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F'n A right! It's a head-scratcher that people aren't more confident that Florida should take Miami head on and dominate. Even if Franks performs two-thirds as well as he did in our last half of 2018, he should be able to hit his EXCEPTIONAL WR's and put a bunch of points up. Also, Florida's D should absolutely dominate Miami and I expect quite a few turnovers, I am sticking with 48-10 Florida. Also watch for Perine and Toney, they're going to be explosive. UGA, LSU, and UA are the games I expect to be a real challenge, not Miami... LSU is probably our toughest game this year. I respect the heck out of Burrows, I think hes a tough son-of-a-gun.
I think LSU is going to surprise most SEC fans this year, theyre a group of tough MF'rs. I like Burrows and think our toughest reg season game is going to be against LSU this year.