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This game definitely is the deciding factor of how the rest of our season will go!
Everyone will doubt us, no matter what we do. All we can do is just keep proving them wrong! I do think this will be an interesting game. I just believe we aren't done fighting yet!
I don't think we will have trouble throwing Mizzou's new QB off, Because we have a defensive front that likes to rush more than he is use to. I'm not being biased because I'm a Florida fan, but I think the inexperience in that area will bring down Mizzou.
Haha I didn't expect it to play out this way!
I just saw this, best thing I've ever seen on the internet! Haha
Very excited for LSU. It will be a great match up!
This game will be great, because both LSU and UF are going to have a challenge passing. The run game is going to be challenged also. LSU will come up better at the run game, because of your star player lol. Both of us have new and improving players. It will be low scoring, but it will be a great game! My prediction is it will be low scoring, and I feel like a field goal will determine the game. It could go either way, I can't wait!
Two more big games to watch out for. Lsu and Georgia, if we can beat them, then it'll be a great year!
Richt is a great person also, with everything he is doing for the injured player!
Bold move cotton let's see how this plays out for them... *Dodge ball for everyone who doesn't know where this is from