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Anyone can pull win and loss predictions out of thin air. What are you basing it on? Forlida won 10 games last year with an offense that was bad at best the second half of the season. Every position on offense is better than it was last year. Special teams will be better and the defense will not fall off any from a year ago. They were good enough to beat both Tennessee and Georgia a year ago. I see no reason to pick them to lose to those this year. LSU in the Swamp will be a test, but once again, Florida played them to within a touchdown in Baton Rouge last year. Arkansas in Fayetteville is a trap game and FSU in Tallahassee will be tough. But there is no way this team won't win at least nine of the games on the schedule....including 12 in a row over Tennessee. Tennessee has to show me they can beat Florida before I can pick them to do it.