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Thomas and Simmons are top 10 picks in most mock drafts I'd say pittman did pretty well by them and def wont be easy to replace 2 guys like that
It should be a close game again. The fact they lost 2 elite tackles swift and fromm will help. Also another big thing they playing Bama and Auburn before they see us.
ACC is officially no longer considered a power 5 conf lol
Imo the best choice u coulda made Typical acc guy one thing I noticed 11 of his 26 touchdowns came against Elon Rice Utah st Will be interested to see how he fares against sec defenses and if they actually use him right I've read Georgia hoping for the 9ers OC lol yall think Kirby can move the world If he can pull that off wow That dude sits tight keeps learning under shanny he's a HC in yr or 2
Lol man the offense was complete trasj and randy turned the D into complete garbage in 1 yr Go look up Mcelwain recruiting classes The man was horrible Mullen is loading this team up compared to what he took over and u dont even know it Clueless fans with blind hate If you cant see Mullen has done a hell of a coaching job ur a fool Winning the east just to get bent over with everybody watching dont mean a thing u know from LSU
Also playing Bama and Auburn before u play us evens things up god knows u had cupcakes for weeks leading up to us
Last yr was his first legit chance Ask Kirby about taking over a 9-3 team and still taking a beating from Mac his first season Dan took over a 4 win team Lost by a TD in first real contest with plenty help from the zebras Next year we know what it is gotta beat you and the refs
I'm definitely excited about seeing our youngbucks on D plus getting back Trevon Marco Kyree Trask under center Dameon our big play back and bruiser finally getting his time to start So much young talent on D that Mullen has brought Exciting times boys
And to think Jim Tressel who owned the big 10 for like a decade was toast because of bowl garbage traded for tattoos NCAA is the biggest joke on the planet next to our fox news loving president
He's have to answer a ton questions from parents about what went on in Maryland and how he could let the death of a kid happen.
True I meant consistent tho Before Franks in 18 it was a long time before anybody started an entire season Now Kyle bout to start about 20 games in a row and lead us to a great season hopefully With Emory getting his share of course Could be perfect leak Tebow situation this yr lol
Perfect run stoppers in Lee and Goods and Dexter is just an animal with a ceiling as high as any in the 20 class and freak Johnnie Brown is a freak athlete too just a lot smaller but very multidimensional
Also 3* LBs even tho Reese was a beast and I like Houston Man we really getting a whole lot better under Mullen. Excited for the future guys like Wingo Dexter Diabate Elam etc Trask best returning QB then we get to see Mullen in his comfort zone with Emory and Ant Been a long time since we had a black QB at better believe that's gon help instate recruiting and the 90 mill facility upgrade We just getting started
Well Deserved brought in a great class when we desperately needed em plus a 5* transfer edge rusher Also I don't think people realize he was working with basically all 3* on the DL this yr literally all of them Greenard included who was a monster when healthy just behind D Brown as SEC DPOY imo and that's in 10 games
Great hire does more with less and is great at evals Develops QBs nobody else goes after scores points and puts a fun 5o watch O on the field Basically Mullen with a big 12 style up tempo O and way less emphasis on defense
Dude he plays in Dade with the best athletes in the country Scored 13 tds on 35 catches in 10 games and they ain't 10 yd rec touchdowns Better look up them junior highlights with the money bag sign and watch dude a beast and Mullen will use all types of ways
Chubb jumped off the screen immediately white is not that lol Michel took more time but by his last yr he was a beast Ya they haven't had opportunities because they couldn't do what Holyfield could surpass that guy Herrian who isnt that good
Having Bama on their schedule helps a hell of a lot also Last yr having Auburn LSU and a hyped up South Carolina leading up to Georgia def left us banged up
2018 class was a beast now ehh 5* QB Justin Fields - OSU 5* DE Brenton Cox - UF 5* OL Cade Mayes - UT White and Cook ain't exactly Chubb and Michel either
Wake Forest kid seems like the best option. King in Georgia's O dont even make sense to me he's probably better at running the ball then the guys they'd be having him hand it off to
Definition of an athlete plays slot and RB equally as well kid is like what I hoped Toney would be this yr. His highlights are sick too. Running through contact all day with some good speed Those first 3 plays are just disgusting esp the third wow lol
Another kid pops cut tip off his finger to free his boy of cancerous offense
Lol says the fan base thay thought James Coley wouldn't suck he would be upgrade over guy who actually called plays for the last 20 yrs And he's back with the same wr coach? Ouch
Lol at back to back top 10 finishes being irrelevant in your mind Georgia fans really worried if they trying to make something out of our worst commit decommitting He was literally just above our punter