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But man I hope everything gets back to normal and everyone gets properly prepped as every yr
If kyle Trask can stay healthy and everyone gets basically the same amount prep or if its shortened. It may even benefit UF.Newman and all those new guys need time to get ready if they dont get it and say lose to both Bama and Aub. Unlikely but possible Would bring em down to earth. And we'd actually have quality depth for the first time against kirby. Young depth but I'll take that over the 6 or 7 82 83 84 rated type guys Mac signed mac signed with garbage And absolutely no DT lol man was a clown that's why Georgia way over blow those first 2 wins. We loaded up on DL and pass rushers plus Zach Carter Kyree Campbell back.
Still better then trump hes not a garbage pos human being. Old man grabbing young beautiful women he intimates by the ______ that's our guy woo hoo lol
Cant wait till its Wingo Diabate Hopper all on the field together Derek Wingo prob will be the best LB signed since Spikes when his career is done or Maybe he's a Jarvis Jones type idk I'm guessing he plays all over. Hopper and Diabate too Wouldnt mind Hopper at Safety tho unless he too bulked up atm
For real hoping Justin Shorter comes a around at UF kinda remind of each with the size speed and could grab any jump ball coming out of hs At the very least I expect a mini kyle pitts
I was surprised justin hunter didn't do better in the league. Also thought him and Rogers were pretty equally talented different skill sets but both really good
Tyrie Cleveland highest rated sure. Still dont think he's led Mullen got there and the offense got proper coaching. Cleveland did have some big time catches tho. Against LSU when he shook off LSU DB and went 99 yds when we needed it bad. Also game winner vs Tennessee from behind midfield I believe Dude was clutch I believe Jefferson n Swain have longer better NFL careers but I'm rooting for all 4 of em
Zook obviously but I left his name out by accident And btw once the mid 80s hit and fla suddenly had as many good football players as bricks from Columbia Bowden was never leaving FSU he knew he had it good
My dumbass said Mac lol he's the one that left us with absolutely trash depth in the secondary and DL Had Polite at 280 playing DT lol what a stupid dip Now we str8 loaded with all different types of DTs pass rushers on edge and from LB and Hopper as a great coverage guy
They been loaded nothing new. What is new hopefully Mac isnt in first year and he should hopefully have the same QB as last yr who was solid 260 2 TDs 0 int. Also super excited to finally have quality depth on DL Secondary and OL Getting Braun Walker and Leonard on Campus in Dec plus Ethan White and last yrs group with another with Savage and Hev. Hevesy ain't the best recruiter but he's a great at coaching I'm interested to see about Waivers for Shorter Lingard and Pounce. One should get it at least I imagine hopefully 2 lol theres logic to it
Hell Emmitt first start true freshmen he ran for 224 on 39 attempts and upset Bama Tuscaloosa
QB competition in spring or JG save his job by making a bowl lol
OU game should tell me all I need to know about the Vols Not sure wtf they were thinking scheduling them with Bama fla UGA etc already on schedule Plus last 2 years team came out flat af completely unprepared I know they turned it around to get to 7-5 but of the 5 or 6 wins at the end were any that big of wins? Or he just do what Dooley did take advantage of a pretty easy back half of schedule? Just curious like I said OU expose them and loosen up for the ramming they gon get from UF a few weeks later
Could he commit soon or after or while on campus though? Maybe Brewster flexes on the sec in March lol let em know
I'm starting to really believe he signs with UF Tim Brewster already paying off. Thank god him and Brian Johnson are heavily involved in recruiting him
It will have been over a month since he was in Knoxville. I love Dameon Pierce outside him Nayquan Wright and Lo Lingard only 2 I believe have any truly big upside Evans could split Carries with Dameon next yr imo. Ethan white and last yr OL group a yr older and stronger plus Braun Walker Leonard as Dec enrollees. Savage is undeniably one of the best strength guys in cfb and Hevesy is a great coach Could be Evans = 18 run game with 19 passing attack. Which sounds nice to me Potentially better
I agree it is selfless. Prob what Treon should of done when applebee came in. Or at least went somewhere else to play WR.Baylor woulda taken him they took Jalen what's his name tall RB from Tennessee Instead he went to play QB at mcneese st or something like that idk
I don't see losing the 4 senior WRs being that big a problem. Pitts Grimes Copeland Mark's Zipperer etc Plus incoming freshman Henderson Fraziars and if given waivers Shorter and Pouncey Van Jefferson yes the other 3 not so much WRs like Swain and Hammond grow on trees in fla
Kid is a hoss Wonder who gets Zach Evans Vols gators who ever else?
Interested to see if Pruitt and Vols Put up a real fight against OU and UF Not sure they did it to themselves with the OU game Playing Bama UF UGA plus sec champ if made. Plenty tough enough schedule Good for us we gators get to see if the hype is real in OU
Copeland is in crazy good shape. One thing Mullen absolutely killed was strength coach hire. Nick Savage has been fantastic and kids love to work with him. He's not wrong UF def has a chance to win the sec both LSU and UF rise back up together lol wouldn't shock me
Over Diabate Bogle Cox or Elam smh Shawn Davis of Brad Stewart?
Only thing that makes sense to act so lackadaisical about Trask leading the 15th best passing attack in cfb with 303 ypg basically 250 to 300 pass yds against every one he played is big respect for Emory Jones 300 yds 3 td 1 pick at LSU and 250+ 21/33 2 td against UGA So in his 2 losses against top 5 teams he wasnt exactly horrible Just needs more help running the ball on D and he took a long time to get going against UGA no denying that Still after solid games against Auburn and LSU I dont hold it against him defens sucked on 3rd and so did offense they got after em in 3rd and long Luckily new OL DL and Secondary talent comes in handy and win one of LSU or UGA which I would def prefer UGA at this point
I'm not sleeping on Nayquan Wright either. If he's good 2 go he could be sick af and the best quick twitch home run threat although Pierce has proven to be a good home run threat too
Mo Diabate Khris Bogle and Brenton Cox are all on my radar as edge rushers Also Elam, Hopper, Zipperer, Pierce Copeland etc Mullen has improved the roster greatly esp the bottom 1/3. Now depth is kind of solid I think
The disrespect for Trask is becoming legendary