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I strongly believe that the vast majority of the LSU fanbase is as upset by the tasteless signs and jokes as we are, and that the stupidity of a few shouldn't be allowed to reflect badly on LSU fans in general. Every fanbase has a few idiots.
Would anyone be willing to explain to me, in layman's terms, just how these rankings can be accurate? As a UCF alumnus (and fan), and as a lifelong Gator fan, I'm terribly confused. I expected that the Knights would fall out of the top 25 completely. I expected that the Gators would move into the top 10. Neither of these things happened, so I'm apparently misunderstanding something. I'd truly appreciate a clear explanation!
This Gator fan will gladly buy the boy a Vols t-shirt. Seriously. So glad to see so many in the SEC community stepping up to help a child.
Thank you for speaking the truth. And btw, there are many of us who ARE aware that a degree from UM is respected--because we look past the football program, and see that the academics are sound. Be proud of your degree; UM was ranked #53 in the country for 2019 by US News and World Report. That ain't too shabby!
No high horse here. Did you miss the part where I stated that all programs have problematic fans? The difference is that Miami's fans make the news with their behavior--often. Speaking of the news, would you mind pointing me in the right direction to read about the UF incident? I've been a Gator fan for 40+ years, and I honestly don't recall any such thing happening. The only memory I have of anything involving Charleston Southern is the suspension of seven UF players prior to that game because of a fight they were involved in. And see the difference there? UF acted immediately in dealing with the poor behavior. In my opinion, Miami is tacitly approving poor behavior by ignoring it. All the university had to do was issue a statement that they were disappointed with the behavior of some fans after the game.
I personally despise the man, but I know the truth when I hear it. He spoke the truth, and therefore shouldn't be required to issue an apology. In contrast, that "third world program" has thus far lacked the class to apologize for the actions of its fans. I understand that no program can control the fans' behavior, and that all programs have a few problematic fans--but the University of Miami doesn't seem to care about the reputation its football team (and its fans) have been earning for themselves. And that's a shame, in a country where a university's football team is thought to be representative of the culture of the school itself.
Can't read the comments because they're hidden beneath ALL those annoying new scrolling ads. Can't even see what I'm typing. Brilliant, SDS!/s
And how is this article related to the SEC and/or college football? Just curious.
Are you going to be joining him in that remedial English class to(o)?
So we're using that photoshopped UCF sign. Again. Funny how some SEC fans are the ones who keep obsessing over UCF Football. Weren't you ever taught to ignore pests, and they will get bored and go away? You see them as pests, and you are NO better, baiting them at every opportunity. And--just like this sign--if there is no reason for baiting them, you simply create one. Seriously, guys--just grow up and ignore them. At this point, you're simply coming across as classless bullies. Ignore UCF and concentrate on your own inter-conference problems
Please note that the "organization" that put up the GoFundMe is in no way officially connected to either UCF or to the Knights. As a matter of fact, last year their pet project was investigating (and criticizing) the UCF presidential search committee. Knight News is a sad and delusional group, much like the small (but very vocal) portion of the UCF fanbase whose goal seems to be to embarrass those of us who are realistic in our support of the team and the university.
And I'm almost embarrassed for you. For comments to be "taken serious," the grammar used must be at least on a basic level. SeriousLY.
The vast majority of UCF fans are realistic, and are embarrassed by the antics of a very small--and very delusional--portion of our fanbase. Allow me to point out that, sadly, the UF fanbase has its own delusional segment.
coreyalan, thank you for proving my point so clearly, with each and every line you wrote. "We’re better than UF" : I am a Gator fan, have been all my life. So who is "we"? "Ummm no, here’s some facts" : Okay, I'm waiting for those "facts." "No fair no fair you have no class! Why do you hate us? You’re mean!" Another nonsensical statement, having nothing to do with my comment, which was directed at the OP. But thanks for adding your voice to the discussion and bolstering my point!
Coreyalan, I don't know when your friends graduated, but I attended (and graduated from) UCF, and their GPA standard, at its lowest, was 3.2. And here is last year's freshman profile: UCF FALL 2018 FRESHMAN CLASS PROFILE 1328 Average SAT Score 28.3 Average ACT Score 4.12 Average High School GPA 82 National Merit Scholars (Info copied/pasted from prepscholar dot com)
Man, UF fans are more classless than FSU fans--or maybe it's just a *few* UF fans, with less education and bigger mouths than the rest of us.
d0kk3n: Mississippi State University requires: a GPA/SAT/ACT of 2.0/860/16 University of Central Florida requires: a GPA/SAT/ACT of 4.12/1320/28. So--using your logic--I suppose that would make Mississippi State, Middle School Community Center!
Citronaut99, jbattle77 is correct. Mississippi State requires a GPA/SAT/ACT of 2.0/860/16, whereas UCF requires a GPA/SAT/ACT of 4.12/1320/28.
UCF acceptance rate: 49%. UF acceptance rate 48.6% Yeah, I see your point, Gatordontplaynosh*t--the difference in those two numbers is staggering, isn't it! Full disclosure: I am a lifelong Gator fan and UCF is my alma mater ('80). UF is clearly the superior university, and without a doubt has the better, more prestigious athletic program. I only wish that the Gator fanbase, as a whole, had as much class as the UCF fanbase. UF has been playing football for 112 years. UCF has been playing football for 39 years. We've all gotta start somewhere, don't we? Go Gators! Charge on, Knights! And a happy new year to everyone!!
Aww, c'mon! This is SDS--of course it's clickbait! :)
Obviously not a Bama fan, but I'm always appreciative of human compassion and good wishes--thanks!
As a passionate Knights football fan since 1979 (when I was a student there (class of '80), I'd like to apologize for those new to our fanbase who are really blowing things out of proportion. It was a wonderful Cinderella season, and we should be--and are--very proud of that. Those of us who've believed in the team since the beginning will continue to maintain a realistic attitude. Those who've overexcitedly jumped on the bandwagon will, I hope, go quietly away once all the hoopla dies down. I believe that we are a good team that deserves a shot at a stronger conference. I do NOT believe that a bunch of bandwagon "fans" should be trying to force games on them for which they are not ready. Just my opinion; ymmv.
SwampThing, this lifetime Gator/SEC fan and proud UCF alumnus thanks you for your kind and realistic comment. You, sir, have class.
Come on, guys. UCF is having fun with their Cinderella season, and harming no one. Alabama and Georgia have other things on their minds, and couldn't care less what the little ol' AAC champs have to say. And I say, this is good publicity that might cause someone to think for a second about whether UCF deserves placement in a stronger division. Football is supposed to be fun. Competition and rivalries should be fun and healthy, and should make each team want to play their best, always. What's wrong with any of that? (UCF alum, '80)
Congrats to you too! Now those Dawgs need to bring it home! Best of luck!!!
Lifelong Gator (and SEC) fan--but I think it's okay if I show a little pride today in my alma mater's team. UCF deserves a better conference.
Amen! (proud UCF alumnus, class of '80--was there in '79, the Knights' first game ever!)
And.... Auburn who? All the experts blew that one. Love the Gators and the SEC, but right now, I am one proud UCF alumnus! (Class of '80)