team has never made it, the SEC champ has never been left out. I really have no idea why you would lump in Uga in the possible top 4, but not UF. Ludacris.
Except one pick was fluky and not at all Trask's fault and the fumble was kinda freak but still needs to be put on him. I would still say 4 TDs and 3 turnovers (only 2 of which were on him) is better than 0 and 0.
That's where he is projected to go. And there have been a decent amount of FR TEs, mostly from Iowa in recent years. Pitts is currently expected to go in the mid first round this year. The only thing keeping him from for sure being there is the injuries.
Right? "They played with heart" is something that gets taken into account in close Ws, not Ls. How do you measure that? Smdh Uga fans get more and more ridiculous every year.
WITH Kyle Pitts???? GTFO dawgs put a cheap shot on him that took him out for more than the entire second half! (You might remember the penalty that hit came with??) What a joke!
Not correct at all JTF. It was A&M fans and all the haters who said head to head is the best way to decide a ranking, even if it was early in the season and the teams are playing differently. A&M needing help from zebras and lucky tipped TD to beat a struggling Auburn team that really should have been 3-5? We can talk about players and games being different all we want. But if the difference was head to head before, then it's head to head now.
There you go again, TDOW. Thinking of men dancing and their butts bouncing. You can't go 30 seconds, can you?
I'd like to call out the fact that the unsportsmanlike conduct was not called evenly (the gator chomp by the LSU kicker or the taunting after the pick-6), but the way the Gators played that night showed we are not winning a championship this year. We didn't deserve to win and I hope this loss is a wake up call. All of this talent is going to go to waste.
Agreed. A little ridiculous for an author to write that they're "padding" Trasks stats when Jones has played a lot more than most back ups would in his situation (playing behind a Heisman contender). Trask doesnt play much past the third quarter most games and before the Tenn game, UF was 55% pass & 45% run on the season. Hardly a pass happy offense if you ask me.
You make a good point. Everyone assumes it will be either a Bama blowout or at the very least be close (I feel the same way), but no one knows what will happen since, once the players hit the field, none of the speculation matters. I think if that situation does happen, its: 1 Clemson 2 Florida 3 OSU 4 Bama/ND Possibly ND if that game is close? They will likely try to avoid a back-to-back face off between Bama/UF or Clemson/ND.
I said its basically a coin flip as an exaggeration, because after 4 OTs they now have each team attempt a two point conversion until one gets in and the other doesnt. Lining both teams up on the two yard line just doesnt feel like football.
Especially with the head to head. I guess his thought process here is that it would make UF look like the better teams right now (like they can compete with Bama and therefore look like one of the best teams), but the committee has shown that the h2h outcome matters. A&M would for sure get in in this scenario.
Nobody needs to take advice or listen to the person calling themselves FFB god lol you said Steelers -6 was easy money.
Fifth* OT That would be crazy exciting though. Really just hoping for a good game. The last two SEC chip games vs Bama were not very fun to watch after the first drive.
Sorry to say this is not going to be the case. Even if it goes to triple OT where the rules basically make it coin flip now, there's no way they put in a two-loss, non-conference champion unless there are a lot of Ls in the top ten this week.
Before the Tenn game, Florida was 55% pass and 45% run. That's far from a scheme that's inflating passing numbers.
REALLY dont think 12-22, 195 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT against a 4-6 VT team merits someone being thought of as "running away with the Heisman." You really think Bama would struggle against ND? Every time ND gets into a big postseason game, they get destroyed (See BCS & CFP). Clemson is better than ND, probably. But neither is better than Bama is right now. Steelers have played almost everyone close and are 8-3 ATS. It's anything but a lock. That being said, I do think they cover.
Arkansas is the only one I can remember off the top of my head that had a return TD (fumble recovery). Everyone can pick and choose stats that fit their narrative. Bama held Kentucky to 3 points but Florida allowed fewer yards. In common opponents, Trask has 25/2 TD/INT compared to Jones's 14/3, and has thrown for 101 more yards. Some media gush over Trask, sure, but I am seeing Mac Jones get a lot of love on ESPN even passing Trask in their Heisman picks (despite Trask still the betting favorite).