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"I can't wrap my head around it" really sums up Kanell's 'analysis' (if you can call it that) on literally anything football. Saying it's the worst thing that's happened to college football, then within the same minute when talking about FSU possibly joining the conference saying "it'd be great. If it happens, embrace it!" not only shows his undying ACC bias & SEC hate, but his profound lack of awareness to either. The saltier version of skip bayless of cfb.
More like, the teammates wanted to rally around a player who made a mistake in an instant during a riled up moment. He was a senior leader on the team who played in the bowl game despite having a likely chance of getting drafted, unlike many of his offensive teammates who, understandably, sat. Why would they want to shun one of their most impactful players just before a bowl game and why tf would Mullen (or any decent coach) veto his team's VOTED ON decision? They obviously talked to each other about it beforehand. You really know nothing about comradery, sportsmanship, or what it takes to be a leader, huh?
TigerAlum, did you not watch the SECCG last year? It was not just bc they were in the game, the Gators were actually IN the game that day. Tell me who had the closest score in all of Bama's games last year, I'll wait (Hint: it wasn't Ole Miss who lost by 15, it was literally the only team that challenged them). Even after a rare fumbled away-INT and coaching blunder in the 4th and the Gators STILL only lost by a score.
Of the College* gridiron But yeah, definitely well deserved
Meh. It's his opinion. I won't get worked up about it because that's all it is. I don't readily have his comparisons from previous seasons to see how accurate he has been, but I dont imagine its very. No one knows how any of this will play out and that's why it's exciting. will Jones step in where Trask left off, how much of a drop will our offense see, can the defense finally play well despite Grantham? These questions will decide the season for UF, not Cubey here lol Sorry its not the upset rant most of you Gator haters were looking for. We just don't care about celebrating preseason championships. Its pretty easy to guess Uga and Bama basically every year, i'd be surprised if LSU took second over A&M. Also watch out for Ole Miss, they should be able to spoil the fun for at least one of those top three teams in the West.
He didnt keep it on the entire time though, you 're just remembering the pictures because that is what articles post. the part where he isnt wearing the mask isnt as interesting, wouldnt get as many clicks.
Upstate was talking about NCs, I believe. Its also only been three years, people. NY6 bowl games in each one is a great start considering what he had to work with. I dont believe Grantham is going to help his success, but I trust Dan's opinion on him more than my own. He was the only coach who challenged Bama at all last year, that speaks volumes to me. If UF moved on from Mullen, what are the chances it would be an upgrade? He got an extension for a reason. Let's see it play out.
QAnoners and tin foil hat wearers like you are the reason many believe humanity has no long term hope. We wont make it past the "great filter" of evolution thanks to you. Telling people to "do some research" after you found youtube videos that agreed with what you want to believe is the epitome of stupidity and you all wear it proudly like a brand.
Luckily, 22, the choice isnt up to you or individuals because what youre STILL not getting after over a year of this information being in everyone's face (meaning you have zero excuse for your thought process anymore) is that even if YOU are okay getting others are not! You can get it and pass it on without even knowing to people who were NOT okay getting it and more importantly, people who are at high risk and could suffer long term effects as described here. Ryquell Armstead was expected to be the starting RB for the Jaguars last season, he's of the physical specimen people like you falsely claim are basically immune. Instead? He was hospitalized twice, never fully recovered from COVID and was released, and is expected to continue feeling long term effects. No one is above this because no one's desire to play a game is more important than everyone else's health and/or life. Get over yourself.
Tears for having a QB ranked higher? You are easily the most delusional person on this site, and that's impressive.
Jacking up the price of tuition makes it ok to not pay those who are providing your service? You should really rethink your stance on this. Critically think. Those students take on all the risk while the NCAA takes on zero.
Idk, pretty sure usc could take on Purdue just fine. Same with Arkansas over MSU, they are only getting better. And yeah Uk would not have any trouble with Rutgers, despite their improvements. I see it more as a likely 10-4 SEC victory, with Miss St struggling against Maryland. If this became a regular thing and the matchups were updated every year, that could be very intriguing and something I would definitely tune in for.
"dudette" my gosh you are either 6 years old or just dont know how to grow up. Keep pretending all your players are 5 star bc you decide which scouting site to follow based on the player's ranking lol keep touting your QBs that will end up like all the others. Im sure Nunner and Vanderpump Rules will turn out great
This just gives more teams like every year's 4 seed the chance to play in the tournament. Sure, they'll get destroyed, but they got in. And there will be upsets and good games of course, no one expected UF to be Bama's toughest game of the year. Hopefully just making the playoffs will get more schools top rated players and balance out the talent scale a bit more, making 12 teams more watchable after a few years.
Gotta bring socialism into it somehow huh? Youre one of THOSE guys, jeez. You really are nutz. Go complain about salary cap, etc. being akin to socialism somewhere else. Perhaps a Fox news or OAN forum page.
I didnt say it was bad, it's great for them, and it seems to be working HUH? All I was saying and where you're wrong is that they dont have that same capability to "write blank checks." If everyone did, everyone would because again, it is working great for those top tier programs.
For anyone wondering- Football is NOT included in this breakdown of the competition. The fall sports final standings are included but are not detailed here. Baseball and other Spring sports will be added to determine the final standing once all sports are complete. The sports that are included for winter are as follows: M/W Basketball W Bowling Fencing M/W Gymnastics M/W Ice Hockey Rifle, Skiing M/W Swimming Diving M/W Indoor Track & Field M Wrestling No idea why the author didn't mention this in the article other than the fact that not including football would (understandably) lead to less clicks.
M/W BB, W Bowling, Fencing, M/W Gymnastics, M/W Ice Hockey, Rifle, Skiing, M/W Swimming Diving, M/W Indoor Track & Field, & M Wrestling\ Football is not included
In a couple years he'll be too old to be an effective playmaker.
He didnt even really get to play for the Jets. When Sanchez got hurt, they put in McElroy over Tebow. As always, Negan proves he knows nothing by just being himself and running his mouth, babbling whatever nonsense comes to mind.
Exactly what I came here to say. Some people don't understand averages, ratios, percentages and you cant explain it to them either. If they played two more games and scored 48 and 49 points, the average would not change whatsoever. Additional games only matter towards season totals, like the Gators not passing that 1995 mark the article mentions.
IF NOT MORE?? LOL get tf outta here man. Have you seen Bamas coaching/analysis booth at games? Sure the other teams you mentioned have more than Minnesota, FAU, or Colorado, but Bama has like 20 guys for offense and 20 more for defense in those booths.
I actually think that example points a a different issue. ND did not deserve to be in, while A&M did. That's a committee problem. Using the BCS system to select the teams that go to the playoff would be the best, but we will never get to see that. And yeah, any more than 6 will lead to very few upsets and not great football like they'd hope.
The link leads to the 65-26 ranking, not the rest of the top 25.
I guess I see "elusiveness" as specifically avoiding tacklers, not necessarily getting big plays. could have been included here
I think what he is referring to, and if you watch the play, is that it's kind of a lucky trip. Catching the back of someone's heel isnt exactly a textbook tackle lol that being said it is a weird thing to include. his average would have been 20.1 yards/catch if he scored there, but so what?
I dont get it. In 2019 he made 82% of his attempts, slightly higher than the league average of 81%. How is he not getting signed to a kicker needy team? Rodrigo did fine as a rookie, especially after his rough start.