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To reiterate 2bits, they arent bountiful, but they are there. I already stated that his one pick shouldnt have been one, therefore it is not turnover worthy (idk if PFF agrees with that, just my take). I'm also referring to the first game, not just this last one. He's had several balls that a defender who is able to keep up with our receivers AND look for the ball (like Bama & Uga have) likely would have been picked off. Overall his judgement is solid, it just appears that his throws arent always right where he wants them to be. I'm not complaining either, its early in the season and he's got new WRs hes working with, I just feel if we were playing stiffer competition in these first two games we may have been in trouble. Hopefully the offense keeps up the pace and the D figures it out.
Still seeing some of the same issues as last year though. A lot of turnover-worthy throws that he has gotten lucky on so far, should statistically, not keep falling. Ironically his one interception shouldnt have been a pick since it clearly hit the ground and helped him keep possession through the catch. It's the worrisome throws that worry me the most. If they can keep turning in to TDs and FDs then great, but I doubt that will be the case against teams like Uga or possibly Bama.
Wasnt it you, Conch, who posted this same nonsense about Trask's 10+ yard passing that I debunked a few weeks ago? Have you learned nothing or do you just refuse to take in any actual information and just regurgitate whatever garbage you see on social media as fact? I'll repost it here just for you: "Trask does well in the intermediate passing game within 10-20 yards, too. Within that range, Trask posted PFF grades of 82.2 (left), 71.4 (middle), and 78.4 (right)" -SI Analyzing Kyle Trask & Emory Jones Now, maybe you will try and say you meant deep balls of 20+ (that's not the case, because again, you have tried spreading this nonsense before). Well you'd be wrong there too: In the 20+ range, Trask posted grades of 73.6 (left), 70.5 (middle), and 68.9 (right), going 18 for 42 (42.9%), accumulating 499 yards, seven touchdowns, and three interceptions. His passer rating was also above 100 in each of the three zones past 20+ yards, holding ratings of 106.4 (left), 101.8 (middle), 118.9 (right)." -same article Unless passer ratings of over 100 are bad in your book, (even if they are I dont care) your take doesnt make sense. So maybe you need to keep your ideas (idk what else to call them) to yourself, since YOU seem to be the one who doesn't understand how advance analytics work. The only thing PFF grades Trask really poorly on are "turnover worthy throws" which they over-inflate.
I mean, ethics is a funny thing. If it's good for the conference as a whole wouldn't that make it unethical to not do it? If it's good for the conference it's good for all of the teams, right? You know, ends justifying the means. I'm not disagreeing with what you said, just that I get why they did what they did.
That's what I was thinking! Like, Bama is good for at least 8 right?
Normally I would agree with that, but since every game counts towards conference record and there's twice as many cross over games this season, I'd say it's fair. Especially if you consider the matchups.
The hell is wrong with you guys? 1) The murderer was arrested and charged with murder in less than a day 2) it wasn't execution style, the police department has already released a statement saying that was false and there was no evidence of that, they believe it may have been an argument between the father and the suspect gone bad 3) it has nothing to do with race, the mother has also released a statement asking people to stop using her child as a way to further the racial divide. She said this was not and should not turn into a racial thing. 4) if you haven't seen it in the news, you're only watching your local news then. Please stop spreading lies like this, you're only making things worse. If you want, you can look up the police announcement of the fake statement, the mothers statement to the media and verify everything I've stated here. You can't verify from a reliable source (unless you count your friends from FB of course) that stuff Megan had said.
A lot of people move everywhere. Not saying the south doesn't have freedom or common sense, but the top 5 inbound states are: Oregon (64 percent) Idaho (63 percent) North Carolina (61 percent) Alaska (60 percent) North Dakota (59 percent) I only see one Southern state in there, and it's not deep south. Do I think other conferences jumped the gun? Absolutely, especially with the new testing the NBA just got cleared by the CDC. However, I also know the south is a large part of the reason this season is in jeopardy, evidenced by how they have handled this pandemic. This could have already been in the rear view mirror, like it is for other countries. At this point, as long as the players are kept safe and want to play, I'm happy there's football.
That seems true, however, it is not. The legal issues means he is referring to is about TV deals. Conferences have those agreements set with schools and stations for years and even decades at a time (I believe the B1G is set until 2025, and Pac12 is set until 2035). so with no TV rights, the games don't get aired, removing a vast majority of the funding. Any school can leave, but its not like they just get a clean slate from everything. There are legally binding agreements that would need to be settled (and likely would not).
NHL is also in a bubble and have had zero cases. You know who isnt? The MLB, and guess what? They are postponing games and losing players to sickness left and right. You are trying to find irony and hypocrisy where there is none. The players are in a bubble, the ones who leave need to quarantine in order to return. They are allowed to support BLM. It makes sense that they do. Why does it bother people like you so much?
You're allowed to keep your garbage opinions & choices to yourself. No one asked.
