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First, you dont get to just add natties. Uga has 2, get over it. Second, and more important here, just admit you made a dumb error as a dumb person. Commenting that Billy "wants to run a ball control offense without the beef upfront to do it" on an article that literally stated UF was going to have the biggest O-line this year? Could you be any denser? Just because you didnt respond to it when GatorPhil pointed it out, doesnt mean we all missed it lol as if your opinion on here could matter less to people
To be fair, Tenn put up points against Purdue, they didnt get the win, but that defense needed to get some stops. Also, you dont need to win 10+ games to win the Heisman. Its an individual award, Tebow, Lamar, and RG3 all won with 3 losses. You're definitely correct that non-NFL talent can win the award, it is, after all, the best collegiate player lol (you shouldnt even have to explain this)
PEOPLE, you HAVE TO stop complaining on these rankings. First off, its not "ESPN doing this or that" its a predictive rating system that is data fed. People are not in charge of who gets ranked where. Read up on FPI, the most important thing is that preseason ratings play a huge role in these preseason rankings (crazy, I know) and the problems with that is "Preseason ratings historically have their flaws, but ultimately they allow for an opponent adjustment after Week 1 and are a great tool to preview the season." Meaning it will get better as more recent, reliable data comes in, but that cant happen until the season starts. Now, if someone does a personal ranking, asking how they came to those conclusions makes a lot more sense. I'm not saying I love FPI, but trying to make sense of a calculation based on hardly-reliable data, and blaming ESPN for just doing their job and putting the ranking out, is just silly. The computer predictions are just as justified as any of ours (and is correct more often than any of us and Vegas). When FPI gives a team a 75 percent chance to win and that team loses, FPI is not necessarily “wrong.” A team with a 75 percent chance to win should lose one out of every four times, and if every team with a 75 percent chance to win does in fact win, the system is broken. That being said, no. Texas is not back lol
Multiple tabs open? lol im curious how this happens too.
It's not about what UT did as a team last year. That part of the article is talking about OCs and ranking them. In their opinion they had Heupel over Monken likely bc Tennessee's offense was humming at the end of the year, and Monken was part of a team who's defense was so good his offense basically just had to not lose games. The answer to your question is included directly above the part you quoted and right after "1. Josh Heupel, Tennessee:"
Yeah these guys summed it up well. A good kid who just isnt ready to be a Gator QB1, despite the time he had to develop. Wish him the best wherever he goes.
People just dont know how to read and love to complain. "UH BAMA HAS HAD SO MANY WRs DRAFTED THE LAST COUPLE YEARS DERR" They didnt bother remembering the article was talking about receivers recruited since 2019. Hayes said they havent developed into contributing players outside of Metchie and provided the stats to back up that statement. The players recruited before that year who have gotten drafted dont fall under that category, but that would mean sensitive Bama fans and illiterate Uga fans would have to read what was written, not what they thought was an insult for some reason.
Exactly. Especially when teams like Michigan make the bracket barely over .500 Good for them for making the sweet 16, but how can they put in a 17-14 team over the likes of TA&M who made their tournament championship? Now A&M is dominating the NIT. The SEC had several teams with good seasons, the future is bright for the conference and the NCAA tourny wins will come with continued progress.
And how does the lone hot scorer not get a single attempt in OT? This is the Mike White experience wrapped up in one game.
I never root for the Gators to lose, but there is the obvious silver lining that White should be gone now. After a 6-0 start and a November tournament win, the team finished 13-13 the rest of the way. Mike needs to be let go and a coach with a winning tenacity needs to be brought in. Too much wasted & missed talent since Mike arrived.
Idk why its even more heartbreaking to me when the player next to the missed infraction reacts like "wheres the whistle, you saw that right.....right?" Just heart wrenching.
What's really shocking is the Falcons move to the SEC, when did this happen? If it didn't, then it's just another Uga fan on a Gator article. Ya'll really can't get UF outta your heads, huh?
Says the person who can't spell "civilization." Overwhelming consensus says it was a great show. Just because you don't like the type of music or the people performing it, doesn't mean it was bad, just that your attitude is.
Learn to count Leg. Also: 1980, 2021 = 2 1942 was Ohio State. You dont get to just add national championships like you all try to for the preseason ones.
Literally my thought. I had to reread "No. 113 defensive lineman" about 6 times to make sure I didnt have dyslexia. How tf can he be considered "elite" if there are over 100 guys ranked better than him at just his position(s)? Straight clickbait and it worked.
But there is a seemingly wide spread agreement that fans (except for those of the teams regularly in) want to see other matchups. They (we) are tired of the same 4-5 teams making it every single year. There are so many fans who would watch Cincy v anyone in the CFP this year that wont watch Bama v Notre Dame. I wont watch ND period, its a waste of time especially against SEC teams, but if they wanted viewership, they are not doing a good job of ensuring it. All of this gives them clicks and attention, they want controversy.
Computer rankings were not a bad idea. The execution was bad because having computers rank teams based off of coaches and human polls by sports writers of wildly-varying degrees of competence and regional focus was a bad idea, especially for deciding one game to determine the season. If they use straight, unbiased computer rankings to determine a field for the CFP (4+ teams) you will get the right matchups and rankings more often than not. This garbage of "we feel these teams are better than these teams bc fugg you we do what we want and change the criteria to fit that" is unacceptable and has gone on for 7 years too long now.
Making up quotes is just about the saddest thing I've seen you post. Even sadder that you make up excuses when you lose, but won't stfu when uga wins. You're just a sad person. No one wants you to go away because it makes us feel better about ourselves knowing there are pathetic morons like you out there. Please continue to comment more on UF posts than most fans comment on their own teams and remind us that we should be thankful for what we have because it could always be worse, we could be TDOW.
Umm in case you didnt read the article or pay attention to the SEC in 2016-17, it was the fake death threats, not just fans (rightfully) turning on McElwain that lead to him getting fired. Plus, it's not like he won the East by a mile both times or competed at all with Bama. Change was needed, it was obvious where that change needed to be, and it was him.
Exactly. They were expected to win each of those games. 91% against Bama. SUPER unlucky. Dropped picks and some unlucky calls. That said, the turnovers have no excuse and that will lose you games no matter how well you are "expected" to win. They clean those up, and this is a whole different season. What better time to start than the next game?
Idk, a lot of people said the same thing about last years game and that started out 14-0. Obviously, these are different teams and the Gator's offense is a shell of last year's, but rivalry games can surprise people (as evidenced by the article) and this seems the year for chaos. If Muschamp can pull off what he did, anything is possible at WLOCP.
The Gators let USF walk in two late TDs, Tenn could easily do the same to get to 24 if UF is up by enough.
So you not only think Tennessee pulls the upset, but that they win by three scores? Get real.
How bad was that PAT, right? Holy cow. If the calls were even close to split, Gators take that game. They also need to come down with some of those INTs they dropped, I counted three!
Just the PI? Which one? Several were BS. How about the missed horse collar?
I mean...Florida DID have a horrific defense last year lol
What's especially curious is the number of teams sort of "taking over" the slot of teams they beat instead of just getting a bump as it has always happened. The 19th ranked team beat the 12th? Usually they go up 4-5 spots, but they put PSU at 12. Unranked team beat #16 LSU? To hell with it, put em at 16 instead of around 20+ as they normally would.
Where can I look this up, do you have a source that you can refer? Not sure why they wouldnt want to hype a top 10 match up, but yes, UF should have moved up after three top 12 teams lost, not remained idle.