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1960 a TE was the first overall pick. Ditka was #5 and hes a HOFer, as was Riley Odoms in 72.
Megan, he asked for stats and you present zero. You also randomly start ogling over Bama players and in a discussion about Pitts you bring up Harris for God knows what reason when he isn't expected to go until the second round. And you follow that up with an even more head scratching Harris v Trask remark. Either get off the meds or start taking the right doses, my guy. Couldn't finish reading your unbearable, nonsensical rant. I never can.
Lamar wasnt at all projected to go number one (he ended up at 32), and Allen was expected top 10 sure. But neither was labeled as the next great QB destined to change a franchise. The kid has been lauded since HS. WR are not as much of a focus on drafts and are rarely ever #1 overall (which Aiyuk was not). DN, you are comparing apples to milk with those examples.
Yea you won't get a lot of flack from me either. He's far from perfect in my eyes. Had some rough games, like against a bad VT team, but got bailed out by being on the best team in the ACC. His whole body of works speaks well and since I dont know him personally, I cant say anything to his personality. He's been so hyped up though that not taking him #1 would be career suicide for a GM if he turned out at all good.
Hype can be built up around anything (like Wilson's athleticism or Trask being blamed for the Gator's flame going out to end the season) just like how issues can be overlooked (Wilson's small frame & lack of competition, Lance's small body of work) and they get wound up in a tornado of social media coverage. Trask got buried under it and I think it will lead to him being a steal. If he played a full season and got his cupcake games his totals would have been level with Burrow. Hard to measure toughness but the dude sure as hell showed it on the field.
Well to be fair, that was almost entirely the run game-they dominated both on the ground. Watching Harris was pretty frustrating most of the time.
Said what I logged in to say^ Stidham was never first round talent
Oh and SDSU had a WR in the Senior bowl this year. Dallas Geodert went as well. That's all I got haha
You have likely heard of Oral Roberts now lol and NDSU because of Carson Wentz. SDSU (South Dakota St) hosted college game day last year I think, all three are SL teams. Its a midwest league. Usually NDSU or SDSU make the NCAA through thir conf auto bid. ORU is the first to make it this far in recent memory. Don't blame you though, they don't normally make much of a splash.
*sigh* They're* You're obsession with Gators and obvious anger issues never ceases to amaze me. Not to mention your narcissism. No one cares what you think or your gator-obsessed fantasies.
Nobody sensible ever says "we shouldn't see race." And no one here or in this article suggested "separating everything by race." Taking everything to only extremes is a dangerous thought process. You can do better, BF.
NG, if you are referring to Godwin as who they are likely to lose: he was saying he would take less money to stay with the team, but TB franchise tagged him a few days ago. They'll still have Gronk, Evans, & Godwin next year.
What's the fun in waiting for a line? Haha especially if it's for charity-no need to bet on covering a spread(presumably). I'll throw down $20 on UF straight up and you do the same for Uga? And I'll donate to my usual, Big Brothers Big Sisters.
There is an idea that is talked about a lot that some players are just too good to pass up whether you have the need or not. In that case I think it makes more sense for a team to trade away the pick to someone who needs the player expected to go at that draft slot, but there have been cases made for "cant pass him up" kind of players, especially in the top 10.
Well the guy is predicting the AP poll, not necessarily what he thinks the top 10 teams are. That being said, OU has a real shot with returning talent and Rattler was great on their run to end the season. Bama will reload and deserves to be #1 until Saban stops Sabanning. Clemson will be good against the ACC, and will be TBD on how they play against everyone else. Uga will likely find a way to disappoint, should be the states new motto. Ohio state is similar to Clemson when it comes to conference vs national stage. 5-10 are just plug which ever teams you like in an order you seem fit with, based on recruiting or whatever other thing people decide is most important at the time they are typing. ND doesnt deserve being mentioned, even in the comments.
lol well before the season it was "cant wait for Kirby to 4-0 Mullen" then it was "even without player x we still got this, only Bama can beat us" then after the game it was "if we would have had players U to Z we would have won easily and not lost by 16" and after the season it was "we beat Cincy and you all lost to OU (of course not mentioning the lack of players UF had, because it was Uga) so next year is ours for sure" So what will you all say when "the stars align" and it becomes 3-2?
I mean, some coaches do well with players they didnt recruit, other dont. This first true class of Mullen will be interesting to watch for sure.
You mention getting cucked at least one too many times in a single comment to not be one yourself, dude. Its fine, do what you like, but shaming others for what you're into is just kind of hypocritical, dont you think? And Kirby can't own a team he literally just lost to. So no, not today.
Ohhhh you're one of those hardcore, extreme conservative morons that needs to bring up Obama all the time (even worse and more delusional than the extreme left morons). That explains SO MUCH. Thanks for spelling it out.
Rox, I believe Nature Gator was pointing out that the decade victory argument is stupid, not cherry picking a time-frame. Anyone can pick any frame and say "what about this." Its a pointless argument. These teams are completely different every 3-4 years.
It was already proven he was yelling at the ref, not players, and did not incite any brawl. You guys really clinch on to anything and never let go, huh?
He has things you cant coach: size, rocket arm, winning attitude, team-spirit; while seemingly has the ability to be coached, as evidenced by his progression at UF and his maturity shown at Arkansas. That's why they say he's a late-round flyer. He needs more development, but he has size and the intangibles you look for in a player.
And yet, the NFL doesn't care. Nor does anyone else. They don't want fans like you. Btw, they DO stand for the national anthem bc of you crybabies. They started kneeling beforehand now, so you're just complaining to complain at this point.
As long as they dont match them up in the quarterfinals to prevent more from getting to the semis.
Yeah it's not a secret. Seriously, there are 14 teams up there and even more discussed on this site, yet Corch only talks about UF. They only know how to try (and fail pretty miserably) to bash Florida. I often wonder, Corch: who hurt you?
Lot of back and forth there, sorry. By him I mean Jones. When he was pressured this year he made some bad decisions.
He is a career 64% passer. He had a down year this year because every defense we played was preparing to stop the pass against us. Maybe I'm just hopeful, but I think having a QB that fits more of what Mullen looks for will benefit him greatly. My worry is the scary throws he makes, some of the picks/bad throws were just hard to watch. Trask took much better care of the football this year for the most part compared to last year. I'm hoping they coach those dangerous, unnecessary throws out of him.
To be fair he started that section with "OK, so I actually don’t have a problem with half of these rankings." With that, you are correct. The season is over and they need content. Garbage in, garbage out. If they arent pushing articles, they arent getting clicks.
1) WR ran the wrong route leaving the ball just hanging in the air-not on Trask 2) Catchable ball deflected off a WRs hands-not on Trask 3) Hit as he threw-unlucky and pretty hard to blame Trask He played when he didn't even have to with a group he had basically zero chemistry with (clearly). This was not on him.