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Telling? It's his 3rd year anybody that thought UF had a chance in 18 is a moron D has played well last 2 yrs getting Campbell is back Huge. If they can play as well as they did last yr would be huge Not likely but luckily Trask on another level from last yr
Pitts has 7 TDs in 3 games what ever single season TD record is for TE he could end up shattering it
He'll definitely be eligible next year he's had 2 grandfathers pass recently and he's already basically sitting a year this year
HUGE get Bowman Dexter Wingo Henderson etc that 20 class is gonna be very good to us imo
Toney has finally become a legit WR that will def get drafted imo
White and Cook have been extremely underwhelming give me Pierce over either one
Who cares after they were dumb enough to ranked him 46th in the country after last yr. Ahead of guys like JG from Tenn lol
Also Fenley who was a huge part of that Lakeland team on both sides of the ball
Fyi I think its just for 2 and half trip home and he were his 2nd choice I believe Hope to I'm right so much lol
Yep think we got em Got zipp and Summerall his old boys and we will need more then Georgia Bama anyone could sell him on needing him next yr Him and Nayquan could be sick af together
They wanted to be safe because they they will be in the nfl so I dont blame em Didnt effect passing game at all
You know what pissed me off about that the site is owned by chris collinsworth How u gone do Trask like that lol 46th in the country JG from Tenn ahead of him lol
Trask has improved a ton and gained a lot of confidence since last yr Also Kadarius Toney is legit WR now
U cant be a fla fan u fear Pruitt and his 2 years of exp lol let the me know when they dont come out looking scared af against UF
I thought he had a long streak of losses to good teams before UGA last yr or maybe just top 25 teams not sure
No Stingley on top of Shelvin and the Draftees That was completely different D from last yr literally almost every starter replaced in week 1
It is amazing how fast Mullen turned the O around Went from like 20 ppg to 35 ppg in one year with Franks
Absolutely love that attitude First games were gonna be rough for a lot teams luckily we had a veteran offense that made Georgia O look like straight Garbage
QB a mess and white and cook overrated af Or kirby sucks development well obviously he does compared to Mullen but still that OL couldn't get any push in first half vs Ark DL lol
After yesterday it should be at the very least 50% vs Georgia jmo they extremely unimpressive. Ark hasn't won a sec game in 3 years lol
Dude game 1 pandemic Hella shorted seasons a ton Ds looked bad today that will get a lot better Campbell need to come back please
yea Durkin a fantastic DC has one of the worst Ds in all of CFB lol no credit to Mullen Cry baby azz OM gon beat Ark silly if u cant see it ha
The opt out was minor I mean Btw loved the moves on Nayquan Wright after that catch he back and healthy we good next yr
Basically his whole career has a crazy high yards per touch. Even last yr he broke a big one in last yr opener. This yr he put in work to learn that route tree and get more targets. Props to him and his work ethic Starting to think Grimes Toney Cope was very minor and as long as they felt safe liked what they saw they were playing
The way Georgia looked today Auburn def has a decent shot to beat em