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Hey Kentucky go away until basketball season. Y'all could win in the MAC where your sorry ass team belongs. Leave football talk to the men. Now run along and continue to not only suck at football but your not even the 3rd best team in your state.
The officiating SUCKED! Bama gets the Jordan rule all the F'ing time. With that said, Bama kicked our asses plain and simple. The refs should have thrown a flag on Mike DeBored, and Butch should have saved some of his energy raising hell on the refs and ripped his OC for once again calling one of the worst games in fbs least since 1906. I hate Bama only a little less than Fla, but y'all kicked our butt. Too bad your fan base and coaches are only slightly less classless than Florida. Btw, gaytors get your licks in now bc ole butter tooth Bucky Mcewain and your sorry ass team will lose at least 1 if not 2 more times. And finally, for the 1st time in my life I'll be rooting for Ohio State to beat bama (the SEC) in the playoffs/ bowl game or who ever else plays you classless pricks! Vol 4 life!
Good on ya Micah! Great to see young men embrace values and greatness handed down from their parents. Just goes to show how very important fathers are in young men's lives. As a father myself and someone who admires the heck out of my father, this was the best read so far this season. Go Vols!!!!
Headline: Mizzou shows why they shouldn't be in the SEC and the commissioner kicks them out and they land in the AAC conference where they belong.
Thank goodness! Classic is always better. Now let's get rid of the dumb a** checkerboard pant and helmet striped fade and the "woo" in Rocky Top and start being dominant on the field again! Love me some Big Orange. Hit 'em a lick!
Esec is completely correct. Watson is and was Clemson last year. If he wasn't on the field in the Nat'l Champ game Clemson would have lost by 50 pts. I get why Amari would want to go to Clemson...their a sexy program right now, but let's not go throwing " are you retarded" around when you live in a glass house bryanchip. Clemson also plays in one of the, if not the, most pathetic power 5 conferences! If they would have played UT's schedule last year they would have never gone undefeated in the reg season.
Can we all agree that Ken-Suckey fan should be ineligible to comment on anything football related? Stick to basketball jack wagon...oh and by the way your wild shats got smoked by the lowly Vols basketball team already this year. Come to think of it UK football is very similar to the popular "settlers" commercials. So stick to your sticks and hoops Kensuckey fan and let football commentary to the big boys.
Miss St fan even trying to be comparative to the Great and STORIED UT program is laughable at best and downright pathetic in reality. Btw, for all you uneducated Mississippians, storied means a program with a lot of emperical history and success over a long period of time. WRU also has the second most wins in SEC HISTORY. SO WHEN YOU ARE TROLLING A UT ARTICLE REMEMBER MSU fan YOU ARE THE EQUIVELENT OF VANDY OR KENTUCKY IN THE EAST!!!!
You have to have the brain of a gnat to not understand they are talking about the STIRIED HISTORY of UT's WRs! Not the absolute ground zero of today's NFL rosters. So since you LSU, UK, MSU fans are so devestatedly jealous I've got some ----- U's for y'all programs Kensuckey: False hope every time you play UT U LSU: best recruiting classes that never accomplish anything U Ole Miss' lil bro: the only tradition we have besides ugly chicks is a bell U Go Vols.
We'll see how much Zac Smith pops off about the Vols next season when the Suckeyes play a schedule strength harder that 57th in the nation ( and that's being kind given their bs Little 10 conference they are in). Secondly I wander how he feels about loosing to Mich State at home with a third string Qb last year with all of The's 5* talent they have stockpiled.
That jack wagon better start cheating. His program is imploding. UT just stole his DC. It's so bad there that Shoop is paying his own buyout just to get the deal done. They just lost their OC a few weeks ago and one of their best RBs. Franklin is an arrogant POS ! GBO!
I am a lifelong Vol fan, but I unfortunately live in Ohio and Little 10 country. So as much as I dislike Bama on the 3rd Sat in Oct. I root like hell when any SEC team plays on the national spotlight. Way to go Bama and the SEC. Cow turd is an ass ranger who doesn't know crap about college football. He used to be all up Lame Quiffen's ass when he was at USC bc Cowturd is a Trogan homer. Screw Cowturd and screw the Little 11 and all the delusional Suckeyes fans I have to listen to all year round. GBO. might argue that based on UT's much better/tougher schedule than Northwestern's, and having faced way better defenses ( Oklahoma, Bama, Mizzou, Georgia, Fla, etc) that UT would be ranked higher than 50 in overall Offense? Either way, UT will mudhole the wildcats on New Year's Day...beating the Little Ten conference once again!
How about Jack "Hacksaw" Renolds. GBO!
The number 1 question should be: how to field a competitive football team and not Suck every year! Maybe Coach Cal can double as the football coach and cheat his way to a few more years before he gets close to being caught by the NCAA and leaves again for another program. UK football... Now that's funny right there!
Oh my gosh! Both Missery fan and UK fan talkin smack. Typically it's a Mizzu jack hole spewing nonsense bc of their false sense of their belonging in the SEC, hey Mizzu idiot 2 years at being decent doesn't make you a relevant or even good program, so I'll spare you the history lesson. And UK fan, you've been smoking too much hippy lettuce up their in the hills of Hazaed county! UT is gonna be back after the worst run in our storied program like it or not! GBO!
Hey Georgia Troll...If EVERYONE on the Vols roster were suspended, The Big Orange would still win the same amount of SEC East Championships as your lame ass underachieving team has over the last 20 years! With the talent you have and the amount of anything meaningful your program has ever won it's amazing the balls y'all have trollin' any team in the SEC sans UK and Vandy.
Brad, you should definitely give up your "obsession" with unis. Ranking the Vols behind the likes of Fla. UK and Ole Piss. Really? UT's unis are not only one of the most classic in the SEC but are one of the best in all of football! Get a clue man. You probably like Maryland's uniforms too?
"How bad will both Va Tech and Tennessee be in 2016? And a more important question — who will be the coach at Tennessee?" Hey all you Gay-tors. Get all the licks in now while we're still down because the only new coach in the SEC East in 2016 will be the one that replaces Ron Muschump/Will Zook! It takes players and they are coming to UT. Unlike the last two idiots that UT had CBJ is a solid recruiter and coach....Get your licks in while it last!