Go Gators!

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I have no issue with the time out. With that trash defensive strategy he knew they couldn’t stop Bama from running out the clock so when you’re the underdog be aggressive. Go for 2 and If you can get the onside you can go for the win vs OT
Yeah because Deion had such a stellar reputation in the classroom.
Made sure to read this article so I could see what kind of Neanderthal comments would follow and I wasn’t disappointed. Instead of celebrating a great moment in sports some easily triggered men lost their minds. So predictable. Congratulations to Sarah and the Vandy program. A small bright spot in a miserable season.
Crazy how cavalier some people are about death. Clearly you haven’t known someone who has died from this awful disease. I have. There are some things even more important than college football
The article is incomplete. Strong has a LONG tenure at UF: 83-84 88-89 91-95 03-09