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That Florida Jizz must taste warm and fulfilling cause you have it all in your mouth bud.
We didn’t send for your opinion ole Danny boy!
If he did what was accused he should’ve BEEN gone.
Great kid! Horrible News. Had the privilege of meeting him on his visit to UF. Bama y’all definitely have a Stud... get well kid.
And PLEASE tell me SIR!!!! in that 28 year time span, WHAT has UGa accomplished that Florida hasn’t (or should I, in your case HAS). .... Please tell me cause I have the time.
No! UGa needs to come to grips that they will FOREVER be the the team that “almost” a great team.... hi Mark Richt!!
You just remain focused on UGa! Looks to me like your dawgs has their noses in the wrong pile of Cat poop at the moment.
The Kentucky Disrespect is real! Smh. Lol
Go crawl in the ground with your profile pic.. FAQ outta here! We’ll send for you when it’s time.
That was NICE! see y’all in the Swamp.
PROTECTIVE CUSTODY717..... with THAT logic, you my guy. Are A Racist! Lol
Are you serious??? Lol. Let due process run it’s course. If this is true, anyone who second guess this might as well get bigot racist tattooed on their face. Racism is alive and VERY healthy. And if this is true the kid/man shouldn’t be able to play another sport period... I know, I know the bigots are coming!!!
Horrible LSU/GA schedule... should be marquee game of day. Smh
LSU has been off the charts thus far. Highly impressed! Definitely looking forward to this game.
Fire!!! I wouldn’t even get these dirty (hope that’s not our boys mentality come game time)
Florida at 15? Bahhh lol. That’s a reach buddy.