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Most UF fans want a rematch, but I want to say something about missed calls...there are uncalled penalties on probably 75% of plays, sometimes a call - or missed call - goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. Along with that, injuries also work for you or against you, it's part of the game we love so very much and in the end usually most teams break even in terms of fair calls and injuries when compared to any other team. I'm not saying it can't be frustrating to have a missed call, but that's the game. No excuses for a loss. Play better. Next man up.
F'n A right! It's a head-scratcher that people aren't more confident that Florida should take Miami head on and dominate. Even if Franks performs two-thirds as well as he did in our last half of 2018, he should be able to hit his EXCEPTIONAL WR's and put a bunch of points up. Also, Florida's D should absolutely dominate Miami and I expect quite a few turnovers, I am sticking with 48-10 Florida. Also watch for Perine and Toney, they're going to be explosive. UGA, LSU, and UA are the games I expect to be a real challenge, not Miami... LSU is probably our toughest game this year. I respect the heck out of Burrows, I think hes a tough son-of-a-gun.
I think LSU is going to surprise most SEC fans this year, theyre a group of tough MF'rs. I like Burrows and think our toughest reg season game is going to be against LSU this year.