Rebels name Lane Kiffin head coach

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Georgia definitely thinks way too highly of him and his recruiting. He better not lose in Jax they just might turn on him and start calling for his head until signing day of course lol
Been trying to get it going for a month. Not sure why anyone thought they would get it going against Aranda and a petty good veteran LSU D
The writing was on the wall plain to see. Georgia fans just think way too highly of their recruiting and Kirby
As expected Georgia lucky they ain't down 21-3 early in the second
Sweat, Jones, Smith, Cox Wow Sumlin put a surprising amount of great players on defense in the league Slayton comes to mind too
Can we go back in time and not steal that first down from Toney and not give Cager that "catch"? Lol yall getting that bama treatment now gotta look out for the east favorite
Derek Wingo Tyron Hopper jesiah Pierre Brenton Cox Zach Carter Mo Diabate Khris Bogle w/ Dexter and Lee in the interior plus who ever comes back Maybe Slaton finally wanna use that monster of a body to get tight n right and dominate But ya I like the look of next yr
Yall act like Mullen is a trash recruiter We got 22 commits 15 are 4* plus a 5* transfer If he could have miss st #1 for 5 or 6 weeks I'd say he definitely has a chance but I'm sure in u guys head hell never beat kirby lol When we win are yall gonna turn on him Look Dan is just getting started this is yr 2 Emory will be the first glimpse. Then Anthony Richardson at 6'4" 230ish with a 4.6 40 we got a baby cam newton on the way. Btw thanks for stealing Beck i wanted Ant he from the eastside with the elite size and speed that Mullen can turn into a monster
Bama just recently passed UF in SECCG appearances
We got Elam Hill Kimbrough Rogers Pouncey Helm And 2 awesome safety commits imo watch Tre'Vez Tre'Vez Johnson senior highlights its criminal how under rated he is I like Torrence too
Trolling sorry but those are all facts except my prediction u lose by 10+ And yep Burrow doubles up Fromm in basically every category too see for ya self But I forgot u got the GOAT defense even tho u only beat us by a TD with the refs on your side
10-2 is a great season considering the circumstances 4 new OL a QB that hadn't started since 9th grade Greenard and Zuniga injuries etc Sorry if facts those facts upset u but it was all facts
The writing is on the wall yall just dont wanna see it They got a whole lot better on offense while yall got a whole lot worse Yall scraped by A&M while LSU won by 4 or 5 TDs That doesn't tell u something about the game ahead
I'm pretty sure they lose by double digits They beat that ass by 20 last yr and that was when Burrow Chase Jefferson CEH were scoring a lot less TDs Surprised me to see CEH has 17 TDs to Swift's 7 Basically the same at QB and WR too Chase and Jefferson combine for 30 rec TDs Burrow obviously killing Fromm
Mullen just made Kyle Pitts the best TE in the country Mullen unlike Kirby actually likes to use his TE's Lol I knew Coley was a terrible hire as OC yet Kirby did not. UGA fans actually thought it was an upgrade Seriously might be the dumbest fans in football
Did it with absolutely no run game. While also breaking in 4 new starters on OL.
Several? Lol UF is the closest and Mullen is horrible coach so that doesn't count
LSU is being greatly Delpit Fulton Divinity Lawrence Stingley Stevens Brooks Phillips Chaisson They take a lot of second halfs off but they still have a ton of NFL and Aranda
Man Mullen first 2 classes are killing Mcelwain 3 classes defense wise Just insane the difference in quality
Mullen first coach in UF history to start with back 2 back 10 win seasons 10-2 being completely one dimensional without a single 5* that is undeniably Cant wait to see how December turns out class wise Looks like we getting Ethan and Jordon Pouncey After watching Jordan hs highlights kid is electric imo so with all the seniors leaving great transfer take
Yall think LSU can put up 35-40? Already know the answer NO! But I wouldn't be shocked I'm positive they score 30 plus
Of the OL from last yr gone along with Bleich If we finish 11-2 Mullen did a hell of a job this yr along with Trask Love how Mullen calls plays and the co coordinators are basically just elite coaches Billy Gonzo and John Hevesy I still believe he turned that OL that was god awful at run block their whole career then all of a sudden 1 offseason they mauling dudes by the 2nd half while Perine and scarlett getting 5-10 a clip Walker Leonard and Mincey will be great additions to the OL room
Lol UF 7 8 deep Georgia loses one it's huge hit to the passing game Crazy lol after all the these yrs of garbage passing it that's all we can do lol with 4/5
It's cold in January of course bowl games are in warm weather Maybe they should play Minnesota dome instead nice trip I imagine lol
OSU is far better on D my bad
Is Divinity back playing for LSU? He's a bad dude and if he's back along with Delpit Fulton Lawrence etc. People are sleeping on LSU D for sure That said is far better on D their elite on DL LB and DB
They are an extremely unhealthy breed. Used to be real bulldog after years of making him small and fat and now they cant breathe overheat easy all kinda of problems