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so you're just gonna abandon your team because things are bad right now? that seems fairweather fan-ish but to each their own...
RIP... my condolences to his family & friends...
I thought that too... I thought it was funny, but I can see how someone could think it was classless.. to each their own
Sounded like he said "back at you", which means someone from the crowd was flippin them off first.. not an excuse by any means but for what it's worth... I watched a lil bit of the game before my Gators came on, yall looked real tough.. I hate to say it but for once, UT's got me a lil nervous. Should be a hell of a game tho. Yall Vols are lookin like yall are startin to return to form a lil bit... Go Gators!
I was surprised by that too actually... I recall reading somewhere that he'd be back for the Kentucky game but regardless, no complaints here lol
Videos like this always make me shed a tear of joy. Good job & congratulations guys, Go Gators!
There's ABSOLUTELY no way Will Muschamp should be lower than Ron Zook... at least the Zooker never lost to an FCS school(!) or finished below .500........
True. I obviously can't speak on the other teams, but I'm not expecting much out of this season to begin with so this article is basically a moot point.
UNC is better than the likes of FAU, FIU, Directional State, etc.... i'm just sayin. I want to see my team consistently play quality opponents.
nah, we had played them in '08 too. but I do agree, I personally feel like we should play Miami yearly.
ehhh.. I'm as big a Gator fan as they come but our OOC scheduling outside of FSU is laughable at best.. Miami is a stretch... in my opinion, I'd replace South Carolina with LSU & replace A&M with Tennessee.. I'm honestly surprised the Vols didn't make this list, they just went TO Oregon in 2013 AND OU last season!
I got nothin but respect for Blake Sims, even after what he did to my team last season. Definitely a class act; I wish him the best of luck at the next level.
I keep trying to get on board with Florida's alternate, but I just can't... I just feel like I'll reject any alternate helmet cause to me the orange with the Gators script... it doesn't get any better than that.. only alternate I'll accept is the white with the blue "F" but the team will never wear those again... smh Anyways, some of these are tight; I dig Arkansas', LSU's, A&M's (I kinda disagree with the helmet stripe being painted on the facemask tho...), South Carolina's was COLD tho.. that one is slick, I'll admit. As always, Go Gators!
That they did wolfman... but allegedly the west is the better of the two somehow...
Muschamp really shoulda been gone after last season in my opinion. 4-8 at a program like Florida is simply unacceptable. Now, it didn't change anything of course; my pride in being a Florida Gator fan is unbreakable. However, at the same I do not wanna see my team lose just like any other fan with their team. I try to remain as optimistic as possible but the Will Muschamp era in Florida football needs to end. Hell, even in 2012 they were winning ugly most of the time. It's pretty clear Muschamp isn't the guy for this job so its time for him to finally go. Its still Go Gators til I'm 6 feet under tho!
Sad Bulldog fans... priceless! Go Gators!
Muschamp shoulda been gone after last season, in my humble opinion. I try not to be negative as much as possible, but this is pitiful and I can't even stomach watching my own team anymore. Don't get me wrong, the Florida Gators are my team for life, but really I don't think it can get much worse. It's time for Muschamp to go.
Ours... nah. Ours is good how it is.