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Saban has made an easy habit of it. DeVonta Smith, Dylan Moses, Landon Collins, Eddie Lacy, Isiah Buggs, Irv Smith, and others.
Bama does produced plenty of studs (Monty Rice, Henry Ruggs, Kadarius Toney, LaBryan Ray, KJ Britt, Quinnen Williams, Mack Wilson, Justyn Ross, George Pickens, Daron Payne, Jamies Winston etc..) Texas & Florida have vastly larger populations tho.
To be honest, even though I disagree with our #7 rank, that was the same reason we never moved past A&M despite looking better over the previous few weeks with them being idle. They won the head to head so it really shouldn't come as a suprise UGA is ranked behind. And major difference in Pitts not playing vs Daniels not playing. Pitts was already solidified as a star and a threat based on THIS season's stats already. JT was an unknown factor at the time UGA played Florida. You had no tape of this season til Miss State game.
I was definitely hoping for a much better game from Auburn. That being said, there is something I think we should probably keep in mind: Saban is a rare coaching legend. Urban Meyer is the closest thing to his equivalent. Gus is the only active coach to CFB to beat Saban 3 times (twice since 2016). Dabo has done it twice and Hugh Freeze has twice. It's hard. The man is 25-0 vs all his former assistants. That's unprecedented. I'd much rather have Gus who can actually beat his rivals. Would you rather have Harbaugh who is 0-6 vs OSU and loses to his rivals in their program's worst years (winless Penn State and MSU at the time)? If not for the SEC championship rematch, Auburn is in the 2017 playoffs. The Tigers def have to play better but let's also not blow this out of proportion. The grass is not always greener.
Honestly, since Kentucky on the verge of postposing this weekend's game with 18 out from Covid and injuries, This weekend should be Florida vs. Tennessee in Knoxville. Both have 0 positive tests and at least it's a rivalry match up. Anyone else agree or disagree?
With everyone beating up on everyone with this mainly conference only schedule, you need quality wins. That's Cincy's problem and BYU's. l I'd be willing to bet Georgia is better than Miami for sure.
This honestly is crappy from the SEC. It makes so much sense to let UT and Vandy play each other due to proximity and less moving parts. Mizzou is not relevant enough for this make up game to be needed. I'm also kinda sad for the Vols because this was a needed win that wouldn't prove anything but maybe the only morale boost they were gonna get before Florida delivers a home embarrassment to them.
I think what's especially painful to see is UT was a 4 win team in 2017. So was UF. Both programs received new head coaches and Mullen has outperformed, immediately taking the same Franks led team that struggled in 2017 to a 10 win team with a beat down of Michigan in 2018 (while also defeating top 5 ranked LSU). Then an 11 win season in 2019 while going toe to toe with the defending champs for most of the game. In 2020, he has dethrowed UGA as top dog of the East (no pun intended) and developed a 2 star QB into a heisman frontrunner. UT has been stagnant with Eric Gray being the sole bright spot. And fan expectations are different. Last years win streak was definitely fools gold because those teams all weren't good.