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Yes. Now if we can get ucf to play us and hand them an a** whoopin
hahaha I retract my statement. But this team still has a long way to go to finish the season with wins and a bowl win.
They are going to end the season 6-6. And how we start the season out strong and end with all losses. But it is Mullen first year give him two more years.
Well that's what happens when you dont have no type of structure at the school the year before.
I agree. He needs time, everyone thinks that he is going to get it done in his first year. It's going to take 2 maybe 3 years. The problem that I see UF having is the defense.
Thank you I thought I was the only one that noticed that nuss isn't right for us.
I am with Treon on this we need to FIRE DOUG NUSSMEIER.
Thanks, good game Bama....Good luck in the playoffs Gator Nation will be rooting for you.
I like Mac he is a great coach and is a great fit. The real problem is Doug, is he the right OC for this team.
I really wouldn't say Arkansas has a mean ass defense. Florida just made them look good because our offense horrible. We did get beat by a better football team. Good win Razorbacks.