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Hate cause you ain't - still beat UGA this year and don't act like you liked Steve Spurrier when he coached in Gainesville... cause you didn't. Your count is at 14,599 days. Is that how people in Georgiuh say Florida? I know the accent is dif.
At least it’s been sailing. Georgia has been “elite” for some time. Trophy case looks lonely though.
Apparently you are “mine f****”, whatever that means. I hope thinking gets easier for you.
Some of these people need some sun. They probably aren’t registered to vote anyway. Hitler talk is IGNORANCE to the max. Dems want to pack the Supreme Court. Sounds like a move to get rid of a check or balance on power. Sounds like a dictatorship these morons want to vote for and get rid of things like the freedom to go to a football game.
I did graduate from Florida. and I’m probably much smarter than you just because I got in. Your opinions aren’t facts just because they are your opinion. Stats on COVID are horrendously inaccurate however with what we have I’m more likely to get struck by lightning than die from COVID. There will be great seats at the games without all you scare mongers out there. Lose some weight, you’ll live longer.
You should go back to blogging on CNN. There are too many people with a brain on this site for you.
Perine got drafted after last season, in case you didn't notice him on the Jets roster. Florida is the highest ranked team in the state, for football and academics. Wake up, you're sleeping on the gators taking over... and yeah, Bowman is offish coming to Gainesville.
I was at that 42-0 game. That was one of the first games I saw as a student. All of my friends that went to UCF came. I’ll never forget. Thanking for reminding us all of what happens when UCF plays a team like Florida. I think Missouri could beat them. Vandy has a shot. Everyone else in the SEC should be favored.
In case you haven't been watching, US economy is on a historic rebound, also on Trump's watch. If you are going to work that platform, you better hope people stay unemployed and scared. I suggest you look at the last 4 months of Jobs Reports. Otherwise, GO GATORS! And yeah, hate Tebow all you want Elway, his wife is hotter than yours.
Winning is winning. Not playing is losing. People do what they want but I'm gonna celebrate if the gators go undefeated in an All-SEC schedule. SEC Champ this year = National Champ. I don't care what you think.
Those guys don't play, gators will still be stacked at receiver. Season happens, I bet some young blood will be pretty excited to fill their spot. One thing we do have is enough depth to survive. If the Gators NFL-bound (in their mind at least) players sit out to go to the NFL next year, then very many other players in a similar situation on other teams may do the same anyway.
Kirby is a great coach, so is Mullen. Neither has won a championship as a head coach so get off your high horse. 14,296 days and counting since Georgia won its ONLY natty... and War Eagle guy - Urban won 2 championships at Florida. If Cam Newton hadn't stolen that laptop, might have got a 3rd... instead Urban's stress level went through the roof and he 'retired' for awhile - ole sCammer won the Heisman and championship at Auburn. Urban is simply riding the vibe. Gators are going to be good. Nothing else to talk about until we play games. Be afraid, haters. Be afraid.
Rankings are fine. These lists are only important to people that are not expecting their teams to dominate the season. If football happens this fall, people will find out just how good these coaches are. Until then, throwing shade at Dan Mullen makes you seem scared. Don’t fret puppy dawgs, the game will do the talking. Go gators!
Pretty sure that USF has been as high as #2 in the nation (in mid-season 2007). Interesting that they took the 2 for 1 but UCF, who has never been ranked that high, thinks they deserve more? Maybe they could follow the leader on that one.
Stick to the guns fellas, this is business and UF has all the leverage.
Ask yourself this: why would UF go out of their way to make things easy for UCF anyway? UF already has a tough enough schedule without UCF to get into the playoff. Therefore, they have all the leverage in the deal. Take what you can get or shutup.
and lost after blowing a lead to a freshman quarterback... lol sounds like McElwain talking about winning the East. There's a reason why we took those signs out of the Swamp.
Largest cocktail party on Earth shall be a good time and a great game. That's it. Don't get your panties in a knot dude. Sounds like you need to get laid.
Gators have won 3 of the last 4... right in line with 21 of the last 28. Kirby's coaching prowess really shined in blowing a lead to a freshman quarterback that hasn't played a rep all season. Moreover, Georgia hasn't won a National Championship since Abracadabra by Steve Miller Band was still getting spins on the radio.