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This site officially hates UF Lol the man wants money it's in football and he could great Great story bud. If he dont go in the first. Should be perfect with Chark and Shenault in Jax
Trask has 31 td to 3 int. Mac has 18 td to 3 int. Also Trask hasn't really missed a beat without Kyle Pitts.
Covid combined with his performance Grantham otw out imo maybe that's just wishful thinking. Need someone that rotates young guys more like Hopper Wingo Lee etc
Trask has played 7 games and has 30 TD passes lol 4 of the first 5 games on LSU 19 schedule were Northwestern state, Utah state, Georgia southern, Vandy, Also he is a heisman candidate Fields threw 3 picks while Lawrence didnt even play vs ND
This team prob isn't winning the playoffs but it has a chance at winning the sec championship. That's only one game.
Trask is light years ahead of those guys. Mac is too. Still I'm we just come out wanting a sec title way more then Bama. We are starved
He also typical Bama monsters on OL including a vet in leatherwood anchoring everything UF coaches up what they get yall take what yall want lol or will as long as Saban is around. Wont be a beating like vs Mac with Treon and and Appleby tho
Lawrence didnt even play in their biggest game Trask has played every game and his stats are so much better. 11 more TD passes vs SEC teams not ACC trash Dude gets better by the week
At least I hope we need him Grimes and the rest to step up I hope they get Keon Zipperer involved more these next 2 weeks without Pitts.
As long as the field ain't wet Toney will get back to what he been doing before last week. That wet feild and the way he cuts on a dime just dont work.
Mullen and Johnson talking on the headset putting their minds together has just made this offense more potent. Brian Johnson young as hell to so congrats to him.
Bama fans with all them rings get they feelings hurt so easy Trask is playing as good as anybody in the country
While defense stepped up too Also cant believe Georgia scored what 14 vs Kentucky we scoring 40 a game Not bad not getting cocky but not a bad way to go into it
I've never seen UF bias on here lol They posted a list from another site where Trask was 50th in the country for cfb QBs. Lol behind Lawrence and Fields? Newman haha
Love it!!! 3 weeks a rust drop 40 350 from Trask and another 4 TDs
Telling? It's his 3rd year anybody that thought UF had a chance in 18 is a moron D has played well last 2 yrs getting Campbell is back Huge. If they can play as well as they did last yr would be huge Not likely but luckily Trask on another level from last yr
Pitts has 7 TDs in 3 games what ever single season TD record is for TE he could end up shattering it
He'll definitely be eligible next year he's had 2 grandfathers pass recently and he's already basically sitting a year this year
HUGE get Bowman Dexter Wingo Henderson etc that 20 class is gonna be very good to us imo
Toney has finally become a legit WR that will def get drafted imo
White and Cook have been extremely underwhelming give me Pierce over either one
Who cares after they were dumb enough to ranked him 46th in the country after last yr. Ahead of guys like JG from Tenn lol
Also Fenley who was a huge part of that Lakeland team on both sides of the ball
Fyi I think its just for 2 and half trip home and he were his 2nd choice I believe Hope to I'm right so much lol