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I'm not sure if you've seen his interview with ESPN on YouTube, but Florida didn't even want him. He said that he was never offered the job in the first place!
Title says loses liscense, but the article says he voluntarily gave it up. I'm not defending Leak, but you should get it straight before writing the article.
LOL! Yeah it did look like a big practice living room since you said that.
I was referring to the Georgia comment. But you're right too with the Vols.
Since 2013, every time we played y'all, we had a replacement QB. Hopefully we finally have our starting QB. Same with the Vol games. Finally had our starting QB last year and we won. For 2013 and 2014, the Vols still couldn't beat us with our replacements. LSU of course tougher games and we were exploited with our replacement QBs. Hopefully we have everyone healthy for that game.
He means a shot of at last playing in ATL. Y'all definitely have not shot at getting there. Why don't y'all worry about even getting to A BOWL GAME.
Wrong with college football or wrong with UT football?
Wow SDS can't even spell his name right on the title? Who the hell is Jeremony?
Scary right guys?! We know this face well when he was there.
Will always be garbage losers huh. Sounds like you got it mixed up. Keep on building your garbage house BRICK BY BRICK.
Losers? All UT fans have is the past. If y'all don't make it anywhere else this season, at least y'all won the Super Bowl of beating us right
If he meant technically, I think he's right lol. Well, stadium and crowd wise.
Way over hyped beginning of the season. I knew this was gonna happen. BRICK BY BRICK BABY! I love it when they pick Florida to finish at the bottom.
Give it to them SC fans. Be as classless and distasteful as possible. Do it for the Gator fans, since UT gave it to us like that. Winning = loves Butch. Losing = FIRE HIM. Always hearing for his head from UT fans after loses.
What if the tweet really meant, Eye = I see Hands together = praying for Vols Really! Just really praying.
Lose the rest of the season?! You can't possibly really mean that for him to be fired do you volsfan5? That's some real towards the guy if so.
Thought the house was built. Still brick by brick I see.
You didn't see this crap last year from UF fans. I guess it's different when you finally win the Super Bowl.
Didn't get the chance to watch the game but seen that UT won. Was gonna congratulate the UT fans on the win like a good sport but man...UT fans. Classless. And UF fans weren't really the ones talking crap the whole year. All I heard was UT fans talking crap. It's backed up, but man...classless.
That was a good last tackle on Dobbs when he was trying to get the TD.
I really thought it was overhyped when I saw that on the SEC Channel, they had LSU on top, UT second and Bama third. That was really bold. Just had me thinking, where the heck is this hype coming from?! As of now in 2nd with 3 min left, if UT wants to back up the hype, they need to come back and blow em out with AT LEAST 3 touchdowns, no less. Go Vols! I want y'all to be undefeated when we play.
Joke almost as bad as UT in the 4th. 😂