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Lmao.....committee smoking dope as usual!
No way in Hell A&M Doesn’t make the cut. I’d even put them in front of my Gators! Kirks an idiot...
You’re sick in the head if you think UF repeats this Defensive outing.
After the performances these kids put on throughout the year money should of came down instead of confetti.
What are THOSE?!?!..... definitely could have done way better
Woah! Buddy don’t be that guy.... he’s a kid, allow him to follow his own path.
I’m sure every team has their eyes open on this one.
That Florida Jizz must taste warm and fulfilling cause you have it all in your mouth bud.
We didn’t send for your opinion ole Danny boy!
If he did what was accused he should’ve BEEN gone.
Great kid! Horrible News. Had the privilege of meeting him on his visit to UF. Bama y’all definitely have a Stud... get well kid.