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Its going to be tough to beat LSU in Death Valley. 130 dB of drunk, corn dog farting cajuns. Gator D has to play lights out and minimize the turnovers. To be honest, I'm more worried about what injuries might occur in this game, as that could impact the rest of the season worse than losing to the Tigers. It's a rivalry game so anything can happen. But hey, in other news, it's been 14,161 days since UGA won a National Championship. Lol
Florida isn't perfect, but they're ahead of schedule. Mac left them high and dry and a competitive game against LSU and a win against Georgia will surpass most Gator fan's expectations. Georgia thinks that having the talent alone will win them a NC. Hasn't happened yet. LSU will be a tough game and the defense better play lights out for the maximum chance to win in Death Valley at night (them drunk Cajuns will be loud). But if we can outlast LSU, I'm not as worried about UGAy. Looking forward to Jacksonville regardless of what happens in BR.