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Hey Scribe, it's funny how the knucklehead Bama fans have no idea they are making your point. You're totally right. Bama had 6 rushing TDs. Handing the ball off to talented RBs doesn't win you the Heisman. Just ask Buck Belue.
IF the Gators can win and miss the CFP, #3 will be the reason.
And the Gators two losses were on FGs scored in the last 30 seconds of the game - two games that very easily could have been Gator victories - but they weren't - so what's Mond's point?
Ohio State never did anything to belong in the top four.
Aren't you forgetting about one team? Hint: They play Alabama in 3 hours.
Mac Jones threw for 208 with no TDs in a game where his team scored 52. That didn't help his Heisman chances, if anything it showed how unimportant he is. Trask threw for 474 and accounted for 4 TDs and is the reason UF is in the SEC Championship game.