This has gotten so out of hand. Ugadawg listed 5 of the reasons (there's plenty more) its obvious Trump mishandled the pandemic. You are all jumping on one and refusing to acknowledge the other. Which is very McEnany of you, only argue one little thing instead of the whole and continue pounding that point home to seem right. Trump was and has only been concerned with the economy. He got rid of the prevention & response team created to handle pandemics, he removed the US CDC contact/informer in Beijing (that would have been pretty useful, huh?) and in case you live under a rock, the US citizens has been banned from travelling to Euro & other countries first, not the other way around. What he could have done differently (and still could/should, but wont) is admit he handled it poorly, take responsibility, listen to the experts and help the country get over this. Rather than pull up BS numbers in horrifying interviews with Axios (if you watched it, you know how dumb he makes himself out to be, if you havent, please try-even though it's difficult to sit through those moronic ramblings). As for Fauci, he has already explained he was trying to prevent the masks from being bought out like the toilet paper, because medical staff needed them much more. Since they were massed produced later on, he did not need to keep the public from buying them. He used the only "doctor" he could find to further spread his lies, and she believes in demon sperm causing STDs and also that Hydroxychloroquine is a covid cure, same thing Trump was pushing, shockingly, he has stock in Hydroxychloroquine. Pull your heads out and breathe. He has done so much wrong, those defending him are only making it worse.
We were SUPPOSED to be, but we were not. Remember the rednecks with their guns protesting because they wanted a haircut and refused to wear masks?
Agreed, Colorado. cbmckay, couldn't have said it better, thank you.
Mountain dog....are you really trying to convince people a "fever-induced seizure" doesnt count as a contributing cause? If you dont have the virus, you dont get the fever, which means no seizure, which means no death in that case. Nashville already pointed out the numbers that would be if we were planning on herd immunity saving us, thats without included the fact less than 23% of the country has been exposed thus far and that nursing homes (where elderly & high-risk live have shut down outside contact limited their exposure and death. And to everyone else with their "personal" stories of false reporting, all deaths I have seen have been correctly reported, uncle died of cancer when he had covid and cause of death was cancer. All hospitals have refuted these claims, not saying that means it's untrue, but their is no substantial evidence proving these claims.
Right...but driving a car doesn't kill elderly and high-risk people just by coming into contact with them. (unless of course you are running them over). Point is, its not just about who gets it or tests positive, it's about how easily it spreads to those less fortunate and less likely to survive.
darthA, No...just no. Cmon man. The number is made up and just flat out not true. In the US, 60k deaths from the flu is considered high, that is WITHOUT preventative measures taken (like social distancing, masks, etc.) leaving anywhere from 75-95% exposed and that is over an entire year. Currently, it is estimated less than 23% (less than 1/3 of the seasonal flu you are referring to) of the US has been exposed to this covid strain. YET only 7 months into the year we are over 160k deaths. Your math is bad and you should feel bad. Lastly, the models you are referring to were extreme-to-worst case scenario simulations. You, like many who dont know about modeling and simulations, are taking them as predictions. They are simply warning of what could be given the worst case possible. Please stop spreading false narratives. I want football just as much as anyone, but spreading lies is not helpful.
Found one of the idiots. Just posting made up numbers to "confirm" their lame conspiracy.
That an interesting concept. I like giving the little guys a chance for once, especially since this season is going to be weird anyway. A couple issues I see though are that takes the committees job away. Theres no choosing best teams if Conf champs get in. That also leaves room for a great team to miss out for a "less deserving" team. say an undefeated Bama team losing to a 8-2 or 7-3 East team in the conf championship game (they are likely the better team in this scenario, but now get bounced because of one game), or a team they already beat. Lastly, the committee will never go for it because it eliminates their entire purpose. Sort of goes with my first point, but if the committee isnt deciding who gets in, then their uselessness becomes apparent.
But in this case it wouldn't matter who is lobbying for what teams. It would be determined by calculated travel distance. Even if Vandy is the closest to your team, if Vandy has their scheduled filled by closer teams, then the next closest (who has schedule to fill) is who your team gets.
Exactly! And not in a "need home-field advantage" kind of way, but in a "I would have loved to see it in person" way. Seriously that game should be a great one. All the people saying "stop crying" arent even listening. I dont care who we play, I care who I get to see us play.
Not so much incompetent, just how the schedule works. If you have one rotating divisional game, then there are 5 teams that you rotate. You are not guaranteed to face them twice until its been 10 years (2022).
Agreed. I can already see the unsatisfied fans calling for asterisks on everything from this season.
It was snarky. Also: it was not "reported." The idea was floated by SI, meaning they just brought it up. You got rather defensive for someone who was blatantly wrong. And BT didnt even say you were wrong, he just mentioned not seeing that as the plan.
Also, the article is saying it would not be fair in comparison to the games added to the other East teams' schedules. Like if Bama got Vandy and Mizz added, but Auburn got UF & Uga, you'd probably say that was unfair.
You're really going to try to convince everyone Miami & FSU aren't significantly tougher opponents than Kent St. & co.?? Get real.
Well hold up there bucko. You don't get to just spew out lies without any evidence to back it up. Seems like you're not thinking logically considering you're making stuff up. That is not a "true stat" as you claim. "Trask does well in the intermediate passing game within 10-20 yards, too. Within that range, Trask posted PFF grades of 82.2 (left), 71.4 (middle), and 78.4 (right) and threw for 967 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. Trask went 56 for 97 within this range, which averages out to about 57.7%" -PFF via SI Also if you're going to try and say you meant 20+ or all throws: "In the 20+ range, Trask posted grades of 73.6 (left), 70.5 (middle), and 68.9 (right), going 18 for 42 (42.9%), accumulating 499 yards, seven touchdowns, and three interceptions. His passer rating was also above 100 in each of the three zones past 20+ yards, holding ratings of 106.4 (left), 101.8 (middle), 118.9 (right)." -same source Please respect other people on this site, fact checking is real easy nowadays.
With that defense his ONLY job was to not turn over the ball...gotta agree with Kirby on this one. The kid just did not exhibit"poise" consistently.