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Had to record the BAMA/OHIO STATE Championship game for personal reason. Woke up during the last quarter and the chance that Bama would lose was gone for sure. I went back to watch the entire game. What a piece of crap. I recorded it on ESPN. It was titled CFP Live Megacast. The worse thing ever invented by ESPN. I have a huge Sony Television. The actual game showed up smaller than this 12 by 19 inch screen on my computer. I was faced with Laura Rutledge, Dan Orlovsky, Marcus Spears, and Mina Kimes. Also a commentator Todd McShay. I began to think they were all trying to prove they were Sportscasters. The game was being telecasted alright but one could not hear the game because of the four wantta bees. They constantly ran off at the mouth and Laura Rutledge at one got into a spat with Marcus Spears over a term he used on the safeties of Ohio State. I know she never played college football, but I do know Marcus did and was an excellent player. Most fans know the refs signals for penalties, but we could not hear who was involved. Each one was attempting to prove they knew more than the other. They posted the stats of the players on both teams which took up more surface area of my television which was 32 by 58 inches. All four commentators who really didn't tell viewers what the hell was going on except for a targeting violation on a BAMA player who was rejected. At one time Mina was sloughed over in an almost laying down position until someone notified her that she was on camera and she rapidly sat back up. SEC ESPN was almost as bad with them telecasting images of Saban on the sideline at the same time the actual game was being telecasted producing a smaller screen of the game. I feel sorry for those that could not afford a large television. The Megacast was not even worth retaining the game and I dumped it.
We did have Mack Jones, but only after Tua went down with season ending injuries. He was thrown into the starting position without in-depth starting experience.